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Brady vs. Manning

Nov 22, 2013|

Mut and Merloni debate which QB is better, Brady or Manning.

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That's one thing we get on the late because. -- -- -- and a hot sports at six and -- -- -- here and await today. Is there responding to salt -- all bashing them in the afternoon nap or that's on the Switzerland works in the middle those if those guys you shouldn't be affected by this -- right now I hit that -- Switzerland and a ball. I don't know the show things I -- shows the let's call up the show again present let's send them something in the mail pastry arts and it was I think it's involved the thought okay. -- enough. Or 4005 minutes and then get on demand that after the show. Our way. The -- it was worse than on the air or on the late acts of -- sports stakes on patriots -- -- -- business. -- Some of that -- did the inside track lottery -- that joint cupcakes this time. On the Internet the cupcake shop works not technically guys -- exactly with a clay I think you to learn. But the -- -- Angeles also sent I will call your mom exactly on the air at. Its current month that would never mature. And do you. Thank you yet accurate. It is into what. Some hates to -- because the be all too well which were probably touch somebody's laurel but this is Kirk spoke a lot of used to be calm before -- -- thing playoffs yet calm down relax and see that at 10 AM only on its all in all Bernard after they lose that little bit. Get it with this game at Houston. I certainly get the feeling. I used to get the old school you were a member of the colts pats come that count Peyton Manning unstoppable machine. Remember that feeling to be -- it's got to be some fear. Right he did it just absolutely waxed. That's kind of habit of -- right out of the gate did you did you sense I am motionless as I start to feel it no. Wes Welker. Brady and Manning. Just from a -- beautiful -- these guys that's basically what we deal with right now right maybe even better offense. Is that good feeling about -- and a couple days away the best at the best. Description I can say this feels like a playoff game. It's not even Thanksgiving. The NFL plays for what four months we just had on Monday night they just played what we are going to the game of the year on Monday night. This week -- -- patrons money Tuesday it's 48 hours ago. And Sunday night feels like a playoff game that is the beauty of the NFL that is the beauty of Brady Manning patriots Broncos that it before you even slice the Turkey -- about shopping. The Thanksgiving fixes. It feels like a playoff games on the very astute observation by understated just how are you gonna get between balance or concern now. About either and the patriots get blown -- you feel like this 10 AM on Friday mornings and Howard gets to eight. Thirtieth this -- you know it that it had that feeling when Carolina even though what. The great game but this it -- this. Get ready for this. Because after this at Houston Cleveland Miami buffalo Baltimore this is it. We really this is that this is Manning all the weapons. It's all about right now right through great game Sunday night do what you gotta do it to settle it. Up 830 and my kids out 730 quarter to date now we start to settle little -- It and that's when the crowd comes out -- -- it weird this is what it's all about here right now. It's about that but go back to something you just which is the big crux of this Oz like a playoff game used the word that I would use. And that's the word -- Like that the Carolina panther game each of fear it is in a scared. You could lost that game if you -- in its Carolina be angle into thinking you gonna come out of this in the final scores can be 3810. You know 4527. I feel like there is a real possibility Sunday night that you lose by double digits as in two touchdowns in your building to Peyton Manning. And that's the added emphasis on this game that's we've added to the Manning Brady -- -- to talk a lot about and the return of Wes Welker. Is illegitimate fear at least the way I look at the game how could go is your final score is 38 when he won. 3824. And it's a two touchdown game and Manning puts up 350. Four touchdowns. Quarterback rating -- 120 plus. And does it in your building and you walk in here Monday for patriots Monday and ego got sick where is this team now out where's this team now that's the added it. It you have not had all year. With a knowing that I had a goal back through the the pre 0732007. -- the patriots. -- because since 2007. When you've played Peyton Manning it's been 3835. They don't win you you know Laura etiquette get a score with them they look at this Tom Brady this off forensic escort -- let's go before 2007. I remember going to Foxborough on those games whether it be a playoff game or regular season game. I remember watching much TV of their on the road or whatever during that span Leo and now this horrible teams. -- -- company got to beat them up we get up Peyton Manning's number Bill Belichick is in his head this defense in his head. And then right before the kick off remember every single time look at a -- minute game gore. Man of how we gonna stop -- you know it's like a reality check liked but I let's see what happens and they did. You know and it was those types of games. Since 