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Jonathan Kraft: Welker got a one year deal in Denver

Nov 22, 2013|

Patriots president Jonathan Kraft joined the show to discuss the latest with his team. He said that Wes Welker did not receive a two year deal in Denver, Wes has a one year deal with a club option with the Broncos.

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Opportunities -- -- he had to -- -- number but we're not taking calls for a while joining us on the AT&T. Hotline the nation's fastest noble -- for GL TE network the Kraft joins us Jonathan long time no talk how are you dorm and our current well you'll good. -- it's different buses in the building. Win a significant game like this game is on the horizon marquee matchup Brady vs Manning Welker vs -- -- does does it feel different in the facility we collect this. Upstairs where the business people aren't the marketing people and everybody like bad I think BM suggest something where the where the football folks work dollar incentives. It's the same thing week in and week out witches wide. Bill. Is such an exceptional coach over such a long period of time I think he understands it's a long season and you gotta keep your team emotionally. And and the same place each week and each week do you each week is that is its own. You know contest. And and it's huge if you give one more significant than another. Then when you're in those weeks sort doesn't have that significance having guys think potentially very can turn the switch off and I that's what really makes so exceptional sort of you're walked. Downstairs this week -- walks through the building I don't think you would censor any difference between this game than any other game in the regular season but on the business side. I think clearly. Holloway -- you still consider yourself a fan -- Europe there we see you Europe are patriots fan first and foremost correct. -- part of the patriots fan and you handle saying good -- to Wes Welker one of the all time great patriots the toughest guy. A fan favorite. Did you have to say the bill explain this to -- need to understand why -- -- -- ago. -- For the aren't so the second part first no. But on the first part as a -- absolutely had yet. How -- you not as a football fans forget just being a patriot and how the united huge admiration for -- the thing I always. Say about him aside from the fact -- wonderful guys that I've had the privilege of knowing. What I stand next to him and I'm no physical world specimen. There's really not a lot of difference in terms of what you look at the two of us are standing next to each other and then you watch him. Step on a football field and and do what he does it's. It's it's indescribable. And if you're if you love of the game and you appreciate what the game is and then you look at him. And and duplicate what he was given in terms of just. Physical. Just the basic physical attributes when you watch what he does you have to be about them and and I am about them and -- And fortunately I watched him in it in the different colored uniform and I'm still -- on them and what it does on the football field with its exceptional measures. You know you understand why is not a patriot anymore -- that. I do. Can you enlighten us a little -- I still have trouble grasping at -- still have trouble believing. Let that guy was like he was looking for Jacoby Ellsbury contract. That two year besides -- Denver are already reporting. A -- about a let's -- so about 1015. Times what Wes well I got from Denver. Well first -- you just -- you got a one year contract and in Denver not a turn your contract for one year contract with a club option for second year. So I think that some misperception. That that's out there he got a one year deal in Denver and in the club. Has an option to pick up the second yeah. So. It's not a two year deal. You know we've we've talked about a different TV shows radios we've read it that. There's personal. Dislike between Belichick and and welcome that may have played a factor is that your understanding anyway. When it's it -- -- -- most new chip notch or we've -- had the privilege of talking and meeting. Surmise -- you you some IB. I don't. Believe that's the case I've seen no sign of that from bill and much like the way answered the question about Billiton and how does doubt in the football there is this week. Bill when he's building a team. Leaves emotion out of it completely. Easy. He truly does what you -- is in the best interest of the team. And he has a dollar value in mind and structures that can work for different people and regardless. How he feels about you personally not a as a football player -- I know as a football players he has the utmost respect. The west's huge amount of respect not just for. Other physical. Toughness that he has but -- -- gets the game of football he is incredibly. Intelligent and you know use our market here in 2000. And instantly. Get our our fans and Andy on the city of Portland same wave flags with Tommy. And and I think -- values those things title in I've never heard bill say. That word. About -- and even if you did have emotions. About him as a person and I have no reason to believe that it does. They're -- aren't we lose the weight jittery. And and you were described their I don't believe you would put that impact. A decision it was good for the football. John is very eight tight rope to be towed here by the head coach when he is trying to send a message yet trying to put the best players on the field. To win that game at a particular moment I use as two examples. Ridley fumbles he sits him down and I get that you know coaches you know for many many years of have sent the message to guy who puts the ball on the ground. But at what point does sitting -- Ridley as an example hypothetical. Are hurt the team win you could be using him in the second and third quarter. Two to sustain some drives another example would be going back Wes Welker again. Wes Welker makes them put comments about Rex Ryan I understand it was only a series -- -- sets down. Out Wes Welker for a series or two with the beginning of that game at what point does that line get told where you're hurting the team while sending a message. War vet that's all -- area I -- -- -- -- I have opinions. Related to all that stuff but it's strictly as a span. Managing managing 53. Young guys. But -- and can. -- it's it's it's it's. Managing 