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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 11/25/13

Nov 26, 2013|

We answer your Thanksgiving related questions.

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Silk and colleagues on Sports Radio 93 point seven WB. I asked them. It's. Time for answers the question -- answer the question which -- Alex is the big question. So would you be years not answering anything and everything I'll answer that question. It's answer the question what. And brought to you by -- restoration specialists at your property your facilities manager Warren insurance broke all heiress to a jury of a disaster restoration game plan in place. -- 774611111. Or go to areas served dot com John -- with a slightly better. Big guys just don't. And and we're happy we're not on the -- colonial to two miles -- traffic issues. And to expect that it that is just now I want to start anew Wednesday yet what parts not only were to come from writer and come from south of the city are excellent elementary computer. -- On our appointment well -- on what's normal. -- and focus on two wasn't too bad but it turned out our web Ortiz tonight and a go to the express wariness of the pipe you've got -- way to. Yes quite a 32 miles from here to 495. From Logan straight to 49 to five. It's about its output will be 84 which was last year -- series. Does this means can be him. -- if Mario strikers -- ago. No but it worked and mr. flying to human -- -- there's going to be sixty mile an hour winds tomorrow in -- -- Not gender reason -- Africa. Hello mr. -- would you consider going on vacation to -- One can do it this far and thinking about you could well -- learn how to run marathons now. Inaudible and and all the you can take it to get so far it's Kenya Tanzania in the South Africa is the U indicts him and Cameroon and -- camera the -- -- went to Morocco with a -- to a -- in Africa. So Kenya and that you would Jerry that would trade with -- train with my -- not what you dream of every night when he moved in Nicaragua and in a small island called. Called big -- island off the coast Nicaragua sub saharan Africa are you going to Djibouti over the Christmas break thinking about yes record yet big court. Small very small -- recommend the next question. Who's the sexiest African American male. Actor source. Concentric -- Bill that you never really unions up there should be and -- Dwyane Wade and yeah after it -- -- -- it that you regret the favorite. I read about what's that what's that proposals Aniston now is your -- that she win just unbelievable. -- -- -- Powers what -- -- That movies and movies it would interest who. Leads the it was the states. -- 48. She's really late forties. These people operatives. Have -- -- so what. What explains what the girl is drink you have ordered an hour right. -- I'd you've never reported her girly drink. Yeah I guess I don't know if their grip and anymore team need yet to Martinis as well actual martini of apple TV yeah I'm fruity drink. Ultimately deal doesn't count as early turned -- Ito ya a quarter -- you know it's a Margarita would classify him a martyr. What you do -- it for a purpose and neither should forget. It's daughter Erica insists and there are an internal threats and that's -- them. Stacey dash board January 20 1960 said the solution he's 4646. 347 that's -- Next question. Holly -- twenty dollars next question we're -- since it my wallet. Well as well for you franchise building Jamaal Charles early show on court. To Walter yet John McCoy I think he does -- for whatever reason I've never quite bought Jamaal Charles and notes while buried always that. -- -- -- -- At least the Eagles have used Lucia and I know. About them I'm not sure what why aren't you buying your consumer ultra would get a play you look at is not what aren't you because guys who kind of sneak up -- union never quite admit that -- Goodling even though they are so when -- And I guess I gotta admit that has better than I thought. Are you getting an appointment Jamaal Charles is there I hope so you know what I have not watched him as much as I should have he's always been Mateen but I zero interest and velocity. And that that that bolsters the case even more. They haven't been -- and he's still been very good -- -- -- union and the question please select a -- paid jerks yes that should never read in the in my text messages. Determine which won three of very good question. We don't have their we have three different answers or writer and determine. Which text messages hearing. Yeah I don't want to -- that they actually a lot of the times. -- his. It's all you can ski Hannibal releases a commercial break on -- I'm not agree with the -- or not -- -- all -- my real you know your bravery and enough New Year's president I -- a New Year's resolution at a pay attention to -- no I do pay attention to them I just probably don't read him enough. And AM restaurant and Thanksgiving resolution of Korea. The Rio to -- -- I mentioned tonight. A goal -- read more just you tonight right. It is well I'll be here letting -- is coming and it's seven and -- -- dates are here here's your here's your your challenge for the nine read it. Ten texts on the and I can do that I normally do that well for showing up in Montana -- about that things are great job that it wanted the hell could. A lot of times -- -- topic. And -- they make you think whether you agree with them or not they're topical and interesting and provocative. Or this is that hey if it -- to sing hey hey hole that's not that's not -- original which outlaw who doesn't get a lot of attention. Yourself -- else. The next question. They read this -- -- problem -- really -- hash -- a -- -- as a writer you -- first touchdown of the game for you to read down on the air fine go for. And what you said nice and it's actually use that he's such a specific thing that that originally there now. Derrick Rose from different or use those -- YouTube hash tag able our final question them and adding your Thanksgiving holiday. And this is an all time debate who was more dominant -- mobile. Bo Jackson -- -- Bo Jackson I think it's old and he's really -- it was all LT did everything they asked this thing and imaginable. Tackles for losses. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- can't quit with the other guy had -- ticket drop it drop the coverage he's doing everything it LT now I think I'd go with LT impact on the game. All overall impact you gotta go -- -- right -- -- -- just gave you the schedule. For the rest of the night Michael and I again difficult time for the Thanksgiving holidays this gets my attention they're textured we've got the idea. Texas that the tribe called quest sucks. -- and -- -- purpose you know history and literature the next few days have a great Thanksgiving everybody hopefully you're not stuck in traffic too long. And we will talk to guys next week by. -- -- We want to thank bill and and yeah.

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