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Fantasy Football Podcast: Week 12 Sits and Starts

Nov 22, 2013|

Welcome back to Week 12 of the NFL Season and this week’s Fantasy Football Podcast. This week, Jim Hackett and Pete Davidson review the hottest names and questions trending throughout Fantasy Football including Shane Vereen, Wes Welker and Julius Thomas and all of the Fantasy Football opportunities and implications in this Sunday Night’s Pats vs. Broncos game. Also, Jim and Pete take an in-depth look into Pete’s Starts & Sits for Week 12 and tease what Rotobahn will be up to in the upcoming offseason…

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This is the fantasy football. My kids and Pete Davidson in the -- Does he flew home. Presented by a Mohegan Sun -- and don't. Welcome to week twelve of the NFL season this week's W. -- fantasy football podcast. It's presented by our friends at Mohegan Sun -- world the play I'm Jim Hackett and joined as always Paris Tennessee football expert Pete Davidson. Who's the chief Tennessee football writer for Audubon dot com that's the fast track to Tennessee the ball nomination more and date. -- Lots of good stuff we've got were swimming in in heavy patriots content to appear with the coming off the of the -- Carolina game on Monday night and then we go we frog forward to Sunday. Without pats Broncos it's you know he does chemistry given that Sunday Night Football on the on the heels of -- football with you know obviously Brady Manning. Fourteen being the topic. Yeah there's it's I mean how can't that be the topic very. Did you see any the piece by -- it is the Trout yeah yeah. He did he's got a nice piece nobody I'd dot com right now. Money it is what it is about ballot check on how you play it live yeah actually a really good read people's checked out. The tracks are all -- -- a good couple articles last couple weeks and could send him. Yet to really get nuts and bolts stuff that it does some good some good quotes from Belichick. Excellent -- it's -- -- be -- it's gonna great gained a lot to think the I'm on the you're gonna see that TV ratings I think it will be. Really really date I mean that's an understatement but they could be record breaking for our regular season I have a feeling and an epic game. -- right -- -- you've got at least three fan bases they're going to be locked in I think the colts on colts fans on some level probably feel. A connection to this match up does their part of that history right sir please I've seen the -- embargo fans and I mean I'm not affiliated with any of these teams really and I can't wait so -- Yeah and Kansas City fans during that it's it has a lot riding on in the AFC west between. One of those two teams it all -- long lived in the two best teams in football this in the AFC -- one's going to be a wildcard crazy. -- like you know for my money. The chief skip play with the Broncos but we'll see outbreaks they think a little more right last week I didn't I didn't like the Broncos play particularly well yeah and I still think there. Getting their defense up to speed it. I don't know I just I don't feel with the chiefs offensively I think their paper tiger. Yeah had a very nice that bad and I started the schedule was a little friendly in the first half and dumb. They'll start showing some warts but that I was I was I promise I. Not go away from what I've done I think -- you know the way they've played is great pick the other got to make the playoffs yeah. And you know depending on -- -- to -- a -- game I just you know. I just don't see them as being you know a real elite team. Like like like Denver definitely is -- patriots certainly could be right. Yeah I think the elite teams if I had that kind of run them off would be so in my mind as Seattle. New Orleans. Denver. New England. San friends are we on the fringe of the discount I can't get a collateral. Not write them yeah I would I would put New England on the fringe personally. And I would put. Joseph -- -- you know I think doing that in Cincinnati you were teams that were on their way to being there Carolina. Yeah Carolina. They still with their defense to show me -- and obviously but I think as a whole. And I think that coaching staff really has a lot to prove but I think Cincinnati and New England where there they were going to be there right but the injuries both teams have suffered. And they you know. Actions to take an -- and out of Cincinnati defense is just brutal. Yeah it really is and they've already lost quarterbacks to assert you know it's. I'd I don't see them being as high and they might have been. You know and end up against Marvin Lewis but not Bill Belichick. Are you that's the sure I don't know they just have to jobs this year. I've -- I've -- against Marvin Lewis but you know like. -- -- now on the you know a New England you know it's the offense is exactly where you hoped it would be I think at least my personal standpoint. But the defense. Spoof -- boy that's tough it's just been in opposite of the guys they have haven't. Done a decent job but how do you lose what they've. Again we talked -- last week it's -- the center of your run stop defense you know next next -- the -- next week is Thanksgiving and you know this is when. You more than having to run the ball is stunt ended December you need to be able to stop the run. And we do you lose your your best run stopper up front and then you lose your best -- stopper in the middle. And you've got some injuries in the secondary stuff and I think you sought on Monday Night Football that final Carolina drive you know I think if new -- healthy. It doesn't come down of that column that last drive I think they wrap it up. I'm not saying three and out. But I'm not expecting a you know sixty to eighty yard drive for touchdown. I've you know tend to agree I think you know. You know and not I'm. Obviously I'm I'm not patriots but I'm not gonna rub anybody's -- and anything here but you know I just think. Realistically. It's a really just say that the patriots are league right now has almost taken a shot at Wilfork and mail it in a country like -- We and the defense that they were they -- as a said the couple weeks ago and one of our conversations. On the podcast is it to you for the first time he could see telecheck starting to trust them and throwing different wrinkles in using newly had. You know his core foundation -- and he had some guys emerging in some playmakers that he could trust a little bit it's a shame that it was this year that he lost a couple key people. Yeah I mean -- from the front -- your perspective definitely shame. And you know I think the other thing about it that's got to be just sort of liberal use words to you were used sucker punch for the -- couple laps ago you know you're watching the offense come together and I -- -- -- -- -- -- just sort of they had why can't we develop a defense because you don't have to be -- Wilfork and don't percent and it there was only 2% and -- -- -- -- -- -- 100%. This is attainable to a super. I agree I agree. The so and one of the one of the players that's back on the pats and he's been trending a lot on Tennessee football web sites and conversations as Shane -- someone I want to kind of start things off -- Tennessee football perspective just hitting on some names. They were seeing out there a lot of people are talking about now asking about one of them is operating you've we've been talking about him for awhile. You were weeks weeks. But it didn't stop a robbery yeah you -- weeks ahead event and you know I think. Look -- a fantasy football perspective it wasn't like a monster game by any stretch but I was in college from what I saw he was on the fuel watt in active. From the -- from the from the standpoint of role. Right we saw what we wanted to see any automating I think he led the Patriot Act and snaps he -- up all night. It is people like 40% of the -- -- snaps. So -- so I guess the big -- point here and you know that it did just what we already know but patriot backfield. The guy who let the backfield and snaps last week played 47%. Of the opposite to. You don't well yeah well said that's. Yeah back that in -- for more than half of the game which is uninteresting now I -- from a mistake in my start and sets. I should remember that -- but it another lie and tell him to do it by 3 o'clock this morning I had seen for a call that's saying something about. -- probably going over that 50% threshold this week. Yet -- this one of your starts and we're gonna get that but I think he's a great place to start because you can look back in you can look ahead with them and can look way back to because. He was a guy. To target coming into the season he got hurt we won with a monster game it was announced that a year. So even talking about you know get them get him now while you can and here he is and we're seeing already I think what we want to see as you just -- Pinochet Marines one of those guys I think and you know it's I can. I I was already wordy within in the article this morning but I actually thought about it like a whole other paragraph two which is essentially saying you know I probably don't need assistance in New England. Based. You know -- I don't need to -- patriots achieved Marines are really good. With them but you know what you gotta you gotta play it got to play it straight up and I think most fantasy footballers. You know. Taken patriot fans -- the equation don't quite get how good this -- is. He's you know and then we've been through -- gazillion times but Marines