53 young guys through the rigors of -- football season from June through whatever partners to use a man and all of of the messages and and and the method to how you're trying to do things to achieve your ultimate goal. You got to have confidence in your head coach and you have to let him do what he thinks is right. And bill has the ability. To do that as a span you can sit back and questioned anything I mean that's like football with. There's so much that's why all of sports are fun to watch but I don't think anything is more fun to watch and all of them football. There's there's so much to discuss there are more players they're more situations. Each plays scripted you you. You have those discussions and I understand the question. But IE we would never question. Build the ability to it to make the right decisions every decision he makes write obviously not no one's perfect. But to sit back and and question. What he's doing it isn't something that I do isn't something that anyone captured goes. He's -- his track record speaks for itself. John why can't injure and John I want that doesn't mean it -- -- -- you don't prepare right and and say things but you got it he knows what is bill. John quietly and behind the scenes you are looked at as a problem solver in the National Football League and I'm wondering does the devastating injury factor. The dramatically from week weak quarter to quarter changed the landscape of the National Football League is that something that worries and concerns the power brokers in the National Football League job. There it definitely. Is something that bit concern I think everybody in the league not not just. Not just the power brokers and and thereby. I don't even know who all the power brokers are but I I think it's it's some open that that's the real deal from from a team perspective. The you're dealing with what is a hard salary cap I know people question that but it legitimately our salary cap in when you give. Disproportionate amount of cap to guys who use big. Are exceptional players who you wanna see him on the field both because you want. You wanna noted that limited resources cash that you spent is going to be productive during the year and help your team win. But also because you want to see the best talent. On the field if -- the players you obviously at the huge vested interest in it for for different. For different reasons that I think in the last collective bargaining agreement one of those things that was critical to the players. Because they believed if you it would help that health and safety and we had the league had no reason to believe that it wouldn't I think some coaches. Felt like the cutting back on the practicing and hitting out of those with a changes that we made might affect their ability to put a team together but nobody thought. Is that it would. Potentially have a type of impact that it might have had amended no scientific studies. But that it appears that might have had in terms of serious injuries and I comparative bit. -- a league level. That's something they were talking about we're talking about what the players association and have a balance it out and also. The visibility that all of the health and safety initiatives have gotten hopefully. Ultimately will lead to a game. That provides. Lou it's never going to be it's it's it's never going to be -- -- game by its nature it's not. It's a physical sport it's an intense sport. But I think within the construct of the rules and wanna try to make this state as we can be and hopefully. Allow the guys who aren't getting. Table but a lot of money to be on the field as much as possible -- that's gonna lead to the best competition. A judge can you months dumb something down for us we often hear Brady helped the team by taking less money you redid his contract and Manning never does that mean. Rodgers doesn't do that. And on Brady's more team. Oriented in that regard is that true does it help a lot when Brady green does is -- picks -- last year. That'd help a lot does it make a difference does it give you an edge over another team with a quarterback eats up more of the seller can. -- it. It if you first of all com. -- is is. The ultimate team player from the standpoint that. If -- site that you use an exceptional talent who understands that in football you you need. All the parts around you for your best chance to win. And he's very Smart guy in the understands the salary cap and I think. That. If you look around the week. When you see disproportionate. Amount of money in in individual. Players and a lot of respects quarterbacks it's hard it's hard it's not impossible. It's harder to achieve the construct of the building out. The complete team and I think what -- Did with his contract last year was was -- selfless statement it's gonna help the team and is also got to allow us to hopefully. But hopefully will allow us for Tommy whenever he decides she's not gonna play anymore to end his career. As a patriot which is something that's very important to I think you've seen discussions we've last week around Ben Roethlisberger. -- -- no way saying Roethlisberger is atomic level. As a quarterback because I don't I just don't believe he has not believe Tommy is as -- it is has ever played in my belief he's the best ever. But you're seeing a situation there now where. The fact that he's gonna have a huge cap number because of her structures that are coming out and I think is starting to see. Negotiating and posturing I had no idea which side it's coming from I just read read the stories in the paper. And that's going to be a difficult issue when you're a salary cap is that that's a hundred and forty whatever 130 million dollars and you have a single player under with a cap charge that's potentially going to be twenty million dollars. And you've got no way around it I think it's very difficult. And what should do an exceptional job of drafting and signing rookies -- putting the full. Of putting the full came around and and so I think what would Tom has done is very significant. Does the off field stuff with gronkowski body at all personally and organizationally it's it seems like this just you know we saw the thing. Couple weeks ago some other stuff does that bother you guys when you see this stuff. Good thing about rob that I don't think kids talked about very much I've told the story publicly a couple of and is. Is what what you see is his public