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Larry Johnson is outraged: Rob Gronkowski was interfered with on the final play

Nov 23, 2013|

Mustard and Johnson recap the ugly outcome of the Patriots' Monday Night Football match-up.

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Well it's Saturday yes it must be sports Saturday and mustard in Johnson. A three. Hour tour just like gilligan's -- -- battle affair where for four hours three hours today up until high noon 12 o'clock Chris -- taking over the Airways. At that time BC football this afternoon. The bowl eligible Eagles right we only on the trio I have no YD you can bring that up with the programming guides so to speak whether programming I am not sure but you seem to be very concerned about that -- I am I always amused or is getting -- four hours of talk well I am -- focused only on something's gonna happen. Com about them 3536. Hours from now I speak of course of the Broncos. And the patriots down to that stadium. They're not in the same division. -- boy they really make it appoint the NFL schedule makers do. To make sure you the Broncos and patriots are playing each other. Or Manning and Brady are colliding each and every year and I don't know about you but this certainly has the feel. A very important game. More OK let's clear the air and then we will get into this game because obviously this is the the highlight of the weekend the patriots Broncos games we were not on. We have not been on since last night's Monday Night Football game against Carolina. I Cam Newton really impressed me I was very. Surprised to see his four east to see his ability to run around he was throwing accurately. Unlike IG three he was not taking chances and taking on tacklers. Not that I think that alcoholic at the forest -- bodies are pretty big kid. But obviously the story of that game and that I've I've got to get this out I've been watching pro ball for over forty years. And that's possibly one of the worst calls I've ever seen in a football game in its conclusion. I thought we both admitted publicly that we thought but tuck rule. The patriots cause an unbelievable. Break that was a fumble by any other means it was a fumble. I don't even concede that binge rife. Call. With the raiders against the patriots because that was -- roughing the passer like Drew Brees getting hit last week of the week before that's a judgment call. I've never. Ever seen. A wide receiver. Gay hogs and held in in totally Porsche outside of the field of play. And not a flag or it was an untouchable -- now it wasn't way over his head it was it was you it was within reach if he was not being held. It was outrageous. In the only thing more outrageous and the called. Was hubris of the National Football League officials who don't feel they -- an explanation anybody there's rock our -- field that pick up the back judge pick up a flag. There's warcraft the field and that's the end of it it was a tremendous. Fun parlor game back and forth action it really was. But it was reward and I'm not saying this as a patriot fan I'm just saying in general. I thought you could -- somebody. From five -- -- and then after that you can't -- them both go for the ball. I don't know what else you'd wanna call it -- it. Weeklies are great great linebacker. -- but I'm sorry that was there if that's not pass interference -- holding I don't know what is. I like your option B I think that would have been a perfect compromise. If you call holding. And then it's a five yard penalty. Patriots still get a final play. It's not on the one yard line. Obviously you're not creating. Not giving it and an obvious opportunity for the patriots I think splitting the difference would have been perfect there. Are called holding on key equally. That's a five yard penalty put the ball in the thirteen. And the patriots get another shot at the -- But if if that's not a penalty -- I don't like listen we've both seen. Pass interference calls that you could separately question and debate whether or not the defender. You know really touched the received if this by definition is not a penalty holding a pass interference. I don't know what is I have never seen. Anything like that so in other words if the ball isn't thrown towards a designated receiver. -- as a defender you can just tackle the guy in Dick -- problems it is odd ball -- it is sort otherwise the NFL. Expects its fans customers consumers. To invest three hours at an event. In you give it -- not care about Howard -- how outrageous. Out. Rages I'm surprised the crabs have not appeal that -- mind it being a patriot defend a year. It was it just growing up hug her rep for what the best Monday night game of the year. It was a bad call I would go along with the -- but that bad call outrages. Not bad outrage well. Again Greg wasn't even judgment. He had Tom I now he's not my money out -- -- like -- -- -- is Mike and I'm not that I'm hoping to return my Michael -- our construct knowledge -- now that it is each -- on -- change yeah electable business this they are horrible week or refrigerate up. Like you know he leans back a little -- be a terrible situation -- -- does not the refrigerator right movement arm yourself as I have accounts now but he is zero alt a -- need to with wheels