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Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini chats with Mikey Adams in Las Vegas

Nov 22, 2013|

"Boom Boom" joins Mikey and talks about the current state of boxing including the Pacquiao-Rios fight.

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Pregnancy people whom he's famous he's so famous great see you look you look awesome and I feel good thank you for. How old are you 5250. Tell what this guy yet you forget he ever get asked her right eating more above mandolin right -- -- -- would be to be lovely to happen coming what you do to states such good shape notion of frightening I you know I get. First by the about to get back -- shipment that was out of shape. Going after making a lifestyle. That's first and foremost so we're got quite easily but you'll have to do now so much much analysis current outlook are smarter not harder. I don't do heels tied to a jump -- you know all that. A cross between I can submit questions for -- and -- modified to minds. Now we're we're all here for Ron this huge fight -- pack your real bam -- -- -- boom -- about -- -- can he steal that that whole thing gonna be you get any -- he's -- Had not that it boom boom and it -- I've been a realist but I like his action packed I'm I'm a fan of any action fighter. Guys that come and get defensive when he -- You know for -- few fighters who neither did there. I have no modest do acidic foods he'll lose it good nautical opted. I'll let -- a lot. The problem is you've got to make in this wants an -- try to make him miss you don't do that he doesn't get a whole helium out. Candidate gets me a minute I told them when you punch Walters did if you go if you -- them learn how to make -- list of some open this like that Robert Garcia. This is tough because it was such as I -- we give him angles they come in with faint but you don't think -- -- Rios. He's an old guy you wanted to be fixed so he gets it is going back to -- for stopped and I think it'll be exciting for as long as it goes but I don't think those passing routes. -- boxing in general in this day and age we all know the USC's made strides to -- different world. The sweet science so the start making system where a star like you could emerge be so popular visual are home almost instantaneously maintain that. It's harder to do that in this day and age now is it because. We don't have the national telecasts or no because it paper -- situation no -- just what you said. People said what does Bucs have to do to get back to nationals bombings at that network television will never had that -- spotlight never. No -- expletives to bring people domestically will probably be -- like. Now -- the -- -- -- thirty million homes capable that we get a 2% by early this considers says so we have many people. I get I think right but I thought of the receivers at -- 45. -- ratings which was like. -- 101520. Million people watched as little different. So that the exposure. But to the audience is much bigger back then -- -- now to that network television we're never gonna have the same notoriety for this and explosions were the same. Popular and that want to doubt it. Another part of that formula might be and -- love to have you comment on this because it is confusing world the world boxing. The ranking the guys that the alphabet soup as you know what what can you do or can anybody ever do to make that. A worldwide unified. Boxing commission of sorts what we need a a one. Out of commission auction commission that's you know that's what nationally base we knew we need that does note that when that happens in the next ten minutes. But update -- with -- mobile. Take whim of these so called like sits still but who organizations -- -- went back to zero fights. Fifty amount by its very few letters very ethnic Tamil fighters put the ball very few -- fifty. When they when it went from fifty that's Walt altered his organization started sprouting up quiet because they know anything about what it would golf if you wanna go fifty. We have to go back to -- -- -- fight that was a T I get a TV decision and that seems to think that that that's going to -- the boarding up -- what. TV decision. If TV event to put -- the televised in more places to fit to -- quite -- ways when he up. -- to rub fights so as long that when understood it to TV decision not a medical decision at a boxing lessons. It's a TV just. The great boom boom Mancini you know -- you remain extremely popular. You know after how many years now being retired it's it's. It's a thing -- you you you branded yourself people lobbied to this day they look to that it's just great to see it. Appreciate that -- people to be very good burial is a most appreciative that people recognize you whatever and people said to begin to recognize allotted more. As a -- I have the best of both worlds I do recognize enough to feed my eagle but not enough to disrupt my life so -- -- -- -- -- be able to -- well. Especially people must love busted and not be able bus heading down as my town maybe being not overlooking but certainly why serve boom boom -- great CNET.

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