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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 11/25/13

Nov 25, 2013|

Ask and we might answer.

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-- -- Only on Sports Radio 93 point seven WTI. At bat. It's time for answers the question -- answer the question with -- and Alex is the big question. So would you be years not answering -- thing and everything I'll answer that question it's answer the question what. Our allied no Mikey today we got John rider in studio instead hi John nor am. If Mike can Mike has gone. Right there it's on all -- -- So how how -- were you up last night for the game after the did you -- watch you breakdown I didn't re watching it no. I didn't -- do that yeah I watched a lot of post game stuff all twenty twos so you know but I'm typically up to about three and because they usually don't get out the night. Those things that you watched that game last thing you watched that. And in just immediately go to sleep now that you look for awhile yes -- -- Care answers politic here if you -- it was time. At 130 we didn't hear things that 13 broad -- too late tonight. Yeah is it too -- way to go to sleep it's two way pitcher -- -- -- -- -- extra paragraph I have to. It's the question -- by -- restoration specialists. If your property or facilities manager or an insurance -- coherence to a jury of disaster restoration game plan. In place call 8774611111. Or go to AAR and serve a dot com. About what is your go to salad dressing. Progress. Any kind of immigrant while sonic immigrant go marry you think you know against -- though this isn't that a that's universal. Italian and that thing. It. It's a cream in the scream hello and skewed creamy Caesar. Little Amazon com that -- jumped up and skills and or how excellent the -- sweet Vidalia -- you combine. Question about. A discussion to that -- expressing its outlook. Well -- dutrow was going to -- OK -- -- -- -- think on the season. That would make the disease there is -- to -- its droughts -- on caesar's and to reason through. And so in Jews are only in the dressing but not actually true but it's. -- -- -- Next question. Do you wrap your Christmas guessing of the store gift -- -- failed to do such a good job -- don't think about it joked yeah I. For yourself why would not be. At that time. It -- there's you know at the time and effort and with that you've been through it. If guys don't give it to him at all -- used to buying crappy gifts or it sells it's all it's always starts off well this whole whole old bull over here for Pittsburgh now. It. She would think it would be greeted. -- believe. It's running hysterectomy is like. But this tedious kind of a guy -- now -- verbal give and take the option of -- or. Not it's evident and charge an arm and -- it. Ever -- that courtesy and -- and -- were election like that -- Last year to one dollar -- in Asia -- -- done it was a donation. Mysteriously. Come over my house and -- overestimate. -- is that you don't and it is UT out of paper. Some parents opposed the screen on the bag it's in Israel easy yeah. Keeping your disease still monies and and and just convert duties. And -- guys prefer. Yeah. That is well wrapped or we're just like the money. Depends on the court again this. Means if you. There's isn't a joke -- -- money you're not as big against that. Talk. It depends if it's something. It's gonna give him money for Christmas album Arctic. That. So -- -- sent to our next question if you were forced. Why this hole well but you were forced to have sex in a giant club on the traditional Thanksgiving food what would it. It's got to be -- -- -- -- it would be great you get enough movements. Is there -- Yes. -- So many horrible things like great I yeah. Yeah. So don't sweep to -- -- applied. Somebody -- you to do. Your would be doing before. But the cream sauce from Clinton's. And one when what we have ever literature and if that traditionally -- -- do it absolutely but never had its current. I mean you know it's it's like -- creamed. You would do little baby onions girls we. Took that immigrants secrets of think. It's and don't think the question -- -- your next question do you think any would -- is missed more than Wes Welker. No no you might have been for a little while in the middle of the season before pulling -- well. More than Welker all stinks watching my interests. Thanks and don't forget any which dropped out of the backfield yeah. It. Your reaction. To. Graduate go to my next question anyway. Next question. Is it OK for men Wear a scarf of course -- let's just say it's okay for man to Wear anything. We would with temperatures like last night putting anything we'll throw the -- Put on Iran has totally up front and don't care if I want to last for hours. Worked on anything bodies to get out there are certain -- Certainly ridiculous argument would try to blow. All I did I. Next well at least perfectly into the next question. Exhibit. Is that in bad taste to hook up with every single female and my seasonal job apparently -- the first -- -- -- Or super it was a job if -- -- job dozen or how many seasonal jobs aren't there. Like if it does maybe if you're slightly better selling Christmas tree right and I don't know if you're having any -- Lumberjacks. -- questioned -- At a bar in the summer. I can't be that guy who. Is -- -- Every one thinks about. You wonder if that mystery no better to actually do. You know what the mystery. Mystery. The -- as much. About the mr. it was. -- -- the question please via the choice between the sweet or for growth fifty yard line seats the last night's game which would you. Like. To call even the sweet too cool. That place up there. Yes it is. A couple of Ehrlich a pack and there's a fireplace or go to sleep at some of fifty and I first rolls them and enjoy games -- -- growth -- rate. Because I don't. It to a point 02 point -- games. Where you argued there's a comfort. Comfort. You know you know and don't forget to comfort level when I sit in front of the fireplace in the sweet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But -- -- colts patriots game more similar to last night. Did you and and couple of that's a long Johns. Is -- came arriving here recently from field. -- the game were Rodney Harrison brought the football to. Match. I did not. -- Went home made -- Actually. It's been a question earlier finish on this. What. About giving. Call as yet he -- commercial. The rich and famous -- I don't know that the economy. And -- you Alexis all the payments are coming view but it's here. In the driveway and there's a huge bow on top of the card. Is an impersonal gift is that. That the other side. To it -- personally. I mean a car is such a person that you buy what you want to drive your comfortable sitting in the release July let. -- -- -- -- So are you kidding me either cash or card this year it was a possibility but now that -- cash and that's that's gonna have to be -- has already -- grand or car confidence -- -- I don't think. I was gonna -- and all Cooper is not that's up about did you know. All right we're gonna get out of here we will be back tomorrow at 2 o'clock in the studio stick around for Mikey John Ryder. We'll talk to tomorrow five.

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