just one of those guys where. Sort of through happenstance you haven't seen it as much as you might have. You know resilient -- that foot injury last year which kept him out for a while up. On an issue you have to hand injury. Which really just to it's what issue is -- going to be another one of these patriots where. You know it's just talked -- we get on the field -- -- could be a weekly questionable. I don't know -- candidate -- it's such an. It's such a valuable asset to have and you get a guy like gronkowski. He's got a lot of guys who can catch the ball. You know at the receiver position -- none of them -- Dobson is emerging but a lot of you know got. Is steady guys and then you've got that weapon out of the backfield and they -- -- -- in the running game to you know you know despite -- fumble. Look at Garret blunt last week I mean he'd -- there's a good defense and he looked like it looked like Earl Campbell on someone like. But it's never been a bad -- and -- -- is how many times do you want him responsible for Tom Brady's -- league. You know campaign if you're gonna sit there and handle the ball give -- to play for anybody any time. But in -- are going to be like Miami and -- what we're gonna bring him -- we're gonna run could have picked up my you know if you're gonna throw you know the patriots are. It's in the tried to play tendency for a and that's tough to do when you get a big back is a little bit cheeky protection -- That doesn't -- I think it should get a lot of credit for because for more from where I sit has protections gotten better every -- -- -- -- -- Emboldened protects while -- if you like. What do Selig Arab blunt and that combined for instance it. That that the fact is not a good blocker would not come to your mind and he's a physical specimens shocking to me just. Weather is reluctant to witnesses of the rights killers and -- before I don't know what it is that. Well the public purpose to big -- when he's dictating he's a good athlete Miller yes to react. It's a guy his size you know it's it's a little bit tougher you know -- I think that probably have a little bit to do with that it would airport consider block Elaine. But if you need him to adjust. You know and and you know -- did you -- see distress of these quarterbacks are put under protection did with the blitz is coming from all angles. You know -- it's not just about being able to hold up physically you know that's -- a guy like would head to actually a lot of situations pass -- better than a guy like -- He's a great he's great pass protector and Kevin thought it was blown out yeah. I mean those guys can get it I mean we you know maybe sometimes it was just chip. Your -- just to slowdown the big -- after the right guy they've made the right choice. Now you need is that slowdown also -- last hole in -- be like a fraction of a second but there are these guys can get thrown at them there in the NFL for the most part. Yeah and I think marine brings got a little bit. But don't -- -- Singaporean really brings is that he's good you know that the new buzzword for players like him is that you know the Joker yeah. And he you know he has the wild card Joker whatever you call them he can give you that. More than anybody else left on the roster he can give you that -- Hernandez capability yeah. Where he can just do a lot of different things and when you don't they can put him once spot when they go into formation and they can -- him anywhere yeah. And that really. Stresses that a defense when your defense already has come restating problems when they already have gronkowski there you know. So yeah I -- three marinas. The next level -- for the -- It's gonna be it's gonna play a role. Sunday night for sure there -- it sold so many offensive weapons in that game on Sunday Night Football. With the on both sides of the football that with major fantasy football applications on the -- Odyssey Glock Brady -- Ridley. Dobson may be cattlemen. In and -- with the Broncos -- time. I'll let let the patriots receivers -- like yeah yeah it's interesting when you look at it. Yeah. You know it's -- that Belichick likes people who can you know who bring many many dynamics that field and he's one of those guys. Someone who's been -- to Broncos actually to. That's it's it's Smart to talk about it's a big game but also from -- as a football perspective. You know Vereen is a name that's been bouncing around a lot in our circles. Others Julius Thomas and Wes Welker -- -- of the dinged up but wouldn't incidents in the right date. I mean I wouldn't I wouldn't bet my house on it -- I think you're gonna see Welker. I'm not I'm probably a little less sure about Thomas but I I I think I'm leaning toward both of them playing here. I think the real question is on the thomas' case I mean it's a knee injuries so -- you know if he plays is he playing at a 100%. So. Yeah I mean if he's played he's got a player played at 70% that's going to be all that good yield based on what I think he needs that burst. So you know. What we'll find out when we get there I guess but you know if you give kids graduate college number one tight end and he's playing. You're gonna probably won't start and. Now having said that if you -- of its load and -- you know they're cautious with welcome let's say or if he doesn't play. Do you see anyone beyond. Thomas and Welker that might. Pick up the slack a little bit that that may be you know we know we know all about Decker we know all about to various Thomas we know I have no shot -- It could a guy like god you know Monty Boller Helmand or someone else emerge over the back up -- I would expect it not to be the back of but -- of the that the running back but you know the what you just said the back -- -- you know -- -- and -- -- -- To the floor or a guy that people don't really know about but he's actually very good football players Virgil green. You know these guys that you know easily -- whom I'm not trying to say in the month old mom -- the -- week there. -- should be back at a player where people don't realize is actually predictable play. You know it is always. You know high and it's not always high profile. Sports and I like kind of thing but -- -- -- -- And you know the fact that Manning brought in recent -- last year -- -- jumped -- played so well this year. That's sort obscures the fact virtual greens in another got a -- Well the thing is too when you get down to this time of the year in the back after the heading into December football it's just always seems that the back that's the number two tonight and gets a lot touchdowns. I mean collectively you know with the patriots it was a guy like guy Christian Fauria would find the end zone we've talked about like. You know got a like a Bubba Franks and. And sort of important members of the title here is yeah draft a lot of people to -- for ever played for the patriots they don't know. Yeah he was featured as what you think a lot of people forget about that. Yeah it was a red zone target and -- so some of these guys like if you have problems. But he's got cricket -- he's probably got to -- He does have two -- no -- for. You know so but but look if you -- fantasy football owner and -- a guy like Julius Thomas like. You know it is you're desired thing to maybe pick up a guy like Jacob -- of one -- -- like you know back up tight -- probably not but they do produce. I know but they do produce I mean I got last. You can pick up a guy like that would be if Thomas is questionable on Monday night -- -- public. Yes but. But anything gets stuck you know -- like any even a guy like come -- India Italy Dick Lugar scream broke ruled that last week. -- military screen is like the -- what I would call him is that rare. Tight end -- Yeah you know it looks a lot riding on Antonio Gates and I was the number one seed in my league and at a bench spot open. Rather than carry a backup tight -- in the playoffs you might be better Kerry and -- -- various green yeah. Where you know it's just you know god forbid something happened Antonio Gates is. Legs or whatever. Every possible that this could become the starter he could put up better steps in gates. Right or even like in Detroit with a guy like Pettigrew losing consistent you know four is a big red zone target in my -- got and tough I mean they're out there. These second time since I don't. Yes I mean for days and with various green is one of those guys were someday everybody you know yeah you'll be stuck yeah. It's you know review really is one of those guys and you need to 66 with wide receivers speed and get up a little bit and catch the football. Well to put it like patriot terms for a lot of our audience that it be like when Ben Coates -- Marv coaxed back up. You know and and humility came on nine WEI and somebody asked -- the post asked is there anyone the patriots like to a fourteen of the times and anyone that. Is there in the current roster that that we can maybe hang our hopes on in -- -- said Dan -- and you know he became quite a stunt. I remember my second year of fantasy football like treated Eddie Kennison for sale coach during the I can't -- -- during the playoff drive and. He did well worked out very -- It's that did that and a couple other names that we would need to be put under trending topics. On injuries he talked a little bit of -- Julius Thomas and Wes Welker Michael Crabtree he's been. Kind of a guy. Hanging around and in tennis owners mine's been on there. Lineup and our roster. It's all rumor and speculation at this point it doesn't practicing and you know it. I would say there have been rumors that seem to feel. -- reports that seem to feel most accurate or having him back weeks thirteen. So -- -- that that seems reasonable to me probably next week you'll feel a little bit to Crabtree. You know so candidates you know obviously it's really hard to hear what kind of value he'll have and how many steps to get the first game. So on and so forth but you know -- still those players speed up there near vineyards team that's. You know already locked into a playoff spot. You know Crabtree could be finishing player buy we save fifteen. Yeah but it let's say let's say a six and six and it all comes down to week thirteen. And you got Crabtree on your bench. And year out we've got a decent. Three -- plan but may be. You know -- someone in your lineup that's annoying you know they have a bad match up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I would hardly hard to not play Michael crap yeah that's that's the ultimate this I mean obviously it. I can come up with a scenario I'd play -- there yet I mean you know it's yes ideally no so you just don't know. -- he's a name like big if you if you're a playoff pole position and you got roster space he couldn't. You know it if something happens of the lineup that's got you there not -- avenue events that -- positioning -- He's -- he's got to act now because I think by. Bye week. This team might be a player we feel good about. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And they had a good week fourteen get to the end zone yeah well then bye week fifteen he could be. Recommended. Play if you follow ups and actually be willing to predict some. I think a big part of that two of you watching San Francisco's offense maybe take a step forward because -- that's something they've yet to do you know they've been really kind of stuck in the mud so. Maybe adding an asset like cam you know as he built into the middle to the end of the Tennessee football playoffs. That that that could add to that scenario to but he. -- -- -- -- -- -- 75% of the passing game went down yeah that's probably yeah I mean you know people are -- capital but. You know what Catholics that Tom Brady we're gonna take a bunch of nobody -- -- not applicable. To. Stanley Cup. Debt -- that the fact -- -- the veterans was was was huge -- him. And then you know the other thing about captain nick is you know. They've decided to protect them. You know they haven't said what we need this game -- go out there run they've been. Keep them under wraps a little. Yet -- -- and they're not letting him be Terrelle Pryor discuss the complicated and indeed you tell yourself for. Station's last set and they're gonna they're gonna play the way they wanna play in. You know that's that you know you'll probably -- Catholic run as the stakes increase right. Or it'll desperate. Dad so yeah I mean -- and fortunately it turned into a tough play in you know what you gonna do injuries happen. Yes they do they do let's suck -- one -- player that's you know on this football. Owners' minds mine as well is -- and Allen has been it was a nice waiver -- pick up a lot of people's been productive tailed off a little bit. But you get dinged up last week what do you what do you think about Elliott's. He's practicing at fault he should be okay it's a complicated now this week I think you're not going to be -- but it can be achieved defensive back yeah. Who have -- very good couple. But that she still the chiefs have been a steady and it's very strong top. Tennessee football defense that there they are. Not just on the stretch aren't great and I looked at it. You know what I was looking at -- -- you know kind of getting some insights for the stretch run. I lifted their schedule and I saw San Diego as one of the match ups that I didn't like for the chiefs. For the chiefs defense so you still feel pretty good about about it they are you expecting. That's the big difference between -- defensive team matchup and an individual receiver match. Yet you know sought -- I'm I'm assuming that -- -- yet. He noted that -- you know you can get the better coverage when you compare the Vincent brown. So you know I did it. -- remember until the what I what I recommend treating Casey's defense which I wholeheartedly still feel -- good moves there could've done it. You know that that's about where they've been. As much as where they're gonna go yeah that's that's okay these guys have been no more insanity defense in football through their. Let's face it a fairly cupcakes -- -- week's schedule and then it got real schedule to wrestle so I expect them to be -- still a top defense. But you know pretty good you know maybe more middle of the pack in the top twelve -- it's made it close over the last six weeks -- -- the sixth best in these. Yeah yeah I think again it's that whole sell high concept trying to meet -- back yet a top top defense Malloy can and and if someone's not paying attention as well. -- if I remember correctly that article I suggested to yet another defense she like back in the deal to a defensive switch is part of the trade. You know. It's a way to you know again look at the matchups. You know you -- -- defense that is as good as Kansas City but it the playoff schedule is better you'll lose and. No doubt about it no doubt about it. It's let's go let's transition off of that in -- look at me beyond the starts and sits potentially for war. This week -- he -- an article up on WEEI dot com it's up on the it is what it is blog. A study casual but. They are not -- as somebody. That he labored over the starts since an article today. It's up on WEEI dot com the patriots content in the it is what it is blog -- it's available fully right now and it's maybe. Takes some time with -- and kind of roll through some of the people who we've highlighted as start in six affection you have what one wondered what the top it's really interesting because this has had such an interesting year. They did such a strange team has Pittsburgh as is Ben Roethlisberger it's nice to see his name McDonnell like them but as of Tennessee football owner. Nice to see his name in the stock column as it's been a long time. I mean that he's he's been really starting with the patriot game -- actually don't know when he woke up. Yeah I mean I I think there's really two out of the last three weeks he's been bonkers. Yeah he -- it at 23030 plus games the last three weeks off the charts yes so I mean he urged the just that to me he says hey I don't weekly its you know -- a -- -- we've got a lot of missing quarterbacks like injured quarterbacks. He could -- hours and Ben Roethlisberger in -- even if Joseph -- wraps up Antonio Brown can make plays to Wheaton can make plays. -- -- he can make plays -- tight and Jericho Cotchery is hot yeah good tailback approach him you know Roethlisberger himself as a that the tendency to score a touchdown here and there so. You know it actually -- it pretty solid play this week in a politically but certainly a solid -- He's been used in like again like I always use the phrase. A someone that it's like the way it looks on my roster is the one in the my lineup he's been one of those guys now is a guy annual. You know. Yeah exactly so it is beyond. We -- -- twelve also says the last of the out of the bye weeks. Seattle's on the guys and since that is on the buys so you know with Russell Wilson out you know Roethlisberger might be -- number two quarterback you definitely take a look at. Other guys that maybe can fill the gap. It's not a huge bye week but the two you know two prominent teams are really good ones that have a lot of Tennessee. You know depth. Yeah I know I think it's -- there was Roethlisberger. You know with the rumors about his contract in the Steelers and all that stuff either guy where. You know he's probably looking at the last 56 games this year going you know to put some numbers. Good luck you know look at these guys come -- low ball me. And you know -- you know you need to leverage. It -- is right now that this dealerships salary cap issues and then there's you know there's there's rumors about Roethlisberger going elsewhere you can get moved -- sure you want to be able to demand money. -- -- -- finesse footballer that could benefit down the stretch tick yet but the playoffs on the horizon doing gaming the price points. When we see quarterback getting moved in the Spanish as also with the contract renegotiation and other sides so you know if if Roethlisberger stayed with the Steelers aren't sure he wants to be able to. Minimizing any ask backs that they may go forward and it's moved -- to be able to get a -- big fresh deal absolutely. Price got motivations what point yeah. A couple couple -- that's a look at. It's -- that would be surprisingly -- shocking -- the -- at the beginning of the year but as the season revolves things always change one -- a guy picked up as a back up. Off the waiver wire couple weeks ago has played really well as Mike wanted to on Tampa Bay. Yeah I mean I'm not going to. -- and long ago -- And I just played okay. I I just feel like on this one it's one of those things where even people and under what can get open against some of these DB in Detroit. Vincent Jackson obviously came back in a big way last week. Props to those people listen to our -- forward by some of them. You know I just keep going and it's you know it's it's it's going to be tough for him to have a bad game here. You know the strength of Detroit lines up with one of the strengths of temple which is its interior -- so. You know if I