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Larry Lucchino joins Mikey Adams

Nov 26, 2013|

Red Sox owner Larry Lucchino drops by talk about how John Farrell should have won Manager of the Year, his partnership group's competitiveness, and the rise of Koji.

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With someone as such as someone it's Larry Lucchino and others that the the guy -- re you know it in a big way responsible for all this winning we keep doing in Boston. But Larry are you here you know when you listen to. Awesome WBI's people complain. I'll let you know that there's you know that you know you. Do -- trophies that's that's exactly it proves -- the putting it is today AM results business program. And I IS another part of my job is to develop thick skin. And and take some heat because everyone has an opinion of what we've done right and certainly what we've done wrong. And even on occasion I can't hurt you it takes them issue with some of the strategic thoughts we've added this season we've made. But that comes with the territory we're in makes it even more fun to be doing moment. Nights like tonight. Every everybody's an expert when they follow baseball it's like to matter who you're talking to how long even watch and they think they know better than the manager really are here accurately argue that. Voted for a long time. And and of course you're not the least it indecisive about your opinions. You either you love the guy or you hate to again be the dumbest thing you've ever seen are the smartest thing uterus and and the world of baseball it's kind of pleasant to see someone who says us. Decisive opinion making. Well -- the greatest game ever I am optimistic guy every single year -- -- I -- -- -- -- but this your beat before is you begin it's at 92 wins everybody else is way under that number. And I I think some and obviously had to do with bringing John Ferrell back in here and changed the whole mood of everything. What John Ferrell did a phenomenal job he certainly should have been in manages years in office. Contests in my opinion but that he did he did to a man here I think it's -- news. I gave -- that that that recognition than -- team deserves enormous amount of credit score. This is just his sophomore year isn't as GM he learned a lot in the in the first years TV humor. And today. Miraculous job in the off season. There was something about this year that sort of brought out the best and everything and of course it's easy to point to April 15 and the extra motivation that people had. But. Even if I'm tired of seeing even beyond that that we are a lot of good important decisions were made along the way coaching staff for example. -- they get too little credit too little blame. And in this case they were the hardest working guys killed businesses here. And now they made it -- of course seven free agents that been in baseball signed in the off season. Made gigantic difference. And now I would also point two John Henry and Tom martyr and our entire partnership group and we are a competitive. The band of Brothers ourselves simply wanna win you're in and year out and now we said that we first came here I hope people. Accepted. And and -- and truly don't believe and understand that now. The personnel to was remarkable we did you ever receive no David Ortiz done you know. 34 or five years ago they were saying that. We obviously found out differently the pitching staff cholera but the guy wanna ask you about -- -- where he came from what. Heck he's thrown but he nobody can hit and Koji can we keep this guy mentally sick -- But. It's name came up and in December. -- seriously. And it and the fact that he wouldn't want anybody to save his life he would walk anyone. But again -- was said they walked this next guy you kind of waited to get amount. He he was a pleasant surprise Nolan -- users as effectively as he did for so long without them having a lot of things go right. But we knew he was -- talent and Anderson and we plan for some deep depth and that was the phrase we kept telling ourselves Earl Weaver's deep depth in knee deep depth. And the fact that he was there after a couple of relievers went use those are important part of this team in the eighth inning and on the night. Wonderful guy credit infectious and joy and fun to the ballpark every day. So we get really lucky to have him. I'll let you get to the red carpet event but mr. -- I see that with utmost respect I'll take you with a thick skin in the winning a forever and ever felt good job and congratulations -- -- Larry Lucchino back to the studio John.

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