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Salk strikes back

Nov 22, 2013|

Mike Salk shot back at the morning show yesterday afternoon. The guys responded.

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See that you got kids and they got a wide view of a dog it was let's get to know Jake -- a little bit what what is what is home life -- -- Ryan Dempster is my hero a national hero today it'll have chills even now just hearing Joseph and and -- and -- there on call. And you as athletes and professionals never like the term must win -- heading to Detroit for three what's the difference being 11 vs -- to. Again. Now all. He was bringing up kids. And athletes. Yeah actually get put on this reporter had good Prescott up. These steps if Donald was older than you have been Angel and these guys almost. Is that he's older and I'm sorry it didn't -- edgy young -- -- of another that was in the section with a talk about whether. Big -- malls -- To a plot to puck was was cooler it was an unprovoked. Attack. On Dennis and Callahan we have renewed -- we have never done anything to him. We are minding our own business and away I say hell -- close all the time yeah I just I mean 2 o'clock. Did not -- overview panel yesterday. 21 hawks coming up. I don't we got this tax -- -- -- Irish jeweler you'd but he was attacking us I wasn't aware that I mean I -- not eyesore I haven't heard there's hardly -- wasn't listening but I haven't. Heard this yet. I heard at all Michael is all that you told and I was stunned and hurt we are way my. This was an unprovoked attack on Dennis and Callahan. By Michael Saul yesterday on this radio pro and is likely -- atlas five. If I just shy ya I'd run that thing he had to run out like a binary for the -- Arens then I missed it shoot which used to turn and look to look and wait for the one line -- -- to three and a half hours. In the last half hour of the status it was it was a price below listener. It was provoked by a caller because of -- he went out the guy from Denver against the columnist about every is not really columnist and who said you know patriots -- -- -- cheaters yes. He got what -- look at Florida salukis. Interrupt hot. And some weeks ago courses why -- attacked that camp not Dennis and Callahan a minute. -- hurdle. When they come after you said turtle. More last two of the question from the -- excellent excellent lawful permanent got you guys look like kids and Christian life. -- -- please -- our -- saw yesterday an unprovoked attack on the Dennis and Callahan morning. What you Carlo woman died in the morning yet to come are currently not I don't I don't he's talked I don't know mental dead in the morning hopefully California and I'd never seen you -- them a -- You could -- I don't really don't know much about to be honest I don't listen to their -- I don't know I mean I hear they say some things but I don't listen to -- higher standards. Not. -- Listen while I was in Morocco. I have I was I was on vacation I don't know I didn't get here. All right well I guess I guess like curl up and mine I don't usually get to talk to them so when I do then then I won't coral. Well I think. This is what you can do okay if -- to -- and I am yet aren't are set I was going to -- record a show with him. 1 morning okay. You know get out -- and and maybe not the tires and you a couple of hurdle in -- 6 AM I don't have to do you know maybe the first. Maybe 797. And the yellow it depends on addict and what the telling. Television when winds -- television chart that short nap when -- TV until mine not a big stop it now balcony so you wanna be up for seven and nine can't. And you know going there aren't as they look. Here even talking about. I hear you can't keep my name -- -- -- you Marty told now you said that I'm an agent -- how much possibly gonna talk to their audience and and and win anybody over what are clearly I don't like old people. Just got in sour for those guys that the third time is almost done. And yet there are you want me to go why you understand I feel bad for them. I can't get upset with -- -- -- they on the radio is almost over -- they've done this for such a long time -- -- sound -- sound like I'm cold and silent colonel actually got the Asian youth but the the youths out the error but. I feel bad for those guys I'm not gonna get them a -- I don't need to fight but I am. Please it's going seven and nine picks are Wendy next week when they next week next week they won't even be there next week those casual work a hundred days of vacation you think they're common in the week before Thanksgiving yet we -- guys don't give a crap anymore -- in New Bedford I might. First -- acts. You can't I mean it was -- to bottle up that kind of chemistry. Caught up. Actually the how -- -- loved he would call relief thanks falling like. A look at. -- He doesn't listen to our show he has higher standards that that our time is almost done. He feels bad for us. It's an atmosphere that was and he doesn't know when Warren has. You know in October letter does the word irony begin uptight and well there is an I an irony right. -- one just so he we're clear. Okie you know when -- on us and only three hours a day when you're not on -- I don't know. -- The attack -- huge and you'll probably leave you out of the Arctic as he would say well. I don't know I don't know. We now I got left -- and he personally didn't get left out of that it was in general a part of pro heartless and that -- and the ages. Attack was certainly a targeted at. More -- and made my share that's the case of whatever but put whose attack and last night you but I think the general attack shows certainly included yes yes exclude other unions -- And it's always attacking him you wanna start eagle -- six degrees real feel is zero. -- those ages -- is what is the real feel. -- assault as an example. Silky I don't know likely -- Right right right you're not. 6060 gone through puke seventy -- all real feel -- is like frank stands. I mean you know and it's like he's like 76 years now you're through to get and he really is that you know. And it's a notorious BIG -- -- or little way now. Tell us with your turntable salt -- say this I would say that the program director who currently year and the one before said to me that was critical of salt. The one thing you can't -- the don't listen to show that's okay no problem. Salt did that today and that's the history that's his prerogative I will say this also with the program directors. We're told me to stop saying things about salt because he complains about them you must be listening to our show sometimes because you sure it's verbatim yeah complains -- the PD this is. The truth be known he's credible wanting to do for a long we have is music 1617. Years. I have never not once -- program Director General manager to make him stop -- -- -- -- to that we used to go at a pretty good with the guys in the afternoon and occasionally with the guys in the mid blocker miles all that L and and Diego and certain -- guy were. Mortal enemies I mean they were the snake at him you have to go to the I can't insult not only that I never go to like the -- manager can even imagine. Going. To make him stop can complain that pick. With you know supposedly with the child grown man with a wife goes in and complains that I would never crossed my mind now that you know what the PDT today. It's gonna tell me stop doing. Because -- -- on him on here because -- respondents just responding. I'm not sensitive I'm telling that he has retaliate their voice those two and that's gonna happen to 677757937. Unprovoked attack on -- and -- -- Wow -- pay for a pick for the ticket up if your house a patent is with Seattle. All our lives we -- Like you know before you do that come in and spent two hours. Yeah but now -- now so it would be fun -- -- five minutes do you agree totally clipped bull he. Act like -- -- it try to be ironic about it in it would be awful you know it would be like. In the corpse in I mean that'd be know -- -- -- -- depicted in any sport and it. Now it's it's all these guys clearly caught elements -- -- -- play. Our two DNC Jonathan cookies as someone taken sides of enemy we don't want a fair fight Republican attack machine everybody's. What is that sorry we already there's two of us has to leave or he has to come with some reinforcements. And maybe Andy and be an -- for the big note that no one other person who can we get. To fight this fight with still keep having to three on three yet to make it real green and -- -- -- please -- is too that's close yeah. We need somebody to pick up salukis policy page. That's kind of the boss. The boss has to be. These teams on neutral. Maybe the camel but he wrote in Morocco and pregame. This is -- available. The -- that Jonathan Kraft to the other side.

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