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Adam Schefter: Brady over manning by an inch

Nov 25, 2013|

Adam Schefter joined the show to discuss the Pats historic comeback over the Broncos. He said that if he had to choose he would take Brady over Peyton Manning to win a game.

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Is our number 3-D and C on a patriot Mundy Tom Brady will join us in the 9 o'clock hour wake up the coffee with Cumberland farms farm -- -- coffee without all the insider Adam -- All of a lot with a surprising delicious taste and it's amazing price. Just 99 cents and he size only at Cumberland farms. Mr. show after Al -- Rick. Ankiel and you -- for everybody out there hey what is your big picture take away from last night's game from you know 35000 feet and down on that. Well -- this that. The first thing at all and awoke this morning and headed outside and the northeast quarter here. Look at that whether it was biting cold and freezing -- so this is patriot whether this is conducive. To a major victory and said that much and sports and yesterday. Because if you look historically -- he's had to perform as well and that type setting and demonstrate its offense. Which. It is interesting because -- -- brought us officials few weeks ago and were talking about their offense that you keep in mind that. We place -- -- first eight games at home. And basically ideal weather conditions and they're principally in record numbers -- when you can get up I think that's important whether like last night it neutralizes. And takes away an advantage that they might have an area. So abruptly stood at that high flying advantage that they might have. 45 degree sunny day in the afternoon. And so I think the weather helped out a little bit. It was startling difference -- to a -- because it became open and they -- nothing about the weather that was -- it was incredible. And Ridley fumbles and -- fumbles. And then make a change that they -- and situation where basically. They have to come back in its two shepherd has. Any good against -- -- the numbers just keep in mind and for the mining veteran civil post them until last night. We got appointed twelve fumbles and 508 career carried that the fumble every 2.3 6% time. This release does not -- 512. Career carries in one point 76% so yes. Overall lately but it is the percentage is still lower than we got to watch. And to lead their content to ride and be with us all the problems. The balanced pat about it that it would like to. They had a as we look at the that the big picture here despite Manning's struggles in bad weather and it is. Legendary and it is documented does that in any way tarnish or cloud his legacy as a great quarterback in your mind. No I don't see -- inappropriate talk -- upon what I do think it does this. Let's just say you'd want some of these cold weather games score with a playoff games in particular like the one that you go back to last year -- give -- some fortune could just bring -- -- to play -- -- Olympic -- they're more aggressive on offense. Late in the game had to -- -- -- three straight down and finally he was what pushed out through the Baltimore Ravens maybe when the game they won the game maybe that -- bowl champs. I just think public opinion and he's to me what a great quarterback whatever he's got unbelievable numbers -- he would it is just disappointing if I would think it is one. Another -- then -- delete it. That that's the only area that YouTube. Maybe -- called contribute that somehow some way but I certainly argue against anything he's doing just -- one of the all time greats. Well not not what the weather gets cold and around here clearly in this is Brady country. Adamant last night Al Michaels who's better OK there's you know like we just enjoy and that immediately NBC goes as the question who's better. The Joseph Gibbs Don -- -- -- -- anxious transition but. -- crime what. What do you hear you talk to people outside this market more than anybody in NFL people football people. If I had to choose the most part would they choose Brady Manning. Yeah I know I remember as I never ask the question in depth in my I'd sort of put the graphic last night I was taking courtroom would I pick. One guy I have to make a choice. One guy right. Don't. The -- decision. I'm and I know I mean I think it's not because it if you wanna win and MVP for your team. The Manning if you wanna win a game a big game I'd pick Brady. I think I'd probably give the slight edge. -- -- slight -- to Brady based on the number of championships he won and the players he played it. And -- for that I'll give a slight edge but you know he he took -- spelling errors you know look we're in now. It would you rather be back and in Italy or or or or Jennifer Ashton a pure bred to get to the broke. -- -- There would rather have Adam last night Larry did you change that situation to be a plague and a January I think it's gonna be either in Denver going it's going to be 24 degrees. Who would you rather have to win that one football. In January in a converted on that. It will be cold right. Yeah yeah yeah I understand the question back at it it it's. It's really mainly because. Maybe it sort when he spoke little bit but he changed food that we were talking about this I mean. It didn't happen this way it didn't happen as -- the pocketbook -- improbable what that does to Tony Clark. Okay there associates and our corrupt -- this morning. Prevailing in the cold exercising those demons. As an advantage over the page and so -- what we're trying to pick between two all time greats when. Maybe it's gonna put somebody else mixed. They're determined after the quarterback's success I understand the question I understand the fascination with these two guys and wrote deserves. I just don't think it's that simple what you describe the cool one of them one game in January. Two point eight again either a commitment to the -- -- the -- Brady in a slight edge look at I don't mean you'll probably comfortable doing it but -- it. OK okay based on what you -- at the pleasure over the championship -- what I hit