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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - Rule change edition 11/22/13

Nov 22, 2013|

Four topics centered around rule changes you want to see made in the four major sports.

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And now are -- Silicon Valley school. All right roller board or at all for. Me TE. We solved it -- On sports radio and WB. October the ratings around here we don't want any of her five or six listeners to get upset as I just calm down over there and be hard down. Or for those who brought you by Marvin windows then what does our -- what we have today. Our team has -- changes across the four major sports as we talked about the shoot out needs to be changed or eliminated. Is there another ruined hockey would like to see go away. The instigator rule and hockey is absolutely. Atrocious if two guys fight they both go to the box for the same amount of time. And if one of those god doesn't wanna fight then don't drop the gloves take a punch in the face the referees that's clearly you're not fighting this guy's -- box and you stay out of the terrible. I don't consider rule but it kind of visits to Italy I think -- should go to the smaller direction and and I don't actually need a dramatic overnight. Smaller pads you can take up an inch here -- there every year to a sort of gets back to what I think would be a legitimate level to -- it's like so many other sports like baseball -- and high school those aluminum bats every year they get more more ridiculous. I think at some point it's technology over skill and it's gotten to that point with via the -- is exactly the same thing to shrink the pads a little bit at the need to be dry and I'm a little bit just look at old school like -- -- sided battle school what they don't -- -- like just a the -- and the comparison you guys know that let's let's make him go play without helmets again -- -- say to everybody comes largely I do think though you were I hate seeing guys picked fights when they are wearing visors. He's one of the little things that drives me not them opulent one shore but. People with advisors who were -- they're looking for fights but and you get a different punch somebody ball is wearing a visor makes absolutely. Yes we are Michael. Already up. What one rule in the NBA would you like to see it go away Omar told ya there's a lot I would do to change the it starts of what -- -- mentioning early need to do something to make games matter more throughout the -- -- the guys. And 1215 games off for the time. So I don't know whether it's finding a way to. -- almost four sections to your season where you can make -- a playoff spot at some point along the way I don't know. The other things I would -- far because I think the game has. The players I think -- got too -- for the work that went on I would make the court a little bit bigger in the NBA and I would consider race. I would build the the international lane. I would open it up like that it was a little bit more room. Spread the -- more. Like I just wanna do something to make them more. To see more movement in the game are you you don't like when he says -- operate now that have been comfortable on the boat I cannot realize though I absolutely right an idea of me. Like the basket -- I'd start with making the court bigger battle in the -- with certain what completely cramped and -- -- a gigantic. It's like two strides right on the technical exact replica never play now appetite. I would just go with a simple ultra that's -- -- -- It's of -- the -- we are it's harming his ankle in me and I'll point of emphasis when they want them to actually called rule that is in the rule book. The point of emphasis should be called for a what was the big if -- -- -- -- -- -- them I'm an edited with bombing -- was because Iverson put another like it but yeah I think. We're getting yeah I traveled on the watch right well there. If they make the court bigger that you want traveling to run. Into -- -- Change or get rid of one rule in baseball what would it be that you can't mention your aluminum bats in the heart. You know I I. I'll watch that a few of the things I would change baseball -- I like the idea of trying to get -- pouring into the game. Without changing too too much so I might consider. Lowering the mountain up by a lot maybe nine inch half an inch to an inch lowering the amount to give the Bob Gibson -- Just give a little bit more of an advantage to the hitters I would also ever enforce the -- on how long pitchers should have before it throws the ball. And I would enforceable rules on the batters as well you should not be allowed to walk outside the box after every single bad. -- you play the role we've got to keep one foot in the box at all times last. Once an at bat you're allowed to call time out walk away -- along those lines the other thing I would do -- I would not -- -- to visit the mound more than once. I -- shot clock. I do I -- on the pitch and I want him about -- I wanted to -- I don't what that what they're supposed to like twelve seconds on approaches of it's not that long right but they don't enforce it now if you are forced out of put it right there wanna shot clock grip on the thing everybody can -- hadn't been that somehow put it in the batter's eye to. If you were forced that the game would go by. So much back in August. DH and you yet I don't have any interest in watching people who don't really somewhere along hitting him. I know I'm old school I'm steroids long -- James corporate accidentally get because. A series of