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Jason Cole, National Football Post, on Peyton Manning: Brady outplayed him by a large margin

Nov 26, 2013|

Cole looks back at Sunday night’s performance with Mut and Merloni and gives them his take on who is better right now.

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One of the most opinion guys on the on -- skies to fall there in the NFL seasons are buddy Jason Cole. Who writes every single week five opened five down for Sunday ticket out on the national foot NFL national football post he joins us. On the AT&T hotline Jason -- -- here in Boston power you. I'm great with the update. Are we spent all last week talking Brady and Manning Jason we may get chance to get you to weigh in but I'm curious -- you felt about rating those two. In the context of the NFL and their hierarchy in the in the history of the league going into the game and whether any big take away from you on Brady V Manning. Coming out of Sunday night's game. -- Outplayed him by. In large part. I thought Payton looked. Really uncomfortable and not because you get rushed. If it didn't look couple on the ball didn't -- much authority. I think. Because the way that knowingly disruptive -- receivers. Promote what they -- against oral forward. He took it Perez. And perhaps but because they have the first a little first. Half and didn't promote in the third quarter open that they were on the block. But you just never get the group. But the doubts about him in big games that -- -- whether -- in pursuit. Is not answer that. Everett -- concerned about them going in the playoffs where a -- idea -- great great are now are actively. The other somewhere between -- and a all time with Brady. -- it give credit for war one in total -- at what level. You know when -- split error. Over great players like -- was going we do away via edge because of the title. And that's the point of the exercise. They're trying to win championships but -- wanna pop. Out from united on my. Jason what about just the overall AFC picture now we -- in the last couple weeks. Yeah Denver takes down Kansas City they come back and -- San Diego in the patriots. Come back and they beat Denver is it is it just Denver New England it is -- or anybody else. Campus that if they're when they're healthy in a playoff situation and that's similar to what we saw on Sunday night. Pictures from the Broncos which is if you'll allow. Defense and the ball receivers put knock off the route all the multiple water. I think. Yeah that -- the defense so much I think campus that it will be able to do more and make it in the policies have a problem -- regular season. But they're pretty good quarterback and not -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- How treasury for help a lot about pressures of fame game and first you and after all -- And and if you lose those -- -- -- So to me. They had their chance to get their defense back and -- and be competitive policies. But that's the only other -- -- third -- -- -- pepper. Will. The bottom there the AFC you know the this. Right and it's out of but everyone feels like they're bald it's it's going to be -- he could be 7988. To qualify at the bonds will be fun to watch like it's. Your rubber neck in a car racks and other side of the highway. On the 100. The one thing that I wouldn't wanna become. It's. Because they don't have a one. Out of order. -- as you know. It proved a lot last year. But I just don't think he had the weapon. All good because the ball. But do you think Roger Goodell Jason watches this and says we need to -- this is why we don't need to -- If he wasn't effective through as well. You know I think is audiences to. Well I was brought her a lot like all the ideas and -- But don't expect to play more -- mean you're talking about. Particular seven one -- the world we have taken it a fairly regular pop -- You know piece this thing you had in their too because the game was on in front of everybody you know Carolina Miami and I'm just wondering does. This cookie clique and -- -- do what everyone and back end zone is your pictures on. Yeah I think he. Some incredible resurgence officials. Throughout -- it -- -- we. Not -- -- they've come up with pictures tape. That you are better at that they're foolish thing right now and that's the only way he picked me -- -- it -- -- -- college over. And also typically kept up but kept it off verses. Though. I know -- good BP carpet for example workers want to. And I feel like this weekend across the league and maybe I'm just seeing things but especially patriots property talked about bumping receivers off the line I. It was more than that I like these teams finally decided that these refs can't call pass interference every play Jason you know a lot. We're gonna clutch and we're gonna grab and we -- going to. Do whatever we can and say is Tony currency your unit -- wanna call PI every single time. We -- too but until then at. We're gonna take our liberties with the receivers because you change the rules so far favorable offense is that. You'll we've got to do something to take our defense back. All right but then I I would just say go ahead and play the -- -- the -- the worst happened. Because if you call. Eventually -- get -- of making the calls or at least you change. The foundation which they make the call because the -- a little. Like it was applied. If I'm ball checked out our approach -- game and interpret that that pollute. A lot of different things but not -- and not nearly as much because they're -- panel. In doing it the papers from some of the pictures and talked for an awful long time. I think it's good strategies and throw away the pay off. Thirteen years ago. Championship that -- And big victories in Apple's well. Don't be afraid -- -- -- -- there -- animal that. He -- Russell that. Jason called national football post is joining us were at that point the year radar list last week of coaches that. -- on the hot seat and of the coaches of teams that going into the weekend when the playoffs when I spent pilot Jim Schwartz because. You know given that division this year was Chicago -- a quarterback -- on a quarterback this -- the year. They've got to get in Jason in my opinion they don't qualify. It is Jim Schwartz going to be out there in Detroit. Yeah they don't make changes very quickly away and that don't want a reserve for the symbolic for. So I think they wanna stay with just short effective like the directions on Easter we'd better than it was have. But I've got to figure analog chip short walk into little break. A problem as is that that is a been down to the same way she is it really. Electorate. High motor guy. Who. You know 10 o'clock -- -- Sometimes it was part of it is clear that appropriately it was Smart guy. And he's a little bit sometimes out of control I think -- can -- is out of control particularly. -- attention here back to back weeks. To take control with a -- What Aaron Rodgers and Jay Cutler are either -- or significantly Koppel. You how you have to take that into control because what Rogers from. A lot of trouble. Yeah I beat him two weeks ago -- Pittsburgh fake field goal for late. That you just kick back and host -- very to meet the Islamic call at home you just detected with yet. Well. You should include Pittsburgh in the first place and got beat him abruptly got it figured it lost the game. That's about it field goal hall earlier news. Now that you that particular -- Europe without this kind of up period what they have a really good in the -- they put them -- back I think with Reggie Bush and -- sole provider of running game. And got good -- treasuries through earlier in the season you know albeit all the penalties. So. There's both played great. When you have a team playing as well as -- of commercial. You know this is your opportunity yet to. Jason last one for me it was doing their Super Bowl rankings now on where these teams stack up and as -- ties in the patriots Broncos we saw Manning again struggle. In cold weather with wind he's in the NFC look at Drew Brees right now on the saints being a legit contender but he plays. Lot of his games indoors has not played a lot of cold weather. What are folks from the league saying is we are now -- within the get the finish line of seeing a Super Bowl outside in New York what is in the what have been the comment you're getting about the potential for crazy weather and how might affect. You know the biggest game for the biggest sport in our country. Although -- trio going OK this -- has built for this. Because that vocal quarterback. And most importantly they have the physical the particularly in the secondary that can do without a solution. Off the route. Coupled with a really terrific out fresh look this. Well the road is very well paved. Or Seattle rockaway was particularly if they take down. The fame career. With every week. And fortified over there all the way through to -- on field. They've in the police -- 41 game of football particularly about what was the effect often -- About. Think it it couldn't be any better. -- you are. Right. -- and one of the current favorites here as we get towards playoff time he's Jason Cole. I can check not national football post and of course on Twitter Jason. Good stuff is always collect your son to be you'll talk -- down the road. The carrier backed out Barry is. Jason co always opinion love talking football with him on the AT&T hotline AT&T. The nation's -- now the most reliable Ford GL TE network.

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