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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - Thanksgiving Edition - 11/26/13

Nov 26, 2013|

We tackle four topics around Thanksgiving day NFL football.

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We do for for -- similar to. Now word excel and -- swollen painful rate -- board or the. More fun team. -- -- -- Yeah four brought you by Marvin windows then what are we have today is that Thanksgiving yet we have an all Thanksgiving edition of their oriental wan and tired at dinner. We're not I don't know whenever the delivery people -- -- Obama do I -- what is your wire you're not getting Thanksgiving dinner. Because my parents on vacation. Last week amounts to dizziness to -- -- market order union -- but apparently it had no -- -- time it differently as a watch a movie together its films get to watch some football battle zones of months morals ethics of the right what lots of football goes through a couple of those -- -- -- -- you have to -- -- Chinese who the heck else is open on Thanksgiving I have no idea but I know my dad's listening -- To convince her otherwise make Thanksgiving starting you need to convince her otherwise your purse or others have a prayer. Of convincing your mind at 6 o'clock with a little take a break to go figure out cannot speak out on Thanksgiving went out. -- -- -- on Thanksgiving or go to a restaurant that serves Thanksgiving dinner that I give -- taken companies using doubles. -- -- -- -- -- Your for. Your -- that the got ready yet I don't got a call. Can't imagine. What that. All right number one since the beginning of time of the lions and cowboys have played every Thanksgiving -- points lines 1966. For the cowboys. Every year we have to sit through terrible games featuring those two teams is time and it -- changes -- feature other teams on Thanksgiving. No I love the tradition I love the lines on on Thanksgiving although. They -- a terrible football -- you're you're absolutely right. Like it -- -- part of the culture of of Detroit this part of the culture of Dallas. One of the first -- in Dallas. And I know that the lines have been doing it longer but Dallas was one of the teams has stepped up and -- -- -- Thanksgiving as an organization and a lot of teams were willing to do it at that time. It matters to them to have dual worked fine here market you know like every football you want better games on Thanksgiving. I don't really want better games on things what you mean what what what we're doing better are so I -- again -- good football right come on Sunday afternoon to focus and watcher but on Thanksgiving. First of all one of the two games and probably not gonna get to see at least half of them going to be eating Thanksgiving meal. And after the Thanksgiving meal on Egypt retire I'm not focused on any football game I wanna watch the background and we're following an apple won't watch it. So I don't need the most exciting football game of all time. I don't need Broncos -- patriots like Sunday night was just on Thanksgiving afternoon -- I mean I don't want some crappy football like you know Democrats don't want crappy colonial I want what I'm getting. Tony Romo on the sort of mediocre to good quarterback that's fine perfect just it's it's college football leads the NFL moments like that the pageantry of it and they're -- to -- Detroit beat they're gonna win they think they have. Some kind of intangible. Thanksgiving. And Detroit we play our best football here not necessarily believe it -- like it keep it. -- Since 2006 the third game has been played on Thanksgiving night do you like the addition of the third game on Thanksgiving night simply it's been since 06. Well not long they've employment there I guess for awhile nobody really knew that it was there are certain the extra -- -- -- there for awhile was on the film work you need to have writers and not everybody -- -- at the time I can't believe it and say yes we are brought to -- Michael. Her appointment to the men. And yet here for awhile economic attack on that account that then can you say yes -- -- -- To. And major day. What was the question I've forgotten third game guy like it's fine but on myself by Thursday night for. I -- I think. I just get to the other Thursday night games mobile center you have if you have Thursday night -- -- urged state football. Couple -- the beginning of the season. That Thursday opening up like. Tons of great concert. Who has you know every year somebody is -- not the hottest performer out there wouldn't that your Miley Cyrus it was a video on the side of it. A result of the beginning of the season of giving -- just those two at meant. He works for me. So what is the most memorable play or game that you can remember that was played on Thanksgiving. -- -- first dress. On first down now. You see the ball spin around the white snow. And everybody