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Head Coach Bill Belichick with Salk and Holley

Nov 25, 2013|

We sit down with the head coach of the Patriots Bill Belichick for our weekly interview. This week a very candid Belichick talks for 25 minutes and breaks down some of the key aspects of the Patriots win over the Broncos on Sunday Night Football.

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Coach's hours brought you by Mercedes-Benz streaks cakes. And by Lexus of watered down Bill Belichick just sit down to join us after -- wild win a late game last night of course the patriots. Are coming back from 24 down at the half coach sank to be Willis we appreciate it a nice night to sleep last night after the hour. Much. Goes up where I was good -- what a difference a week makes it. How much is the weather affect that game is as you're watching it and and you're pretty bundled up on the sideline clearly the balls on the ground eleven times over the course of of the entirety of the game. How much how how much and how was the weather affecting. I think it definitely affected it no question about it when was. Who really probably. A bigger factor than cold but so that both components weren't there. That's when you know effects kicking game first in the passing game. Coal fixable panel that -- it all loose or own party ailments -- -- go outside and products and whatever we get -- days. Whenever comes up we at least about there and. Bill tell us about some of the things that we're going to your mind. As the as the captains we're at midfield for the coin flip. You're thinking aren't you know we get the ball we do this they get the ball into that this there's two or three scenarios that you're thinking about as the other corners -- here. Am overcome yet over time it. Well I've I've met with the captains you know for couple seconds or throwing out there to explain to what we want to do that -- Wanda. If we won the toss take to win and if we lost the -- they took the ball we wanted to defend the lighthouse on. And you know -- -- personal questions and make sure it was right hand. You know I think. I think we got -- right you know but it walked up -- to return to do so. I kind of expected to -- -- if they wanna toss that they would take the ball and we've been defendant and then if we won the toss that. We would defend that and and it hit the ball sized banks pretty confident they'll come out that way but don't have to wait and see if and -- the other way than we -- adults that. How exactly does the wind affect any get a pretty good idea how to fix the kicking game it's a lot more difficult to kick in the win but. But seemed as if three or four of the drive through both teams last night were into the wind how much was the wind affecting the game outside of the kicking it. I think that and thrown the ball to our sideline. Were our bench was. That the ball kind of died a little bit and a throw on the ball to their sideline it at that a salable that so. Think just the not that it could be done just that touch on samples. The panel was weird -- was little it different for the quarterbacks assault pregame warmup and you know from the field position standpoint. I thought that there was -- approximately. A twenty yard difference in feel to orange. Somewhere around the 25 you're relying on -- house and maybe you know. The between forty and 45 -- going on. In the other direction. In the wind was gusty and so it wasn't exactly the same all the time but. A talk does pretty big disparity in you know and the -- the Broncos go the other way. In overtime I think they would better if you will -- -- -- in the direction that it did in and they chose department -- at the color done that's in situation. That's kind of where the differential was. And as I -- in terms of -- -- easier decision was just was it was it just about the kicking game or was it about ball. Well yeah I think it affected both but you know it at the wind definitely affects the kicking game more than an effects passing game. Although it it does affect both. I don't know if you think this -- or not but you. Wonder about the worst case scenario. May get the ball and score a touchdown and it's over. Were you thinking about on me you know what at what if they do this or or were you confident enough that based on the just one side of the field. The ball was dying the other side of the field not so much you confident that you can take the information that you had in kind of design your defense where. You weren't gonna get -- you weren't gonna wind up in the situation where and in a vulnerable defense. A lot so that's for muscle that was the whole game and you know that first quarter and overtime work. So -- that respect they just came down to whether we kept him out of the hands on on that first drive we kept my hands on the first drive then. I felt like we would have the advantage and of course they were touched -- again -- went over and and should questions about the decision a little bit. -- but it. But it as it turned out. You know once we're able to make the first stop -- -- -- state got on the field goal that would have. Meant that we would have to gotten we wouldn't have to move. Got as close to the goal line as they would have had to get kicked field -- on the oil and so. You know the big key was keeping him out of the gentleman in a forked over -- that month. You know on the last -- you know -- real good job get the ball up in the year it was -- handle on. You know we've we've got a good break on the island in the ground -- and if it courtroom and they -- -- itself. You know again those things all or maybe a little bit easier the direction on. You mentioned some of the some of the questions that we'll be there today if they had gone down -- -- music -- down scored a touchdown. What -- my favorite parts of the football life. 2009 you're talking about fourteen to commute talking to teams that I'm not afraid. Exit to make bold decisions not afraid to put put us in the position when the game doing what I think is best not do with the criticism. There would have been tremendous criticism as you said. Where did you get to the point. Burnett doesn't doesn't bother you I could be wrong but I don't imagine you view give up first in the morning