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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Rob Ford sex tape

Nov 26, 2013|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today the guys discussed a new found revelation in the life of Toronto mayor Rob Ford.

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Headlines is brought to you by precision fitness equipment shop where the pros do precision fitness equipment. The Santa -- in Hanover Mall being. Pacing indecent assault and battery charges for an alleged incident involving and -- Authorities -- As far as I can call it never form located anybody. That what sex was the deal was now I believe is FEMA via Syria dying woman works all the elves were -- Brighton. Rudolph. Just Christmas story. Santa's helpers on the all male and elf. -- the worst movies Christmas movies ever. Worst stuff that's just patently false. -- -- -- female -- Hubble will Santa Santa is 62 year old Herbert G Jones that the arrests around 5:30 PM Saturday earth you. In over police after complaint was brought by the young woman eighteen years old believe. Working with him as his -- photographer. Cents. And sister 62 she's eighteen. Well it's absurd it's his seat one of these guys I see him and looks the part it does me deceit is as full time job. And they elect. Part of this seasonal thing -- it's -- problem is only Joseph you'd think after. He's a ne'er do well and once a year he grosses -- -- goes back to the firm in the practice -- -- That's and that's that's ludicrous is the best interest as we ever made guys -- just yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So what you're saying I'm sorry you're here -- my. Stick that. That's one of the funniest movies government. How thorough investigation process into Santa at the -- of the guy really execs at the yeah that would. That's good point yeah and he goes oh do background check yes -- thinking -- and this guy that was -- elf. Oregon which removed in addition to provocatively dressed. She's opening Hanover Mall though she this'll curly Q she shoots. And not done rob buttons that throws and some cute ourselves. Admirably at the Jimmy Fund Christmas party knows it was last year. No social. Round round with a must should think about no no no non I'm hoping you know what they'd do more. The opposite it. Britain's Steve ward I -- that doesn't ask you got it or what he does and the elves are doctors. This god bless and gets the young doctors. And gruesome and -- outfits. It's great fantastic moments -- greatest I saw the idea. A commercial -- Steve. It sounds different -- one where before yeah and a minor thing I think it took -- you hit a lot more often and that lets -- create a lot -- -- about outlook. What more I hate to break rob fort stories at this one's pretty good up at a DC this one. Rob Portman and I'll -- sex god. At least two adult film companies want to turn the mayor into report of super style so yeah. Here it got more than enough to hold flimsy. Teams he's learned a vivid entertainment. Is making an offer for four to start is very old sex video. -- -- -- -- She came up with the idea and wants to costar in the -- because she thinks quote he's kind acute need big Teddy bear kind of way. And I can't imagine -- -- article I'm all for that -- -- an -- -- would you like disease to watch the guys here at this scenario out of noble but wouldn't that get in the way of your enjoyment yes it as it got the guys don't have to be good look at. And that have to be it now further fit though. Myself. Is there -- one guy it's Michael board acting now who's not. Come with -- now that's that's the big thing and yet five it that's that's that's the thing on it's it's it's ridiculous I yearn for the glory days. When -- play for a meal money you know it's it's great they've sold out. -- right to self cream in the Alcatel caught tapper so safe sex ruins it for you when you what I like to escape yet. To escape. But don't web site would rocket dot com would rocket would rocket dot com. Which -- to give us an amber heard is -- produced a porn parted the mayor's binge drink and like it's -- Ford lookalike who support name's Peter O'Toole. And porn actress. Guy GA I wrote to let things take it. It's a cigarette -- -- Kindle or Reagan or at least he's worked really worked up porn actress guy GIA. We start such classics as happy tugs for that -- a and -- to say this Warner now. I don't care to go -- you know it did -- -- -- anger and player -- well this is a close to pass a get out essayist Roger. The smaller piece on the not an answer that sickness or think you could say and I can't say it but I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- She was in. So the called. Sloppy -- that she's just she's a working what are we talking about the chick who's going to be with rob -- epic actually and she's also doing erupt for parity she says to sort of get used to the body -- -- So popular rob Fortis is going to be his fifteen minutes will be up -- -- manner I think where there could die on film. Also does erupt more I got this chance he might actually do this move on given that. You can't see -- because he thought the Venus next it was bad I mean if you stand there and make it right next to you wouldn't we'll see what he he can't. Don't you can't study could neither the big belly hanging -- he looks at a probably lose all liars. And -- -- -- mentally get a stunt. If you staggering and they are they using stumbled celebrity guys do. I planned to. Do against a cal had better want to beat that -- So sometimes we forget guys' names -- from -- we -- producers of the -- often. Help us out. It's going offer access. Evidently he could name the Rangers coach the other day. He does Pepperdine easier. Who says these things to him I don't -- the guy and -- he likes some so lately he leaves him and I don't yesterday talking about the the jets quarterback situation which is a disaster Gina Smith it's worse than sanctions and course. These -- the market and what they're still in the hunt tiger at the standings right here and there in the race. So for assessing yesterday's is pontificating as he does the jets. And try to figure to solutions quarterback situation. Russell Legos and assay is -- -- -- what veteran quarterbacks are free enough to look. Ovals as any that are available that can be signs now most of net worth this -- you can't get. So I mean you know they lost the ball I mean Dallas was never tell anybody get that has a Romo. This feels it never really able to get there is a Roethlisberger. You ideally get a Kubiak you'll Kubiak to be a cornerback -- going to do. Thank you wanna go -- that that's could be a bit of what you have absolutely but -- Kubiak -- quarterback so it's to me you're probably going back into Israel. Recorded. There is no Kubiak currently playing Kubiak of course was a quarterback he threw his last pass in 1991 who was he thinking. 52 now yeah and he's just had a stroke right -- to unveil and if Francis the fancy is better than geno is an adjustment now do you think is something that. Flashback -- -- years -- -- play by play guy yeah never seen again and tolerant about the oh yeah wandered off into the you -- -- -- -- it was that it is in his tax line has been his henchmen in the stroke or something else -- -- -- mind and I don't think he's ever come back as the I don't I don't know because you mean it was a pathetic joke right. Outside love receiving get that stingy guy who rambled in coherently was kind of sad -- for themselves that I didn't mean Kubiak and I don't clinic ourselves and never said it protects the system. And -- Kubiak as it could be you really get a Kubiak you'll Kubiak to be accorded only to do. It's that's a result I agree that that's and wondered as well as you might be able to get them. Prob is gonna get fired a good deal for it definitely gonna get fired right habits are -- quarterback next -- guests. He's been in the -- Smith who would he be thinking -- -- someone -- react -- -- he can't get him -- Is Jim Kubiak -- waiting Arena Football League that could be him does appeals gives on the radio right now. That's that's about it there's no other Kubiak Texas says maybe he's thinking of shop from the Texans confused with the Texans as a coach is -- is there may -- maybe. Or Kirk cousins -- a cave and it could be -- Ryan mallet. To welcome back -- He couldn't get me stick them back up quarterback right available right yeah I guess I guess when they. Our rights to a 777 -- 7937. Fault lines are open. --

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