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Answer the question Kirk

Nov 22, 2013|

A new favorite segment on D&C returned as listeners sent in questions for the one and only Kirk Minihane.

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I feel like eight kids. On Christmas morning you know -- last 48 hours before Christmas just takes forever yes I. I didn't die instance -- it troubling is on Monday that we on Friday or going to initiate. -- if she's sort of that it. Extemporaneously from. Yeah but I have to say do you know even without you we pulled it off yeah that was one of my favorite segments you know I didn't participate because I was laughing too. For about ten minutes and much saved me and and Curtis that saved me because I had no I couldn't speak -- But we pulled it off yeah and it just. From there will be a light -- -- thousands of people down. Requesting another addition of answer the question. I'm here to serve Jerry -- starts off with the ease who I did so looking for god apparently one of your running reverend exodus to be eighteen. He text -- in the final of a -- the next question yet. When I run a five K Kirk I have major traveling. Problems. What does the little Kirk looked like after running a marathon it looks like because I see this. 034. Times a day now it looks like Harrison's. It doesn't mean after a marathon you're down two a little external stuff let's get on the Cole -- well. Text it's almost it's almost what about a in my back lit and disappears about it just a regular. Temperature marathon normal two inches there. Until doesn't change -- so pathetically small it just a cool thing unfortunately have not been in doubt now -- it was such a life you make it work in other words that are big Kirk answer the question where is your wife's most ticklish spot. She's extraordinarily ticklish she's sheets and a little little rib area there are kind of the big tackler during the no choice now up in my head down. Always just let -- running and just go get out right there no music it's you know like a Navy SEALs getting get out Mike I would say soup to nuts. By the time we stood by the time you know what's gonna happen you know it's kind of get spot on the full time but time you walked in -- get off very little -- banged on towel off. Why don't go to sleep now seven minutes. Stop your dollar -- kind of guy. -- she's not require this but we've been together so long it's almost. It's almost like we're. Angry were enemies at this point fighting a war and -- don't like mad sex angry said. Amish -- comic art yeah finally gonna do this I'd Kirk if you could change this is from Jane if you could change one thing about yourself what would it being. One thing about myself -- would be I would like to be able I think to. -- not even that -- good action -- Not answer the question what they want myself like I would say and that -- had I had this conversation like with my area. Mother one time to agree and it's a good guys ought to have to Wear glasses. A good out there I was saying -- good teeth. My wife Nevada cavities -- and even have to go to the dentist. I have Irish team. Yeah I could have Russia wants I cavities just look at that we know Swedish fish. I wish I wish I didn't get. So angry so fast like you know them that's a stupid answer -- could change one thing what would agree. I'm perfect. -- -- We elect realists would sleep past five on weekends. All one that's out I was outsiders is that something about yourself I guess -- what -- are about like to be a while you're used to be a great sleep from the -- I would like to be good sleeper like I always said I'd like to go sleep on planes. I like to be -- asleep in here not turn into darkness I was -- -- the so answer the question -- you can change what would you like to be shorter taller bigger smaller more hair or hair not okay repair I would like to would you like to look like DJ -- still hadn't really had obviously the park as a matter of them that was it was -- as a matter -- -- if I'm better looking what does that lead to help us. Yeah it rang me and this sort. -- we're gonna look at this. Could be all played. I don't like my -- actually not I don't like I don't finally finally I can't get -- probably get -- -- -- -- -- have kind of signals from I got obligated it's got some slopes to -- what's been broken it's yeah -- I would mind nose job publish my notes have been broken more times -- -- you wind was always. Good for you to. -- double figures you're about. And who punched a much different -- who pays the horse that. Or look at photos and he just said you had silly donut Uga Ewan yeah it's it's not like what he -- I would like that when somebody. Aggravates me that I wouldn't respond. With such vitriol -- it would have an ability -- sort of take a deep breath. Hop in other words I feel the same way would you like to go through life like Mikey Adam's yeah I mean he's just happy but that final guy come hell I mean I just beat around him feel better be at Mikey and as one of those I mean no one probably says that about any of us you know -- beat around Mikey and playing golf for the -- play golf for the man and just -- -- -- -- and he just has a good times like Israel and I don't know what he feels like it's like his dog dies but for the most part at least -- the best absolute yeah -- one of those high energy guys that -- in the car by himself he's just like these smoke cigarettes he drinks like a fish and he'll have outlive us all probably well he well the SE there's no stress all right obviously good. I'm going to be interested in this. Hey -- answer the question. How is the character. That Dino plays on the radio. Different from the real you know in real life. Well I think that's good -- -- see very gentle. I would say that I think that there are things that go on in John's private life he doesn't want to talk about on