things yeah it's different golf I think for us it's different they did it here's one thing I would like if you're not gonna get rid of DH when they do interleague games. Get a plane home team rules they simply visiting. That desperately want to see it a little area and it up yeah kind of the take on the NFL we're in the TV networks if you visit and -- -- yes exactly. So in that two years details thank you to like him. -- weak minded. I thought about that they're -- kind of like I Patrick I now -- a well it's. In recent weeks to see in the patriots lose games because of strange rulings are new rules that no one had ever heard of before if you can get rid of one rule in the NFL what would it be. It would be every technical. You know paragraph B seven Q our rule on hitting some. It's very simple and it says for years unnecessary -- it's a rule that's been on the books forever all. Unnecessary roughness put some of the weight into the officials on the field to regulate the game with. I am not you know it was slightly above his chest and may have touched his -- or was it on his eye and touched his me. Unnecessary roughness of the penalty just enforce that and get rid of all the other crap. I want them to do what they do in college now that there's -- rule now is if there's that that obviously the big emphasis is targeting you targeting of the head. What do you college if they call that flag it immediately is for renewable and -- the guy is guilty of it they -- up and if he's not. He stayed in the game and I think that's a good way to sort of regulate the idea. But to get the idea again the rest -- look at and say what did that the wide receiver drop as head of the wanna contact one. He's dropping your shoulder looking to hit the -- I think that's. Which I think what kind of -- undermine if you're watching the game to do something unnecessary if you try to hurt somebody. That he what are probably the terms we've learned we learned defenseless receiver we've learned launching in targeting. He just learned that was unnecessary I don't know the specific work but he did not need to do that that -- -- but we've taken hitting out of it I'm bored or we keep getting closer to taking. Hitting and defense because everybody's thinking about it just think they'll play like an a hole. Just don't do round and -- an ordinary well I just don't do stuff that is unnecessary. Couple years ago they did finally make it changed the thing that drove me most crazy in the NFL that was the overtime system that about it earlier finally now both sides get an opportunity. Touched the ball for the most part in overtime or at least when there's the -- -- by the -- against -- -- so that was now out. Couple things the bottom we talk about this one all week I think the pass interference should be review bull or challenged boy guesses is better word for it. I don't see why a judgment call wouldn't be aided by going to the videotape and allowing the refereed seed in slow motion is changing the judgment. And allow him to make his. Allow him a better shot that nobody you're changing the person making the judgment aside as opposed to the -- down the field you're giving it to the -- -- swept under I don't see who cares so you can change the judgment and I also make every make everything review board challenge while you're like well -- terrible why aren't going -- -- terrible idea about why you know five -- -- -- now you're you're -- let's review everything I don't know there was little challenger there was backside illegal contact on that play I -- I want that child okay now Atlantis can now maybe you belong when you're two flags gas and or at least pass interference Mike got everything happened so quick. And it's such a big deal can be a fifteen yard penalty. Why not give the ref or a better option a better view of age fifty nearly -- -- -- that's the next. Is what you do pass interference I think there should be two different -- one of the spot -- one is a ten yard penalty fifteen yard penalty whatever it is beat -- all the way from that kind of stuff over the years you know for example the old face mask penalty -- it was -- outlet you're talking about something they took away the yard penalties. Fitting model or was it you know to keep -- contact but it ended down the field you don't want to get beat today I had maybe accidently bumped into him a -- how often -- -- happen where you're beaten enough. So that you think it's a 100% unbeaten and I'm willing to tackle the guy. Because the dust catcher there's always a chance he can drop I would make two different kinds of and that was known as the spot foul. One is short and the other the last thing I would do I don't want more now. I would make holdings I would have two different holding. Offensive holding on a passing play should be ten yards as it is right now offensive holding and running fortunately. Line. Because. It feels good about it is -- -- look at disproportionate penalty for a running play that generally only -- the report. Again if there's holding on -- back you up and it seems like an extreme penalty running play whereas if they're trying to protect the quarterback regular check down and against the three yard catch. But if you're from the point is if there is holding on a passing play. Where you're trying to protect the quarterback you've been beaten -- -- you reach out there to try to protect the quarterback you really should be -- about -- Socrates I have no problems with your -- -- -- one last real -- -- always one of the goal -- that. -- I swear to god I've always wanted to and the net never