see the potential for big game here. That's it's that it's just it's shocking to look at. His name let me put up like you know in most standard leagues around twenty points last week and he's appease them pretty steady -- -- yet you're in trouble you know he's crazy does thrown his ball it was the long ball well. That nice touch. Again he he worries me that no active as someone had some from the blind side like this ad might fall right off -- shall now. He's he's slow -- takes a while it going to -- I would want -- -- -- my team personally you know not I'm not a fan of his. But but that's said the guy does have its fans obviously can't put him. I also thought it was one of the best quarterbacks in the draft. He's a fairly volatile. On the guidance or just got to reports there are people who think he could be an all pro and -- people like me who think that that's so much. Yeah right I'm right in front of innocent purposes when you -- Army is there needs to do his detractors like me in you know coach turner our primary scout -- You know we we understand a guy can -- there's no doubt about that yeah. Pre season in the past the -- -- cities is that it doesn't -- ball but. Yeah I does. Another guy another quarterback whose -- But just the last segment. He's Flacco lights. Yeah yeah they did teach Flacco like he doesn't throw quite as well Flacco certainly doesn't move anywhere near Los Flacco but he's a big big kid with a big -- Yeah and ice and ice touched on his ball to -- yeah there are nice -- -- -- the Ajax last week that I saw. He's one of those guys when it's good. It looks real good yeah yeah it's kind of guy yet true. Some may be Canadian -- -- this week and have a guide who's doing it very steadily and an unspectacular. But. You know helping his team in in and giving -- a point where you -- is that Josh McCown Chicago. Yeah I could I compared to Shaun Hill I believe in New York. -- that's -- that's a really good comparison something is gonna pop and play. That is deliberate guys were actually got you when you look at him like oh boy. If I did not look like and a -- and -- -- cornerback and literally throw like one but any extra read. He's come in the pocket. You know he can't keep keep keep keep plays at the way it's coached and you know he's efficient. You know an interest insisted if you just listen. He can do a lot of good things and help elect should I just sort of Martellus Bennett Brandon Marshall and also Jeffrey so yeah it's -- if you get caught it dumped there after Matt Forte so who's the great dad and out of the -- exciting news or you can. The ball out of your hand. Yeah it does something well. Yeah and that that and it's not dogs loose without offensive line like it was last few years and. I'll be detected at an OK I've I've may have done too much positive stuff contrast this year than again maybe not but you know that's to me that's the mark. A guy who gets it you know he came into the -- caucus for a little bit at the offensive -- -- works with six you know is the first either took responsibility for got some don't side. He deserves a lot of credit because that was -- you know it was -- the team that -- was sort of rudderless for awhile in terms of the roster I think I think that I think they're moving in the right direction. Yeah a lot of talent there and just he couldn't keep Cutler on his on his feet and frustrating team for our guys -- bears -- made people you know you look at the roster. It was like a baseball team without -- these names of his Kenyan couldn't quite get it together but it all star I had to say this for years and all starts at the offensive line that's where it starts. Do and in addition the key decision for them is going to be this off season Cutler. And I actually not sort of Cutler fan -- -- Chicago I don't know affirmative I don't want to bring a couple of back. I wouldn't if you if you can improve its obligations. The thing and that's what that's what trust -- -- to figure out where they going to be in the draft. Are are they in a position to go with the young quarterback. You know it did it again who knows a couple of -- going to be. You know but I mean I'm not really when you let me rephrase that actually if -- the -- I would like Cutler back -- There's no way of doing Tony -- deal you know pick up. You know and that is it just so that's really the question is that the -- -- -- due to extend a good guy between 930 years old -- decent QB to give hundred million dollars if that's the game on the plane now. Yeah. And another bad fallback to have until you can I think I think if I'm dressed and on the bears. You know talent. The evaluated is making those decisions. He's fine until I can find a better option but I'm looking for a better option. But it doesn't work that way. Because now you're -- you have to you know. -- do you do you know what or get off I mean because you know I was late coming up this offseason and they got title one year deal with the. The Z other kind of levers of -- I mean you know. Well that's that's what that's a question of asking you know -- Jacob north in this market network if you're gonna let him test the waters are elected him back. Because keenly suggested that only god yeah that helps you to check out there yet which could achieve which big government -- jeopardy that is second. So you know that's about the -- -- early detection and there's a lot of teams out there the rams they might just original cut was better Bradford. Yeah and they -- they've got a lot of receivers they are young ones you know given to him on Austin. Right Austin -- those a lot of sound. Are about how the -- there ranging from serious but what Jay Cutler and you buy pebble. You know I think it's it's it's it's it's a tough situation for them. I'm sure what they would really really really love it if you just had one more year on that deal -- But it's so they're gonna be an uninteresting spotted now the fact he's been picked up this year doesn't make it any easier and I. I'm wondering what is that what you -- as the market has been in the bubble right is not teams out there. With resources and need to -- you know. And -- -- car and it's gonna come down to this year's draft class and where these teens and up on the totem pole what they think they're going to be able to get trapped in an icy at least. And minimal. Troop franchise quarterbacks in the next year's draft. And then the other could be as many history for far. Depending on I mean I I I could do more gotta have some of these guys but I've seen enough cement -- Bridgewater and I'm assuming these guys -- going to be in the draft yet but if I'm an NFL GM. And I had any issues at quarterback Johnny infield and not getting by me. I don't care what anybody says about it I don't care how much of it Casey is. Now let's -- eyes -- winners especially. Clinton didn't you adrenaline and -- and the Celtics are stupid video -- it and Bridgewater quite frankly. I don't know if there's anybody in this draft I would take it had a. Guys these -- he looks like the real deal. Right so right there you got two quarterbacks and been giving you got me in the Kerry insulin you know -- a couple of these other guys. So how these teams value these this group quarterbacks and in what their record ends up being where they are in the draft order. It's gonna have a whole lot to do with free agency this year I think. Yeah it's it's a good opportunity for me just and to and to jump in here will only get back into stats and since. Where -- you talking about. College quarterbacks and -- -- drafted how to impact free agency. I just wanted to remind our listeners. It would producing content. Here it WEEI through. Daily and -- particular wrote Obama the updated rankings the waiver wire all that stuff. But it doesn't end when defensive football season ends it doesn't and in the NFL season ends. You go right through the offseason in terms of you know scouting meeting and getting out there and seen these people when you saw that with the pre draft reports last year. Says try to give a shout out board -- does all you along and if you want to kind of just you know. Extrapolate on at a what you're preparing to do. So I can tell you just give me goosebumps did I do that I can I mean he tree it's funny for me. February and march like Christmas do you think he felt. I love working the sixteen game schedule and I love. August so I loved working with this draft boards and all that stuff. Guess people bought great yeah but since we started zero but I have to say it. You don't -- when I go and I watched the film from weeks seven. I'm not to feel whole lot but I haven't seen before right. When you when you start digging into these players it's like Christmas morning you know your -- rapping talent -- can. You know yeah I think you thinking about the end that drastic looking at this guy. In the -- I yeah I can remember the first or so squirrel Paterson my eyes popped out of my head over to dot I couldn't wait to start right in the -- report you know. I mean I literally wrote an article like everything -- can finally got to make sure you know. But if you know when you do what we do it doesn't get any better than that so yes -- -- it's paid extra -- in the offseason and yet to anybody listening. If you -- on. We that there will be times in the offseason we're doing daily contact. You know there will be everyday during the offseason the dolby -- there's multiple scouting reports. On the site. And yet we're gonna do you know last year. We did. Thirty scouting reports that believe. As they