turn W yeah the what people are saying about you -- Or wondering about or worrying about the criticism when -- get to that point. -- could close and I kind of feel like it's always been that way it's just I just feel like as a condition that it feels that's your football team. That doesn't always work out the way you want to run and there's criticism when it doesn't understand that -- I think you've still got to try to make the best decision and whatever the circumstance or information you have. That you think you're just that in the best chance to and that's or out -- foursome feel like that's my obligation of the team. And obviously it doesn't work out over fuel source and -- do. And sometimes it's the wrong decision in retrospect maybe I think about it but I -- Think on you know wanted to -- that console themselves that at the time you do which they expect us. It's a big thing on Allen was. Is that they talked about before it was just. In 86 championship game when coach -- -- Parcells took the win in the in the championship game against the Redskins and you know I was a you know you win the toss and take Landon. And second have you don't get the ball back -- that's that's not the way it works back then but. He did that in and you know we you know -- a seventeen not lead in the first quarter with a win and a -- -- rest of -- -- And I was a big you know is a big part of the game and always remember. You know that and talking to him about that as well. You know what sometimes that's just the right thing to do and but that's more important position of Paul. It'll -- don't want control field position. You know have that advantages. Is sometimes -- the winner only point one quarter like you're in overtime. I felt like that advantage weeks it was worth the risk of not have -- first. Let's take you back to the beginning of this game you you watch your team go out there you've -- all week you know 11 fewer day than normal what you prep all week for this game you got a game plan it seems like your ex accusing it fairly well. And all the sudden it seemed like although all the wheels came off the track at once. Fumble fumble fumble and the next thing you know you guys are down twenty foreign often. What -- what are you thinking as you're watching that take place on the field. Well that the good things that we were given were overridden by the bad things that worry much worse than the good things. You know get a three and out the to start the game week you know we kick off -- for kickoff. Get the stopped at the ball start moving it down feel laden and then those -- own. Facility -- -- a the -- four minutes aren't there yet so. But yeah exactly. We you know. Made a stop on defense. You know with bad field position apparently you don't give up a long drive vote later in the second quarter and so. We just didn't play very consistently in any phase of the game and you know we go in -- halftime and we don't feel like everything we were doing was wrong so we just had too many bad plays and there offset. The good ones we. We just talked about Tron string -- good ones together you know he can't score point four points drop -- -- He got to just. Get the ball score. -- up on defense -- -- some good plays and don't worry about the scores worry about the process is worried. Execute and it plays -- -- hope that. That went -- and a -- together you know that'll start to work out for. We cut the turnovers. Third fourth quarter. Those are huge force and we converted -- the touchdowns which is obviously -- as well red area play well offensively woes. Was good than analysts. It's a difference but without -- we we would've. Think whenever and where they didn't so. A ball Orleans don't -- measures up -- seasons ski. While his teammates and personnel changes. At halftime I ask you about those I guess here in the second some of the guys. They came in more in the second half but it how are you and they don't a lot of time in the air at the half and everybody's wondering is is bill gonna go in there and ripped the team and scream at dumb and overturn the Gatorade bottles or is it com is it just about x.s and o.s. How do you make that decision heading into the locker room how you're going to handle the team at halftime and had to make it last night. I think depends on the circumstances. I think counseling and anything else that cute talk about something and then. Mountain. You know you just don't do it then. Then that's that's really a problem. If -- You know we're trying to do what what you wanna do which is not working now order maybe they've made some adjustments. Sums captain and you feel like quote teams early on that. Respond vote for whatever reason scoreboards -- -- and -- it and that something else so. You know I think the house were. A little bit different the last two weeks proposal more disappointed in the way we played in the first half in Carolina and -- Yesterday even though. We plant problems yesterday but we just. You know admit mistakes that really hurt ourselves. A Fella we could overcome which cut the straight I felt like we could do that last week but it just. One. Of the things about the Carolina -- just you know really. I don't think we played the way we wanted to play at least were trying to play the way we wanted to play last. Carolina in the second half in much better job. As it last night. You know you -- those mistakes one of those mistakes made by Steven Ridley in terms of what he says after the game he seems just from observation from a party seems like the kid who. Really wants to do the right thing to lose it truly bothered by the mistakes that he's making in the game. Yesterday after -- came through with disgusted. With himself. Some things he did. What do you do with them I mean it's the talented running back obviously he's been productive for you. Talk to won't let him figure it out on his own you know what what's your approach with Stephen replaces -- couple weeks in a row we've had some problems him the ball. Yeah well look we talk particularly couple security we work on drills we talk about the importance of that we talk about. On what -- the other team what our opponents do to get the ball out what kind of techniques employer how they've got their turnovers there's common thread -- You know