gonna do in the players' safety at a parable like via. But I just think that's such a cool aspect what does old films. And the goal line burst mode optical line right closed and there's so much about players right. Example that packages I went Welker after such a difficult time -- -- the play the other night. Rob Gronkowski instead of being in front of the post he's behind the goal post calculus test -- broke the rules that all Chatham once the once the goalposts to be taller. Yet that should be I've never understood why they're not talk and you possibly capable over goal posts and while you're not sure what it whether it's -- over. Quite like make them. You know just at ten yards yes I've never understood who decided gonna bring back drop kicking it you know that in the rule book. It states that the goal posts the diameter of the Gulf Coast must be within reason for Jews believe that the -- can be it can be eight variants of up to an inch really. If people hits now did in terms of licking off or deflecting off. Beautiful but it it's a large number any league where everything is so important is down to we think it -- -- a full into the large number. It was considered a half dozen cupcakes and -- Doesn't think that two thirds of the segments. Two thirds of the second one. And -- tuchman that was off there still. And it depends what sport two thirds the second -- kind of 12 thirds of the second -- pretty long time -- and everybody knows who we're talking blowing up their lowest total of the dumbest thing ever. The minute and a little bit better that I was aiming at which is -- -- an hour ago that's dumber and dumber than both of those not agree it's not. Having two different arguments on two days' time it will pass this we're past that we can move on from high on my no action or -- -- Talk to Mike to Rico who was there coming up in fifteen minutes and we'll get his take on what he saw what should happen I know he was pretty upset about it and thought the league really embarrassments also talked to three cup coming up in fifteen as we get ready for this game on Sunday night Mike Girardi Andy are both -- Mike you said something earlier about this patriots team in the way day. Interact with -- each other which I just thought was was I hadn't heard it yet sort I sort of -- you bring up. Yeah I you know I've been covering this team since 2000 thoughts a great variety of locker rooms and and players coming in and out and the defensive backs on this team. On that pretty much a daily basis -- After practice weren't there -- or after we're out whenever we're allowed in there. Are usually together and they're usually in some argument and it's always on the light hearted New Jersey involves the MBA yeah. But date I've never. In my entire time cover this -- -- 56 guys. Being that animated in the locker room like that in the manner in which they are. I homicide and I've been racking my brain trying to think if I've ever seen a group like that before on this team and I can't come up what do you take from. I think it's I think it's a sign of a close knit group I think it's a sign of a group that appreciates each other. -- I can only see it as a positive to me. I think part of it is. It's a pretty young group got a lot of young guys there now Aqib Talib definitely brought something new to that group. At the moment he walked in the locker room while he brought a swagger -- an energy. On and off the field and you may not of liked what you saw in terms of swagger the other night with Steve Smith in the penalty all that but. He brings something to that group that's a different dynamic and say. -- accordion I think he has brought something out of -- Courtney. And everybody else kind of bringing their swagger in their boisterous loud nature but it's deadly basketball related to even have a basketball -- and a little you know and it it involves some of that -- open and I -- I'm guessing they play some basketball. And because some of the arguments seem to stem from each other being on the basketball court and bring Pete Carroll back to play with them sure sure but I. I think actually from yesterday it was like he has been treating -- -- only heard it I haven't done that I do have an update on that. From what we -- -- no injury report coming out today Michael -- -- newly listed as Alex. Arrington dinner Gregory to leave -- Leon Washington all listed as questionable. For Sunday -- -- -- I don't know -- to -- to believe -- Washington all I don't know how they -- -- -- Washington injury that'll -- time that he's huge this year he has -- -- -- excellent at -- on this team well maybe part of metal -- presents you were just talking about the reason I wanted you to bring it actually haven't -- yeah. -- -- now the reason I wanted you bring it up is because Michael talked earlier this week about what the the personality what the identity is of this team is supposed to previous patriots years do you know who they argue know what their identity is do you know how they differ. Maybe from some of their previous iterations with talked a lot about the -- Ability to deal with all these injuries they certainly were deeper than I think we believe they were specially in the defense of line I remember you guys coming in together during training camper before rosters were due. We are trying to go through we said. Where's the depth on the defensive end of anything happens to Wilfork or Kelly they're screwed. And of course something's happened to both of those guys and they -- while we -- right first baucus Chris Jones was on the roster -- But it was still in