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Brady vs. Manning

Nov 22, 2013|

The guys opened the show previewing the latest Brady Manning matchup. They all agreed that Peyton needs to win another Super Bowl to be considered the greatest of all time.

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It's Dennis and Callahan. From Dallas Texas and B flash apparently official. President Kennedy died at 1 PM central standard time which. -- -- -- And that's what you want to what you -- an artist you make it's like man he's been the way -- But even selling -- videos -- -- wants to be the one plan but left bomb Gerry Callahan. We'll that we will work. Talk. Did I don't really don't know much about to be honest I don't listen their show so I don't know I was. A higher standard. -- -- I think get upset with them -- -- on the radio bubbles so perfect on this for -- -- look -- feel bad for. Of course would be -- Sports Radio WV. We often talk about how to commenced a program. Here on WB I -- -- hello curt hello Gary Howard good father YOK I know. The only -- happy Friday happy variety GI have I got two ways I'm not sure which way I wanna go to today mom. Let's do this I'm a little -- here Kirk thanks Seattle Angel on -- to shoulder right now -- -- example but it definitely yeah exactly and they don't want to get through the hard as it was over double doubles over here -- is like on the other shall exercise the -- lot I get easy smoke in you know what did. It's more idea till labor -- doubt -- I don't think he does have an idea that your and to discipline to me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- At least for now at least now. I am very very proud. Yesterday. Dennis and Callahan and minute hand effectively set a rule. And steadfastly. Adhered to it for four hours. You know what I'm talking about. You talk about the end of the show yesterday we survive the with the -- were calling. Flagged it. -- ordered forty minutes free yesterday yes. Are two products for that approach this from any special rule and we if not I'll go out -- they should pick up. Lack -- problem friends of the patriot that's available to cover great after headline on Wrigley great photograph -- football at my job friendly version your guys -- -- cover but. Panthers hold on. And as a great show of -- -- local -- already as you're not old enough to even though that I don't even know you're a vocal adrenaline is that. Yeah we at a girls' high school click close to the public went to Vietnam but -- at that face like a puppet who Coca-Cola -- what is it. The -- at the host a -- -- let's look at what it's it was it was like wouldn't Soupy Sales of those terrible shows like he has become so she is cheap and wasn't very. And Donald is the very beginning of my -- I -- I -- note of my sister was old. I don't XE you're exaggerating I'll hopefully get the dates and cook for him and got his oldest Sox. You remember don't like -- says that it's -- smoking -- -- all I'm David and Goliath. They've -- golf course I watch them don't know on the Christian channel that's -- old you are very good Canada. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He goes on to unity yeah we're at a computer graphics and his weekly. Wrapping up -- grown up -- patriot football which I generally. -- On the ground trying to get back is that clear that. -- -- I don't trying to -- he knew where that ball ones it wasn't like -- just fired up that he knew where he was going to do our broken yesterday Israel if it was only relied heavily. When there are so yesterday. Effectively set a rule and steadfastly. Adhered to it and that he has we were not going to talk about like -- Because it was one out that was. Nothing new under them at the start of the sun. About it. Liberal and out of the ultimate -- -- -- because -- two days in a row and now. That would be your personal best thank -- Record probably know. Slid two days in -- room yeah I doubt it I don't -- would tell me the rule first the rule is we are going to avoid the Brady Manning bronco. Patriot cliches. Right up until 10 o'clock where we are not allowed to say. You've got to score seven and three when you get to the -- so you've got to keep Peyton Manning off the field. And you have to establish the run stop the Allen's steal ballot to -- for balance. We have a balance balance our -- balance. People excited I'm excited I just -- can't abandon the running game when Josh -- running gimmick it's so frustrated so excited. -- shy. And minimum. It's finally in the join -- -- The Who a well hello let's bring in paper that's going to be 77 minutes this but back to ballot yes and Michael. It looks like you're bleeding -- neck stab yourself. Long way from Dario what the -- immediately think of his era Rendell his neck. And uninteresting stuff in there -- Obviously he must feel like Jack you know she's adamant that and they are trying to field. The concussion tests so we can -- I -- -- that's the Olympics are all legitimate inquiry wrote only. A the bad for the -- but god given to the double right now. Not really god now or -- wet at some point it. Chronological I'm all for that I'm all for trying trying to discuss this game because I'm excited and I'm serious I'm excited ever I'm excited about it. This is the beauty of football in my mind there's not much in the bruins' game last night a terrific game just to gain in November right. Right when it makes it real lives even when the Celtics weren't trying to lose them and you watch a game to be in -- November win or lose. Who cares a -- someone breaks their leg right just the game in November. It's so different football. Pick -- what's on