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Nov 23, 2013|

Danny Picard gives his thoughts on shootouts in the NHL and previews the Patriots-Broncos matchup on Sunday night.

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Welcome back -- college Sports Radio WEEI. Parent online o'clock this evening Saturday I November 23. 2013. I'll also get tomorrow morning. 9 AM. 1 o'clock in the afternoon. Two big guests. Boston Bruins forward meanwhile Lucic will join me tomorrow morning. And also Jerry Thornton from Boston sports they will join me I -- on 901. The on sports Sunday Iran. WT -- ice on there until 9 o'clock tonight as well I'm taking your phone calls until that 6177797937. 6177797937. We get the Bruins if you wanna talk Celtics forget that. Red Sox offseason stuff patriots Broncos Sunday Night Football get warrant for the patriots and tomorrow. As we preview that game tomorrow night. It's on time matchup that stadium again fault lines open for -- 617779793. Seven rob is in the college -- Eight. It's I don't I don't -- it. A certain line and maybe a little action -- question. So start lie and think it then the Arctic that will probably -- because then lit up like yeah. -- At Elliott and earlier you know -- art out and in there HL player that. Honestly just the familiarity. That you like but the -- -- that year. Yeah and you're Italian you mentioned. I -- -- -- is agog with Ronan and you didn't know what had. To get -- heavily in ads and it. I think everybody overlooks met I don't why did I mean even when the season began I -- -- what you know. Riley Smith what is it but outside of rallies and it Soderbergh to me you mention you know solidified that their mind. You'll know you're not making any moves that -- one that's the third line don't need to worry about trying to get corona. Corona in the lineup. The last time they played art and not -- the last and had a couple games ago. I think that that was just -- It's important because they did hurricanes vita which in general -- got and then you can put so that was that. I think that. They don't need to find a way to get -- in the lineup because like you said. Days that there aren't they know what they have now which Soderbergh -- know what they have with right which meant they obviously knew before and -- Yeah I mean you're up forty bit about that Barkley appeared -- not out of order. By. I mean let it out it is the IP after that I. That's what -- -- -- I gotta create. An idea -- the Albert. Where are all grown up -- -- -- and I eight. -- -- I think a lot or a little -- Eight if you make over IEQ you who don't. Like or like they'd do well in college all if you had. -- it. Starting out on sport. You -- -- you know on Google or what not -- if you go out on -- you ought to -- That. That the great indigo or did you. Want to read -- and I worked out there and what you thought you. I and as I really I don't like that idea one bit I -- I'm I'm gonna be audited eloquent but I think these teams they want. They want to be even strength they want to be played out strike if you wanna stick form for that spot if you wanted to do. Another maybe got another three on three but eventually I don't think you can what these games is way out. And and at risk you know. Walked five over time is ultimately -- give this thing ever got to the bargaining table with the players and the owners I think the players might rethink it and -- well. Maybe we will stick with the shoot up -- can we add an extra five minute. Period may be just an extra just to give it three on the shot to operate and that if we can't finish them and get to shoot out. I think eventually you need to keep the shoot out in their because it's all regular season and he -- and the game. Yeah. Yeah yeah yeah yeah that that at -- -- did that to Colorado I do I. I don't like the idea though a five on 45 country like college football I really don't like that 61777979837. -- in the college of -- Hey guys want. But I'm -- -- Our magistrate your Irish ritual or -- cold call they try to route to -- -- -- about -- firemen -- And I can't do that is certainly important. To shoot a good idea in our shop. Think you -- given support to. What are accruals. Are high school soccer -- and check -- -- -- really aren't final championship game and it. A threat or that seemed absolutely. An -- -- out and hockey. Are you -- -- I'm not sure -- It's a. That there was like quite -- our quick. I don't know you're not talked document's call it hard but I don't want to say. We get to a local team doesn't just play unbelievable plus college football. That -- -- -- went right or -- there was no time route -- your real goal and it'll get a great. College basketball team UMass -- that it was fine but -- beat number sixteen New Mexico's state so. I know a lot of great -- on -- neutralized by. The -- -- right -- on the literally. Dropped rather large -- so that I want to say I was going to say thank you. All right -- called Joseph on the avenue -- grad so 2007. And it you know to see this I covered the basketball team for the Massachusetts daily collegiate -- of the men's basketball team. An -- seven. Freeman Lasme that kid you know they were I'd think cold regular season champions of -- 810 -- -- And all they needed to do was beat Saint Louis efforts are invited to turn all the needed to do would beat Saint Louis and that one game that first scanned but they all the flow. I Tiki Maybin was the point got to let him. They all had the flu and they lost again they -- determined that yet all don't win that game I think they get an. -- lodge and