Houston and a bottle and much better than I think we thought he was don't want any Chris Jones turned out to -- the trade agreement that attitude you guys in the aren't aren't my point is just that that. We didn't think -- was going to be strength of their so it is turned out to be one I wonder if some of that closeness that you talked about Mike is is. It relates to that identity and how this team is different from some its previous incarnation. You know they give us so we always get the spiel about next man up and you don't want it don't linger on injuries but this weekend even last week. Then there was some dollars in debt as a team we've. We're we're going through a very difficult time when it comes to that and it is challenged dust and I think the one thing that you have to love about this group to this point. Is. There and then the mental toughness that they've shown -- bit and every -- that they've lost. I take that as a positive sign. And I think they've they have they've shown a willingness like hey look you can look around cement on mail without Kelly we Wilfork. One to lead homicide last three Afghans which likes. There's no chance. But no they look at each other and say not enough we got to -- you can do district we can do this is a group and they managed to come up would combine -- a way to do it I think that's. That's great going -- for response. And they had guys make plays not gonna say. Logan Ryan. Has been great or is going to be a great corner but he has made some plays that have made a difference for the team in Iran Harmon has gotten out there and made some place. And you know that's a factor that next man up that it's not that you have to go out -- and replicate Aqib Talib replicate drug -- but can you make a play here -- there that might give us a chance to actually be competitive right and the one thing I would say is. More often than not I think they've had a really -- In the Belichick you know dating back. Thirteen fourteen years on I'm so shocked well and I think that's wild -- stood out now as it was a bad. I think most people saying that right now that we've ever talked about the patriots having bad locker room and I and I other than that without you know it was a great. Steve Martin -- But but like Steve Martin was a really nice -- -- the locker lawyer really but you're describing a team that it has a different swagger to it in the locker -- the now it's been good all along and nobody would ever -- that that they were bad in general. But that it may be a little bit different they're growing and maybe that's one of the things that allow them to deal of all the injuries were just talking. I -- I loved and these points -- well after I told story about the bill that Talib has brought it on and off and your -- to arm according. Amid some part of the mature a maturation of the players little bit older. That is a little more put on them but you know he has been a captain prior to this year in fact wasn't a captain to start the year -- because of all the entries. Is now a captain but. You see it. With some of the energy and the display of enthusiasm on the field he's always been kind of a stoic player who when he was playing well. And I you're seeing a little bit more energy a little bit more how my chest. I. Actually think that that's a good -- -- the pet deposit it was a good thing and actually think we've seen now this is -- relevant now because you and I are but I but Jerod Mayo at the same kind of boost last year from Brandon Spikes I think they have these guys that are. That are perfect professionals they comment right away they're captains Belichick loves them they re sign him -- reliable. But the one thing maybe they do -- is spark. And they have these other guys that I think have ignited some spark in this team I think spikes does it with the linebackers on occasion we know. You know he's flying forty gonna get somebody and -- he's gonna put a spike in the ground he's gonna hammered home he's having fun out there loves it. And I think Talib has brought that and it has. -- -- holed it out of accordion away that that he could do himself for those five guys for the top five guys in the secondary all listed as questionable -- start thinking about how you want you to keep an upper side while perhaps. I tell you -- or those guys aren't quite -- this a couple of -- off for those guys to play I mean that seems like a big one to me start to okay which one is most important. Well you gotta have to have to leave out there right I mean you're number one quarterback. I certainly don't wanna see Arrington on the outside I want him in the insides of for that kind of -- dinner to be in every need Arrington because -- -- gonna have to deal with the slot receivers such a big part of what Denver's trying to do though. We took a look at that list maybe Gregory's the one guy you can live without help but. -- dark both those three seem like absolutely necessary if you're gonna find a way to beat them well the Talib one. Is one. What is going to be. The -- to start the year I actually a 1000% needs to be out there against -- Thomas the Talib I saw last week and and the -- I -- at the end of last year when he was battling hip injury is not the same guy. And I don't know this team knows how to play its best defense would be 75% to keep to -- Mike to Rico was there Monday night in Carolina when Steve Smith did get the better of Aqib -- and -- bad -- he was also there when the game -- -- great controversy he will be here with -- -- -- joins -- -- alcoholic WB.

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