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Christopher Price joins Chris Villani

Nov 23, 2013|

In a preview to Sunday night's big game against the Broncos, WEEI.com's Christopher Price joins the show to discuss Welker's return, Peyton Manning, and the playoff implications.

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We keep the patriots start going to go to our AT&T hotline eight he would seek. The nation's fastest and now the most reliable or GL TE network and waiting their forest covers the patriots WEEI dot com. Is Chris price -- Chris. Up backers say nobody I do it well I am pumped up for the scheme you. I missed that that could be. Realty in not a from a New England prism that -- from a leave what perspective I think if you look at it game and it's one of the best game here at least you -- -- you look at the schedule you look at all -- in the -- that you're looking forward to. This war about to be here. A lot of a lot of people that's his question like defensive coordinators. And asked this question and I'll ask you. Even wit the the weather conditions playing in and -- maybe some difficulties in terms of the vertical passing game for the Broncos this Sunday night. They've just been so a patient so delete on offense out of the patriots especially with a banged up secondary. All about trying to slow this team down. You keep them off the field as long as possible. You know you you just try to minimize the damage that they're capable of doing I think you are knowing what you go into this scheme looking to string together some 79 minute drive. Some really sustained offensive possession. -- ATP meeting what a thirty year old quarterback. On the colts' sideline -- longest possible that if you make it difficult as possible for them to get any sort of offensive rhythm going when you we -- the patriot. -- success against meaning in the -- government to spark a molester with the Broncos but we're going back over the last decade plus. It's been because they've been able to string together some extended offensive sequences that really make it difficult for him to get it or not sent to read them and I think that's what paprika and -- trying to report it. -- medically for the patriots in terms of their defense tough physical. Do you expect them to try to be with these Broncos wide -- You have to be there one of the things that I haven't strip now WEEI dot com -- talked to actually know that he's out we -- -- -- really new film on both. That really got the best here that the patriot -- we from a defense that. -- perspective your point. Is that you really have to be physical with these guys. So much of their stuff but I mean you can you wanna knock them all their route really early water re directed or bigotry here and that garlic Welker and Decker. They're both publicist. In really trade group that timing in if you can Uga. -- won the first step -- -- critique of that first step. The Patriots defense that we need to play great team defense and only preach -- -- the -- so. Really good this week we're talking about an offense like like people living in -- -- Woolsey just. People who are a couple of premier Twitter talk about how he could pass trusses that program oil for five weeks. No team in the league has put together more sacks and -- it's going to be interesting to see. How they go about attacking me inning as opposed to some of the more mobile freewheeling quarterback we've gone against earlier this year because. -- -- earlier in the year got like -- -- Gina Smith and right you know you couldn't run past them in the pocket and I think sort -- comfortable out mixed. Forgot -- mean to be controlled the -- for fueled. Think the broken down -- those quarterbacks and it would break free. Can't you don't have that problem remaining -- -- -- could be more were injured -- approach when it comes to the current approach of governor. -- Chris price WEEI dot com and I think the a year to be indoors and nice and nice and warm and toasty Mara are all out of new elements. At a -- while it's like nineteen degrees at kick obvious what there's -- a little bit Randy. How big an impact as the weather make and -- it favored patriots as much as it would seem to -- paper with Peyton Manning being -- a two and a quarterback in freezing conditions. Well we got that question a couple of them that are fox for this week and we got so what we expect to be the Internet Opel into play in conditions so. I will -- that. In conditions like that when it's cold and its net you know it's a little that are comparable. I I and the -- of the inning with a better running game that featured a little bit better running game it is at least -- -- people when you look at the work done by war in. In the return of marine unit in a note that a lot people are -- appropriately and ball security is adequately deliver a running back. I think the -- tablet in that department because of that because. Their ability over the last couple years to what the ball on the ball consistently out of cycle accurate in between these two team we are -- ball control to control the tempo. Intricate 251. Yards in the bronco the Broncos have worked -- Well run defense -- -- Gloucester I think that. -- you fall back on -- hatred and it looks real run. Well -- the article plastered but it -- know there were about on global conflict bronco buster rooting out for. Especially given the conditions and and given the fact the need to control the ball more TP go through all possible picks it's gonna run the ball in the -- really lean on the running. Chris obviously a big storyline tomorrow night is Wes Welker in his return to Foxboro and it's got on many pats fans we've been doing it here this afternoon. And -- getting back to the admittedly I don't think any of us really know the full story about that relationship been and where