as an added -- you know participant in Tennessee football and reader and I would just. Advise listeners to make -- an active favorite in check back you know earning an in the offseason just check back. Because there's always stuff and it guys like in in because a great job when he ranks the players gives a little bit of a skinny on the player. On the waiver wire in in that. Help provide links -- hey look if you haven't seen. Much of corporal Paterson is a reason I'm telling -- to go get them click this link for his pre season -- points of those you know just a rattle off a few. -- -- -- -- -- Aaron Dobson. You know table on -- -- guys in on the -- is good when you you just. Just and Robert Woods on the going right off the just the top of my mind -- in front -- so there's a bunch. But it anytime that you go to -- dot com and you look at the waiver wire or anything that's talking about players Olympic trade article and is a little bit of the skinny an in depth. There's usually a link to go back a link to go back to the scouting reports and there's some great video of a Paterson will make their eyes pop. Yeah I mean I. He's in terms of the guy you know running with the ball as head is not much I've seen over the last couple years it's any better sauce. He really is. Yes and you know last year we did. Because essentially we we've always done this starting every year we don't -- -- and we didn't care. We didn't entirely realize that people had such an app. Appetite for the individual player scouting reports you know we we did the work without publishing it essentially right arm and last year we you know we I got enough people requesting. Saying you know -- what -- You know give us up to chew on while you're doing it and so what we did is we did. We just got reports over underrated player like so you know we didn't do. You know -- and we didn't you guys were projected in the first round as much as we did guys who we felt there should be projected in the first round or should be projected somewhere in the draft. And a couple of examples. Our Josh -- maybe equivalent. Josh -- is good or in the the adoption would be Nicholas yeah a lot of people adopt single in the fifth and fourth round and you know we looked at him and just. No way and it had its control and in -- the second or third got the ball up and thank you Belichick for making us look smaller. But you have both boys and Paterson were two guys we like a lot -- -- good -- we felt like you know everybody was talking about Taylor and Austin and I go like hey what about achieved -- -- So we sort of had that approach last year but. We get so much good feedback on that they yeah we're gonna we're gonna hit all the guys this year so that we may end up with -- over hundreds got reports from the. Including patent was another one of what was it what was an interest in what was I remember. That is what we really hope to be crowing about the future but yet in Patrick back until we could to promote itself. -- you do a better job at this in the in terms of like looking -- everyone in college football I like to look at the quarterbacks in college football just. You know because. You get busy and I'm on so locked in in the NFL and that's a position and unfortunately not a lot of great ones come out consistently but. I'll. Yeah. They can and so they're adjusting to look at now remember. The article you put up the scouting report about Jeff tool from buffalo and people here were joking going into opening week with the patriots playing the bills of state Hillary and discovered when the guy like. He did great in that in a three seasons specifically in one game it's nice little pat on the back for you. We have to talk about a guy where you know it. That's one of the things when you scout everybody. Right now we -- to have everybody finally right and we hope we don't write about everybody but we've got everybody right and we write about the people we've -- and end up making an impact. And ended in the past the way we did it was we would wait for the players to get drafted. And it's OK we like this guy into into a good offense all right boom that's what our guys. You know we -- we pushed or chips a little further into the table lecture by doing the report before they actually had a keen. But yeah it's it's it's it's the it's the kind of thing where. You really want to get a handle on what these guys capabilities are going to be. And last year really taught us something was as we got so far out ahead -- things. Assimilation was quicker easier for -- -- -- we -- these guys inside and out in minutes still landed in the states. With the saints the home run that well boy we've looked -- -- this is that you know we were praying that that you know we you know we're you know what what it's still -- you know Miami and you know just you know someplace that kills receivers. -- it because Bryant channels that this weeks. Well it's like you know it's funny I'd hate I had a -- elegant way to go to sit yeah but Charles clay I have been caught -- a little bit but I just you know. The more I -- the Panthers play defense the more depressed. Yeah -- Monday night they they really think you could see where the hype is with them for sure. And also to like line we've talked about it but many times in my was floundering now they've got you know 40% of their aligned down and Lamar Miller such. Great -- it's you know to think about playing in to watch play when he gets an opportunity but that's the case right now. But is in trouble than it's been as it got set in the in this that this week's celebrity status fault. -- you -- and that you know it's it's -- fan bases will get excited when their teams go out and make free agent splashes. But it you know what you and I talk about the pre season Miami. They did well what I you know what I would term as an irresponsible build little retool this off season. And now you're really seeing the downside of doing it. I mean usually do rarely does that stop work out -- But now you're talking about maybe scrapping the GM scrapping the coach. You're gonna try to bring in the new management team. And you've got cap problem. Yeah exactly it's exactly where you don't want a day. Right so how how do you sell your organization to. I mean obviously you can get someone to put its promotion for somebody try to. But when if you're trying to bring in any lead GM prospect or an -- coaching prospects. They're gonna wanna see your books. It rather have it be broken with flexibility and then after a cap flexibility. What they want -- what -- you recount which is more so than anybody realizes that a reasonable cap position yeah it was a that was a dream situation he's not jumped out like in -- in -- you know for those who go back this forward Parcells took over the -- -- -- toward the jets went fifteen under coach -- -- have a whole bunch of good players at trial. That ourselves -- that's -- underperforming -- I can I can put six wins on top of that number in. You know right away. And yet the jets were indicted seven next year there in the championship game here after that so. Also a market that was dying to have them back -- mean that he had such -- interesting and fun relationship with the New York media -- -- so it -- It does not. You can't you know that's in Europe -- person you understand New York. You know you come to an airport for the -- she has deflated a different city. You know I've been to China -- particular support don't come back -- -- right. And that's not smuggle the sincerely it's one of the things that I. I -- about Austin. Is the fact that when you guys have some -- good up there. And as solid as yet that -- -- everybody's walking around socks hats or whatever and it's and that's the cool thing and it in New York is -- -- to be -- well. Still only one out of three people giving you know what yeah yeah you know because if you treat people you know you. You'll get three red -- -- -- in New York one of the giants and we're going to be jet and a woman to become down right. Well you know -- we did that the -- I have someone from northern New York down visiting the city wearing -- buffalo that. Patriot Act of making out of whatever the case may date. And so that's the kind of sitting your urges and yeah and what would that -- when Parcells came back out I was happy you know the media. -- yes sure. -- Rex Ryan but he is a walking story no question. Let's put that that obviously you have -- -- -- -- jets patriots. -- acted only in all the different. Players it was -- place it was beautiful. From a media standpoint -- patriots simply went on -- the media and I can remember streaming towards our coaches and it's. I was young and angry but I wish I had done on it since I was young and that we've really police. Yeah about -- and a jump back into the stats this is gonna burn through that the couple of the topics on it before we need that sewed up so. Reminisce about old gesture -- And get to the Richards odds and later but you know what what -- -- -- -- the picture. You know plain old I -- I should bring up. A man with the initials -- you don't do it good and. They like so I want -- wanna get into. One of the starts this week I find it very interesting situation. In Indianapolis for the colts is at running back is Donald Brown it's interesting to me for a lot of reasons one. The state of where Indianapolis is. You know you've got really. With I think is going to give a prolific quarterback in Andrew Luck. His sophomore season. He really I think over performed last year. They went out early before the deadline -- trade for Trent Richardson. -- regretting that and Donald Brown is that is the guys getting most of the snaps is -- start this because it's a good matchup but. I just I'm fascinated about what's going -- with the colts want to get your insights on -- where a terrorist organization and what's happening in the back field. Well you know I know where to start the colts. I think at -- ownership and perceive an idiot. Agree. And I think if anything is gonna take that whole operation down. It's going to be -- yeah. Miles. And you know I think that again I'm not I don't want to just. Bash people but -- just screens actually he reminds me of your -- -- Jimmy Dolan the guy who runs the Rangers in the next. You know Israel daddy's business and not a very good job and needed and that -- was condescending remarks -- -- -- waiting wondering awful. You know just to let -- -- and how do you think you would want without giving Jim. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That is one of the most -- positions in football it's not a good organizations. It never has been actively managing that's their claim to fame they -- the dogs and got paid man is confused he stayed EW can't compete at what point did you buy that they would. Of adults. They would adults that's it. They got lucky to get Manning and then they got even lucky to get -- and so you know it's socks and -- and then this guy's gonna sit there and talk about how they're paradigm was bad and demanding so we only won one title it's it's just. It's sort of comical that you essentially is ripping Bill Polian. And he can't carry polling mr. Exactly and you and in now they've given up. Valuable asset you know with the with draft picks pick or picks for Trent Richardson is doing nothing and now Donald problem UConn is that is that kind of other than what the center of the offense right now. You're still -- undergo trio you're absolutely right and it goes what we -- a couple of weeks ago you have to know your own team right. So if you if you appear willing to play Donald Brown why it's -- like to deal -- -- Richardson trade just looking singing and now I mean. Imagine next year the year after. The offensive line is falling apart yeah. You know and the net and look at that traffic that they gave way to look at it and patriot terms and no more tickets not a single player. You can take that -- moved back to the end of the first round with its pick up another -- -- get to offensively. Exactly or don't you know productive tight end or whatever might yet to defensive back. So if I mean if I'm if I'm Indianapolis. And I've got that you rightfully said meet the best young quarterback in the entire -- yet. Are many giveaway number one pick for a running back. The sister. Is that it's so. It's so yesterday as the young and say today but it's it's really twenty years ago thinking it's. Slow and not something the patriots would ever do it a million years now. You know I mean I I I I went after the jets are being don't have to go before for Chris Ivory like I mean that looks like the body of the year compared to Trent Richardson for under. Yeah it's it's it's it's kooky and it's. It it makes you wonder if lock is going to be lucky over the leaders career three glasses yet they continued to. Burn up the potential infrastructure of you know the roster. You know I've watched good -- -- not a one man team. You know so it's. See if if so don't undermine what it's going to be Irsay in my opinion and and you know I'm not. There's also an identity crisis on the field for that team I'm not sure -- they know what they wannabes. Yeah I think that's exactly at the -- I think last year when they when they rallied to you know in the when their coach was out. That he did have an identity they -- at the gritty underdogs. And I don't know if on the field specifically they have an identity that they were rallying behind now amber and -- had the guts to be able that is it gonna take them you know in the scale. To take them where they needed to go -- and they've been telling me to play basket for them. What I don't -- that such -- begun opening the -- -- actually pretty good coach yeah. But you know what the -- elephant in the room here and I you know you don't hear a lot of people talk about it and I think there are several reasons why but. Syrians has gone up backing mrs. Bruce areas. -- lot I think you're right -- -- nothing against kept Hamilton he's credible offensive coach but they've brought in -- Stanford offense they're trying to. They're sort of caught between opening it up and playing powerful ball and they really need to make up their mind and you know that was one thing -- Syrians would go to what you think about was area. You've got clarity. A purpose of the -- called place. What he wants to do lets you watch situations last year and they stayed with it in that it worked. As you know watch the colts last year there were fluid they were you to go up and on the field. Well it looked like a football team yeah. Asserted that that offense doesn't it's not seem offense -- run this year and you know I'm not saying they made a mistake so much you don't know it'll lose Dwayne Allen. Quite a -- if you wanna play powerful ball. I think they really did they put the cart and for the horse by bringing in the power running back. The easiest thing to do powerful ought to get a power running back it's easy the hard thing to do -- to get fox yeah. So you know runs yeah so I can you know maybe it's just me but. You know interlocutors you know quarterbacks like him they're pretty good in a septic. They'll you know the -- -- clean up boot order in the room pretty well did he -- cover up a lot of their mistakes but. But there right now it's it's ironic that he made that one you're coming about Manning because blocked -- we went one and in the end it'll be because of how they they've sold out is under. Our interest and so they don't yet know that's a good it's a great it's our want to go it's a great I don't root for them yet I don't know about -- and there for ten times more pressure it's a it's -- it's an interesting story about what else is adjusting to and not a topic do we can go to an hour and geno Smith no doubt you'll we will get we'll get to that Elena get totally gonna get the message pets -- I wanted to. Yes but I do wanna talk about during the starts says if you read this column. That cardinals colts game. Has a lot of juice and it you know -- costs Carson Palmer is a is is. Well let's start this week. If you need them Donald Brown who we talked about on the other side of the ball for the colts is they start this week. Michael Floyd a receiver for the cardinals is really come on this year is -- start this week. Yeah he's done that that's a guy that we love from day one. Yeah -- leaner and rob -- it both tight ends are starts this week so. That's a lot of Jews in that in that game and then conversely a -- is Mendenhall. So it's just a game to watch. Yeah well I mean you know that the colts the colts you know there there one other team that's running back Rex Ryan kind of defense people got on Ryanair. -- would have been cut from that ravens caught you know. And it's you don't doubt that defense is doing pretty good things this year the jets have had some good moments stage -- good moments but god was actually doing some. I mean it is difficult to -- played better defense and have seen play along. They are there they weren't there were laughable at the last our defense going into the draft and when they started picking up steam and doing well you know. To get gobbled up off the waiver wire really fast. No I and I think that's something that will continue I do think that they're gonna see you know put -- -- if they stick with -- that they give -- assets he'll build a good defense for luck. But. You know that game just has a bunch of matchups you noted that the cardinal sort of throw and that's what you do against the culture. So that -- you know that that should lead to some offensive production through the air. You don't really want rather than men but also -- any tackle so partisan Mandel doing well that should really get lucky. Right so Palmer but Palmer Floyd Palmer defensive -- and -- house. Yeah I mean -- I think a lot of what's gonna look elsewhere is it's getting healthy and Floyd making plays and now you know that is. You you can't take too much attention Hauser is gonna get free underneath. Right. There is an ice pick companies don't have. One yet he -- does he does from well with the with -- And he's he's been a guy that's been a down a watch list target Solano waiver wire to accompany it if -- seen his son ownership increase over the last kick yourself. Particularly at the percent -- -- and I and I apologize to folks I was hoping to get the -- watch was updated by Wednesday but. You know got a little under the weather like this off but they'll get it -- -- for but he later today. -- this for a coworker of -- go to -- Walgreens flu shot okay. That's an excellent -- for them to cut the Spezza. Let's have a couple lawyers starts in suits and an and I wanna I really would it cater. I like to take -- a deeper look at the pats Broncos it's the fascinating matchup Sunday night but. Couple other people they hit one of the names that tight end we talked a little bit. But we had a touch at least. 