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Kyle Arrington on Wes Welker: He is one of the hardest workers in the game

Nov 25, 2013|

Patriots’ cornerback, Kyle Arrington, joins Lou Merloni and Steve DeOssie at Gillette Stadium on Patriots Monday. After last night’s historic comeback over the Broncos, Arrington discusses the team’s poor start and the return of Wes Welker.

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-- it is a patriots Monday -- Kyle Arrington joins us when he does he's brought to you by heiress restoration specialist the Sheba. Business solutions and Boston laser. -- don't listen. M is it's got a cold in here Philly connection still to feel they're in this in this Booth how cold was it out there last night what hell happened at halftime. What bill Belichick's shady guys have to. Well obviously when that was before -- -- zero. In -- Pakistan basically. -- you know we had to do you know Tony's everywhere we had. Send me and like I said I'm just you know. Right behind each other play for each other and confidence not only down and I so we -- teammates you know we were it is. No battle tested you know so I mean is well we're we're gonna buy. If it's in variant was like the second -- -- a -- now you kind of -- halftime and offensively disorder shoot yourself in the foot right with you guys may -- in a bad spot that was it. Was at that same feeling always -- different feel. Because that Burton Group Carolina's only three drives right you guys had to think bush was at the same kind of feeling. -- each game you know this is different. And on its own. And you know this like as an -- obviously when you know -- start we will look for into most of us if you miss Spain on. It's hard it's hard -- complete sixty minutes of a game plan. -- credit to our guys who -- -- kept battling kept fighting in on as long as there's enough time left and -- you know we're we're we're we're we're -- -- So there's gold there was no fire and brimstone at halftime no Bill Belichick of their troops. Just say I'm not into autumn though -- were down I -- it. It's a look. For and that's a little frustrations -- I'm because you know we we we we don't -- -- quite home but but you know to two women and they come back and around. They went in that fashion I mean is is is -- a warning -- It's smoke celebrated. Yesterday after the win obviously today but now we have to get on -- used to pretty quick here. Was it got to come back after the week guy's -- -- tough -- it down a Carolina. Find yourself down 24 nothing was -- simple mental toughness to your football team. -- one of the one of the things we preach you know every day. As far as. And I locker room so the might as it you know to to be in a hole like that. And his crawl our way out of it slowly but surely is you know it's it's it's a testament he -- it to -- character of the guys in the locker room. -- your defensive game plan or answer how much were you. Matched up well. We you know we just try to keep it. Q did our Roland on all -- and obviously you know his nursery -- -- -- -- -- quarterbacks of in our generation. So on you know you can't obviously you'd sue moss -- pre -- one yes we just got a little bit. And and I don't want to be the same thing. Every play either so we just try to keep rolling on the -- And he you moved around a little bit of the most by a two year old west a lot. Mean the difference -- cover -- in games you governor practice for a few years to. Yeah Wesley you know he he's he's it's -- and a great thing about on this the talent. He had on the book there you know he's one of the mortally ill woman most of the guys have ever came across a matched up against me also one of the most are hardest working guys as well so. The united it was complete football player and it's just too not an argument on that all the guys who have stepped up. Defensively across the board. Because it is. You know pay and those guys that -- and -- -- they're pretty dangerous for the explosives in them for us to come up in and in -- but what we did this is. So. To give him. Is sometimes when things go wrong you're down. Total scores what you guys were. Do you sometimes get the year Rada. An emotional or intellectual release and say OK well let's let's just go up there and play. Yeah. -- it a little pool side unless. And now now let's get gone. It's. You know. Hoping next how we get we know we start you know you start and that is to continue to play complete football payment today -- -- -- exit they want perfect and said only if you know when it comes to. Buffalo game and especially gone up against it seem like that as though so -- a -- not a game. -- -- Houston pretty quick. A much effect it was the weather I mean going into a win the that was pretty stiff wind -- defensively. You know is -- -- that change one way the other depending which side -- -- -- -- it was a bit -- -- percent in the next hundred you'll have yet. I didn't getting they just goes on out open though obviously you know with