was by the time it ultimately ended -- in the offseason but. If you had to place a -- blame necessarily but responsibility. I'll go three less Walker's departure where does the responsibility lie in your mind. It -- on both sides because it's. -- it got personal or the end it got nasty and it got a little mean and it didn't have to be one of the things that it that this week within its a shame because. It didn't have to go there on the way that it. Because in not to bicker bicker you -- -- that record temperature for offering up to appreciate the what do except he had here would probably a little secure gripping both sides bear. Oh really a a lot of responsibility when it comfortably agriculture culpability in this situation letting it get to them. But the point that it didn't -- at the point of no return because even right up until. Either you start with a -- goes. There with the feeling that you know what belt are in some way to make this work don't quite so we could make this happen. -- -- -- it took a personal turn in you know things went downhill so you know you have him in Denver you have come back into England and in that regard in the -- Where the timeline gets a little bit Fuzzy and it gets it depends upon the report is you know Welker signed his contract that's announced. And then Danny Amendola as contract with the patriots is announced that report said. That image -- -- contract was actually done. Before well careers anyway how about the timeline work out there to the patriots move on to Danny Amendola before they'd gotten a definitive yes or no Wes Welker. I think you're ready to move on no matter what I think that in him and goal was going to be. You know I could adoption would be really I think that initially when all of this started I think people really want it to out. Welker here in order to have a back problem but as. The relationship work in between the two. I think that they saw him in goal as it very clear. You know a second option in this situation and I think. -- and that's where we are going into the game and -- lockers and book in Denver it would go into England and he decided to treat -- Human dole ostensibly a younger and quicker model. You know for for -- penetrated walker of fluke or younger or promote people leave and chemical. What kind of reception giving Welker gets he takes a field more. I think you can get that you're gonna get stronger Stephanie it's going to be -- in years I think that ultimately I'm not -- secure habitable introduce that -- -- but I think -- really take a moment and -- recognized the fact that. It's gonna put together a secure run. Unlike any wide receiver in NFL history and having all the board meeting when you consider that -- what you are not. You know kind of a big player receiver. More or you know an editor writes I would look at that number when you look at his impact when you look at what he did your. Last figure I think it's it's important to recognize the fact is that you have people you know what you rewrite the record books redefine what it meant to -- A productive slot receiver because now we see you -- the whole generation got to go after the director Kirk I think. -- no recognized the fact you can get that kind of production out of the plot. I don't think we saw that before -- Here when he came to New England in 2007 and again I think America figured they wolf it should prove it should cheer. But I I think that at some point -- should recognize that impacted you I'm sort of recently according. -- -- Chris price WEEI dot com you can always read his stuff bearable at this columns in the it is what it is like and Chris. What are the other things that haven't -- about this week that that I'm trying to recognize and remembered appreciate -- -- sports -- and Sports Illustrated did a piece on it to see it. Brady Manning to would be however meant 345 however. Any best quarterbacks of all time there on that list. Going out for what the fourteenth time and we've been so spoiled with the a lot of times we've seen these two great throughout the course of their career -- and. There really -- I alienating people need to recognize that people need to realize that you're looking at two. Of deductible. You know you you can make the basketball analogy I think that's certainly fitting in this instance where you're part of a burger -- colossal Trimble and you know these kind of -- these kind of you'd -- this situation come along very rarely in sports than in I don't think. That there is another wife Hillary between two quarterbacks coming up behind -- -- to kind of shape. And not -- you know from New England perspective but it. There are a across believe you're in when you see these guys when you either impact -- quarterback like for generations that's for its interconnect article by an ever hear it are the guys who. -- young quarterbacks college quarterbacks in the east still. Reference common -- As opposed to state -- -- virtual Flacco -- -- topic or something that boost to the guys that are still looked up to boast two of the guys to stoke the typical standard. And the fact that we had a trip to see them play on a consistent basis at least once a year over the last victory what's really special that the effect that this could be. Yeah last game or one of the lasting peace to guard against each other I think it's a special occasion in -- -- -- and -- -- -- a lot for. -- the last one this year in January. To go I think I really try to -- out trying to remember a cynical back to meet you know that are trying to mobile hot tempered match. In the you know that that probably the closest thing that I can call. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Who spent their entire careers -- opposite ends of the spectrum with or expect from it and you are able to. Such a great debate over who educate you know Richard started -- girl who would you pick to be previewed their meeting with a lot -- it's similar to take. You know the numbers of the championship then go to relationship and other Robert alt though you're there not been quick to work -- -- orphanage -- -- looked really special rivalry on the release actually. Fit into your sports central quicker. Couple minutes left here Chris price -- wanna talk just a little bit more about tomorrow night the patriots out from the offensive perspective you mentioned the running game and even -- the the wins tomorrow with the with the conditions. You look at Denver's defense and some of the numbers they've allowed. Do you feel they'll be an opportunity to statistically it seems like there will be for the patriots to exploit. Not necessarily down the field but we're still underneath -- against the Denver defense. Chris Hamburg I brought that because that's where they erode on this week it's interesting to look at the number against it it didn't have to specifically. They -- More power plays of twenty plus yards that anyone in the league 46 over the course the first thing -- Appropriate thing they've only given up or pass plays of forty your warrior. So it's suggested even numbered at least they ignore the circuit that. That there are vulnerable to that stuff underneath there or ultimate step in the you know that there'd be a part of the field at short and intermediate stop. Right back of the defense the line is in in in -- Or in between -- linebacker or for the -- You're not attributable all over the top government think part of that -- the fact that they're getting their power wreck factor other bundled with the computer leader. But it would seem. We're short route that are run by in the goal settlement. -- -- -- the actual vote -- root for the good peer review and apparently. Come Sunday night you're not gonna he drop back you know in America technical that they dropped the ball well -- like there -- I think it's gonna be a little bit like what we allow repeat in Carolina to recruit three step drop. Priority to get the ball out of there are up again in approving them out. Can he get a sense that his game plays out tomorrow -- would to gut feeling going and. I think the -- dribble that they've controlled temple I really do I -- I think it all all packet the running game I think it's going to be huge deal for looked at marine. -- Ripley you know all available would go I would beat by a couple or looked attractive because it's going to be between father because it's got to be beginning for -- for the the running backs the pitcher to go have a chance in the port eight PR they and look at what is it last year running the ball against them. I think when you look at the fact that between 251 this year when they're on the ball for at least a hundred yards. I think -- and -- the market to control according to gonna win this thing it's a 2824 earlier in the week of stick to. Chris you on what tomorrow afternoon. Apple's great -- we -- -- on record BOR Merritt chairman result. Yeah as can be Chad is great he's breaking down to that game film even he's the only guy I've ever heard the can break down game film on the radio. At the top scale. Yet -- -- a topic is you go out or nor would they have a lot of on org it's a great -- it's a pullout from the -- It's a great pregame show it to you to get her ready for the game tomorrow 48 Chris price Dale Arnold. And Matt Chatham on an -- Sunday Chris is on Twitter it's the price NFL and you can always read his stuff -- WE -- -- dot com Chris thanks so much to take a few minutes and enjoy the game tomorrow. No -- veterinary traditional markets -- Absolutely Chris price joining me on the AT&T hotline fantastic stuff from and then -- a lot of it is some of the stuff I was talking about earlier. With the patriots and how they planned you know how they go -- Eyes dramatically against the Broncos defense opportunities are going to be there to run the ball you can run the ball against Denver. I've street teams have rushed for at least a hundred yards against the Broncos patriots five and one when they rush for a hundred yards. You heard that status to great stat broncos' leading the league in passes allowed more than twenty yards -- -- forecast a lot over forty yards. So the opportunities will be there over the middle and goes to the kind of routes that you expect to see from -- cattlemen in Guinea -- and dole in particular. So with the wind with the cold. Inability to stretch the appeal perhaps the patriots may not have to impact even in perfect conditions perfect growing conditions. The best way to attack is Denver defense maybe not to do that. And try to exploit. Somebody the soft coverage that they seems to be. Over the middle and short underneath routes how to move the football effectively and the other advantage of that. Goes back to Chris has -- point of ice slowdown and really is -- without any elite offense he crop field. You have long drives you hold on the ball of your short passing game coupled with your running game. He strides alive -- -- 101213. Fifteen plays. 5678 minutes you limit the number of opportunities Peyton Manning -- Patriots had seven possessions. On Monday Night Football against Carolina. And that was in large part due to what the Panthers were doing an eight minute drive. Six minute drive couple spotted -- minute drive it up a lot of time and the patriots took a lot of time and their drives as well. You limit the number possessions and you're gonna find yourself in an advantageous position against very good up and I said since prior to the Carolina game. I feel like this as the potential to BA an easier match up a better match up. In a lot of ways for the patriots and I think they're deathly some spots where they can take advantage.

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