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Sugar Ray Leonard joins Mikey Adams live in Las Vegas

Nov 22, 2013|

Sugar Ray joins Mikey to talk about his life after boxing and his historic bout with Marvin Hagler.

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Back here on the planet Mikey show it for over Boston folks in boxing freaks out there -- with the maybe one of the world's most popular boxing figures and legends. The one and only Sugar Ray Leonard -- you do when you look pretty good. Outdoor fun. Here I'm excited about the upcoming fight tomorrow night would packing out wheels. And I am a -- family -- elbows and -- thing. But this -- in particular. Is. Very intriguing. It is it will protect your hasn't had a whole lot of luck in his last couple three you know but these this is this is a big one because bam -- and -- steal that from. Boom boom shouldn't there be -- licensed trademark on matters. I'm almost positive there's a trademark on that it bam bam. Is it themselves to. That's exactly where it's coming from we're gonna hear from -- people make pebbles. You know you bring your -- nation -- Sugar Ray I bit sugary around some -- into -- Marcus Haynes and effectiveness magicians you know. -- and basketball I met him years ago like in the sixties. So you are my second Sugar Ray only figure wanna meet their crappy band does that those songs you know and Arabic they can they don't live up there and -- will it is what it is. Conduct that they'll probably -- you know. With -- state of boxing right now because you know we -- know what's going on that the pay per view thing and you know the heavyweight divisions a little bit messy and weird and not that popular. What's -- gonna do to make a comeback is it's gonna take a network deal at some kind of regular network exposure. This one thing. In particular won't fix boxing boxing almost has to fix itself. I think is to release up governing bodies and I think that dilutes what he championed this blue -- in his. I want us champs -- champions. There should be. A period of time. Number one contender. Although I've ever heard and used that term contender you -- -- the content. Because apparently means nothing. Is just placed it -- boxes receives court. It takes black guys every now and then it -- bounce back and I am indeed an optimist so I think that in due time. -- -- -- -- -- Box will be back. It's the people in Boston of course you know not that they've had were necessary in love with Marvin Hagler has personality wise I mean what -- let's -- -- he he didn't have a whole lot of -- Outgoing us sensibilities about him. However there are still people call my radio show and others say that they still think you might want that's what what do you say to those people. You know it's very objective. If you say well was it effective -- -- five -- Did I hit -- the hardest no -- result bigger punch a bigger man. -- modestly kept running around camp run around it is stand there like Tom Merritt did you talked about not tell Americans how. But you know mud -- BW -- we've seen each other uses them for civil and respectful without question. And don't think that really bothers me is they they said it was a rematch that is not true I don't know where they came from me. It now I don't know where that came from but of his sons that I'm -- market. Well yeah I mean you know more than Marvin went off to do whatever wherever he went doing not a deodorant ads and riding camels and stuff you know so we didn't see -- receive from him again. Now when you when you come back to an event like this. We we -- you know George Foreman guys that you walk around hey it's got to be humbly blades for you know I need to be hit the 50 yeah. 57 that showed yeah its local cyclists and that's I'm not even only human effect is are you -- -- and today the day you know the fiftieth anniversary JFK's assassination where were you when that -- My god I remember I was coming home from school and I walked into the house the development of the -- canal street -- in Washington DC. In my marbles why. And I have just come up across this amount mom what's wrong. You kill a president it's well that it should I get goosebumps when I think about that. Just the words alone -- to -- -- -- our president. Listens to tears. That's an -- -- yeah I hit it there it is 650 years later -- you. You of course you know the whole bit haltingly -- -- ask you this every day of your life now you walking down the street and is -- a day goes by -- it where dozens if not hundreds of people recognize you say hello yell hi -- It's kind of tough where that same around. And all the time well you know they come up to me now I've been noticing me and Chevrolet the desert. It also danced the star of that answer yet that's what I'm famous. Old. Okay I'm good I'm good. But if it's great this hobbling in this it's you know it's another. Well I'm happy to have met you my second Sugar Ray your religious is nice of what he said is great CNET. Thanks for talking to --

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