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Mike Reiss, ESPNBoston.com: How to stop Peyton Manning

Nov 22, 2013|

Mike Reiss joins Mut and Merloni to preview Sunday night's game against the Broncos and discuss what he thinks should be the Patriots plan of attack against the Broncos.

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-- Can you enlighten us a little so I still have trouble grasping to have trouble believing and let that guy was like -- look for Jacoby Ellsbury contract. The two year he -- with Denver are no reports. About about a let's see -- -- -- 1015. Times -- -- well I got from Denver or. First are you just read you got a one year contractors. In Denver not a Trojan contract so one year contract with a club option for second here. So I think that some misperceptions. That that's out there he got a one year deal and after an and the costs has an option to pick up the fact. So. It's an opportunity to. Yeah. Jonathan Kraft earlier today with Dennis and Callahan it's -- -- a 37 W reality -- you all of your phone calls a huge game on Sunday night or injuries. We'll be a big factor for the Patriots defense we'll talk about that with like recently as the boston.com a conversation. With like is brought to you -- nor folk power equipment town fair tire and -- ever Germany. Mike joins us on the eighteenth the hotline and we did a little Wes Welker thing over and over again to -- and revisit the contract part with you Mike but you. You -- probably as many Bill Belichick press conferences as anyone on the beat and when Randy Moss came back he lauded Randy Moss when Adam Vinatieri came back he lauded Adam Vinatieri -- -- some others I'm forgetting were you surprised at all. That Wes Welker didn't get that same sort of over the top treatment -- got a today and I just not read about a Mike. Didn't hit it today but but he was Belcher was really -- about. It in this morning news conference. Can't say I would that surprise more a couple of reasons that first and foremost -- the situation of the week. You know coming up again in the night in which. Belichick probably at the legacy. I mean Hewitt aren't a little bit by the officials and then. Just have a short week. This is one of those weeks where it didn't feel like if you can -- we -- Belichick wasn't all. Engaging and well you know in the news conference so you can sort itself. Anyway I'm David it was sort of in the direction that I'd start with baton and not the other part. I'm not sure how much will -- -- that there's you know probably probably wanna do it because. -- the way it ended. -- the best but the guys covering Wes Welker and others we're where we stand. Right now with with -- to leave and Gregory for this week at. It does well but obviously be cute story for the patriots and you know all three got. Have been out at practice and here -- how odd sort of input and he'd be playing probably. You don't -- in the scheme as has been reported by others. So but I think you got you're gonna have great respect. At eight the -- that's very important to them in this -- beginning and I do think we're gonna see a belief in Arlington play in the game civil. Separate it -- the personnel are to extend its forward and say I'm gonna play the Spaniard didn't sub defense for pretty much the whole game. As we know the way the Broncos play they spread the field with three receivers. You -- can that help the US government debt and according to cornerback in this game and that in and I. As compact as you want. What are your best defensive back. Back to back quarterback spot against Mary -- against -- -- because they're probably due to the best chance to look to win the. And that's -- -- like we're talking in my -- -- PM boston.com would you expect that white out of the gate no fool around right into. That defense and try to put as many bodies out there for -- Manning's receivers as possible. I think so much and I am sort of drawing up the the idea of how how I would propose to do it. And I think I'd put my court in the lead -- Arrington has the corners and then the question that's what we get a matchup against Welker and the first thought I -- was. I'm OK. With it in -- -- in the -- What -- The overall quieter simpler so we are in the Super Bowl when Aaron can you remember it a pretty solid job against Victor Cruz. In the slot -- was not a huge factor in the Super Bowl obviously Arrington didn't do it alone he's gonna have some help. I think you've taken that concept. Along with the concept so a little bit arrogant open. Earlier this year that he -- and slow. To the outside person that you take a wait and it'll be commit to throw the outside you know we've got to make some of them on a cold night made the windy night. Executive production -- -- You -- an open they ask Peyton Manning you know have you figured out Bill Belichick right with the recent success struggled early on his career. They -- always go that far. I don't think you're gonna hear -- Peyton -- -- but. What he'd probably say is it's different personnel defensively that I'm going up against and it. I just think that that it is that just what it is because it's not like build great mastermind is really stop -- all that much recently. And all he has been and and that of their early -- -- a Eaton was in part. You don't. It -- time in the adult -- YouTube and played for you at that point that the rules are different -- -- that opened the patriot. In more -- -- that and -- players at that time. And -- -- probable that except that Belichick hasn't been an early. Were still sort of -- all of it. And so that's -- and so I think with experience and having. I was seeing a -- a bit more and the patriots haven't sort reinvent their defense and met with his experience as sort of the tables turned a little bit. I don't think it's anything really about deception and who -- more about execution. That's really what this is gonna come down in the third downplays it vehicle let it like cancers where last week you do that against the Broncos -- probably the reason I don't. You know you can't beat you you gotta I gotta hold a couple field goals to set -- -- -- popular -- In control the ball a little bit and help both the defense. That's where you got right now. I love the idea according to a corner Mike I do you think they'll be any changes of prime in the pressure. Getting to -- important but he if you send he's been so good the numbers are documented now against the blitz. How good he is so what what kind of personnel what personally -- most effective at getting to break Manning up front this game. So the mud on the floor and I think that the concept is with the defensive backs. You want -- on the receivers so you wanna try to disrupt the timing that would make it easier to do that. And get commitment and I think in terms of what