and get away Peter Peter Peter meaning still wouldn't -- there was no ball. Also you see one. White Jersey. With a stone. -- and out of nowhere. -- All my god that's right. Miami recovered the ball at the when he. So they get another shot. Is that -- -- time he'll -- -- we lose again. I was a bit. That's her favorite that's definitely mind and how we view that is the most memorable I remember where it was like what are -- -- old house wants and on -- TV it was in their bedroom -- were in the ever was in the other room watching that game. And -- ever forget it it's my grandparents that. -- But that wells in the other room -- eaten there he whenever I went and -- was militants -- -- of regional. Elements that the grandmother is illegal and did him a tour but remember of elements for those they were millions but they were square. Likes winners are basically. I was migrant she I was -- go to. And every day is that just above glad what you Bagram parts of the world. They'll hold a -- there editor of the -- table agreement that we did indeed. You know the old ones p.'s. Indies -- my grandmother was an integral and -- so inducement to Google's job -- I was 45. It was -- What Thanksgiving yet according -- head -- you know if it. -- -- -- -- -- No I mean. He got he got he was compute. At at at first we don't blame the officials we were all over the officials. But ultimately it was Bettis who screwed up I think he changed his call but he changed it to it. -- -- -- It's alive. It's only Steve Gregory. -- had an interception. Smooth fumble recoveries. Minimized. For -- the or in my life watch this group's wolf war is gonna throw Brenda Moore back into his quarterback. He's gonna fumble the football. This is what Reggie White institute of people work lift them and just lift them off the ground. Mark Sanchez not expecting it and it was the backside of Brandon -- -- -- to knock the ball out now you may have been on the ground. They have to retire them Michael from Italy and the worst of the worst it was the worst of the worst stolen along so many concurrent leaders that they have to have they have to retire -- right you guys are right and change at the apparatus. If the -- now. Not the brightest not that better -- but it's the but -- One other notable Barry Sanders. 270 yards and -- Thanksgiving. Still about what there must have been an Emmett Smith game over Arizona worry about a million yards but that -- it has been every events that game out there in Arizona Barry Sanders running for a lot of yards but goddamn. It at all it's I can see that every week. -- Of the four local teams. Which one needs to skip Thanksgiving dinner and get straight to work. I tell -- a team that needs to keep going to Thanksgiving dinner give itself and terrible shape. Did its attitude together -- its mind. Right it's -- why. Can throw -- you. Who bought that Celtics went there for a phenomenal basketball player that there. Murray. College basketball players who are maintained. Their mandate. George -- bill. I'm sorry Parker. And -- wigand's remember the names. One of them should be wary grain. Celtics win their second consecutive game that should never happened I was OK with -- losing streak. -- all right. They're developing. You're getting close I want effort -- coach -- -- does not like a good job I think you'll laugh but this team. What -- you could let you could -- gotten out of control would have been down by 38. Lose that game keep it going. What are you saw it. 88. Eat. What these guys that -- -- with the on now and I will also author of ventured in the -- -- -- -- worked him. Just saw the Marlins are just that Mike Napoli it's not so much that I'm worried now apple is gonna look at rather go play in Miami it's just that if they're going to be willing to spend more wait hold on it doesn't add up the Marlins couldn't possibly outspend the red flag for any player please remove that informant from consideration -- I don't like what they've done so far -- Iowa said that it would of I would have extended qualifying offers all the would've taken it. OK I don't salty for one year when we're in a little bit -- one year they had -- a -- -- what are important partner to -- one year. And the goal here is the look for somebody for just a short amount of time until the one of these kids going to be ready now you got a shot maybe wanna try AJ Pierzynski. You feel you feel good about AJ Pierzynski. Are you might get him cheaper for one what are what are we look at how -- it looked -- I felt more comfortable -- them presents I use the computer work and Navarro are you looking for a defensive -- Looking for a good catcher who can there's -- -- -- more per year to decent guy -- good catcher. For a year but but what what what what you wanna put your focus on is it. His bat war or club or what I like about salt is that he was good enough on both accounts -- west. It was ultimately -- lost his job in the World Series because he what are the regular season he got a regular I want it both account regular season he showed tremendous improvement. But in the playoffs in consecutive games that mean you called for his I'm well aware that pitcher but I still think that he was he was in Iraq. He was as bad at that point as he's ever been -- Over the course of the year here's a good player I think he played him too much. My body worn down by the time they got to October you've got David Ross hand. What do you wanna -- with David Rogers -- software but I -- -- but I don't -- for more than a year title that's now and now the market for him there's enough teams Texas included still looking for catching help. But dating somebody may decide to give them more than two years yeah he should be that it and the Red Sox are gonna do there are so -- adding that -- Well well in you have somebody. IE he lets call it 8375. To 450 at that guy. To put with you may not even need that much but somebody to -- -- David -- a year -- So here's your options basically to AJ Pierzynski -- Dioner Navarro for one year or maybe it's a trade -- the kitten in Cincinnati's available I think Ryan Hanigan. So those those are your options why there's -- a law that has another optional. There's another option. It may be Vasquez has more green is farther along than we think. So in I know -- and Dave O'Brien was in here a couple weeks ago we -- talk with the scout the scout told him that. Now he's -- that you know he's not Vasquez is not that. Forward hold -- who wouldn't you rather than have spent the one year fifteen million dollars on on Saltalamacchia. Hit him just as an insurance policy you're willing to do the same thing. With Stephen -- we shortstop why wouldn't you be willing to do the same thing with Saltalamacchia capture -- Stephen -- is better than Saltalamacchia maybe a little bit but that -- but I also think -- -- ours is right now in all likelihood more -- -- -- and -- and you can hang your hat on something with Stephen -- if if you don't believe -- -- -- you can -- His defense. It is proven. Easily prove in plus defensive shortstop excel proven in a regular season and at 1800 OP yes a good offense what are okay it would. Let let's say another. Is it sustainable. Is Stephen -- gonna come back next year whoever is playing for is gonna be a good defensive shortstop probably is is Jarrod Saltalamacchia has he figured it out. We come back next year we see reliable with a bat maybe maybe it's it's still a 5050 proposition with him I think also. You have you have two holes you have to figure out you've got to figure out shortstop got to figure out catcher and I think. In your system in your system you you know used you certainly have. A couple of catchers who your very high. -- -- -- Probably a third baseman and shortstop so you've got to find the a good short Marrero is not ready yet you got to find a good shortstop for you may wind up paying. You know ten million dollars eleven million dollars for a year or two. I think you have to figure that out before they're before you you talking about Saltalamacchia and one year what was. Why not dollar want to -- look at found -- on the Red Sox and especially knowing what we now know right that the other two big time bats are big time catchers who were out there McCain and and are Wii's are both off the market right to forget about those guys. If they have. And extend the qualifying offer to Saltalamacchia either -- he takes it. And he's the only one of the four that taken at and you say OK fine. I've got out of overpaid for catcher but it's only for one year while I make shore the basket as a -- whoever it is is going to be ready sooner rather than okay fine. If he doesn't take it that at the very least you're hurting his market elsewhere after that you've got the better chance of signing him for reduced money is two year deal. Or you're gonna get a first round pick out of it. I just don't see what the downside would have BN. To him especially after you lost an ample room -- and McCann and if your goal was hey we're gonna get one of those two guys but you misjudged the market. Why I think they're trying to avoid the luxury tax in so. It's not like you can just go out there hey it's not my money you know doctor McKnight I think I -- -- I think -- adding I think fans that think like that is not your money you shouldn't just -- the World Series of all the money that's coming in that you can pay the damn luxury -- I think you shouldn't care about as a fan -- secure but as for. But for them yet you have to worry about the larger tactically you're freaking yankees are worried about the luxury tax. But you know -- a -- up and also. Maybe the Red Sox won't admit this. I think there were a little surprised. That Stephen Drew. Didn't take his. It didn't take his one year in squalor and you wonder they misjudged