07. At the plate coverage now to match -- How they stop us -- that's that's a different thing now that's who we are and that's we do we are this week as well -- still there how they gonna stop us. But Manning -- You know it the you don't have many robberies a lot of -- people at my you know my generation may -- the older bird magic. Of these types of rivalries that you you sit back and you appreciate kind of just watched the two of the best ever play the game. It's the best quarterback robbery in the national football in general the better of the bird magic those guys are talking about a when talking about quarterbacks are not up to their fourteenth game. And evolved into -- of playoff games it's the best quarterback robbery in the NFL. US are we at that point or they can they stop us. I don't know I think the fear of Manning's offense still overshadows in the Denver Broncos stop the pages -- Denver Broncos last three weeks. Get up ten or fewer points each three of their first -- Like they are getting better defensively. The patriots Sunday night I as will get a better clue today as who's gonna play. I don't know who is gonna defend these wide receivers for the Denver Broncos any of them -- just one. Gregory better believe I -- there's no shot entered place. So yup hope to leaves out there any Phillies -- affected by the hip committee Gregory's out there to secure that safety spot he's played better but I expected Steve McGregor to play. Buy it if you try to -- the two you know where you that are you are fearful of how the patriots gonna stop Peyton Manning vs how that -- raucous gonna stop your guy Tom Brady. I shade -- more towards the Manning's side of -- because the way he's played this year. And because the current state of the patriot defense and make us feel biffle -- came in -- -- a 100% and have been a game changer was last year was there in the end of the game. And knocked the pass away and was. The guy we saw ally -- now he's hobbled now is missing -- of games and now I'm not sure. -- you stop Peyton Manning on Sunday night I I I've talked to Chatham ball this was over NASA last night talk the Wiki off the air these guys out -- ideas but. It's his his personnel do it. Don't you feel like 35 plus is the real reality. For Peyton Manning is off and that's what I feel is good as the patriot defense has gotten from last year to this year. I'm not gonna be surprised at 3530 points forty points offensively for Peyton Manning on Sunday night that's -- -- -- -- has gone all year -- for. Yeah I do on the after elected big weekend in that go into that now which brings you to say -- larger question and didn't universal question every single time. Because you feel better about Tom bell Peyton Manning's offense put up points and maybe when in this games that make Peyton Manning a better quarterback. As of today for ranking historically these quarterbacks I have Brady -- major ahead of Peyton Manning as of today. Its image as of today I think it's really close I thought you know one game. This weekend you'll note I -- -- -- there'll career over 11 game will not change. But I said this the beginning of the season and you got out before I feel the same -- today and maybe even emphasize. If Peyton Manning -- to. End up with. Fifty plus touchdowns and beat them Brady -- If Manning were to lead the Broncos to a Super Bowl I don't care what the path that is whether it's through doing that or not I don't care but San -- -- Seattle. They go to New York cold weather city. And win a Super Bowl at the end of the year we are now three to win Super Bowls and Brady's added. Manning's out of the second cerebral and a touchdown record. He jumps. I would Abiola would -- Peyton Manning over -- If they if they retire at the end of the season and that or an outstanding mobile again because -- careers we don't think a rover right -- quarterbacks can retire. I think it's a movable target this conversation of who is the better quarterback there was a time there is no doubt. Manning's better than -- out of college of course he was they got -- to their careers and all of a sudden it was O Brady's got a Super Bowl now has got to and always kept the rates three -- now it's 31. I thought throughout that process once Brady got a couple Super Bowls you -- Brady's way. I still -- Brady's way. Because of the playoff success which answerable get into. But if -- Tellme Manning had one and as the touchdown record yes I switch my rankings around output Peyton Manning. Ahead -- Brady how do you have them today. I Brady had a Manning this morning according you have ahead of the other. I piazza Breeden Borges is called and write a column today any sucked about alcoholics Coke's been in the reasoned Brady's better because of rings. Equal to build up -- ourselves. You judge quarterbacks on jewelry. And I know a lot of NFL people will say the state that I think it's ridiculous to the judge quarterbacks always a jewelry. I really do I think it's ridiculous. I think it's close because you know what -- probable that a -- both I think they're both there they're two of the greatest quarterbacks of all time I don't put Brady had a man. Permitting had a Brady that's what we do and it's why don't we do but I think it's got a ridiculous and -- that's all I know -- love rankings but with these two guys. I don't get it. I I don't. -- or a