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Tom Brady: "I like playing in the cold"

Nov 25, 2013|

Tom Brady joined the show fresh off a huge comeback win over Peyton Manning and the Broncos. Tom said that he will take cold weather games over hot ones any time.

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Our patriot Monday conversation with Tom Brady is brought to -- northeast electrical distributors the cancer center at Beth Israel deaconess and the crescent credit union and as -- Tom joins us on the AT&T hotline good morning Tom -- -- -- morning hey I'm sure you race wins and losses in terms of fun and value and all that sort of -- if you did it last night's win rank and Tom Brady's litany of games played one. Well I was pretty is -- the great win analysts. You know we -- earlier and you look at it -- critics speculate that -- would go it was pretty it was pretty sweet so. We're really out of such report starch in them stormed back in the by the little place I'm gonna put a little bit defensive football they're more. In the fourth quarter and and in that in overtime. And got a good break there at the end so it was. The great -- and everybody contributed. You know we're pretty mentally tough team and that's what it's Hezbollah itself. It'll shorten your head barely got to get back to work is there escalated it never felt. Bill Parcells has famously said if you give a team if you give a player an excuse to fail more often than not they will seize upon that. That doesn't seem to apply to this football team because at -- -- that well it's not our night it's awful 24 now -- it's not gonna happen this team does not allow itself to do that correct. No I mean we had 200 yards -- -- out -- sort of like you know we're you know it's seventy yards off -- toward unity and it just. You know you make those critical errors and Obama all of -- put the ball on the ground like we did therapy you know -- swallow or -- We knew we took better care of the ball than we have a better chance in. -- just you know weather played a factor so you know -- there. Reported that before outside their bitter turn over we got to be doing with it. You know -- late during the game Syracuse. Cut the -- rose played only got a few bounces in the battle is I was a you know really a great look it litigated so there's there's jobs that are they don't -- -- -- that is our secret guarding their way that I -- are right. As much as you are comparable in doing sell you tell us what was set at halftime and how. Was the message delivered was it delivered business like it was a -- delivered pro faintly heard somewhere in between. Well it's -- I think we always take our -- -- course Belichick is as a team and there's other there was -- much to be says truthfully because we had done not saying there wasn't like there was a bunch but just let it. You know we kind of thought the game -- -- played a game the way that we thought it would play it and we get toward erasing. Executes well. We get talked about you know make it make it some good plays and CNET tech turn in the sub organ. Third and one touchdown and certain you're touched there. Certainly under field goal that -- you know it's illegal or other such and so it's it's. It was just you know we got the ball roll it and then that's that's what we needed at that point. I know you don't have much time at halftime but I assume. There's always some x.s and those talk is there also in the game like that is are also the -- the Herman boom -- remember the titans. Element to this halftime is somebody. And and I'll -- kicking over the Gatorade table but as someone raising his voice in that room as well as. Breaking out the board and showing you what you gotta do strategically. Well I think they're always a little bit of -- -- so we have we you know we are great leadership from you know some are veteran players and a captain to. Negotiate -- right and what it's appropriate. You're not you feel security -- and -- -- a lot -- -- your Google are squeezed tighter. You know summer that is what is got a lot of actually -- related to start playing quite -- -- also. It varies from time -- time unfortunately that are in that situation we put a lot of effort and in that situation. You know parts are partly covered him play because they have. Say they were out against Miami. And we came out the third quarter play a lot better so. It's you know we got a certain players secure successful -- sort of ultimately irritated that it can't play thirty. -- and it's against the good teams and expect to -- so. In order try to work permit he can make improvements and get better and you know -- it was nice about -- -- only contributed and that's that's the key part of different times in the game. You know when you play another good game they're gonna make their -- Clijsters all you've got a letter that he. With the pitcher up street -- -- -- it he's there are such try to do. Were you surprised Tom when your coach deferred and gave the ball the Peyton Manning in overtime. Well based on the way had -- there you know going that direction toward the -- house or the current typically doesn't Foxboro it's so he decided to take a weird -- You know if it's a little bit now it's a bit different now that -- he's actually. Are most likely get touched the ball enough in overtime you know before they say you're terrible especially in that situation where. They article on this of course such are going into the page so I early bird proved. There were treated ourselves our offense. Oprah settled a bit more but don't beat is that the biggest play of the game and ended up but without their that you wouldn't feel well. If -- watch on TV and -- some idea that you were on the field. How big a factor was that win because for you guys offensively and you were able to move up and down the field even you know going into the win last night. Yeah we did. You know at different -- it got pretty -- he would. Appreciate that first quarter second quarter. You know actual ball before halftime on a kind of a jump ball that solid B -- the end zone and ended up in -- I don't know 510 yard like major myself like that so ordered got sick after that it. You got to try to take that into consideration here make -- overthrow -- plays and as the game Robert I got a little bit it was still -- -- -- you know we're bootable back yet another recovered kicker in that direction. So -- -- all or platelet factor here Foxborough -- Condition because we practice and let it -- we practice and then you know we don't feel like it's. Your plate Gerard bearing gifts you know we play -- metals such as we did. And you know Irish. It's it's it's turned out to create in a really great effort. Talk to your mechanics change in conditions like that is there something you can do that trust it took to spin it a little more tightly or you just do what you normally do. I -- I do -- normally do I'm sure well most guys do that they normally do it harder. There are probably sort of football couple 100000 times. You know maybe more than that. -- -- are you really -- change much for one night. Ginger Greer where you're kind of like what to do it -- -- an ordinary if you -- -- win if you hit a really good shot. Eric typically had to be a pretty good if you missed it. It turned out real bad when I'm most familiar with so. That that kind of what it's like what -- bring in a note that the conditions. They get your druthers would you rather play in brutal cold and wind or brutal heat. Coal for me. Assured yet there are people -- preferences and -- and you know what the -- and wish it would always played in cold weather. You know being here for fourteen years at all which critical letter. In -- training camps are never very hot. Other yeah the cold weather all the best suits me it's slows down and actually get several aboard -- -- which is a little bit slower. Which I love I think I can articulate that little bit. Well ESPN just tweeted this that vote -- since 2003 Tom Brady in temperatures under freezing is 23 and five. Peyton Manning is one and six I was one of this the company. They'll say the announces sale Brady likes the call you don't really liked it a deal if you had a choice. Would you like at room temperature. Remove. Extra credit to -- the country you're playing -- -- Lou you're playing -- You know you're playing another team that. You know -- passing -- and you know they got to deal with that it can attribute to deal -- -- so. And I think sometimes will depend on the matchup -- -- places -- -- -- -- -- pretty -- -- in in bad weather conditions. You know. -- -- Bartlett got here is the biggest reason is because. -- -- coach coach at auctions every day because no bureaucrat. You know what the weather picture features on it get out there were tracked about. -- about 40000 -- our eyes at all and -- could be forty mile what and it could be. How important it could be reaction just now -- out there are actually track and so it's freeware that we go on the bubble and now I think the challenge our mental health nurses. Is important that they. What are you say due to a Steven Ridley right now Tom when he's in this spot I mean is something he's have to work out. Himself for something viewers somebody else can talk to and fix it just seems like he's. This is nine fumbles I think the star last year. Well we have you know we got a lot of confidence in Maryland and you know I -- -- It's dark and the other you know he breaks really you'll learn to start the game and then. You know and then you know it's it's it's knocked out so. It's part of you know the learning experience then you know he -- you goal I think if you get a crack at it and keep -- -- -- Well you know you work hard -- tough kid he's a fighter so there were gonna -- about distractions. You know we're all gonna make mistakes we all got to be over he he's been prepared to overcome that too so. That's over the need look we're gonna need everybody. You feel bad for Wes this morning -- Like that he played good out there I mean -- You know he always seems to be out pretty well so. You know body I -- -- always legitimate while watching an off season and had a lot of big place selection show. Now there are glad there was actually very. Doors don't start the Broncos are night and you you know they take control -- -- -- -- she's ready. Big -- more than you can ask the acting. I'm sure they'll -- composite surface being too. Cold you know that there really worn out effect on the you know what I have to go forward so. You know bookmarks you've been there are still had a -- you are there one of the best teams that are going to be better. And you know hopefully we can we can make appropriate place -- better than we played and you'll go out there and excuse this weekend no doubt and you. After the a Ridley fumble on Miller said he's glad you didn't lay them out -- hit that to that you almost got -- -- that -- sort -- with dog. Here are a lot like backing is not -- your future Tom I would I would guess. Though he's now believe -- -- -- I would never viewed as a player that are either and so. Quickness and as you know is it is not always like seeing outside of the pocket. He -- cut back there and yeah screw itself. I would check -- regard that I couldn't get -- -- he was. Yeah you're pretty athletic guy. As you mentioned Michigan -- water week Kent State alumnus smiled at Julian performance last night you've often said Wes Welker is the toughest most clutch performer you were played rip is elements trying to work his way into the conversation -- Boy I think he's. That security has been that there -- totally different jewelry and gentlemen offense that will. His responsibility. And what fifteen for him and Alec counselor so you're merely that the duo where he is the most veteran receiver in his position. The -- Fletcher and you know guilt player. Based on a running back to try it and they're virtually virtually well. There he would competence -- -- (%expletive) because you know I actually got up to the start to hurt himself and release -- part that solves these and then. Straight ticket -- play in the way that you know we need him to play -- Our armed or have or beat them -- my locker made -- report all the time and he's. -- -- whatever you well. That's the best all the modules. Third and goal at the six Brady to gronkowski touched on 2421 that's 21 answer points with nineteen seconds left in the third quarter UN Bronx seem to have a little party the middle of field continue