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Recapping Monday Night's Flag-Gate with the man who called the game, ESPN's Mike Tirico

Nov 22, 2013|

Have to keep flag-gate alive for one more segment as the man who called the game for ESPN, Mike Tirico, chats with Salk and Holley.

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Lucky me I get to ride shotgun for that these two guys in for Michael Holley today and I highly rated program like -- -- -- the tolerating side. Five -- six list is Manning may have seven or hear about path. Clearly what this David -- at least at a fire like salt on Twitter is going to be very upset like following him to ground -- that's been around me all day. What did you today announced. -- I've caller 617 he -- on the way to trying to. Mollify the people be the ninth Pollack's excellent 7931. Edwards 0937. Thank you to into movie passes for the official 2013. World Series film at the Wang -- this Monday celebrate the Red Sox championship. The official 2013. World Series film featuring exclusive access stunning game footage. And more as well go to mlb.com to order yours today be the ninth caller at 6179310937. To win fire mikes all doesn't know the difference between two compliments. -- The now that Mike -- -- a lot of cheese to compliment his -- It's -- Ian Kennedy spell one. That it WH WHE seems there maybe it's -- -- -- -- -- okay as I could see them in an area. A very entertaining so worked. Right Smart -- now someone far Frank Beamer is next says something about you need to go back to Seattle yeah I think that's been the on the on the idea on the network today. Here WEEI. They might take your outlook this instead of the so what does that that I heard this morning as the salt -- salt back to Seattle fund I'm hoping is going to be though like. Get -- daughter's college tuition phone outlets like maybe I can appropriate some of that money and use it for my daughter that's. Mike to Rico joins us right now via the AT&T colonies brought to buy Blue Cross and Blue -- I'm Mike how -- Well why they get review I'll you know start to welcome our probably yeah it's been eight months is that usually about as long -- it is about right to slightly below the hugest issue. -- -- another month maybe they'll change their tune on -- who knows. Eight you were there Monday night we're not gonna talk a -- week we pretty much to stop talking about it here this week but not entirely you were there you had a great seat for it. What was your reaction is is the whole thing unfolded at the end of that game. Well first -- and as we did this on Tuesday morning -- -- About the game that he really well -- High quality football game and they have not been a lot of those this year in the though especially on prime target for business and as of Monday. I thought that it was a game that well played game. Got overshadowed by that one played the very end of the game do I think with Paris sisters yet. Was it the most egregious this pastor here it -- now if it was a there is a reasonable conversation be added if rock could get back to the ball and I doubt if your patriot band. You can't even reasonable match but I still think no matter what your argument is. It should have been called hazard here -- We should've been down at the what you are quite I thought it what was interesting to me the number of people have -- will just called the president all the this call illegal contact and those people you immediately go. Don't know if you're up all because it. You can't call that want the ball in the air those calls are gone. Gotta be that's why you always hear the mobile -- Mike wolf for the past so. It would be nice to see what happens -- -- -- on the clock won't let -- one yard line disappoint the patriots but I still think that there in great shape. You get a number one or number two seed here in the AFC. Over the next few. About. Probably explanations given later I mean that to me whether or not you call pass interference. Is there is a frustration but it doesn't last that long right wait NFL has bungled what's happened since is a much bigger mess to me the referee says one thing. The -- the VP of officiating says another -- Both of them seem to be wrong -- what point is Roger at what point is us look bad for Roger Goodell. Well I that that's over I don't think he'll let you know it's been wrong -- what he says there's VP this year. He didn't come out and say they should have made that call what -- -- was what the procedural is on it. Why it. Back all of that -- was picked up why it could have been picked up but it no point did he say that was the correct call. If there was procedurally correct -- going belief is that we deal with these every week with other means obviously. What would be the agreed in most of that off the table here we got the call or I've heard -- -- -- -- -- on videos go out scenes. We got this -- wrong we can't make this call again. And he did not interfere with procedurally correct atmosphere -- the good with all their judgment