the line here. A lot of things and end -- -- even you know these nebulous. Things like your legacy. You know Brady vs Manning Manning Manning in cold weather. And we really cold and on the road -- -- meant against the patriots patriots at least on offense are healthy is the battle year. This is fascinating. Showdown and many wins he's gonna win the division I think and win the once -- yet. Which means she's the one seat which means he's in the light goes through Denver -- his big chance. To win a second Super Bowl which as we said yesterday he needs. Is right on track -- the Pete loses all that changes. Think stinks what if it's where most dialogue games with three picks in this two are like last year in the AFC title game we just. Can't make the big play when they needed you know what happens you say. Great quarterback legend hall of Famer but melts it was cold -- it was a hostile environment and he couldn't handle the pressure this is in November. This is a mid season regular season game that feels. Bigger than some put me begin in the playoff game last year against -- years ago the Tebow game. It was like a joke this that was a playoff game as a regular season game in because of these two quarterbacks because there's so much on the line. It feels bigger than a playoff game -- -- the two or three athletes in the history of sport. That you would look at say that is the most profile only confident performer in the arena sport. Would that be Mohammad Ali certainly would -- -- -- in that realm -- I think tiger and his prime. Tiger described as a New York area right -- -- managed to that group. Well now now what Peyton Manning worries about. And that's recently asked about profoundly confident he appears to be -- confident very much involved understands defenses. Probably better than an offense or defense -- coordinator who's ever been involved in the national football -- It's got to be something he worries about what you think Peyton Manning when he put his head on the -- last night or does again tonight as he's drifting off says. Boy I'd sure as hell hope. Distance words about it and fool you know although Belichick and Patricia. I don't think so because -- -- in this game you get fooled once were and you look back on public dialogue him talk about. Those -- -- physical mistakes was from a linguistics you know he just looks and thinks he sees semi doesn't seem like that liked that matchup game went to the pick. Against Seattle. And it just gets all its halfway in its not an anonymous and they say oh. I think there's so much pressure on Manning so much that he has to account for he's worried about getting fooled by I'll look on that defense. One or two times and that's all it takes a close game. I don't I don't buy that I might -- I think the all the players in the National Football League and baggage Brady might be the other one. Nobody is fooled you were times and Peyton Manning and -- -- -- think it only takes one or two -- and I think it is I think it's I think it's the physical aspect of the thing I think it's this. I know this sounds. Obvious and cliche weather forecast which by the way I have in front of me he says and I got to perform. At this high level in sixteen degrees. And 25 mile an hour wind gusts yet that's what I think worries -- appellate -- factors almost on this idea that Belichick was once in -- -- -- -- -- but not anymore. Well I -- control should take them in the when you look at his season. That the that it's more concern than it is most weeks you know when he's going against whoever the Redskins and when he's gone against San Diego. He's has -- the same concerns are about. The chess match is he does Sunday -- going against Belichick amounts and Belichick owns me doesn't. But that's his first first thought every week is it they get a two of the got a full or my gonna know exactly what I'm looking at Brady feels the same way. By the way and I think on Sunday on Monday night he knew for the most part what he was looking at. I disagree I think both of them or will beyond that I don't think they have met many concerns about I'm going to get confused out there I think for Peyton Manning it's this it's this this thing in the back of his head -- -- I have performed badly in cold weather I just out. It's going to be nasty with say about Bo hi this is it windy how will I respond to that flies in the face of the the Credo here from every one of these guys you only worry about which could control. Can't control whether that's probably why it is so concerned about it and you can't he can't give a thought that's the way these guys think if you were to ask. Do we really have food equivalent of Danny -- and out. It's about a foot at a player on that. We think of rich and -- him you know what music stole them from us. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Aren't chemical arbitrator Horwitz. We disagree here yeah do you think Peyton Manning is more concerned about being fooled. Or concerned about his inability based on his history performing well in inclement weather. I think probably the latter but I think he's feel real confident right now -- you guys and they keep that level which is why shouldn't he has all these guys I'm sure -- in the play. Easily go in there put up 35 points against the defense he's looking at no Wilfork is looking to no Mayo is -- and banged up to leaving you know he's thinking. We score thirty points 35 points -- not against better defense I like shredded them like he agrees I think the weather is put it this way if it were 55. And sunny yeah. Which is unlikely at 9 o'clock at night should but wouldn't you. What do we all agree that the