on issue to just roll him I've had so. Great buy it happened it was definitely feel. And how can figure -- It was unbelievable -- thing. -- queen of all holding. Oh win they'd picked up the flag maybe in their conference in the end zone I think the wiser choice would have been holding. That -- again you're not putting the ball. On the threshold of the end yet you still have to earn the right to left earn so it's not again I -- -- that NASA John. -- right now that's not a real they -- a call like a fumble and thought. -- honest to god really and truly that was the story of the game they talked about a -- three or four days. After the game it was so outrageous and blatantly. Bad globally but not Larry. I hate -- the break this to you by overall -- -- that we have this ankle ESPN radio. It was a lot to see with the national response would be and believe -- me outside. Our little six state area known as New England. They're not nearly is outraged some of the commentators it was a bad call this is -- TOK it was Ron Amadon outraged. It's a bad coal ash it was Ron Amadon wait. I don't know what his record -- what is the apoplectic over he was he was he was great he does it out and and it's -- out there it is that went out of his mind right. Orton what was great about it. It's something you agree with you credit -- they say what if they -- -- -- when not if not why it was what you saw Bob. Thank you what everybody saw. Rock and roll guy out of the zone right now the question would be if -- outraged about that that you're really not a partially my microphone back on ball. What is -- wrong answer question. And look -- I am not sure what I've seen more there's a broader tape over the last couple days in this tape. Of the alleged apparently it's a -- where -- zone. And this morning as a matter of fact I had I think -- the inside the NFL -- showtime were talking about it. I was going back and forth looking at where the ball was in relationship to go rocking key equally. And then of course the of the other defender cuts off for the interception when the ball left. Brady's hand. And the problem -- if you really had to be -- yes of course it's pass interference or holding because we have seen it time in and time again the only defense. That the officiating group would have made there was. If wrong was able to come back. Would he actually had it's just -- to -- I -- you want supposed to touch your receiver right there and got that number one and number true. We just we watch this guy early score a touchdown witness herculean effort. Carry three defenders into the end zone. This isn't some shrinking violet wide receiver route the air. This guy has a big east you mean it's -- -- in in the is several why didn't he do it dead because his momentum was carrying him away from the ball. In quickly grabbed him and rolled them out in the end zone I would say it was unbelievable how anybody can defend -- And this is what -- -- just trying to get into the head the officiating crew -- Manning and the as Peter King pointed out very perceptible way that the official the refereed the head official. Should have explained. A lot and hockey -- exactly. What was going on. In the moment should it turned out his microphone so the national audience could have understood it certainly those people. Down in Charlotte could have understood exactly why they picked up the flag. Instead they ran away in he would not as a Smart. Move the only explanation I can have is they didn't feel. The ball would have been catch a ball right. -- brought in and my answer is Heidi you know that right in the in your right the only untouchable ball as the one that is about three -- over your -- in the the other thing is is. He can be made contact with him while the ball was in the air it was like it like when Brady threw. -- he'd just been released it wasn't simultaneous. He wrote the guy out of me -- So I'm just saying that by the way by the way by the way -- to guide. Local football media people what the heck is going on with you went in the Belichick press conference. Belichick's players taken no prison valid after the fact if Obama -- local media watch it on ESP and they showed it nationally. Belichick stands at the podium. President Molitor ten minutes before anybody asked the question -- thank you Steve Britain about the call. That's like that asked the question the answer is it. Then -- about it fifteen took the 32 pause. Before somebody at my last question are you writing down the answer is I don't know whether you know not as opting out there now caught on tape recorders. Like the question should be paying paying paying. He's standing in the air for about twenty seconds before somebody ask another question by the way you're so cutting heads tape recorders well you're right at the well our forefront you know what -- technology it it just trying to write every wore down for his answer. It takes twenty -- 32 all right well they asked about the course all right let's pretend let's create this hypothetical scenario Larry Johnson. Is at this news conference are you gonna stand up and demanding answers rebel attack. Well all these other guys can't it's it's not a no person or you do not listening to my complaint my complaint wasn't. The questions it was applause. Between