they lost that and they never got it. But it's good to see UMass it'd be the number nineteen. New Mexico team and it. They are undefeated now Chaz Williams is a talented talented point got. But the one thing I would be concerned with which has -- if you watch UMass basketball. It is you're on the edge of his seat and I don't really think all the time in a good way because this kid has got to turn the ball. He turns the ball he -- even run around. A lot and it's hectic and at times it's tough to watch because. As you know at the end. Of a close game I've seen him make some bad decisions with the basketball. Try to you know go you know split two defenders and run right in the middle and get stripped. He is got to take wrist but he is gonna turn the ball that would be one thing I'd be concerned about yet UMass. Five and all and it just beaten on the ninety team in the country David get votes anyways I think. What are we looking at UMass team it's gonna be rights. Probably is as UMass basketball -- -- 617. 77979837. I didn't get some UMass basketball not type what we did ball is in the cup what's -- ball. What -- audit that by OT. TP. What about your -- -- Or. At war. And not. Help -- Not -- thanks for the call Paul I think if I'm at my prediction on -- a webcast which is available on iTunes album just sent. I made it on Friday every Friday pix -- five games at the spread of the paper to -- And you know tipped or just give a little preview what will get -- this tomorrow here on W Riyadh from 9 -- one in the afternoon. But I think that. It's obviously going to be difficult to stop Peyton Manning because you need to get to medium if there's one guy. They can come up with a scheme that has come up with a scheme in the past to beat Peyton Manning and a big damage Bill Belichick. Write all this talk about Brady -- Manning. In -- Brady's nine and four and it and then meetings together. -- Nobel objecting to guide that is put game plans together to completely -- stop -- and it's done now obviously the Patriots defense. Is backed up and a -- to leave leave and that game on Monday night early. He is questionable. With -- that hip now they say is gonna try to play I guess if -- patriots. I'm looking at this -- big picture I think that's what you have to obviously you want to beat the Broncos. But if I'm patriots the big picture areas get into it should be dead into the -- If you can get into the tournament with this patriots team you try to get in as healthy as you could be on that defense. On that defense because you don't have well for you don't have Kelly and a paper cut you don't have those two guys. I think that may affect whatever game plan a scheme and this is gonna try to have to get the Peyton Manning. And if the key to lead to go along with that is. You know still banged up the point where he's got to try to come back and I think that you should make sure he gets as much rest as possible. To get him back as healthy as possible when you get the playoffs. I do not the patriots are gonna win this game tomorrow night I think the Broncos. Are gonna win it because I think they're gonna get the Brady more than the patriots are gonna get the man. But as I made my prediction. On my shoulder in week. Yeah I think the Broncos win tomorrow night but get back to -- kaposi's. I think the patriots need to make sure. A key to lead is as -- as possible. I'll probably try to play -- probably try to plan. IA don't know that would be the best decision for this team big picture long term I do agree with you I think the Broncos are gonna win this ball game. Tomorrow night at the defensive. We've we've always seen this patriots team. Suffered injuries on the defense -- we've always seen them take this next man up approach. They always. Every make me look stupid because I always say do this -- -- it's too much for them to all the -- AK. They can't they can't play bad but don't break defense with this injury award they don't use that next man up philosophy. We roll our eyes we laugh about it and they -- restaurant and that X-Men -- does the job. At what point is it too much. I don't believe the pass rush with this team has been. Affected one way yet did not look at a guy like to lead to be that much more. Dominant and you know early in the season before he went down an injury he was the most dominant cornerback in football. It was a shut down corner we saw what he did early in the year. You need you need him more than anybody on this team right now to be as healthy as possible not just not for tomorrow night. Before the playoffs. We all believe this -- it's been -- old policies. We hit the post season you make sure you do everything you can -- in the next couple weeks walked five weeks. Make sure -- need to lead is as healthy. As possible so we'll see what happens and how much does play tomorrow night but if on the patriots I really have to think big picture and all that. Tomorrow night is is no there's no championship. Do you want all lost. Tomorrow night at what state and you know I I think they need to understand. Well they will see what happens with the lead I'll help the B -- questionable they say he's gonna try to play. We'll talk more about that tomorrow taking your phone calls now six once 7797. 98376177797937. Get back the Bruins if you want if you have something to say about the Celtics or prediction for tomorrow night's patriots game I did -- the baseball -- I'll get that. After this break and then close it down at 9 o'clock this is -- any college Sports Radio WE yeah.

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