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It Is What It Is Cast: A recap of the Patriots miracle comeback win over the Broncos

Nov 25, 2013|

FOXBORO -- WEEI.com's Mike Petraglia and Chris Price recap a miracle comeback by the Patriots Sunday night over the Broncos.

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Welcome back to Gillette Stadium everybody in my name is Mike to try and joined as always by patriots expert columnist for WEEI dot com Christopher price. Chris how you put in words what we saw tonight in over sixty minutes of football is to abolish tolls that it took. For the patriots. Property -- it. Well what's on the guys -- you know ridiculous unbelievable amazing it was pretty remarkable sequence plays especially the second futures turned. A 24 nothing deficit injury for a quick 31 point four lead. The Broncos were able to answer back to make -- 31 all and then after both teams were kind of unable luncheon and after a couple of opportunities and you overtime session that inordinately capitalize on Tuesday it is special -- mistake made by Denver enamored with someone who went one of the most remarkable wins I think we've seen this team put together -- That you plus I know you're writing about this on -- MVP -- dot com this is a character witnesses. A defining win nobody. And I felt teams' seasons certainly you get down 24 nothing. To the number one offense in football arguably the MVP in the NFL this year so far Peyton Manning twenty or nothing. At halftime you really shooting yourself in the foot. You couldn't do anything right. And you managed to really collect yourself at halftime how do you think the patriots went about you know you're you're in the patriots locker room what they tell you about. Collecting themselves and getting ready for the -- One of the things that was really important to amendment says -- both on and off the record was that they weren't gonna get all 24 points back -- one play so it was a matter of finding one place. Building on that and going for him during what Nickels backing success and it was kind of build on those small plays you know not create any negative plays on offense and no way people look to foursome three you know on the defensive side of the ball in -- -- those -- and recruit good enough job and that it in a really impressive third quarter sequence on the course your business and pretty bad but -- -- You're coming out. Tonight it enable put some really impressive. Who could present football -- sizable really really impressed by both sides will not only in terms of finding some offensive consistency. But also being used to make some really important pieces of stuff is really important. Tom Brady threw two touchdown passes in that third quarter that you -- -- patriots score 21 points. It is the biggest comeback win in patriots history really remarkable night in that regard for historical perspective we have to talk to us obviously. The problems Stephen -- he admitted in the locker room after the game to us. That it's sickening this cannot continue if he's going to be in the lead back in the New England Patriots what does he have to do. I think it's going to be interesting to see how he handled and going forward because if you -- Brandon -- continues to run the same when he ran for large portions -- second out. Privileges good consistent performances that are seeing green and the coaching staff -- decision maker in terms of who gets the Balkan acres are still going to believe team playing offense and they're still going to be able to. Use one of those guys because all four of those -- have really distinct. Skill set in I think if they find a situation where. Being -- -- more third on the present and only more machinery of the -- you know look for a guy who's going to be more inclined to bring an opener between the two tackles. You're gonna look at a guy like really good look at it got to applaud you -- as well me too but I do think you have real question about what to do with -- -- -- -- important to be able to get the bulk of the -- from this point. Really have to love the way Julian elements that or there's so much talk. Coming into the game about any Amendola for the patriots Wes Welker -- Denver Broncos also -- various Thomas who didn't have a about that you began. Lost in the shuffle was -- element he has been huge in the first half of the season -- the patriots but tonight's game. When the team really needed him he got open and made some huge -- is in really climate conditions. Talking about a guy who you know we've talked about the team struggling in the third quarter and looking for an offensive spark an impediment one of those guys. Provided -- partner the first touchdown catch was able to it -- Really Paula nice -- homeless -- Denver defenders. You get open and 43 yard reception that also give them you know really did a good job giving them sparked earlier in the third quarter so. Look at the guy who over the course the first Olympic Games this season has done very well has been very dependable Tom talked about in the press conference afterward. He's almost overlooked but he's the guy you know whom they were pulling out of a lot of -- of the first ten or eleven games this season. I think he's gonna play a big role in this office before we talked about the running you've been doing -- situation. I think I heard it -- -- really -- do you think type situation with -- running game. Look at the same -- in the past -- items to be part. You're looking at the numbers post game with the nanny did not have big numbers he didn't believe it was the one touchdown pass. That was it I mean the Patriots defense. Really don't lock down job on the Denver Broncos receivers really never allow the big play think Bill Belichick was talking about during. The week. You have to avoid with the Denver Broncos offense. Part of that was game plan because know Sean Marino ran for 222 yards in the Broncos because of the win tonight your ritual that they were definitely in it. Say if we're gonna -- the patriots were gonna try to actually beat them on the ground we know they. Been susceptible against the run with a patriots tape from you know the way they defended the -- -- Peyton Manning and it was shot. Right now what we're talking about the run defense thinks about it Goran was situation I think if -- Denver here and at one point or nothing situation -- second half you want to run the ball especially when you look at the -- Struggles this year against the run and I think that just made sense. I think when you looked at their complete defensive performance though. There are a lot of things that stand out a lot of individual performances stand out to me Brandon Spikes Plano one way Tyler and going up against. Wes Welker for the majority of the unity really looking like he was struggling ventures wealth funds in -- didn't play much -- Played a lot early but didn't play much like you out a lot of guys -- the defensive side of the ball -- features were banged up but they were able kind of struggle through and we're able to put together. A really solid defensive effort the offense early -- anyway. Didn't do him any favors -- defensively -- -- very well it is what could be expected given situations you've been able. A lot of people were scratching their heads when Bill Belichick took the wind to start overtime giving Peyton Manning a chance to win. -- have to start over -- -- if indeed the Broncos had driven down the field and score -- touchdown that would have -- in overtime over the Broncos -- -- were you surprised. I was a little surprised you know in the only other guy that I didn't you know that I could think of and obviously your generals have changed since those -- weren't going to mostly hit an eleven years ago Sunday night. Yeah same kind of situation he took them and as opposed to it in the moment and it was Modano and the rules have changed since then. But it was a curious move on the part of Belichick I don't know how much of the wind. Affected the muffed punt that that the Tony Carter remarked in the right -- Wes Welker and -- the -- -- -- in the game. But it's just you know in retrospect there was a curious move it didn't effectively the -- that was just interest will play out. A huge win needless to say Chris the patriots went thirty or 31 way Stephen -- the 31 yard field goal in the -- Left in overtime that look like it might be a tie game the second -- game of the day evidence that patriots come out of this smelling like a rose 83. And have real at all but. Locked up the AFC east with this win tonight and now the Broncos are nine into it now the patriots have the possibility of finishing first in the AFC if things fall right. Which is remarkable considering everything that's happened and his team in this offseason and -- they don't have Vince Wilfork they don't have drug now. They don't have Tommy Kelly Steven Gregory -- -- complete and at all. When you think about all of that in context and then you think about the fact if they run the table the rest going into Kansas City finds -- in Denver next week. And possibly looking at -- wins he may have seen again when you consider everything that's happened this franchise. Over the last year plus it's remarkable what they did there here at this point. We what we duplicate it. Indeed have a happy Thanksgiving Chris I will try to do as well. And until we meet again which will be in a couple of weeks the patriots host the Cleveland Browns here to -- He's first -- prize Mike petroleum WEEI. 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