next time we have the press conference listen and you yet like these twentieth at 32 houses before they ask another question what's your salute what they want. Let's get something to record the answer is -- cannot -- -- -- writing everything down on whatever you're doing. Why does it take so long to ask another question or you blaming the local media up all right -- Jack now ballot -- -- only answer what you ask -- I can't help but if you turn the TV off and you don't want to tell I'm trying to descriptive bleak. How do you what it is right they asked -- quite it's not like I'm Obama aren't like you have questions coming being being one after the other. Belichick standing there. About twenty seconds before they ask the question and why do you think that's the case I don't mean I don't know. I don't know you think the bill maybe it's the I -- intimidating our cousins on my witness I'm bill I am not putting this time ago. I'm putting is on the media item may be current and -- can answer -- government. Maybe everybody income it's just. It's one more aggravating -- Report into the into the end of the game that Howard Biel I was so furious is that is realities not gonna take it longer I don't know about you because I know you got nothing else to do whatever I'm gonna invest three hours. In a sporting event or in anything. -- the end of it it's like watching a movie and then it is you know and the movie and no explanation or anything. It's definitely I'd like I like an explanation to the end that's all in -- and as you aptly put the officials that to prepare hubris just run off the field. And don't feel they give idiom about giving an answer to anybody about anything and it's a national Monday night game. Here's the difference I think if they had never. Thrown the flag in the first place you could say well. That's the way the game is played. At the end of most NFL games we allow players to make contact particularly the last gas. Final play in the end zone -- and hail Mary from. From midfield or even a play from the eighteen yard line we're gonna let them. I'll make contact were knocking out let the officials decided the game. But once -- -- that yellow flag onto the turf you pretty much have to go with a. That's a very fair analysis I don't do that it is okay if you don't throw a flag we can scream and yell about it but obviously. Nobody's. And he pulled his flag out OK what did he -- that he pulled the flag out on that's all I am I'm saying -- it very -- Raised by it. God but you probably as well I don't yacht that. All the most of those hail marys. And most of come from mid do you trust in Ontario. And said it was the last play of the game so maybe the same philosophy. Was put in place there were not gonna let a flag. Deciding game particularly in appearance it automatically by a -- as they say. Puts the ball. On the one yard line so I know I hold out another -- is -- Italian defensive play defenders. No matter what if it's a last play of the game -- Daryn absolutely commit mayhem yeah do whatever they want to an -- for years. If you remember years and years ago it was in the middle of the member of the Bledsoe broken finger rehab that. That thing coming out of his finger into my 94 is 98. And it was against a buffalo I believe. -- against buffalo they threw a hail Mary into the left corner of the end zone. And they did for all the -- someone pulled Terry glands. -- out if you remember that -- they did call the interference. And they put the ball on the one yard line and yes they did score -- buffalo was so outraged over the walked off the field. And the conversion. Was unopposed because buffalo was so outraged that they would vote all the flat because it's an unwritten rule that you don't unfortunately. Once as they set once the officials. Did you call the penalty you have to follow through with some sort of a fraction. I realize it is a debatable point and I once heard an MBA the late sit Borchardt once say that that it because they asked them do you call a foul. It the end of a crucial moment in the game as you would in the first quarter and it it collectively everybody's saying. If that play had occurred it any time but the last play of the game. They would have -- a flag in and had a penalty but because of where it was played. In a -- the last play of the game for them that it was easier just to pick up a flag and run off the field and a larger perspective. The pass interference. Is a spot follow the National Football League in of course it's a fifteen yard penalty in the college and high school game. And -- -- play like that you can understand perhaps why the NCAA. Makes it fifteen yard penalty and not a spot ball if network college game could be half the distance that's reasonable. One yard line. Does make it a little on reasonable that's I think why the officials decided to pick it up they're never gonna admit that. But I think that's probably -- the product Brady for going after the officially yelling I really -- The other problem that they have and I will go to this quickly in the will move on -- remember we haven't had a chance to talk about the game is. Ridley is a is a great runner for the patriots. EE EE. I don't think great but he's he's done a lot of good things for them he's had 500 