the with the wind its way. -- As affect how how we play because of the engine noise and affected. And how they played offensively so you know of course that they know -- -- you know with the wind we were expecting a more mobile over with those anfield. You know when -- against the wind obviously run and Baltimore's -- and we don't we. Played a game. It's to a two that. When you're faced with wind turbines aerials like that. US defense -- you have to. Please your assignments any different going bit. You're throwing into the wind or or or the Quebec for usually door with a -- do you does that -- that goes through your mind when your -- -- Well especially in the slot because you know you're you're you're more so and middle of the field and MS word -- What's that -- is not you know again I debt -- to quote marry wants to a target to bar. Right on a minute to feel so he went -- you're gonna have good tight coverage across the middle and which is to try to make him hit those us at those who wish you know I had yes it ready. Really put would put put someone you know velocity on an early on -- it Annika -- as well so these guys and I've -- down a complete thing you know you get those asset growth. Yeah overtime because when the coin toss and choose to take the wind. Now obviously the wind was affecting that decision but he is also shown conference and you guys to stop don't embrace your sisters it's just came out there you know. Now but -- your typical state lately he'd take the -- a subject that he's going to be wanna talk right now. -- it yet is it was gutsy gutsy call on great cause though by coats and it's you know figure. We get a wicked -- keeping -- on stopping to the ball they have to win you know. And social so we Vietnam you know attack on them up like -- how how we came back in first. How much fun. They political and crashed artist. Should get a map of the game there I was too busy. For about five minutes about the -- -- -- -- joy you voted voted -- -- -- -- sort -- -- 105 -- -- I just -- -- and comeback locker rooms like that I just imagine. -- -- war. Her and -- psyche so well -- messages. It's tremendous joy you know I was very very rewarding Justin just -- -- day guys did you know reading about we you know just as his as hard as we were not only. Yesterday's bloody game you know during the week of practice you know bad guys bank debt you know. Fighting through so this is this I guess there's extra rewarding. You have some some guys that some unusual suspects step up and have. A pretty good gates or Jim Collins mandate Fletcher made some big plays to say in the second half. That's got to help let's go to the -- of defense to shoot it he got more people conservative. Yeah -- because you know. Unfortunate injury upon as a part of the game. You know and had only -- in dialogue but other than when things on and the same position so. You never know in numbers cause and I you know guys you know they prepare like we can we got to be ready for us as -- -- McCain. You know. -- price by disagreeing and was activated and put in again. You know social legacy always had to be had to be prepared never know you never thought. Every week it seems like you know we'll look at it calls it an army in Iraq may even be passive affairs and -- always comes up. Should pass interference -- review mobile. As defensive back. Which would have been OK with data you say not enough aluminum. I get my hand on what's awhile ago. Well it had been in a court against -- -- and -- -- grow over a pandora's box -- Soledad so they'll also be big cities that we review should have been -- in progress. So you know if you DB and and you've got away one. UN I guess you would want that. He -- to -- review of our big week this week to -- Houston what do you CNN new quarterback case Keenan BCA I think Eddie sent it to get ready for this week. Nominee not -- out of legacy -- wanna get a jump on him as a aren't as possible so I mean you know. Records out the -- obviously is is who. Plays better football on that particular day you know on winning games so. Most artists to have a lot of talent over on always had a vote especially when have you had. -- on a radio this you know you always dangerous you know the way you varsity jackets and there is a good actress of the district but it is Lester commit. -- the that they -- comfortable. Ericsson. June. Like it's Welker -- coupled with that line up to us -- mean. I mean. I don't regarded as do my job and you know what it was when to whomever rights. Whatever he knocked it dutrow had a lot of a lot of people's that it do it nice job on congratulations north -- congratulations. But we're and good luck this week ago appreciated the harder it -- -- Kyle Arrington has also brought you by Verizon stay connected to your patriots at home and on the goal with bios quantum Internet. An NFL mobile phone Verizon that's powerful. By Stephen I've read back Dick -- your calls right after this.

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