ball you're a nice new strike over their right you sit at the bar I guess there and it's. You and your body over a couple of Beers and he says who's the better quarterback is applicable yes all you gotta have. Brady's three Super Bowls don't put them at least. A Harry had a Peyton Manning for me it does I group Borges the -- bigots not the only reason but unable to separate I recognize the ball great. But a five to use this operator comes down 31 Super Bowls. That's the easy separated for me you know -- know that not on the -- and do that final because I'm not because. Because Tom Brady has turned into the doing the patriots. Have turned into what the culture war. Do that it is Tom Brady so it's a one of those people at -- number he's no good it was doable sizzle for. Yet now -- I don't know I don't think federal so why hasn't. At a as a lot of great quarterback like hasn't I think they've gone up and physical defense is they've not responded defense we had a team that chance that makes dot David Tyree could knock the ball out. At one point that's a wacky out there but. I wouldn't say it's not crazy I think it's ridiculous to take the most team oriented sport in all of sports. To where it's not just you even a quarterback it's not just you're not a hitter Brady's not a hitter and a box were you -- pitcher. You you need a wide receiver to make great catch you need a large you to make catches but it wants a while break up an interception. It is the ultimate team sport more than basketball more than hockey more than. Baseball more than anything at that is the one sport that we judge -- bowl rings were individuals. They separated because they able -- put up ridiculous that's right go to the next level play -- -- -- the rest of the -- go to the -- what about the rest of the team who -- the most important player sports. Nicole the quarterback quarterback in NFL team are so yes you look wins because -- went without a defense of the shooting guard or small it's all ultimate basketball team. Sports. You don't win Super Bowls because maybe your defense. Isn't good enough. -- you're not. It's because -- defense isn't good enough it's a team sport the ultimate. Mini MBA party's senior any three guys. You know three guys to -- what a championship. In baseball the ultimate individual sport. This disguised as a team sport or nearly got got a pitcher on the mound hitter on the at the plate it's one on one matchups. Meeting at the plate I don't need to guys sitting at a bench to do his job for me to do mine. It's the ultimate team sport where you need everybody involved. Not just on your side of the ball you actually go and sit down on the bench and watch the defense play football. But yet it's the one sport more than any of them that we actually judge on -- championship rings. To me that makes no sense. We can look at quarterbacks in the past that have rings. And I'm not gonna -- Peyton Manning is -- go one. Not about Dan Marino is is of any. -- if they gluttony where one. I don't know how you can sit there and say why is because he's got three rings he's been in this deckers is get two rings and just solely on the jewelry. That makes no sense I mean it's not solely on the earlier you asked me who The Who -- better and I'm saying as of today. You don't jewelry is a factor into it as is the effort to keep talking and I get an idea what that team around you. What weapons around you think Peyton -- this year is this much better than Tom Brady's quarterback do you think that Peyton Manning over the course of his -- has had very good talent around yes he does so I defensively yes if his record is not an eleven in the post offensively yes 81 and done -- in his career. 9/11. 81 and done that's probably my -- law that's probably the most damning thing of treatment career and that's why if you're looking for the separate her. That's the separate a playoff record for a guy -- -- a lead offenses around his entire life he he did not elaborate. Eight wanna -- five home losses here Brady as -- alone as he individually. Lost those games -- we could pick there is playoff games a bunch of really bad playoff games Bynum. I'm a pilot right now. For Peyton Manning. A look at his playoff -- as we speak and he Eddie he's had bad games I consider 79 point one quarterback rating for him to the same court bickering post he's stubborn. -- -- There admit there is exactly one point is exact same I want for their career it's a one point it has the quarterback the realistically is worst run. We won a suitable. Statistically is post season run. That was the worst running had anyone -- suitable why you also against the -- -- 2004 with a loaded offense came in here and threw four picks but why is patriot why do you -- a suitable a year. Because that was the post season -- defense get healthy. Edward could million turnovers guys' defense that huge turnovers during that run that record -- journal your -- defense of two years ago in Denver with the quarterback Tim Tebow -- Every was giving Tim Tebow too much credit he's winning ball games was your argument that was yet there he was getting too much of the credit that there are winning our old. But he was. I'll battle to get credit to the focal point was not Tim Tebow there running the football -- and the defense created a product tolerance saying you credited. The defense for those wins and no I said Tim Tebow got too much credit. Because that wasn't Peyton Manning dropping back to -- 3540 -- game Manning has been the focal point of that -- offense that it does anyone and -- -- got too much blame. We still blame Manning for that loss last year against Baltimore post season. People out there still blaming him the green get sick people have you heard me blame a once I -- he more anyone watched that game whatever -- -- that's not on him. -- they couldn't keep pace there at the end -- Saturday and make a play. But that same time for when you wouldn't get to -- -- damning to point to Peyton Manning's 9/11 81 Dunn's final playoff losses. The other side of that is Brady seventeen and seven. 