type of front that I would you know sort of condition they might go with I think it's going to be there. Sort of later on their nickel. You know part of that you would -- McCartney teaching their children. Lined up over the guard. So almost claimed he had as a big seat. So let's say you're -- you know you have your on. You -- actually on the drug involvement in the field and some form cannot put one of our big guys Weathers are so bloggers -- a -- On the nose so those three guys and I sort of say maybe Andre Carter like sports guy so -- -- a little lighter up on. Gail rumble -- -- of the marching through a book and I'll be able to be competitive against the run with the later defensive line a tighter pop. Well I think in -- ball that won the order is pretty good at what does so. -- you know single like. -- Almost fearing and to run any sort -- -- they they approach that. What we saw what we focus on what's on the part of the game at the other part because this patriot offense at the Carolina that game record against that defense I thought their outstanding job -- put a couple times but. I felt like watching that team it might PA eight tougher offense to defend come playoff time it's in that the more diversity do different things. How does Denver stopped patriots. What they heard them that have pressure is obviously going to be huge -- you'd expect the patriots -- to come out three receivers and they're best offense right now. It's with Aaron Dobson. Julian Edelman Danny Amendola three receivers with her account yet I hadn't seen -- -- in the backs is they can hit you with. More diverse weaponry that way we get complete to attack you. It's -- think Cindy got the package that you want a sort of live within your name and record center. Well they're gonna in some of that more you know multiple receivers are spread out. Got to get Tom Brady and and that would -- the -- here so better players and the patriots offensive line with your -- your guard against the Panthers and we have the best at the titans played better than that could be. I think it's your gender which is hurting in the sense that it has under par one that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Like great stuff as always cellphones -- and -- to let you go enjoy the coverage this week able enjoy your coverage ESPN boston.com and look for talking next week. I entrapment or ideas like Greece habeas PM boston.com and he joins us every single Friday the only other that you're talking about. The undersized defense of Denver. You wanna run the football against those guys relieved blunt I wonder what that means of leaves she angering. In ice I I kind of imagine Shane -- being used. Maybe even more as a receiver than it was last year last week -- -- -- being lined up in sort of some Aaron Hernandez situations. In the slot on the outside he can keep the threat of throwing the football every -- but also. Put Brady because they drink comes up the line he can sort of you can look at that defense and OK I've got brain ended the receiving core but. I got rid of their blunt behind these wanna run against undersized defense try to control the clock a little bit. It gives that option and that's ever expect to see marine more in lat this week doing that but it -- while I don't know more. Less than mean. That it's on a seven drives -- targets. So you know that's that's a ton. Here's your normal game nearly 1112 drives you know so. That's what you explains what they always do mr. Tom Brady does. It just looks at mismatches. You know we wanna be physical now against these teams have been more physical in Denver and best of rhetoric down the throats or. They've been able to carry them. And we focus so much junk because the defense of the of the patriots is so beat up that we don't know was gonna play. But I do look at the other side. It and you we will use any of the day about what type -- -- -- attack them offensively and grind the clock interrogate the standard. Possession game right 77 last week seven possessions both teams. An added to -- it's it's the goal is is it always has recovered the ball put up seven period -- it's two minutes eight minutes whatever it is. Put up seven and if that means getting and issued out it means getting in a -- It was etiquette when issued a quite a while to get everybody back everybody else they get a better rate ago. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Three weeks ago against the Redskins six points in the first half and two weeks ago -- the chargers pretty good often seven points in the first half last week at the chiefs ten points the first half. A ten or fewer points as they got lit up against the colts in the first half let's go on October that eventually gave up. Because they they've they've gotten ahead and it's been one of those situations where to go back and look at -- and -- at least two of these three games. Are they had a lead team came back and through autumn is there were open that soft patriots had to leave late member that we really are as they put up against the patriots keep -- that up a good. You point out a million times a -- case today after -- three touchdowns with fifteen minutes ago. He put up couple scores and they go manic they'd be Broncos in the first half when the games have been close 66 and 71 last three weeks. So I think that's significant after they got their you know what -- up against the colts out there back to being healthy. And opened the defense is bad as people wanna make it because I -- 2011 before they actually shredded them. Very given all credit the defense for the for the Tim Tebow. Shredded. She tried to go about Jack Del Rio has never and it it also -- the week in 2011 rocket there and do it real and now compare that but no I don't but years ago Jack del Rio's defense operations started. Try to hit six and now in his career. Now fourteen just just your picks -- and how many of those defense where Jacksonville with crappy with crappy ability to playoff teams. Shredded. What was the awards last playoff when the Denver game normal back to 2011. In about the last year. -- Go back down to about I just like it's I've are toggle back to 2011 I -- about -- writing off this year they're better than. They're better recently for shore and they're better overall people -- given credit for as a defense will find out implant a lot lead offenses -- -- -- fair. The political and interlocking got aptly lit up with the cowboys gave up a million points. This is brace and into the same case this week -- big idol better since that colts lost -- to make. 6177797937. We see your phone calls on Welker Amendola patriots Broncos get all your breakdown and we come back -- happened a year ago today. Never forget Lou never forget. To say about that next.

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