the air I wish you good sometimes I think it would be more open -- that's not true that you think that's true. Some -- you don't talk about it much I mean. What are you doing next Wednesday. Up you'd be here would know where you don't. Oh yeah. -- the Eagles that live video Wednesday via. And at 9 AM will be there. Another MS -- Attorneys. -- -- -- a movie about the I saw that that -- deliveryman -- 530 crooked. It was character but I think that's that's a -- On the real loud Rio. Which is OK get the big. Part of the same off. But there are things that I think you -- away and I'm sure we both have bullet which group. Stuff on to it's literally in his closet yes there -- bodies buried that we don't know why we have a small team like we were fifteen you know we -- -- human let's go like this yeah -- -- they -- at the other -- you went the other affectionately. This. -- in question. As the biggest. WT. Had time to prepare for the well it's a let's run down. These two guys are to produce milk producers rejoice. Becoming sort of getting leased access management yeah you know -- not -- on his -- he's having Graham's personal assistant gift certificate to like Israel should Wear sunglasses inside and it electorate these huge bag. -- -- Always good Indian banner good. Obviously Mikey and I -- group -- guys like you -- -- patio days some nights you guys -- -- -- now obviously you have to project a huge bags now. Appealed to auction yet. We're not to expect JT the brick he's fine you budget that we -- guys are all good not typical one that's on how to get that everybody was quite that nobody got hurt everybody Jerry. Who all of the on air guys might dislike in a lot of off the year people tell you they don't like either what the hell yeah in treats. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'll -- what did you -- with -- -- give her fifth and that's current crisis is an attempt that's good in Dino is he's good too little people -- -- Assisting me and she -- someone -- Kirk on your best day. Who would you think could drink more you were Dina. -- I wasn't a guy rhetorical lots well passage on a new lightweight you don't always go. Looked terrible who less tolerance for Edgar Meister -- a -- the other comparatively stronger. You know I did I do know is I had a -- -- my -- deals -- happy drunk -- it's just that I was not looking for a fight. I was a guy -- bump in the people would look for fights anywhere yet but -- -- is that an opinion on its -- would be accurate it is but I would you know I'd I'd -- -- stood -- -- couldn't have like three -- she had to do -- meisters or whatever that well yeah yeah now does it really drunk fast and vomit and pass so this leaves a question and answer this question -- why did you stop drinking. And if you fall off the wagon what would be your drink of choice I stopped drinking because I just. I've had to be drunk all the -- -- -- one day I don't want to be dropped in on over anymore so just so -- -- -- just -- need to be -- Billy -- is helping if I couldn't have a -- -- have to have ten of them. Oh yeah you know I mean so I said let's just not do this and we've crossed the point. We've -- times we've dealt with enough. People don't really wanna be. So what's sail away now just grow a couple of -- -- go around Jesus in the well I didn't if you're quitter and I would go back to I would go back to the to the yeah commission complements mix because just not as great great bird like that -- like that watched and grey goose and the you know. Like trying to make ultra -- labor lists yeah coal nice that's sting goes with anything. I well it's dangerous you know people put that vodka in the freezer it's dangerous it's too easy you know you should have to work towards like running mission some pain in politics Scott Schrager writes got like that words should be some. -- simple -- to dish back in picking. This guy wants some of you have to drive five hour drive so you drive and you know Philadelphia. And you of choice want to go -- crash -- Oh that's an excellent rush. And that's rational required to be real quiet yeah through his seductive -- all. -- but crush it be chew up salt -- -- the -- could get -- put its members -- it's me because it's a -- doesn't want to but -- be driving. He's a guy who I think would. I'll be able I hate I know silence in the car. Review -- on the point you know now in Stamford. -- -- yourself up the board don't -- yet motive might do Vince Lombardi exit it was just enough shut up right. -- answer the question what was deep most memorable event. Of your four years in college. I guess you afterward maverick member and its member. Since them -- MM I went there that turned that that would be at the most memorable event. My four years in college I would say is. The day when my roommates came in and said he was in the threesome with two girls because I've never -- to be so excited real I was really I was really happy yeah. What is your best marathon time. 330. Exactly -- 33022. And do you think those days it was ago you can now than ever get there again that's that's over. And we end with this and with enough that will be talking about a tiny lights not lit. -- I needs to grind with a loss like you know Wes Welker still thinks Belichick's is listening when he stock -- -- you know still thinks that our old bosses over shall listen in -- boss walkie. So archives also got a I'm trying to all the line here. -- answer this question. Who you -- If you absolutely. Positively guarantee that's a good question would not get caught. Anybody on on -- -- -- -- the planet we're not counting like you know the obvious John Bird mine. Yeah poppies aren't even those guys -- somebody in my life element no lights yeah killed yeah. This after being your love Kabila Bill Maher I'd vote for bill how are going to Bill Maher he wouldn't collect your god -- and how. I think this