something that's happened repeatedly whenever possible we've got to be careful but look we all know and there. That ball possession is is critical to our success that's everybody that removal from. Senator and quarterback which we've. You know botched a couple of those exchanges which resulted in a turnovers this year interceptions fumbles. Dropped Kirk's. You know you name on any way to usable as. And detrimental to the team and that's that's a big points -- weeks ago that that isn't gonna change and it's everybody's responsibility. To the team to take care of the football they touched it in whatever manner they -- accidents uphold care passed. Coach Ron -- so we've got to. Got to do better dough ball security at the ball on ground six times and for ten from Texas we can't went to. Look I'm not gonna compare the NFL and college football is is a man's league and you know really played SEC the best that the college football last offers not NFL put. Is there anything in his history. That suggests that ball security would be an issue or it's something that that he needs to change technique wise that he's been doing throughout his career. -- I don't think I don't think any of our backs. Have have an issue that's. That I would say is you know prevent them from being in a productive player I think it's something and that it's. Look there are some plays that happen in football that are just. Plays that happened football and then there's other plays that cost. It Flacco. Discipline lack of technique and just carelessness and those loans ago you know there's there's gonna plays that happen in the NC camp for minimum. Sometimes that's just a way ghost but there -- other plays that we got to do everything we can't prevent it was in the global. Which can do better to that we coach -- veteran guys available -- -- You talk a lot of effort you mentioned the phrase a few times all three phases of the game and last night and zone on Spanish couple special teams plays. What exactly as you understand at least in your system is the job of the returner standing and about his own fifteen yard line. Like like like it wasn't at the end of the game last night what is his job there. -- wants the ball ends up going short. Well well I mean I I can't say exactly it would. Denver. Did or didn't do I don't really know. But in Julie -- case. When he's that he returner single return. Which as you know last night and last week we and there are several situations where two guys that there aren't part of that was because the conditions the -- Carlos when it is going on back there it's his job to try to get to every ball he can get to handle cleanly if there's -- -- can't handle it and we don't want to try to move on make a desperate attempt to catch the ball and fumble so. Moffitt so on -- -- ball security is most important thing because it's clear cleanly in the global and each panel. He can't then he should get away from a -- Make sure that he signals communicates to his teammates to let them know that you know it's on the ground and that they should stay away from a you know that play. When the ball came down I don't know if it hit harder on the way to power it hit him as soon as it hit the ground but it it it almost hit him. As it came down mate did him as a came down so. He was you know right at the ball right there or he wasn't. I think had the returner down there London. I think that Carter probably wouldn't of run into the returner that he was somehow you know you'd cinnamon and avoid them but. You know when your when -- trying to hold up the guys on the punt team and in your run and you come straight on your in and you know he cedar turner question try to stay with returner but. You don't know -- -- and so. He can be arrest on that that's one of things we talked about before the game and when conditions as. It usually works the other way to tell you the truth usually when your putting in to look like what happened are we had a pond that was -- short upon. Think you hit I'm not mistaken just kind of bounced and kicked into the you -- more frequently when a plane into the wind coverage teams running down there that that. -- punt return team -- with their guys the ball hits the ground it bounces back toward the line of scrimmage. And you know can hit those guys are aware that so. You know that's the type of player that. If you're on the punt return team upon into the -- you wanna really trying to be more precedent -- scrimmage. Try to get them before they get down to feel road -- a block from thirty yards downfield -- play -- balls at the ground that it's June. 10 that he tried. Try to take model that earlier. Chris Collins were twice in the broadcast last night talked about. Are you guys having left footed honor and his conversations with you. The flight of the ball or picking up the ball left -- upon -- Is something guys aren't used to work or or it's tougher to give them a different look could you elaborate on that if if that's the that's accurate represent representation of the conversation guys. Well we have a short talk about that I mean that that's you know that's no secret it's. Michael -- senate fiction writer and a pitcher in baseball bull breaks the opposite -- -- Everything's the same it's just the opposite I think the hard thing really is. Whatever the differences between your potter so if you have a right foot upon -- Our panel foot upon are different because -- handled right foot -- know most of the time in practice and all the way through the season and vice Versa and so. You know haven't left foot of honor for us the right foot upon Puget ops it's been opposite Fred -- a couple doesn't turn over breaks. Com on right foot upon -- will break to the return right and at the ball turns over for a poem for retreat to turn left and vice Versa left -- In Arctic it's more of a habitual thing which you're you're used to -- and what you're used to -- -- He didn't game and it's you know each -- got a little different style but the basic dynamics at and aerodynamics of the ball flight this time. That you're just now all look at that it in reverse and when you're at the when conditions and to also -- the fourth in the -- -- that. Kind of normal are getting word you know reaches the beacon falls. In win win and it obviously