Broncos. Win the scheme if we were 55 and sunny and a neutral field were 55 it's on in Denver. We have any doubts that the Broncos in Denver right no doubt the only thing the patriots fans are I have to grab on to here is the place the location Foxborough and the weather. The drop -- tool right now and that gay -- as the best team in the AFC the best team. May be in the NFL but definitely AFC right be it he'd picked it probably went in Denver should be favored in -- the first time in them what is it six years two and a half. Six years the years it took on Brady's 05 I think Greg. Eight years -- So you give up no doubt so you really do your hole and hold out hope. It is figured -- play with two gloves last week he played with two gloves and he's comfortable doing that. So and and his -- he does right looks as confident as ever held get a better defense than he usually that's like a. I don't the other way I think I think the things that he can't control he doesn't worry about the things that he can't control he does worry about. Do you think he studied enough film you think you've looked at as an example Kyle Arrington said oh cool. They're somewhere we might want a goal on Sunday night at both of the things he control the film study the play calling. You know how he wants to attack those are things that are in his realm that he has some sort of effect on the outcome. Its inability to play in cold and wind and and that's that's certainly speak for themselves is on the -- I say no and that's I think you were I guess I don't understand the question. What will re -- 12 home oh. I'm gonna do hold up that's why ask there originally about. Supremely confident athletes even -- supremely confident athletes Mohammad Ali had to say when he went in against. You know corral. Or or or Frazier. Is that left to look at again. And no matter how confident you are there are things you think about if you prepare for a contest. And I'm thinking that it much less about the x.s and -- and attacking the patriot defense as opposed to his ability to deal with -- I just I mean I don't think he's up you know. That's our message what is your finger to help -- -- I think he's the weather's a factor Belichick is still a factor to -- could be a factor he's healthy but. -- you know again from the second factor anymore all decided we used to say it like just just common. I accepted practice that. It built a two things in Belichick has two weeks confused the hell out. And it Belichick is spent setting up the defense to go against a young quarterback you'll absolutely -- short days and that's I'll give all that's gone. What's mostly gone but I do think the pavement to Belichick differently than he looks at some other coach you know some back Jack Del -- coach Jackson yeah. But -- -- Alex that big a factor I think Peyton Manning thinks they're going to go in -- Sunday dish out there -- why should be doesn't worry about it doesn't worry about number 83 he never did just that Brady. Course to play and and I don't know exactly what the concussion tests until but I knew he'd be if I knew we'd find a way he's planned he sounds he looks he is the same we practiced. And by the -- practice in the snow in the Cole yeah. Well they're gonna come from San Diego and in him feel -- blast and like how well the people who said based on the new regulations in the national football Welker cannot practice once he's been diagnosed with a concussion late Friday. We can't get hit TK he could practical -- it yet limited participation -- -- I don't know how much hitting. But he can't get and the kept contact out until Friday which is today but you think walker needs contact the B rating him and he's gonna be ready. One thing that makes me think then was gonna come in here and win. Is Monday night amid notes small factor but we'll talk about small factors here Monday night was a very physical game you agree right -- -- -- that game hurt. And I like to leave as that hip keeps bothering him. Feel weak story and an easy game. Thursday night game at ten days off its okay be okay. We think Talib is going to be out that the in the fourth quarter and that hips not going to be a problem no I -- saw I was at courses I mean they're that I don't know they just play Kansas City was an easy game either. But the patriots are banged up -- in the defense that -- didn't help that it has game physically and mentally was very draining. But more dollars a wonderful thing. To handle. Going to take it. Who would you we will -- trying to. Last Friday morning and then toward that. He that -- other -- those start to show -- -- a week ago today it was yes again -- do publisher do little -- -- -- The men and Amanda got his first taste of the crazy world you know Dennis. Which all the the -- central -- invitational -- the center of foxwoods the entire. Step yeah yeah yeah and you didn't think -- -- public's survive and you can act. She wanted to buy this at all what he's -- -- Friday of all time. I'm over plane. Cars. Lord Tampa old Ukrainian people -- Denny's at 4 o'clock. But at the wrong with Danny's well Chris and I know how it is -- and I up at night -- Eaten dinner there -- at -- forgotten. And that's but people go in there and he didn't order all day tickets and I look at this other -- a look at Denny's and and I say it's great for an expert -- gap -- immigrate breakfast. As most people there at dinner time member -- the -- the American chops who. Ask this Denny is special light these all my things when you're going to be airport at 6 o'clock like destiny's cars and their. -- -- -- Of some fortune 500. Company having breakfast at 4 AM at Denny's ever that as a C or