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Rob Ninkovich checks in with Lou Merloni and Steve DeOssie on Patriots Monday

Nov 25, 2013|

Rob Ninkovich joins Mut and Merloni for his weekly chat on Patriots Monday. Rob explains what it felt like during last night’s comeback and how it felt to get flagged for a crucial pass interference.

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Is joining us now an eighteen T hotline it's -- patriots Monday which means. It's rob nick Richard brought you by Samuel Adams of the Boston Beer company and like a -- a tractor corporation. Rob I got to start up what this -- asked earlier I saw this confused look on your face. They haven't seen very often. But when you guys won the toss going into overtime and you looked around about ten people go. Should I use the way you want me to do what's it take me through that process. Well you know bill that in or what. And you know what he wanted. -- -- -- -- -- I was with. What Boris is not a corporate news and you know what you want. You know there's still missed communication between you know everybody. When we wanted to go period -- bill proposed that we want. Fixable. And -- either they can win you know. But I definitely warming is natural instinct got to overcome -- -- -- -- all right senator elect you looked at each other real. You know just. -- Fully and as you look back to the sidelines Oakmont. You know we got it on the back in. In. Have them -- the way the system there of that. Just to confirm which it already discussed the -- It -- it seems to go against. I don't know conventional thought maybe. Every -- anyone -- I guess. You know in any. I'm at an overtime. Point saw anybody who wins usually. You know you want before you get a chance and -- -- and game over but you know with that win -- was definitely a factor. So you know they have the -- back that an advantage. And you know build that confidence that the defense who's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Could all right assistant. -- it worked -- nice that we ask you but this Denver offense is going to game against Peyton Manning. They run the ball for what 280. Yards and I'm wondering. Do you think that that was their game plan against you rethink the way that game started off they just say you know it's cold -- continue to run of success. I think we -- be able. Realize that the win is a factor. And -- you know it was kind of difficult to get the ball on the field. You'd probably. Would normally run their offense they just decided this was getting burden. Manageable. Third short -- considerable maybe five -- your pick of the first round. So I mean I think they -- in the same place. Things like. You know thirty to forty times it felt like that the industry in the same inside. Insider and -- it is just felt like cigarette over and over and on first and second down and -- gotten better. You know spread. No immediate row I think they're down. You have some nice contributions. -- With that thought that -- -- are good at pulling it into their game plan. You know once they took -- -- realizes it was going to be you know difficult it's all on the field. Yeah that's good contributions dispersant in the second half by eight. A Dane Fletcher and younger linebackers and Jimmy called. As he didn't he get more playing time last night then. I've seen for the whole season as some of these children practice or. Was out of necessity. Not that terrible because it you know this. Was. On page. Having -- horrible -- -- -- -- go and I think that. Jamie you know issues. -- tremendous aren't exactly so. There he can pretty do to react if -- cover. And in Iran. So in the coming here you know happy people but as a result or. -- -- -- -- Go to guys have done a little bit during the season but looks seemed like he did a lot more last night you and Jim Jones switching sides. They're just a matchup situations give him different looks. Well our home you mean Taylor talked to read over the purpose because it. What. As a player kind of see what -- do you know. And -- -- players they are completely different. Way to block somebody so you know media outlets that the whole game. You know that it's you know -- kind of kind of get a feel for how the player plays and then -- wouldn't -- -- chance which. In my new active routed. On the back side there you know term it put it. In Chan -- he's got a great inside move let go. You know disfigured face saying go left or right along you're saying you know. I would have to own ability to tackle -- -- -- was moving up the caller. Holding. And but. On the other end of the when you're in coverage. Do you were you surprised to see that flag on you for a pass interference. Yeah I was I mean I was really surprised because I was I was playing through. We got with -- opposite hand to the ball all the pushing through all my bills because all of the balls go outside. And almost untouchable because I was ratepayers. Mean. You know I didn't feel like -- tackle regret the I think he didn't know preview of acting and I try to -- all around. You know fell down so. You know again. It's all things. I don't I don't have removed -- flag on me so again. That is that it's hard to support him -- good third down stop. You know giving. And another chance to score outside -- what. I haven't seen that being copiers I don't know exactly would it look like it or slow it down. I really don't know -- you yes. It looked terrible it looked like you beta at the most -- you might have a handle on his back hit the ball most it was. It was terrible specially. In light of these -- call. On. When talking that -- It was it was -- look you know really just. It is -- -- If I'm looking at the ball admirable flammable and I'm trying predictable -- and then. You know contact happened renewable going for the ball so. Now I got to tackle him there looking at him you know he felt it was how credible are. So you know again it's well hold its deceptive. And long. You know openness of the perfect game on. Who -- -- to the wind so we we want him on active process. Well -- your state try to interpret the referenced the rules as they prepare us and that's the first collegiate comedy show Leno hasn't appeared as I don't I don't care comic -- Or you're in Cairo Melissa Bailey. Yeah of course we we appreciate -- we appreciated and good luck this week against Houston with a -- talking on Monday. -- -- It is Rob Ninkovich we -- -- -- We gonna take a break here Steve -- -- we come back we'll take a look at the AFC in what Sunday meant for would have meant for the knowing the patriots have talked to a the next.

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