carries more against the wind and it comes away from the returner in some cases it even breaks back -- On the line of scrimmage so it's actually dropping away from a which who also signal kick offs as well kick in in the win. -- according among those balls that come up in the -- just as it dropped it kind of you know was moving away from -- -- down ports and it usually is because when it held up so. You know those are tough judgment plays for turner. So it into the wind to score more questions were identical to question but into the win last night. Field goal range for you guys as what -- Well I would say in that game last night it was would have been inside 25 -- on all around. That and again. We're not just talking about distance were talking again -- three upright because the wind was also blowing from. Our bench well from the kind of the corner in the White House to the opposite corner. On down at the other end of the field so wasn't straight across the field it was kind of corporate and win. So you know kicking into the win. It's not just get that there it's at the end of the care that wind is going on the ball's gonna die in its current portion. You know -- -- got to look at in the further out war. Which is a tough -- and the same thing the other kick in with a plan it's it's you know it's not so much distance as it is. As the old dies the wind would push it towards the broncos' sideline and don't tend to move a pretty far to the right and you know like make it longer putt will break in the -- so. You know that's a tough kick for kicker because the last ten yards of the kerik has the ball dies. Is when it's gonna move the most and dependent on how hard you kick it. You know how much it moves at the end of the characters stone change in office that power the wind blown so. Again to answer your question as long -- -- short question but. To answer questions -- don't I would say around the 2.5 yard line would have been on the Max. To really be confident that it would be a high percentage -- I would say the twenty yard line going -- the White House. Bill now it's time for the coach's questions that we brought you by your local Mercedes-Benz dealers. All new Mercedes-Benz CLA has arrived see them on the web at MB US data on this week's question comes from Sheila she's on the -- she wants to know what she says. I had tickets to the game in the -- -- giving them to my son to call. A -- I'm wondering. What's your preparation is for these games and when you know. Cold weather games are coming what are some of the steps. I you take to make sure your team isn't obsessed with the way. -- -- thing is we practice and whatever the conditions are on a daily basis so we practiced it and he. -- -- -- Rain -- rain heavier rain. What field so -- all those things you can't really do anything to simulate the heat on what you can do to simulate. On the cold you have to take whatever it is. You can put water on the ball alone is a what all of a make it wetter but. I think the biggest part of brain is not just the win -- ball but the episode of your hands your arm your Jersey. As a relates to tackle Wayne war also ball security with the ball that's what surface so. You know I think the biggest the best practice for those kind of things the planet so that's -- we do obviously one of the key things -- plan. On a nightly we have last night I think is at the beginning of the game and and even halftime. Is the whole process because it's really article author the hormone the windshields at zero degrees. But you can warm up inside and do a good job of that with year you know stretching and then some dynamic movements where actually -- you know not just static stretch in one place actually -- -- and and get the blood flow and get muscles loose of the when he thought their year here rated performance rated ago. I'm not counting on all along warm up period out there on the field to get to that point which is hard to lose so that's that's one of the big adjustments that. We make in cold weather's just the warming up process that goes. There's something about Tom specifically that -- That lends itself to cold weather -- record in cold weather games fantastic and assist record in -- very good so it's not a huge surprise but. Is there something about him specifically that is that is better in the cold and other quarterbacks. But if there's some of the things that he has going former number one he's he's mentally tough I don't think he's affected by the conditions from the standpoint number two. He has big hands he can grip the ball he has you know his hands are small doesn't slide all he can get around the ball. On number three he throws a tight spiral and his balls very tight always has -- I was impressed I think to play here or in this area country. You gotta throw tight ball and you know he doesn't. Certainly Testaverde when we had him at the jets and even here you know at a very tight ball in Cleveland. It's one of the things so that that ball really can cut through wind and of course the wind can affect any throw but it it doesn't affect the tight spiral like at those. On the -- that that aren't as tight and Tom has been it's been almost all these connect good accuracy. He's got big hands he can handle what -- we can handle -- -- he's got a lot of mental toughness son. You know I don't think -- it's that you know mentally affected by the conditions. Like our kickers are you know that Terry wasn't Steve is I -- -- No matter what the conditions are -- like that he you know they kicked pretty consistently well knows it is from this court accidentally called those things are. Good techniques part of that but also mentally just been in the fact that it is -- to. I would think you -- some confidence -- him he's been doing it so well for so long that he -- -- and his experiences they had I've done this before coach we really appreciate it thank you so much congratulations on the win last -- are you -- particular conversation with Bill Belichick brought you as always by ESP allied to a Tedy Bruschi did get affordable dependable life insurance from -- -- the company that is protected over one million family since 1907 and SP ally. Dot com today more moments alcoholic WB yeah.

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