persona and some of those instances. Digital awful lot of attention. And and obviously. You prefer you get the attention for what he does on the football field and how hard he works. And what I can tell you is the he. Is it that the first and foremost thing we want what -- our players assuming they're good news bear. They're they're good people is that they're passionate about football and Robinson you're constantly. Constantly. Working to be a better football player when he's not in the building clearly he isn't sitting at home office couch all the time. Are you doubt enjoying himself but I can tell you he takes big football player incredibly seriously and I. I've as I've I think I've made told the story editor before but I'll never forget after the into Super Bowl you get operated on. You know at the end that we click on Friday that's projected date and then that Monday or Tuesday. At about six that night we were both walking into the building from different and there was start balanced football pros common and then. There's a big figure coming down the hallway on a crutch and mrs. Ford days after getting his ankle. Reconstructive. Six. And he's watching him by himself on a crutch in the darkness the week after the season is send in the market raw footage what would you do wonders second -- of the left. No one else was in the building -- that you're going away upstairs and how you gonna do that is you Q could barely move. There's a -- -- their last night about what took last night is that you are right you're able to going there and direct. And that he told restore you restore and skull crusher isn't somebody that they explain to me what that was that your client on the bench with. Dumb bells and each -- you -- just started to -- -- and I realized I couldn't move indoors go to help me so glad to ducked my head. And drop the weight behind me otherwise it would -- I mean that's you've been there working I mean that's that's. He he loves football and I think if we have guys on this team who love and are passionate about football. We're we're gonna do better teams and teams that don't have that. Eight -- John was there any communication. With the league about the flag being picked up and if so what form did it take and what response were you given. That those communications do you know what happened between bill and the league I was Little League meeting now I was sitting there. Is situated from -- commissioner for a couple hours on when this -- think. Through -- Wednesday it was two days after did and attempted to recruit some embedded. It -- that's really the type of advocates pitching here between coaches. And -- bland you know the head of officiating and I think there's a lot of communication -- goes on after games and after situations like that. Where. Where you get an understanding Britain a more detailed understanding. Of what happened whether it was correct or not. And I think a lot of times. The league office is actually it is not a lot of times they're always quite honest and they don't. -- I'm not saying whether that call was right or wrong but I am saying good in those communications. If they've made a mistake they admit it and and if they if it was a gray area they explain why it's grave as they didn't make a mistake and they were right they tell you that do. And I think I think that's a real positive thing I've -- it it helps the head coaches understand. Would have been better and it it also because the rescue pot -- two I think it makes the refereeing is better and when you're. Clearly I have my view of the quality of that call that night and when your viewing to businessman and you're in that position you're not -- in. We were sitting up there we were at the far end of the deal this week in Carolina where we were sitting. And yeah we were pretty far away if that but I have a feeling given. What the situation was that he'd be looking for broad and I watched rock. The whole way and I saw the contact that in the when the ball -- in the sort of a struggle rep reach for his flag right in my head I'm going -- -- -- just like yeah -- and depicted the right thing. And it's very frustrating. When when when you don't get it. And I think peruse the answer about the direct communication with the week you're gonna have to have your afternoon. When they get bill on -- have a mask about it because that that's where that communication lot. I'm sure he'll spill his guts about a halt the photographer model question does -- February Super Bowl in new York New Jersey. Scare the hell out of -- after all could possibly go wrong. Were in the Denver for a -- am I love that I -- is huge competitive advantage. So hopefully. Hopefully hopefully we are I think the Super Bowl as. That is the idea of the Super Bowl in the world biggest. City. As second greatest city you have to Boston. I I think there's a lot of alerted that and let's see what happens I I I've been. I think it'll be interesting to see I don't for the people that like. Play a lot of golf certain and go to the beach and goes swimming as a part of their Super Bowl experiences. It might not be if it might not be like step but I think with everything it's going to be going on in Manhattan and New Jersey and literally light. Seven or eight blocks of Broadway are being closed down for an NFL experience. Type of thing Weickel winter festival much like they had an Indian Indian would have been pretty cool as the differences obviously in the stadium is indoors. But I think it's going to be an interesting thing seriously I hope -- in the game because I do think it's a competitive advantage. But afterwards I'll be happy to come mom and and did you post mortem competitive I think has a chance of ever get the model. Asked as source tells me about halfway down your April draft board as a future quarterback there's an all league named H craft there that liked to draft at some point so congratulations on that. They had spent here his players are wonderful team with a sponsored great players. But also -- great seasons two of home. Made all New England -- Gustafson and Nolan Brandon and he just he he has wonderful teammates and thank -- percent. John -- appreciate the time to talk and -- -- down the -- -- -- crap with Dennis and Callahan on the -- he -- the nation's fastest and -- most reliable four GL TE network will take a break and was. Headlines next.

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