relate what was said between human -- Thirty pretty part of our. You know are you pretty fired up here's. We looked at -- try to lower court and he's scored at what they're either and that's ever played -- he's. He goes celebration. Dances and spikes all that. United chemical or thereabouts -- -- because we you know we fought our way back there in the third quarter. Scored against the winner of which is sort of you know pretty pretty -- for us to do -- man. Babble or -- had a question -- less. You know had a chance to really make some plays sort of sport for which -- -- today -- -- -- all about finding -- You you have a three game lead in the division -- the only team. With a winning record -- the goal with five to play by the way is it gold to get that first round bye and we can you say that now that. Your goal now is to get the first from -- maybe get a second round home game in the playoffs. Well I think. In order to force such short term focus and things can change so quickly you know it's. You never know what's gonna happen here in -- so any. You know for us we did we are prepared you know 41 game -- you can think about -- and everything -- prepared itself well. What good are you saying they -- one of the best teams in the league last year. You know artistry struggled this year but on any and they never felt -- cable would and so. You know we got to go down there and see if we can get some artistry -- -- That'll put -- look into any better traditional warned today so don't really care about the traditional Vienna and weeks we get. Got to think about what we got a good. I couldn't tell on TV Tom it look like you might disagree with the -- and that sort of Tompkins and overtime and it seem like I. There are being very rare policy it's just I don't act. I don't know I don't know you'll you'll. Pelfrey extended do you know what pass interference is. There are no ordained pastor -- period camera angle stay inside their. -- and Erin and walks like everybody else you know it. It's frustrate and -- You know much. Look like if somebody get the call somebody go there -- especially -- such are -- mean they are trying to make all the right calls soon. You know they're. -- -- Some are they get right to -- to get -- that we as players some senator Barbara so. What it goes right for you you're you're great and other -- in -- great job great call him. When it doesn't you know hard to get you get pretty credit -- -- -- -- -- You had a brief exchange -- -- him on the field after the game did anything along lines of we'll see you again. In January come up. -- you know Leo certainly not he's you know he's. I've been situation I know you are not met critical -- to talk -- she felt. They have a -- that one of the best seems like SS Serbia has the third. -- they got a great team and they seem like they're playing better now especially on defense symmetric earlier in the year -- Miller. Kind of back. Really helped -- here now so. You know wolf it's also believe it's also where at some point they're great if it doesn't you know we got a lot of lending -- -- Tom who creates a line of scrimmage audible names during the week for a game on a Sunday night. Reason I ask is cougar and Linda what do those mean and are -- in anywhere replace that with -- other. You know we had a lot cause of the -- -- they can bring us from our protection cause our observers might call -- directing god we got right because I got called out. Protection calls got. You are -- because so. Are you don't really get locked in order to -- try to. He Cherokee good -- -- the defense really never influx in orchard there weren't so we ended up. He's in Ramallah right and you know we've beaten you know we we do have a lot of communication a lot of courage. And it it turned out that we. You know with a micro of their people here -- -- my parents after -- all the time. You know their clothes that. There are a lot going on up there. Go ahead. The greatest audible call though with a minute and a half left in the third even Collins worth was impressed and yelled out power. And it was some number like that you were chicken off to a run and they bit on the play action. That one worked. He had out of -- go and that was good -- we. As -- are currently about how we're open go through literary great about it great protection whatever the whole bit. And you know -- great running catch says. It's through the defense -- great pros play and so. So it was so great about the big play that inevitably big momentum play out. That was that the biggest play of the game I think. Yeah everywhere that was that was going in the which complete -- structure our drug called me. Over a reward through our Twitter Twitter -- so. Certain credibility capitalize and get some momentum and then we got the ball defensively and we got a good -- return and then the -- -- AM. Vote vote vote vote. You are we generally hard hitting quarterback question of the week brought to -- crescent credit union this is the quarterback question of the week. Thanksgiving plans mr. Brady where where and who cooks white meat dark meat. Heck check back ought not blah cook thankfully. So -- light didn't elect my interest brokered a little bit but it -- -- crisis in the daily tickets there -- lots of football -- stand -- It's it's great politics as governor -- -- this problem won't stretched you know offer a lot of good players and coaches have been acknowledged fault also. Great -- of the year and it's important -- -- felt because if it were different vocal for a little bit but you also realize. You're getting back for the next morning because so. -- -- not for helping to pumped and fired into an art maybe. I'm sure they'll have a way is scheduled at some port gross -- reported -- Irregular so -- plate of Turkey some guys out there will be a great outlook it. Enjoy holiday Tom congratulations on the big win last night we'll talk in this week. -- -- -- and he was well crescent credit union is now serving Boston Providence and beyond visit crescent credit dot org. See how you can experience a great feeling -- better banking -- credit dot org. He joins us on the AT&T -- the nation's fastest and now most reliable four GL TE network.

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