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Around the NFL with Chris Mortensen of ESPN

Nov 22, 2013|

We touch on all NFL topics with ESPN's head NFL reporter Chris Mortensen.

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I like you're making my Danny -- argument I love -- in my eyes it joins us right now via the AT&T -- a conversation with -- brought to -- blue cross blue shield about a tractor and find -- money dot com he's also -- more report course. On Twitter more -- a man. Good I don't apologize Tombouctou today because. Might appreciate this idiot and more construction. I'm way out of place. Costs caucus yeah. Yeah it's unbelievable. Well below will try to deal beyond where Charlie Steiner -- to follow him to freak. I want more Obama did that I am delighted. Are you ready to go up for Sunday night what is what is easier what is your future -- in the season and I. -- are alert and it's a lot. It depends on -- key to lead how -- he is if he does. He's going to take I think -- good merit comment out of the game I think the mayor's promise. As did the -- in -- early in the Pro Bowl caliber receiver. And I think that believe it's capable of neutralizing him or maybe -- won't -- that battle but no mum about who boiling it down. I'm saying that matchup is -- Mort -- and ask you a question I've asked a couple of your coworkers and ESPN today Mike to Rico and in March -- both said they do not believe the patriots can. Compete in a shoot out. With Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos they would rather slow it down try to keep Peyton Manning off the field. I am of the belief that the Patriots offense is back and ready to have a shoot -- where do you stand in the offensive approach the patriots. Well I know it and I don't think I'd wanna play the patriots and two weeks and and they're very close to -- exactly word rat in my opinion. And I actually think the locals. Would prefer -- not to be a shoot out. And -- know and and the slow down and and so. And I gonna have an opposite viewpoint there and -- so one of the reasons why is Israel that the Andrea. Peyton Manning as a real injury. -- do know that sitting in action because. Of the nerve issues the evidence arm and is high ankle sprain. For him to throw effectively. He's got below plant that back that Beck put. And educate the weather elements. And I think they do a lot of run this yeah I think -- is so confident that they can elsewhere the brothels. Are you are you trying to make Manning throw the ball outside the numbers based on what you're saying here based on the arms issue and the ankle issue trying to make him. After -- roll the ball a little bit deeper are not secure park across the middle of field. I I think -- important that wrote about their involvement except when it's that look you know try that the you know -- we can get Rob Ninkovich somehow -- -- is that the great impression on -- we know that. It's -- the receiver down. They're rerouting them and make you pay him to hold the ball a little bit longer even mobile everybody -- they'd get hurt. Did you know that the little laugh and artichoke hearts built right. It's whether it's a marvelous short. You know I think that's the key and and then -- the -- Thomas is the big deal that's a matchup that brothels probably would. Like to take advantage and you know the news so far do you hit solid is an all that great during that his knee injury. Mort there's a guy. Here in his second year Chandler Jones nine and a half sacks and I think patriots fans there are sort of getting excited about him as an edge rusher. I'm wondering what the view of Chandler Jones around the league is he is he considered one of the best young pass rushers in the gamers not quite taken that step. I think he's got it didn't have a lot of respect holding people that are -- -- boy you know I don't lose really. But it garnered respect and opportunity and I don't -- the -- -- it looked -- that happened encrypt quark. -- -- -- the problem that you know have a pretty good game at some oh lead but I really think of the conservative game plan properly executed. They contributed at the and NATO. Did. He's got a big. -- It -- beat Argentine gain. Vote -- in about third down so. You know you've got to have a drug -- on the the patriots. Oh the speed of the game you have to have a lingering back to me is a big deal in -- You're seeing -- yet he's moderately that your lot. -- draw on broke out he'd play at a higher level Amendola LP. That I agree with your your contention that it does shoot out. I go like the -- that the dispute out -- and more. I don't know little weight gain about it by that -- than I'd. And it would open. You know the debate is that yes yes. You know retire as and I don't -- the great thing about that game I don't know who's gonna win this game. They'll pay Maine I'm anxious CL a billion I'm he would have to be worried about the patriots secondary if they do up the pressure. Peyton Manning you would you agree. I yes yes and they have to do without bringing extra defenders also you gotta do it with with two or three occasionally for rusher is not five or six that is not gonna cut it. More we know you you talked all sorts of people around the league in the league offices -- that are. What is the response throughout this week MEM on Monday night. Referee makes a call he backs it up later with an explanation. That the pass was on -- double the next day we hear from the VP of the officiating. Who doesn't say that the passes and catch -- he says that it was a simultaneous. Contact -- restriction to win the interception occurred at how does -- houses playing out inside believe. If they got the call wrong. Okay I mean until the accessibility and we didn't landing though the pick -- vice president of officiating said. What is that the mechanics were exercised properly entered into the -- judge looked like because you've got a pair. I judge. A good job what they Tuesday limited involvement withdrawn and I think he got -- at the same time. That you were -- -- lag well now they have a discussion with the referee and and I -- -- that that's the case work. I'm not in favor of reviewing every and parent call. But I sure -- and if they were repealed and call. That's why they are then -- eight -- of one yard game we got on the patriots score. It would if we could they in my head of but I I think the league blew the call. And I think that you can't probably work properly executed. But I made the -- justice. -- You know there is no way in the preparation -- -- says. If that Bennett took albeit big block out he had it gotten -- -- and that's totally different scenario and bit and just have discussed the so I -- bleed blue on the -- Mort we appreciate -- talk to next week have a good Thanksgiving. I don't even giving everybody -- idea Chris mortenson be the AT&T hotline. Somebody from ESP analysts and stones and some intelligence relax over -- you can do both you guys like you know once I was on your way today it's like you've lit up the whole big smile smog police there are -- as least as both the yes. If they have depth at they have one play from the one yard line that they've run. What was the play call with the ball. It was an ex marine times that was my first -- was. If it's your first and it's might -- -- aptly write exactly. So -- -- thoughtful and always work that -- so so that was outs and couldn't don't feed Cecil scrutiny he says want congress that -- like that at all at that goes to move. It's. Been happy with little directs the marine. Easily in the -- and competent that Ingrid -- -- -- and that's that -- now from far aren't coming up it was controversy last night or really except it was that way. Bought her now apparently that was the rest of -- WB.

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