Nov 22, 2013|

listen to the absurd love fest here.

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On my friend -- -- thinks his own audiences come wonderful wonderfully people accustomed to them innocently. To really three grades Darrelle Revis until he hangs up you lost still the only one in the world that doesn't think that was a penalty ended. Peer. -- what are you doing thinks he's better than the entire jets organization did you drag it should be anywhere near as good as my performance over the list Tony my view Cincinnati isn't the only one -- -- -- hangs up on guys when they're trying to propose to their girlfriends on the -- I don't know Christina -- man's got to play a whole new York and in brown. -- -- -- -- hand is all about himself is also going to be here tomorrow next and next day thank you pay fortunes and here and do this a winning comes to Iran's. We're talking -- -- Wright is bring an end to bring in -- today summons and to bring an end friends since who loves instantly Raj I would have been outraged long before this is -- did this I believe it was a project to hold its -- this long I don't know I feel you've gotten railroaded -- it's important history and you're saying on the record you did nothing -- it's only audience now -- your fans here. You did not do what they're -- you doing that's correct my analyst -- on record you said he did not do these detainees that are accusing you don't you're correct -- OK there's a lot of people that don't like you were there's a lot of people that don't like let's look I -- my guide getting the doesn't matter but for instance is not one of them in any icing and doing that what I -- I find it identified -- and apparently the feeling is mutual you don't need any help for -- -- no thanks ahead Anderson and whenever you.

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