fourteen year old kid yes he's been asked and they tell him to go to those guys count that's -- sure everybody it -- but the reminding everybody says -- but I would feel that with -- bare hand you have to do with -- -- what's even more fun to -- elected the -- area I can do that that it definitely that's a good one. -- the assemblyman dated today. Jeff Brown's life and you know what that kid that's a good one. You know it's sick that -- is this you know what before he's my age may be even before he's minions don't say it. Is going to be you know don't say -- happy are you kidding me out there beyond that it's going to be tried as an adult in match in Manhattan in Massachusetts. I'd be shocked the -- Not out on the street and have offered free to kill again so I'm all for for as many hands are probably the kid to own and be married it's -- offer affiliate emotions -- all that sort of stuff but tonight. Reading the details of that that it certainly don't wanna get into it if your body you can find out. Itself being. A loved one of this young woman. You want that stuff out there what he did well now. And they kept it quiet from I'll go after -- what passes Ellis public information I don't I know I can't imagine there's a right to know that god it's just doesn't seem right that they eat it almost like. It doubles the -- exactly does exact it's one thing if she dived and got hit by a train bright could be painful. Which itself at least now she didn't suffer. She suffered as she suffered in the hands of his fourteen year old monster yeah I pray is tried as an adult because that's an adult crime. That should be the question yes adult red line it is awfully close the peace spray paint graffiti year and its stupid or even stole car. It says that was a dome teenage crime he could. The snotty teenage crimes that grown man -- grown ass man crime. That's how she should be tried art and on and on this players up of one questioned me flogging off I'm glad in the week that it I want. It was still wants that no way to go that's very good question. We do want the honest answer and I went to the cape elect of the -- we are in Prague -- about this. We -- with this action no action or. -- now that the action exactly where one what. Take for you to be convinced of the existence of god. I would need. God to show up on -- And do something right front do something. Accurate picture got a picture Jesus. What picture gone public keys on the glass stained glass windows. Rights Jesus there's too. God now on the below the -- there are no images of god yes there are -- that's what it's like holy ghost it's triumvirate. God as being is looking like Christ here today. I shall appear to -- -- in your tool. And god walked in here walked over to there -- -- have an interesting that's. There exists a -- over that seat I would give up my family I'd put my my I don't raise your children when your wife to devote Catholic and there are big answer these last night -- night we forget you're wipes away -- -- in the home decent. It's a fairy tale -- night last night we read we did her homework in them we lied down and she did we did the our father together. -- what do you really expect earnings like because I'd want them to believe and have no. It is the best way through and even god -- ignite and it was congress that this sounds really on the war and walked me through this. You know what was your church upbringing Catholic. Really -- I mean you know I don't think Iowa City could do this -- that should raise the Baptist you know believes in the old testament gas and seen it suits your size will be asked raised a Baptist you have been more solid in your. Yeah if you look at the you'd live device likely. You really believe on some of passes before when you die you're going. Yes I don't know yes so that it I don't totally -- nor would I rat I believe it obviously are you out what's called faith -- you. I didn't say it was going you that you're now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So sinner like me can be for given all of that -- -- forgiveness before he -- -- and even brawn are clearly haven't securities industry -- yeah it's ridiculous concept -- have to -- -- -- the argument that the -- -- into it right you got what are not links is a lot of rules say that the -- on our -- I I don't think. That the old testament was meant to be believed at that it's all parables as Mike Barnicle was -- that parable not a thinks so do you think did yeah oh -- to guess you know yes too risky -- -- what earth -- two cockroaches yes. On the right absolutely. -- he series of votes out all of -- or is he cedars I don't even know I've known him for a long time I don't know if you seriously believe I'm -- I believe the Bible. There were two cockroaches on the no I was fenced up and and a religious and bar doesn't -- taught Sunday school that doesn't matter aren't dead yet. -- If you think John Olerud John it was like and a and I didn't it is exactly John was in a whale. Yeah went Lebanon gasping Moses did that thing yes part of our Natalie back -- the -- -- -- the move yeah -- just and it took. -- is exactly what else worst I he -- this talking serious yes. Are you being. Sincere you command connecting them to -- parred yes okay. Your amendment to the old test was not meant to be believed. They are scientific stuff that's like. Like like water -- and things that move disease apart -- how I think a lot happened -- faith based maybe I'm eight basic and that's the case of a crazy. Manson's chick her name is star. And her god given Christian based on what chuckles yeah that is her star we hear from Mets chipped. She carved little cross across Asia. It's like an engagement ring that he's got swastika crisis -- When you hear her speak and we will we come back you'll understand a lot about -- its relation.

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