no over driver and sixty odds. In seven touchdowns. -- you can't not watch a you're running back if you're nervous. There's a running back make you nervous in and that that from ball. Talk about a critical point in the game also that fumble it where he fumbled the ball that was was was critical at a critical because they -- but we are networks changing yeah. You know whichever team had a ball last they were exchanging touchdowns neither defense could stop the other. So when you give the ball over like at twelve got like me you're marching for another score in Indies -- He's only had two but it seems like I remember the New Orleans Saints and chargers -- decorate running back -- But the only problem but him as he fumble. What good is it if out of Cuba -- it's a guy gets if it is critical moments of the game to put the ball on the. Around well he his -- memorable and you know I think almost every fumble in the National Football League is impact full. And unfortunately. He does put the ball on the ground too many times certainly for -- in states and at times were. Belichick's face I was at that used to blow out game last year in December. At -- and he fumbled early the game wasn't even close patriots in total command. Yet where I was about eight rows behind the patriot bench to just standing there on the sideline. For the rest of the game they've taken that approach you know that we're very proud of economic and they put it back in the game and -- take that approach anymore they're not the dog house war. Ridley everytime he puts the ball on the ground seems to have ended. I should have public airplane in the blow very hide in Arenas coming back he's more of like a cabinet are now back back yeah. We also have to talk about you certainly can -- comment about last week's game that that will be with me for a long time are what I go out just hobble Denver -- that it that does that take away from incompetence that was incompetence is it highest agreed the officials that was incompetence. Okay. Now. You and I have differing opinions on on and on Sunday night's game go have your report ER college north and -- -- -- Michael Sullivan -- Rita -- will get a group called on the -- -- -- -- Collins worth. Outraged as much as you -- about that cautious watch them on inside the NFL this morning he is absolutely not apoplectic. But he was very -- overhead by the call and he is always perceived. By patriot fans on national patriot hater anti patriot. He was he was outraged Lehman. You and I have differing opinions in this is painful to me it is painful to me. We have our opinions yeah on the -- debut Sunday at my side -- come on Monday night you feel the patriots are gonna win and I am very. Skeptical about it -- -- scared while no Peyton Manning has twenty more touchdowns. Bet then than Brady has. He's got it to marry is Thomas has sixty receptions Decker has 54 Welker has 61. That teaches molded. We're right out -- it's not playing Intel lead. By the way he's crazy as man I really have to think about it if I -- sign him long term if this hip injury keeps flaring up you -- that you didn't like -- play with Steve Smith either that was not a cool com. -- customer because he wouldn't let go of his -- About a dog. With a bone but. I you know this is you know I you can throw all the numbers out. Brady. In general. Except for a few games here and there is 94 we know what his record is. He's more accomplished. In the head to head because he's won nine of the thirteen showdowns remaining. If the gamer -- I may I might feel -- -- what kind of team to the when he was winning these games who. Brady Brady how many wide receivers support are you already know is -- has 61 catches and I Amendola has 29. -- And he's always been Hurt -- has not there was a bit more about it tell me if we did note that at a time right there was some question about concussion but he passed all the protocol or -- according to the NFL -- -- that makes me nervous -- I would say that on neutral field. In good weather. Denver would win the game in Denver they'd win the game. I think it's going to be blustery you saw the weather forecast is going to be cold we know that Manny doesn't necessarily like that kind of weather we know the Brady thrives in it. And because the patriots are just about infallible I know you don't like me to use that word is only one. Entity its infallible only in this context you can use RK. Patriots in the regular season at home just about in -- Well -- how many quarterbacks you've how many offenses that you faced with these many -- all right so say I am right and attack coming in the months and myself while I -- you know they can do. Keep. Keep -- keep Peyton off the field. Run the ball smash -- for appalled when you look at the stats and deceit -- Fourth in the league against the run out there Achilles heel as we certainly saw in the Baltimore -- last year. Is a pass defense when he apparently we're gonna get all of that 6177797937. Larry is ready to blow yet another casket he cannot believe he is outraged are you is apple plaque you. It was a bad I always speak for yourself can't move on my I have to be published it myself because I can barely get our lives property -- -- -- marriage.

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