21 in -- so eight. Quarter of the one and done that Manning has and three hole playoff loss next are often know -- -- instances lest the first I sure you have -- -- funny well. It's 77. Does that mean sucks I seventy I can do that is Armenians in debt and what does that mean that. The other side of the football. It's not the same as it was when he was -- super ball. That's the that's the only is is -- more team sport in football. Of all the major sports is the most teams sport -- that probably hockey -- it was a zero literally part of that he July part everybody working together but and to saints the ultimate. Team sport -- great and that the grip bite it's unfair article by Super Bowl wins. When you it and Brady so what's the separated stats we -- like this. The numbers they put up as -- played inside the royals -- notable fall to just realize who the elite rate quarterbacks of the game you want to -- to a big. Greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game I don't think either one of them need to ring rust and know that. Well I -- I know they don't teetering what you asked for the separated in the two for me. I use the Super Bowl rings for you you said there's no separation that the same player. You think right now they're dead even in their careers yet I think -- success of their teams. We both we all know that they are both great now. Tell me what they have around him. Do I think Peyton Manning is this much better in 2013 and Tom Brady and the whole. No I don't. I think he's got a much better team around him offensively. Absolutely. Defensively. We'll see they might both be the same. OK but Peyton Manning offense with his weapons right now is better than Tom Brady in his office and -- weapons. Already now made it a little bit closer. -- we look at the numbers. I look at their careers. It's it's it's almost like. What we've seen from Brady and his patriots. Should we should maybe look back -- Peyton Manning its statement we have rip Pete Manning up and down because his team. Wasn't as good as knowing that we put it all on him is why couldn't beat. Tom Brady but a lot of those teens. And upping the one of the Tennessee got a -- and still lost that first that the second we can post without a patriots. It pitchers go fourteen and do. Patriots have 21 and done during break Manning's career I -- they. What do they about a man in cold weather event. Since 2007 -- Brady once have been since 2000 -- it all ravens and other offenses ever sputtered since 2007. The -- it's been outstanding jets games the one that stands out there Reynolds game they go out with that Vince Wilfork got hurt early in that game and they in the ravens ran up the middle eighty yards in the first play. And that was at the jet game you wanna point to and say. They had this great offense -- -- gonna ultimately it was a total blow it way of let's set the tone for what -- -- -- at the -- eighty yards. Re write it down seven nothing for thirty seconds simpler in those -- but that'll give -- -- play host to games offensively. Both teams had trouble you look at those two games the jets. They just spank the jets they had some crazy -- -- the number early here at the jets forty thought Larry get a home and it couldn't put up points puts it there's deploy around. Since you've turned into the colts -- -- seven you go about it you want it done. Right that's a -- was -- alone you're great offenses. In the team. If there's airports you like to exhibit eight it's eight to two it's four times -- that's. That's a lot of one -- done for your career. Openings have that many opportunities but it adds he's -- and I -- -- that's the one thing you look at sipping mint has been a post season what eleven years. Twelve seasons. Any wind done a -- yeah I mean under 500 record yes yes but you know it -- this event. -- get a look at two of those teams three of those teams all 507 and away. Those are the 305. Your fourteenth through you lose the Pittsburgh. You know home against -- 07 at home date against San Diego points against San Diego you lose at home and 07 and always use at at city. -- three. You know but the I I don't know -- tickets. It's its. Support to we're it has so much. More to do than just you. One individual player well we've obviously struck -- because a lot of talk about this won't get your phone call 617779. 79837. As your phone number eighteen tee -- on at 379837. Albany's the Super Bowl rings -- right now Brady is better than Manning. In a -- got a quarterback was that you can't do that. He's got for flat footed tie would get your thoughts on with your calls next.

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