12 on the end of the game last week took. -- -- But I. Know he gets into. Vienna we have time. I'm gonna say we probably like the ten minutes so I -- -- yet so. What what are the positions we talked about consistently throughout the years tight end because it's just that it's a position that can win -- week but there's also a lot of talent there. And and one of the guys on the. -- -- yeah you know go between -- and I I drafted new to doing yeah yeah which Graham gronkowski yeah yeah but to always -- Mr. Michaels it was a really -- really sad story that's assistant. Sad but you know what. It's -- it's it's not they'll stay English scenario now Dennis -- scenario it got a couple million in the bank yet could divorce. Yeah you're right now it could -- their. But what the president wanted to highlight on the on the start -- starts its article on W dot com the -- put up. Is Delanie Walker mud on the titans. He's a guy that has been out there I've seen in -- and he's been on rosters he's been signed a lot has been on the waiver wire. He's been you know he's he's been kind of he really is you know pretty steady isn't he and he gets he gets his and. Bill Miller -- yesterday a while -- -- everybody good asking where's Waldo don't ever asks. -- -- -- So after. -- but this. Is getting stock it's like -- it was while the mob. -- -- -- -- -- As might be a little slumped. To retreat. Not a pivotal any -- a guy got Adam -- -- aren't as as kind of a fill in. Bomb in -- dropped off and always seems to be a little bit done. Reborn with Ryan Fitzpatrick who we know from his buffalo days lots of throat is tight end. Yeah I do right now -- this morning I'd. I'd I'd put my -- on an -- Crowe you know -- the united it to Delanie Walker as a guy I think we probably should have wised up to a little sooner than we did. Armed he's got a physical gifts for sure is the guy. Yeah I mean yeah I. I didn't see -- I gotta be honest you know there's there's the 49ers used more as a blocker. -- you know as an as an outlet he was probably as much pull back is tight end and you know he's he's. Don't you know my eyes a little bit he's played a lot of good football for the titans and you and what you said about Fitzpatrick is it was incorrect he's a good fit. On them for walker and for Kendall -- Yeah and -- can all right sail wide receivers start to this week correct. Yes and I think you know it's. Over the rest of deceit and it's possible to predict in this but it's possible he may -- -- Chris Johnson in the past two games of. -- and let me ask you this with Fitzpatrick I mean you know again it's -- we could last the pilots I know he's not. He's probably somewhere around twenty on the on the rankings but -- if you're in trouble what you -- you if you have Kendall right in there and you have. Delanie Walker in there obviously someone's on the ball and it's it's Patrick and he's the guy who appoints the people. What's cholesterol. You go one more but -- looked -- -- is he's. Has that tendency of for a sticker right -- I think I I -- stock believe him when he was with the built a couple of years ago -- -- -- want. You know so you know after getting a thirty for the -- right but I think he's got that kind of potential you know he seems it was QBs were either has it. Does -- so you know. You know did he -- you you could probably -- if he sticks you might not. But not but not a not not advised I think it'll. Kick exactly. So let's so let's take a look back quickly in and look ahead both. Game of the week related to them obviously Monday night's game -- Carolina and a look ahead to. That's Denver may be spent a little bit more time looking ahead. But just your thoughts I'll I'll start if you want -- to on the that game. And for some -- I am sure I was I can and it was a great game though before we start it was a great. Anybody has anybody. You -- concretely to figure out what the -- rule is following taxable -- things. Objectives you know I -- all Warren is untouchable in that it was rejected growing galaxy right but. It was obviously capital and that it was caught so. You know I'm not that I -- needle wolf verification -- any NFL came in the next day and make it they almost made it Celek what a lot of attention untouchable. It was about -- the penalty occurred. And once they went there. Public welcome it's a bad call absolutely. Delighted how I mean obviously I you know I. I'm not gonna lie I didn't have a lot of simply because they thought that was it -- and -- a guy like what Johnson right yeah did it from that point I felt like karma. Should be as the patriots but you know there. But patrolled simply to the call if if if if if you don't just sit there until it is all about when to -- took place. Well let you pick it up before. You know likely to wait Null. Am I'm Michael -- an afternoon drive show going to be great to two great points this week early in the week after that happened. One I just think this is right on the money goes -- -- to leave you slack in the pocket. In your pocket it's not a problem that's not the problem is he threw the flat because you saw something and then you picked it up and ran off the field didn't explain yourself that's probably -- Detect like I always -- always properly desk as he did yeah. Expects first quarter of a blowout just -- he's -- more reasons something happened. On top of that. If you're gonna pick up the flag on the last play of the game and by the way nationally televised game right plummeting crude. Team right there in -- like you can't. It's coming off the field that didn't happen -- justice -- -- face the camera and say what happens you look there's probably a disappointment and a couple of. Absolutely and we don't act and WB I had a former official line this week and he's like I think isn't it knowledgeable to call the announce there was a former official blew that call likening. They're just wrong in terms of the answers that but I thought holly really hit it well on that point. And then in the end the later in the week. You know I think -- -- that I think a -- I was gonna say it will come back. Do what you know uninteresting about this call is. -- it's it's. Given the way the patriots lost to the jets lose. Its -- Freaking ironic stinks yeah smells funny because you have got to play your -- that's what I do think the right -- Was made but it didn't have a whole lot to do with the play. Right so I think what happened -- jet packed game was correct. But and you -- back to this game. You get the complete opposite just. Because that it -- didn't have a whole lot to do with the play. Sure that's true -- -- and it can accept all overeating and fight to get back to the ball very much. I don't mean it wasn't a penalty. And now it's crazy and he was getting I thought I thought of what Michael Holley said that that this is great point. You know yet two days later. After it didn't matter anymore and when he came off but they reduced need the of the -- association are whatever their whatever they. Re released a statement and in college broken down an -- thought it was brilliant. And you know saying when the restriction occurred is that. -- this restriction. He was bear hugging and at a football terms that's a call. I think there's going to be. Being regular -- with the naked -- it doesn't look like it looks like it's very close public nor does the. But I just isn't original but this is holly thug and good credit up and down but he's so right with the stuff. You know the language they use -- -- restriction a Curtis restriction it was a defensive hold or interference that's what you call it. When the game is on -- three days later -- not -- -- their restriction. I like that we're almost as much as it -- yeah consistently come on man it's a bad back. Which I think that currents. So -- devices Gupta thank god yeah. It's a great podcast full circling we -- spoke at the outset about. About the patriots and and you know. Losing will fork in male in the heart of that defense and to me look the call stunk it -- that you through and brought it back in your pocket and didn't say anything about it. I think they made the wrong call all that agree a mollen. But the reality is when they happily and and the patriots had the opportunity to shut down Carolina many many many many times on that. Last Carolina drive. Guess what they were able to do it in and particularly on third down. And they put themselves in the position where the refereed can make in impact in that game and an extra and when I went to bed that that's -- -- sentiments opposite you know what I call stunk. I hated I can't wait eternity I tomorrow and and listen to the breakdown for a couple days but the reality is they should have been and that's. But it and I mean -- I caught some what was going on the but it was a good 48 hour -- 48 -- on matters will be -- -- -- least 72 hours in. All man absolutely so. Sweet it. Yes cl let's look at the at and looking ahead we're here on the Internet it's all about what are you gonna do for me next and so -- it is yes they do. Yeah so a lot of fantasy football Jews in this game so I guess you know we can kind of there's a lot of things that we can do but. Did so yeah start everybody yet -- God's gonna say I could be set I mean you know. Get a quality you're expecting the shoot out the unexpected. I well I think rationally and you know again like I don't be perceived as a as a -- -- Mostly be because I -- one. Just -- back to bury it doesn't color my opinion. Are you active I try to be I really like to me. I'm a patriot fan I am really excited about digital sensor. And I really can't wait for them to start clicking and I I wish I could play three games in one day so we can move forward -- what it would -- Because I think if they stay healthy they're going to be it