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Mikey sits down with boxing legend George Foreman

Nov 22, 2013|

Mikey is in Vegas to preview Saturday's fight but first he checks in with former heavyweight champion George Foreman.

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-- at the Venetian. Mikey had a series planet Mikey in the amazing boxing legend George Foreman George for somewhat say how unbelievably you look I -- your age that -- -- -- -- -- run but to get. I've had a good life and I'm -- enjoyed every month of I can't believe that a guy is born in the forties late forties albeit. It looks good as you do man is it is addicted to diet or what is it what can I don't know what they'll be but I got. Hit for the first time and applauded you go to a doctor and if that's started back in the fifties -- achieve the gold medal in the sixties. Became the heavyweight champion of the world in the seventies and eighties this -- right -- surprised to hear it in a name he's. I became. Undisputed heavyweight champion of the world again and in his new millennium I'm the king of the -- and the cook and items. That's me somehow though through it all these are all battles you fought edit your life but today you everybody seems to love you what is a -- you that you just -- -- magnetic personality. I had ten years. Out of box. News seven -- seven through 87. I didn't box cannot help people on the Lackey because you have money and cars. A couple of that my battery would go down an average guy would give me a boost and I try to pay and he didn't know me I cut my -- -- that. As to how much do you think get -- bigger and you know and dog you get on the plane is doing would tell you where that -- to smile come up front we can't give you meal. They love me and dating Kim well world I think I -- notice about people -- -- -- -- when I was -- would have been better so I got a second chance. Treat people nice because they deserve it they'll treat you nice. Well you know he Mohammed Ali of course it was that was I I saw that by the way that maybe if he caught a paper view if you must but I sought a movie screen. -- you know as part of a movie combination that was what the original paper -- was about. And that of course was when you shook his spine as he said. And he'd -- he'd be the greatest and now he ended up with a victory and that and that that thus became the whole rope A dope I think but. You at the time had just blasted Frazier out of his -- people thought nobody can knock out Frazier it took you what to -- do that. And you know what that's what they say styles make fights. I could've beaten Frasier every the other week. Mohammed Ali would have with me everything that week it just that we had those conflicting sounds. And the guy at heart Muhammad Ali you hit and start screaming about the sixth round then all you. I think what is this -- would this guy tough guy. Death by it was a defining moment in my life because he gave me a reason to get up and try to be champion of the world again. And you did that -- such related to meet people were shocked and surprised to have anybody come back at that age you're how old forty what what I'm almost 4645. To become the heavyweight -- bishop champion of the world I. Again and I gave hope to a lot of people -- whatever they're doing in life could do something at a later date yet this -- can you imagine about the bee champ of the world. With the years it take to get back in shape in working get a college degree I mean that's most important. Now you had a moment that I watched on TV I can't for the -- meet George remember when it was which show you were on. But you're eating a pie eating contests and you put into this so unbelievably it is totally impromptu. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Let's take -- guns that I'm still I can out immediately what is the world I'm that good. But we're gonna give his coffee cake and see how you doing it as a that we wanted to thank you Natalie for preferred talking OS today but just for -- George Foreman because we all obvious. Thank you so much happy to be with the.

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