they've been incorrect but what he was saying was. The reason for picking up the flag was legit by the way we've been there I I think the refereed weather -- get on the Mike the -- Everybody who's eligible how would have to be on the clock and all the other stuff. There's no reason to leave the stadium without explanation for Brady Belichick all the pats fans and everybody was. I might now let's move forward to the game of this weekend and I'm just curious in your opinion. What difference Wes Welker has made to a Denver offense that was pretty good before he got there. Uploaded you know it's just that it it would com he's with Peyton becoming that. And scalable look at what I mean by that is -- to what Welker do this ten times. And think you have to -- autumn in the eleventh he'll do it all bulky. -- -- -- -- So is -- -- -- was eight and bad interconnectivity part there and that is what they'll think we're probably about how many of those hundred catches in those seasons. I Welker. First down catches and keep the drive alive and third option or fourth option. And that's the difference right now with with the patriots -- which I think is a lot better. You don't have that. Expected you can doubt you can -- it is tendencies. But the end of the day they just find a way to make -- play and that is. Probably the most frustrating part I would imagine for comments they run this offense and try to get Andelman. And I Amendola and the other guys up to speed in that role. -- he wasn't that long ago that we saw this Patriots offense really struggling you know going one of twelve in games on third downs not putting up a lot of points but. You saw at the Monday night against what is supposedly one of the best defense is in the NFL moved up and down the field and a lot of points on the board but were very successful moving the football. Do you think the patriots as they are now constituted with -- everybody back but they are ready for a shoot out Peyton Manning these Broncos. I don't know how ready this patriots -- is for you -- with anybody. But I felt better. After watching you know you watch the patriots throughout the season -- in big big spots. But watching him in the four prior games and getting ready for Monday night Q and then watching the Monday night game. I feel so what better replicate the topic about the New England fans. I still think it's a very reasonable roads this team be one or two -- by. Because the opposite come back round against a good team in the second half they move the ball. And if so what it would sort going on the game it's a long drive I've wanted to get as -- -- it is. There was almost never any sample. -- triple BED ninety appetite simple. They were able to pull the game just about -- don't think emeritus at I don't what's up with this in the fourth quarter of the game. This could be interesting next week because the patriots could very well be in the ball away from Manning looks like -- kept the ball with Brady. And as he would or passing medium passing and a good server running game now. And do that I'd I'd kind of walked away feeling better about doing adopted that I had at any point watching its -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What I saw in a playoff environment in Carolina. I think this offense is back and I think they are capable of escorting thirty to 35 points and and getting in -- -- this. Think you'll know when you walked out of the stadium on Sunday night we go to bed Sunday night after watching it was into the game. Denver is. Probably the tallest building there. In the AFC I know Indianapolis is I've seen since -- -- best moments I like both teams. In the playoffs. I don't think the rugby ovals I know Kansas City is not a beatable team I've felt that all along. -- the team with the most weapons that most people the most trusted our place right now if you -- -- with them. Every -- if you've already beat anybody in the AFC. There's one thing Belichick said that's our coaches meetings that. Maybe -- make it a point of -- in the game we talk -- with pre game but it bears repeating. We're so caught up on the way the patriots have won over the years. It in this -- in the NFL with sixteen guys come in and out the -- for years in your building Europe therefore protect people in your system. It's about how to win games this year. And don't get caught up with what we've won games in years ago like doing as well that's a way to get so it anymore could probably argue very different. Your opponents are very different you're via the but the people playoff team that I want to tenured a couple of seasons ago. It's -- drastically different NFL and the realization by electing one of the best minds ever in the game Bill Belichick that. Right now. We have the wind the way we're currently constituted Nazi stuff on our numbers -- three years ago was a real Smart revelation of how you can succeed in this current -- -- We do Steven Ridley if your Bill Belichick. If -- the. Right I'm not I'm not a sporting events and asserted that