would do really good things but profits. But the other side -- -- -- is good defense can't stop the Broncos. That they're good they're great team. Right they did our match up nightmare. That you just really don't see very often in the NFL I got in terms of just the city -- of the of the individuals. You know having to put it together as one big concoction with Peyton Manning during the show. You've got these crew receivers on the upside with size and speed and -- a tight end to Dover and Atlantic. And then if you do you'll all that they speak Welker and that it has -- at least he's Kelly on third down and you know it's it's it's. It's impressive to watch so it's just hard for me to see the patriots. You know slowing it down a whole lot so from that perspective. I think the patriots have to be aggressive offensively -- Is there -- player. On Denver that you think. Or -- ten emerged Lincoln be the guy and I've got a person in mind. In Alaska zone right now among my teams but. With with it to leave plays and he's on Thomas and I'm sorry und under various Thomas and Julius Thomas. Isn't himself -- Disney and Walker's got the concussion thing. Does that open up Eric Decker. You know I don't think it yeah usher and you know that actually happened commuters in any number of scenarios that could break down I think you know what -- -- -- me about this. -- this this game is sort of -- Belichick to go against his. Norm. You know usually -- over commit. To get. Attacking second or third player out of the game yeah I mean I've seen Belichick go overboard to take one guy Toro into the game or something like -- but. If you go -- allow Welker. Just sort of be that mailing your coffin player. -- -- -- That's what I think instinctively that sort of saying but it. But it doesn't make sense if you look at the way Belichick normally plays -- if if if if you could just make poker player not a guy with a budget history with the team. That's not the -- they should try to shut down first lieutenant -- So if the patriots go open. To shut down the various Thomas which would normally be Belichick's way of doing my thinking they open themselves up to get killed by Welker yeah. So. I just it's -- I'm sorry for -- just I just you know. I'm vindicated due to fight was gonna happen after school and I'm waiting -- before the two combatants get there and school you know right decision and says let's -- you can shoot well and I think I don't I don't have a dog in the fight but this is gonna be ugly I wanna see it I was glad it's. It's that kind of thing and you know -- Some analysts see the patriots do well in the first quarter could I want this can't be ugly in the fourth quarter. -- because it's just stated. -- other purposes this is why you watch football games like this. Yeah I created Agudio good good stuff did I appreciated as always. And great insights across everything that we cut. Well before we go yeah -- did you like you gotta you gotta make predictions. Yeah the first you can thank you know I know what I was. And aren't actually yeah I mean yeah I thought about it -- yeah I hate to do and you know me. It's this eye bleeds. Patriots dollars and loves them like I. Went to the patriots -- the -- it's all Sam and I cried maybe you want to do what what do it this way I think definitely. A tip at this. How to how to do patriots. The patriots win I think they're gonna need at least one turn over your home -- we're home I think the crowd's gonna bring it and whether variety. Yeah you know -- -- -- -- -- -- legitimate -- -- -- and I feel that I knew we could just keep talking another dad nice about it. I think I think that it's it's teed up it is going to be cola. And I think that the that the patriots have the playmakers in the ability. To cause and get turn over. And I think the answer your question the way they -- -- I really I think you need vintage Brady because they're gonna need every point today at the opportunity get you you can't have. You know release fumbled like you did on Monday night against Carolina. You do you can't have missed opportunities they're too good on both sides of the ball. What do you think happens to released such as. Great question. You know what I expect to see Ridley on the field first I don't know if I were the coach about -- them by duke. I do expect to see him I I however. -- -- However I think. I I think they're gonna spread it more I think it is -- lends itself to Shane -- but no it's it's absolutely worth. Questioning and thinking about because. You know he's he's kind of digging his own grave and has been for awhile and and I really would rather see them at their full compliment out there -- the members of the part of that but. And you can't fumbled on the red zone and you can total anywhere but particularly there. About that that's almost up. Is -- just I to me this is such a wonderful game from the strategic standpoint Obama I mean clearly I think one move the patriots would vote to try to pull off would be come -- and control the football yeah. But that's so hard to get to do against the Broncos that -- you're you're you're playing into their strength so I mean rationally which seemed to meet the patriots game -- is going to be. Ball control offense but not -- Yeah I'm hoping to see a lot of wrong to like I've really he was bought yeah yeah you need -- need that middle of the field and I think. I just think like one thing that was missing. Against Carolina early in the first seven I get -- you know the -- they have a great great front seven to bring a lot of pressure you need to -- online as -- can block really well. But I I can't see them doing that and being successful Sunday -- you need to unleash him you really do. Yeah I needed to and can I mean they can't have Brady sitting back there in the pocket and Von Miller on the field now he he. Yeah he gets to party gets it too fast so yeah. It did from my perspective I think you're gonna see a patriot offense where it's all -- in the -- -- brace and spreading the football around trying to maintain possession. They usually live and they do that. Yeah I Ike -- I. I I don't feel strongly about Denver it -- away the games are going outside I sort of feel like -- Slight favorite. You know -- -- you know it's an equalizer in the we need to wrap it up but you know it's a real equalizer in this game is is that is that the meeting. Did the significance of it. Meaning that you know if the patriots can can win this game and somehow Denver can deal wild card team and not a division winner. That's huge. Because then -- Denver coming on the road vs having to go into Denver. I think -- really had a negative mail without concern that a couple minutes ago that big big game is so huge from the pages does does not just in terms of winning their division and all that yeah. But but death by it but putting a hole and Denver's tires that it. -- of the more desperate team and that unit in. In an evenly matched matchup that's usually -- And only got one ring he's on the road in social pretty bad yeah underestimated the pressure on Denver yeah. That's really great thing that ever put the pressure on the patriots but I think the truth matters. It is -- is you don't of the Denver loses this game. That's in the paper they -- lose control their destiny in their own division that's that would be huge. It's huge changes it changes the entire paradigm of the AFC. In the play -- -- -- now let's do it. I'd man a great great insights as always and down. I'll remind our audience is too visit WEEI dot com today not only to listen this podcast you know 51015 times weekend. -- to go to the it is what it is blog and check out the starts -- sets were which are loaded. And up there for your viewing pleasure and then come on back to WEEI dot com on Sunday. And get there early every Sunday 11 AMP host a live chat the NC a last minute. Fantasy football questions in terms of -- the rosters we should be playing who and over who. Tell the match -- give as much detail as you can view that you have swift and well thought out answers again at 11 AM. On WEEI dot com live chat on Sunday and you can get those questions lined up well before that it would suit you will also make sure that he gets to them. And then throughout the weekend. Right now live on -- on dot com our positional rankings quarterback running back receiver tight -- defense. They're all there and got a lot an update on them probably finish by Saturday right feet. On god can I usually do we actually don't ranked defense the value of type defenses -- recommended defense of the cops don't do -- -- doesn't require exactly from generally the way I'm doing these days that update the tight ends receivers and quarterbacks and Saturday. And I wake up with a big. 72 out coffee and so this morning and had to do running backs and then I get into the chat with yeah which is great. Awesome so all that will be loaded up on -- -- -- dot com. And and the W -- -- come back live chat and as always. The podcast and all of our fantasy football content to a providing for you and hope for you using and enjoying is brought to you by our friends at Mohegan Sun in the world to play. Check out WEEI dot com slash play. And you can enter to win the fantasy football sweepstakes week when we can stay over Mohegan Sun I recommend you get involved than that and you check it out and hopefully win because it's a great place to go. And that's it for this week's -- as a football podcast we will hopefully see you on the live chat on Sunday they --

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