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Peter King, SI: On Patriots Broncos and the "non-call" on Monday night

Nov 22, 2013|

Peter King joins Mut and Merloni for his weekly appearance and discusses Brady v. Manning, Patriots Broncos, and the non-call Monday night against the Panthers.

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Boy it's a big one right there on NBC's Sunday Night Football it's Brady and Manning fourteen patriots and Broncos the Monday Morning Quarterback Peter King Peter -- Lou how are you. What -- territory good we've talked a ton about this game here today we had a question earlier this week that I wanna posed with for you. Our bowl teams in the playoff on ball teams looking to get the one of the two seats Sunday night. Patriots -- Broncos Peter who is the game more important to the rest of the year the -- to the Broncos. I actually think New England because. I think. The most important thing state director of the year is that bye week at the start of the playoffs mean. You know. I think it. Eat eat it here he appeared at third and you know our report -- That becomes a pretty big deal in my opinion you makes you play that first week in everything. Whereas. Mean here if you. You know I obviously wanted to persecute CPU that week off and not only that. But here I think that. You know Kansas City. Yeah him being -- Paris and looking at this game for. You know -- Denver Indy. You know playing him two out of three weeks I think this that makes it. Really that make it in real trouble some games for Denver. Even though I like and during the game. I think if I'm looking at the same thing that the biggest disadvantage is. You're having a really good clean. Quite -- days. -- -- around this game so I think Denver who wrote it helped her. Just think Denver this weekend has -- -- many answers for what England and -- the consulate. I don't got to move -- Denver game but I us. I still can't pass a tough time tonight we haven't talked you since Monday night I have to ask you -- Monday night because. -- -- -- it like to call what what happened afterwards. I think bothered me for more than no explanation the league trying to defend themselves on that call -- thought that. Really made -- even look even worse what your thoughts on Monday night in what happened afterwards and explanations. At the -- three point about the number 100. I think that. Completely compared did it very bad. After playing in not explaining what happened. You always the coaches in the game you'll have a team in the game and you -- -- millions of people watching on TV. All we could do -- guess what her role. That word absurd does not have any idea why they ruled what it is -- rural but to be left yet. -- number one number two. The bacteria are then. In ESPN Booth after being with delusional. He talked about that play like there was no question that the officials ruled -- right. And while I totally understand. Why some people. Thought that the ball was impeccable. And debt patent opinion they have that. You know everybody is entitled to their own opinion. But the right opinion in my opinion was what kind of group set which was that okay if the ball was on at triple. Which you know by arguing it would be untouchable part of the argument is that an impeccable ball up at six feet over your head. Or that he's in the secular over the bleachers or something like that this is way off heated it up all that it that it followed Kirk. Would -- fallen to earth between. -- and creepy curb your feet. That's not untouchable in my opinion upbeat attitude may. I mean gruden may be exactly colleagues at the reason that this is -- Is that -- equally draped himself all over Robert cows -- And made it impossible for him to get back to the ball if it was something he so chose to do it finally did. -- How I'll just make this point that I think people need to understand blue line screen here you're kind of outrage at. What seemed like Andy don't say that they later. And all that but but I understand that. This -- explain to me very very well by Mike Pereira who except that cheer now obviously works for fox. But Mike Berger -- were being -- the you know make that statement. He's talking too much at any Korean and American market bill bella as much as anybody east target the 120 officials. In Armenia in in the National Football League. And those officials. If you're going to make that decision that the call was absolutely a 100% wrong which sometimes the league does. And now and you know make -- statement that -- call was wrong it should have been called the other way. You could tell in the course of this announcement. -- dean the Indy you know with Spain. -- -- To Parse his words agreed between the lines. This is not a call that we necessarily agree -- -- -- -- judgment call and we can't say a 100% that they were wrong. And Lou I'm in the middle right now humorous story. Officiating in the NFL. And I can be a little bit more specific about it in the coming weeks but. One of the things that I learned over the last few weeks. Is that they hear it's category. When officials get graded. Called support. Only in other words every call that an official make every play. Is great to -- officials might admit the caller called one wrong. And if they get graded on call that out of play and that he -- support only. It means that the league is not going to Calgary two or four EE OLA you view a negative -- for play. What the leak would have called it a different way now that they've had a chance -- -- that I believe strongly. Even though vehemently -- you know people say that the other day. That that's exactly what he was saying that we don't agree with this call but not so egregious. That a great error there are crucial downpours. We're talking to Peter King I cannot wait 3-D officiating story at the steps on the story Peter just tell me -- move on. Do you think that officials will be OK -- they play like that that at a pass interference call. Being review bull because I've got the point now Morrissey fan. I feel like that's the most impact full penalty -- gain even more even more -- -- holding Peter and I feel like. That's got to be a review global play eighty think we'll see that happen would they be OK with. I think you know what the LIA has had conversations. -- people in officiating. Who. Her parents who believe and people in the week who believe that. That as long as the number of challenges per game is not increase. That if the league wants to say that any player review goal or. It if only want to say that that pass interference. Should be a review -- I mean I don't think you would find people in the league who would it. You don't go crazy Baptist. However. If you if you if that in the Latin it accurately estimated -- I think it completely -- -- viewed that way. I'm not sure that you could say that they -- indisputable. Evidence. Indisputable evidence and be 100%. That the call -- correct. You and I and probably 80% of the free world believe that the call was incorrect. But I do know from Twitter. And for people emailing means texting me at all at -- over the last few days. Speaker -- came out strong. On -- that said that it was a terrible call I believe that the terrible call. I also believe that by the letter of the law by vital letter indisputable. That it would have been Hartnell record call. Our -- now -- on this game real quick. And we had discussion before people thick and got to slow it down a -- went and issued out. I look at that -- unit they've lost 39 to 33 and the media I look at it but -- Number -- goes weapons stop bus you know our hottest thing play out. I don't think that the patriots came when she would have I think because -- I think you're more likely that they. Denver could put. Anytime you're on the road you're playing -- can't hear it. The signal smoltz were kinda anytime that is happening. I think that obviously -- in its ships to the home team. So I think there's bad but I also think that depending on the conditions the physical condition. The New England corner. Then obviously at that point if the patriots corners. You know it and you know you're never gonna know truly. You know -- standard and and to leave our you know until you watch -- game. But if Bill Belichick knows that he's not sure that. That he skinny yet any goods down play consistent play from his corner. Then I think it's incumbent on them to try to bleed the clock. To try to play good old Bill Parcells New York Giants -- eighties. Clarke -- political football game. And so what you know right now I think only Bill Belichick knows that. Can be a big one biggest game of the year so far patriots Broncos Sunday night Peter is always appreciate look forward to Monday Morning Quarterback and all the coverage. Sunny and on and NBC.

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