the market on a few of these -- -- -- -- I don't think they expected out of expected Napoli to take it right. They didn't expect Jacoby Ellsbury there's no way or. And I think they thought okay it will Stephen Drew Stephen Drew -- bases. And and we extended the salty. That's that's 28 million dollars were committing just two years 28 million dollars were you combine. Stephen Drew and Jarrod Saltalamacchia. We don't wanna spend our money that way you but it they I don't know what they know now. -- they don't calculated what -- I think they would if they knew what they know now but that's -- -- judging the market I mean I know it's not fair to ask anybody to predict the future but that's kind of a general managers get paid to do it's one of the hardest jobs in all of sports beat a baseball generally being any general manager especially in baseball. You're being paid to predict the future. When that even if the guy Simon all the signs are there that he's going to be good debt and he's not and you screwed up and that's the hard part. Of being a GM. I just look at and say they needed to know that that that baseball's flush with money. Everybody knew that baseball is gonna have more more money coming in -- the new TV deals etc. more more teams were going to be spending. So it shouldn't be shocked. The prime McCann got as much as he did. That -- he's got as much as he did another year beyond the Red Sox are willing to pay they were the one team that -- the catcher but wasn't willing to go long term -- anybody. The bill that somebody was gonna give McCann more time and that somebody was gonna give release more time. I'm all surprised again unless they're comfortable one of these other guys maybe they're comfortable with -- year of AJ Pierzynski maybe they think they can go get -- and -- -- Credibly and let them but what's what's mistreating the market mistreating the market that salty. Wouldn't take the deal would take the deal that I don't think. I don't more untrue OK I'll look at that and all the money was all -- there -- -- -- Stephen Drew -- especially Stephen -- agent Scott Boras is gonna say at. I have the opportunity to go out there into a market where I think last year -- my guy is one of them but but context that just did it in Boston just hated him boss and he does that every year. You. Gabor says that every year with every client ever -- -- greatest ever. Every -- as a hall of Famer yeah you'll be you'll be well served if you have this guy. -- because if you don't if you don't -- -- we got three or four mystery teams around the corner when you wake. We're willing to give them the biggest contract ever more money -- based on the issue that may actually be true half decent I think that's the difference we're gonna talk a lot about this. As we go to the winter meetings will be down there -- Monday Tuesday and Wednesday. Not a next week but the week after will be in Orlando for the winter meetings talking people down -- crab Richard New Bedford pirate. There was going up -- her what's up Matt. -- and I would want to talk about the keg situation because you know I'm really you know -- not hot stove they're not Bradford and not. He did not even mention and I know he's easier to emigrated here last year. Well and I know I cause sometimes artists like I -- about the prospect I love prospects I love seeing. Young players come out coordinators. Are in the violent mean he has that seasoning -- -- you know he's Luke air time and with John L possibly -- or pitching coach. I can see them -- this -- the guy -- I believe is -- one -- two years removed from his -- of runs in the -- granted by. I mean last year -- take the split. He hit it certainly between. During the big leagues in AAA I just don't seem to -- -- whatever reason Richard they just don't seem to buy. I know it and -- I mean it. Because you don't wanna go Lanka would your -- a mock you because you feel -- What you know you know hard and. Arms are harder. And maybe you're right you know like maybe maybe were all crazy and they think they can get one year out of harm's way in Austin to maybe one other guy. Who -- cheaper out there -- maybe that's what the plan to do and to keep -- argues that you played him too much. Saltalamacchia that was the plan plan was. They give -- wartime David Ross Ross has concussion issues. And so Saltalamacchia. Had more time and he made the most he did have a concedes that even in that case they didn't feel comfortable enough partly to give them two starts even and lover here thanks -- they didn't they didn't feel comfortable comfortable given the -- -- and many starts anyway -- Thanksgiving question got a few that the didn't quite make -- for. But they're very relevant Thanksgiving coming up on Thursday it would begin to those axle and WB. Are you is excited about the football season resign him.

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