am on his way to work maybe you've -- Yemen on his way home. The worst is Waffle House at all fumble later all right yeah packed room. Late night revelers. Cracker by him see those yes I'll always packed yeah always always always packed and I assume their battle -- -- -- once and he -- and that was well again. Breakfast pancakes hardy and it was fine but people wait in line for hours you know fight to get a park is just beginning Cracker Barrel. I guess it's mean travel you see you know that kind of thing at brands it's not a strange ranch yet. Place where it was strange please watch this you're going to be amazed. The title this together as we go -- have spoken with the level a little bit of damage or. The owners of the Waffle House. As much thought and creativity. Into the game of their restaurant. As salty does to begin his program at 2 o'clock what do we call our lawful house and what do you what everybody -- think adamantly think Bobby what -- Let's call up the walk how. -- -- You want it isn't that side and know what you're gonna what. He -- its advertising -- sciences and sell ten days. -- popular ha ha. Voters -- a hump -- -- Denny's pancake -- up your party. Would you be able to look different to you wise I have experience and it's I don't know the autopsy -- some that a better and while I hop seems to be -- -- sort of you know central if tiger is -- -- album Waffle House and I think that -- I think I think -- -- and I think it's really getting down -- I already. No I can't -- -- above and he's no it's not it's class here -- thanks to check out later -- that Danny they washed -- where all I have is electing. International that's right. Off the -- Yeah he has to go to Paris or something you get these. Today -- initiatives I mean. And stock price aside I hop is classy it would Danny's treatment. Of these individuals would you go to -- -- the -- different as the world of international good idea mahomes pancakes into Nasional so yeah yeah -- house -- costs would be like. COP. I caught up. OPEC export all of this day so I CD. Sure thing pancake that the only other adjectives at the back end you I and maybe it's also -- and hold them for much difference currency you. There's not legendary opera chemistry yet and if you go to high up they warm mr. -- -- class that is classic of them. It brings -- panic applause it's more fun the energy you know it. Waffle houses sort of at the lot of the latter it's all due respect fix well. But I don't know what's -- What's what's. On the wrong but that Waffle House. Who'll listen into the show Curtis is Curtis. Hall of contraction that's. I don't know it's good question I don't have -- I would say I don't I don't know what you could do I want and -- dry up. And he's right below yes. With experts. Experts is still there oh yeah. But changed -- there thing -- sort of at a bar leaders and -- pictures differently those problems on this as one stone I went -- went to -- across I went to the brick for stone and for beer. Going to the -- game and we met there like. The good and abuse. Right here women would be schools -- -- for. It's meant for -- the premises on top it all for at least a great idea except human of the week to. In the -- illegals are some as they just keep we'd like in which you sit down. Experience that. Or since its departure. Her. Anyway which one would you -- in most. From the it's there to date in news release but for. This is great. And beer or. Like. -- greasy food excellent French Fries -- And you get the Coke and audits -- what goes. On -- class agnico Perkins. Breakfast places in her apartment apartment night for dinner and once it is Perkins at the breakfast. -- it's imploded Denny's. -- -- -- -- Now we're all -- got all -- business has been out every night but the kids 991. I I should take its easier just. -- last night feeling that you once. Went off. -- -- -- Saturday. But when wipes away rules strictly camp pizza twice missing. Just three days. It's. Obama to get the a couple of basic groups like ravioli in its -- border caffeine at 5 o'clock. 5 o'clock as the night that's in the afternoon -- if it's dark out that you -- would. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- at that. Network. Station -- on will be happy. At CU and -- have stared. At this news during. If you look at you yet it's on -- And news that. It doesn't look you'd look at him. Actually. Say hello. Does not respond says hello and Childress Austin will be Gary in Indian producers all the guys say well Andy. Coal. Ash that's what it calls an -- well -- things. The people -- -- -- called Greenwich mean that's ways. That that's what some think that the jets and true and it's going to -- in the and that's enough. That's been history so for days and that's -- -- doesn't -- capsule. I'm. Six there. On their -- -- your pets are at 61777979837. Free form Friday and you tweet out like at this morning. It is a non answer the question Kirk all rise today right and I ask my peeps weeps. To re tweet. And hash tag ask Kirk we can do it through Twitter we can do with the AT&T -- like we can do what ever way you wanted to do it. And the role as you want to be right that was last week and well it's a little overly annoying to Bombay usually labor peace we don't come up with things that he wouldn't answer. He -- -- -- -- lusted after your way west Fran -- yes I certainly have used it the first things in what Jimmy Carter's own he has lost this part yet as to -- as we all right or it doesn't -- up. I just put that -- -- -- the devil pop block will we get back and Jonathan grappled join us at the clock will be.

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