it's a really good question because I think. How are you part -- parts are you carry your touches with everybody there. You'll have changes of pace and opportunities for different guys but you know the -- replay or like forward for a and as you go through the regular piece of brigade. You know what marine gives you obviously that is central third down. -- whether it's on third down in that type of offense you know what what what -- what you. -- -- -- -- -- -- Probably in that -- that you can keep that up as a fullback. So. You -- he'd written the when he but when he six carries but he had a couple of games ago. Forty bring him down to thirteen of fourteen really good -- we've got to be careful that it's not a direct signal that the opt for the defense it -- and we're gonna run. If you can just get him a little bit involved -- has gained -- create diversity and -- M mirage for the defense case. Our Mike you talked about the Broncos may be that the tallest building decline in the AFC. But can their style of football the way they're built. Certainly revolving around the offense to putting up atomic points. It's we've seen that fail a lot in January and February is this team different -- make it work in January February. I think they know that they have to be if -- that way they found that out of the playoff game against Baltimore last year. So was at home which could there whether we'll get bitterly cold -- well -- playing quality teams to play in the cold as you said. I thought just from a a separation other side of the -- what the war was Lauren. At the -- couple three -- -- -- you know when the weather was cold and they're -- it was a very good they were very physical with Dallas the next week. Last night they had to be physical at times to beat Atlanta could be up it was a quick. And that's what we get -- when the whole thing this year based accuracy elements more than I have a new world gonna have to. If they don't win that game go back there again and what some cold weather game. So I think this year is they can win the super what you can not just the 4547. -- to update you gotta be able to run the ball. We're seeing the good teams started to be able to run the ball so you requested I think Denver has learned that understands that. That's what they constantly keep trying to get of that -- able get a little variety in their running game. I don't know if they're up -- the wind might not be better suited to have a mix of run and has opposed to -- protect 840 to forty but -- Thought that the study out of he has hurt him at all this week. -- patent passes came out last week in two point 17 seconds of -- forty prospects he never hit the ground it would take it to -- tackling. The secret of where after the fumbles of so they're getting out quick and maybe that will help the offensive line pass protect it will help them run block and build them better for the next season. You ready for the Ian Kinsler era in Detroit. I cannot wait everything about baseball thirty said the great thing about baseball. I was not online I was so watching tape actually -- my son is in the other room they -- I -- tiger's history of Prince Fielder got to work on his iPhone and iPod but all I -- is like a -- -- what sort of look at the trade find out. We sat there for five minutes to put together a baseball lineups. Sort of -- as we move Cabrera first part of this kid who they like. We built baseball lapses at -- the one cool thing about baseball that you can sit and do November's mess around with who's going to be our number of fire it up. Good Mike always good to talk you will do it next Friday thanks man we aren't there I know my -- go abroad to buy blue cross. And blue shield. That we -- learned along the way with Mike he knows everything but whatever sport it's incredible there's nothing you -- we could have thrown. Shoot out questions that he's ready to go on anything pretty impressed all those -- Conflicting times that I know I'm not the expert on clerics at one point five. They're two different times one point five -- an out of the -- out Johnson two point -- job of executing -- jobs -- sheriff -- one point five -- are more aggressive although you were on notes -- says that -- out predictably went 59 now that I was -- with the dumbest thing that when he said it and now it's even -- a little surprised the -- and and three are still allowed to talk to each -- after -- I found out a couple of last year a little surprised to hear that there are still on the communication at all. Are out there. I'm right and that's enough over there on added what indie artists here might gee Artie is here as we continue to delve into this game for Sunday night. One of the big story lines it'll be thrown out there is the Brady and Manning comparison and how it's evolved over the years you start to bring it up a little bit earlier. Has Tom Brady in some ways turned into Peyton Manning march -- would not answer it you guys have to axle and -- WB.

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