a bit. -- -- -- technique but it won't die here in January but likely to win. I don't it is probably more likely to weigh in December general I had. Yes it's pretty well yes it ten times out of fourteen Adam I mean he is ten and four vs Manning. And generally speaking all fourteen of those were pretty large games. There was no question about it again. He has been pretty clutch. And he's been able to withstand adverse weather conditions better. And and maybe it has a better defense has -- put him through what a couple of games also that mattered as well. And it wouldn't it one game in January and let's hope that we get that opportunity to watch those two teams play. In January. I think they want to play. That -- -- be related to those quarterback that determines which have provoked one doesn't and they were talking about how great depth because the quarterback is and that day. -- that wind PowerPoint you think they'll win last night Adam. Pretty much locks up either Warner QCW look at the AFC landscape of the patriots. Yeah I think they'll look at the the potential broken down but there's nothing New York where the division. Probably. In Indianapolis lost. So they're no good at at what institution -- that. Yeah yeah they got a game up on Cincinnati and in the their their game up in their schedules not tough. So crisis and that said that about what signaling what at worst it's going to be the two -- maybe. Maybe they can catch them -- I don't count on that right now because. What is crucial when. We'll hear that -- -- what northwestern New Orleans right now yes -- Well they do that tiebreaker advantage. If you'd think it was important to -- period. So. We haven't heard somebody I would guess. And then you put it chances of that if you happen. Is if the concedes. So. Conceivably. Depending on how dedicated he shakes out. Well we could see -- Kansas City. In New England. In January the second round in the divisional play ever. We could see doing whatever. Yeah so we won knowing at end here she can't like -- Yeah I -- last night might just be the injury tipping point for the New England Patriots -- out mail out. Tommy Kelly out -- and -- both. Struggling with injuries against you know locked and loaded Peyton Manning. Census how the next man up thing works for the new in the patriots it doesn't work for a team like. All I don't know Atlanta -- or or Texas I mean I thought last -- might be the time we said. Okay finally be injury bug has created a situation where they cannot overcome it. Well number of the weather helped I think because it never run the ball and not throwing the ball the way it normally would have to. I think it's a tribute to the patriots organization the coaching staff. Because. They seemed immune to that sort of thing all about. Artists -- something as simple and obvious is this. Tom Brady goes out -- to contend they -- 115 day year. Wouldn't it make plastic that they'll let them know -- the -- -- at eleven and I was neck gets a look at green there is still without Aaron Rodgers. One injury. They're not letting go without them not want and okay. You didn't study music quarterbacks. This Chicago Bears. Lost a game yesterday RJ color. Our. Backup quarterback -- Typically. Won't win around only if you don't. And that -- so. On that this team grossed. Eleven and shots. So you don't -- here and I can put into the deepest drop -- also. Somehow this next man up purely. By the coaching that they get. That it was a defensive coordinator Bill Belichick and coach although the people involved. It's it's really that it's pretty impressive -- me it doesn't seem to matter who's out there. The mission control. Now. I make it easier to have that machine rolling when a quarterback is pretty even though this hasn't been his best -- -- even let him play great. But it registered public confidence and swagger that comes along. Knowing that your quarterback is Tom Brady and that you're going to be able to persevere and overcome in certain situations embrace who you -- not had a good year. He's been good when it mattered. Even good at clutch times she was great against the saints went to do was on the line. And and and that was a provisionable where he's getting ripped over Twitter people are talking about finish washed up all the same number that about. Orchard -- the -- the last drive all of my god he's the greatest irreparable worst of the greatest spread of half hour. We're sure you look. At that hysterical world that we live in today. I would say this obviously they may have missed -- injuries to key people but. None of those key people is named Tom Brady's so -- down Rodgers down I can see those two teams struggle I'm not sure that. The tipping point would not take place if indeed Brady would go out. Look again I would stated that would be the tipping point but. You're saying is. You got their first in a year against cancer development side now. You know are they don't disagree that I'm ready I don't think so commitment we had this conversation. Yeah it was just that noticeable that we brought up. You know. Ryan mallet is there isn't any good politician that's bounce up on that particular sport until they -- by -- games and practice. They -- could that start that we can do it if you like he's -- debate. End of the -- starting quarterback now that I usually don't understand that that you are the people who watched him know him. Okay. So if Rudy would go down. As devastating crushing Adobe and I don't I don't think they've -- spot that. You eat you wonder what -- would Ryan now what do. We don't have that now it's hard to measure AB rated number 800 no way. But I. Obviously this team. Continually overcomes injuries that other teams in the league doesn't that's the bottom want to. Adam could talk -- enjoy your Monday it will talk to -- Charter creek up -- you -- every -- and view as well our conversation -- has been brought to you by Cumberland farms fall in love with delicious -- when coffee today. And DCU digital federal credit union. What -- DC use a view and Michael Ganske insurance.

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