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Scott Pioli with Salk and Holley: Making every play in the NFL reviewable is not feasbile

Nov 21, 2013|

We talk about the call with Scott Pioli of Sunday Night Football on NBC and delve into the Patriots vs the Colts on SNF as well.

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Are you may know our next guest. In a variety of titles I would -- You may know. You may gnome is the former player personnel director for the New England Patriots. Vice president of player person. You may know him as the former general manager for the Kansas City Chiefs -- You may -- in his current role. Being an NBC Sunday Night Football. But I would guess that the way most people know our next guest is as one of the stars of them. Soon to be movie currently -- war. Right back -- it -- to be a movie or not at all. Who plays the baby's got it has some opinions on this who plays Scott Pioli in the war removed. We all. -- -- how about. Honestly it is going to be trimmed down. Kevin -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Our family. -- -- we appreciate you being with us we know you're going to be in town this weekend for the patriots game Sunday Night Football game of the week -- skated to that just a moment wanted to start. Quickly by going back -- just a Monday night we've been talking about a pretty much nonstop all week the way that game ended and then maybe even more importantly. The conflicting. And both wrong explanations given by the NFL what do you make of at all. Yeah I you know when I watched it I was watching game obviously and eight. I was frustrated in not because they used to work for the patriots just as a fan of football it was. I think was awful I think the -- the original flag was right and every time that they try to explain it. The official -- or or -- you know what the league office state. Day it's not make it makes less sense to -- either or multiple fouled on the play and they they keep taking it in different directions to try to make themselves look right when it when the reality is I don't think the flag. -- personally I don't think the flag should have been. Picked up. You know Lester when he came across the beginning before. Gronkowski was mobbed by. Equally. Lester. Had contact. The ball was in the air he grabbed him from behind it to meet normal all fouled it could have been called. And I was just disappointed -- -- fan and not have an explanation. And then purple and you know. What happened is people get their stories -- and then make them out and then have to watch bill. Stand there you know in front of the media and answer questions when he does he have any answers. I think public after a bad for football I just thought it was bad for football and I think they got the role as the call wrong they should have picked up the. Correct those situations. Is it. Making everything -- boy of the war is that the officials. Are doing an extended press conference where they have to explain themselves and how -- he -- some of the issues that happened in that game Monday night. What I think that it is a little bit more pressure on the officials Michael. And having them -- head coaches general managers players everyone else had to go out from the media and represent the National Football League after game one as controversy. But all but -- for whatever reason they want to protect the officials. And I think there was maybe a little bit more pressure on them from the standpoint that they had to answer really tough questions. Maybe the job would you know be a little bit different or they would there'd be some more thought put into on the decisions they make on the field. I think the replay exist slippery slope. The way things are. If you make more things review mobile. We if you open it -- were a little bit entail it would make its -- Google now. You can't just crack that door open and I think little would lead to -- is too many things becoming review -- And and that outlook and. Why not Wear a hole about why not what it why can't everything be -- -- he'd still be subject to the challenge system you know we're not talking about an hour -- -- Let me it would still be subject to the challenge system but why not allow the why not give the referees the opportunity to look at it in slow motion and say. Oh here's -- really happened. I think it makes the game too long I think the -- would become. Let engaged because you would be doing it on every single play. And I think it to bed I'd. Yeah I don't know you wouldn't wait why would you do it on every play -- would still be open to you still have to throw a challenge flag to make it radio talk with the cubs. Sorry Scott -- are up I just I I I it it would be every plant just wanna make sure it's clear we're talking about because you would still be challenged ball not just review. Okay. -- -- might think that that my opinion I think you'd be too long for the fans they would enjoy it it needed it -- is already bordering on too long. I don't I I don't think everything can be repealed or should be. -- it just hit me that I'm talking to Scott -- of in DC now. When you're here you can probably set a lot more in this interview. Did you did with the patriots now you're you're a member of the media now and what's that like the fact that you are. The working for NBC and you are are paid to give your opinions. On a weekly basis. I'll bet you my opinion the -- hoosiers kept within an organization. The I tell you -- I've really enjoyed it you know it's been interesting you know what I enjoy is the the education that come along with it you know part of being. Being involved like I am now is I get to understand things and see things from completely different perspective you know from the -- rhetoric out in 1988. It was twenty Forsett in in. -- on the football side. And the media has become such a big part of this -- of football purist. I've never really understood it war. Mom wanted it to be that way but the reality is I mean you know as we stated what it is. And it put me in a position to learn and understand. Both -- Better and more intelligently. But updating the NBC thing has been -- because the people and be the year amazing I could go to work every week -- I I commute in this city to. New York city of viewing room. With Tony Dungy -- Rodney Harrison and with. You know Sam -- up on two people in Patrick. And and -- is unique. Organization because. They. Did it they are very concerned about the people -- great group of people work with they're great teammate and Allen had a chance wrote. I've -- and I'm Hines Ward. Bob Costas Al Michaels Chris -- and the -- really high quality people that are really Smart people and I've learned a lot. It. It's been an education and an exposure that I never had before and it's it's been a lot of fun actually. -- like sit and watch a football game of the Rodney. Oh I love you but I'd look a bit. You know it. And I looked like in toll to component it's. It's funny you would only ten years ago -- be sitting in -- room watching games with Tony Dungy and and and Rodney Harrison and and the group of other people Peter king and Mike Florio put -- -- graduate this and that it. But you know -- these great -- has tremendous insight you know in my time the agency was. Definitely you know 11 of my favorite. People and players I mean. You know you all know Rabin and he he's a remarkable human being. -- NBC has been hyping up. Manning vs Brady there calling it Manny Brady fourteen. And you were part of it. Up from the other side -- part of -- on the media side but you were part of those teams that work network are competing. Against the colts. What was it like. From that perspective it's you guys talk about it and ended Q what was -- me I know bill always resistant to -- -- after -- another game we have to prepare for. Was there a buzz in the building when it was the colts and and in Manning vs Brady. You know in the building. When we talked in orchard groups it really wasn't. Because he didn't have to talk about it you'd just kind of felt it and it was more about. It wasn't about personalities it wasn't about individuals it was just that you knew that you're going against the best of the best. I mean you're facing. The the other -- the next best quarterback in the national four football league you of facing one of the best head coaches in the National Football League you are certainly -- one of the best general manager in the that is the National Football League so what if somebody -- talked about. But everyone knew it existed you know. And you don't spend a lot of time thinking about. You know that the -- so what took a -- it's not Manning vs Brady is not Belichick verses dungy it would. It would it would be interesting because you just knew that you -- facing. You know what was the next best -- basically when the -- they'd be. Beat the patriots in the way when it was you know because in the AFC championship. That was that was the Super Bowl. You know that was. What what. You don't mean it was that would go to the two best in the league and everyone knew who won the AFC championship game that year was gonna win the support in the papers. Is. It would it it made a lot of relationships really interesting at the time and Tony -- spent a lot of time talking about this. Where at that time you're so wrapped up in the competitiveness. That. It appears on the outside that you don't like. Or respecting individuals on the other side because you're so everything's so competitive. But you really do. Respected people on the other side. How do you beat them because that Scott Pioli Johnny's here WEEI Brady's beaten Manning nine times. Of the thirteen that they've gone against each other in the passes will be number fourteen. Of the game plans that you remember of the ways the patriots beat at that time the colts and now will be the Broncos in the past. Is there one method is there one game plan that stands out as a as the best way to try to slowdown -- man. Well I think that's kind of evolved and changed because if you go back you look at the pain remaining coal they were a team that was built a little bit more for the in due course. You know their offense was their defense woods and they were a better team at home on the turf. At home on the turf indoors. And part of what stands out to be his big game in. You know in Foxborough. Where we are still playing on the real grass when we were able to be physical in the secondary. So much to change if you go back the first game the rules have changed OK what what quarters and what. Linebackers could -- receivers or eligible receivers coming off line of scrimmage coming out we were able to be a lot more physical early on. You know what results to change it at that point and time again being -- the cold. You know -- would it was better when he was indoor quarterback but he was certainly better. Indoors and so were his receivers were a lot of the timing stuff that they did. Would people you know they were able to do that better but now he's an outdoor quarterback -- in -- -- -- in the -- been constructed differently. But think it that the integrity even noted there's the same two quarterbacks in and one of the same head coaches. It's going to be different football game and I think the teams are built differently. And there are two very different in I don't think it's going to be any less exciting or any less competitive truthfully. Scott you said earlier that you commute from Kansas City to new York and I think that. And they jump out to a lot of people you still living Kansas City. You're responsible for many of the players on that nine and one team right now I still remember how excited you are or how excited you were when you were able Q. Get an extra draft pick and pick up Justin Houston and -- comes to the truck was very upset with -- that he wanted to. But did so you're you're you're still living Kansas City that team was torn fourteen last year. Things didn't go as well as you expected. Public think or a lot of people think -- wife and kids and why would -- Well you know one thing and it last year or in January. You know my wife and we have a a five. Fifth grade daughter she's ten now our daughter Mia and I wasn't sure exactly where life was going ahead a lot had gone on a lot of transpired in the last in the previous four years. On the way things ended on some level of professional personal it was a lot in the mix there. And we just felt okay. This is what my job is going to be for the next. Ten months in the media I know what you Wear light is going to lead me. -- -- getting back into football and going to be in the media I'd no like -- what does -- do so we just felt the best thing for me to do. Is rather -- inconvenient the family. And move somewhere where may only be for a year or ten months. Stay put and inconvenience myself 422. Point two weeks -- -- -- complain every weekend and play in Europe to the show and come back. So. -- and locally truthfully be you know and give me read a lot of things do you or you hear things. The fans here. Have really been good. And the people been very respectful. For the most part. Of what happened you know and and how things went. Social life is that continue to be good here and you know until we figure out where the rest were like is no reason to pack up your house to move -- you know we're going. Scott Pioli joining us here on WEEI we spend a lot of time here on the show you may not be surprised by -- talking about Bill Belichick and his role. In this organization in the way the patriots have been built and some of the differences between who they are now vs who they were when they won three championships in four years. One of the theories that's been put out there is that. That the plane makers. Of those early championship years. Were able to occasionally make plays by going outside the system the they've played for other coaches that as great as Bill Belichick was. He was one of the coaches they've played four in their life vs. The group that is here now has really only known Bill Belichick and only known him. As the great genius Bill Belichick and quotation marks surrounded the guy who who who -- coached three Super Bowls as a head coach plus more a defense of coordinator and two straight from everything he's said or anything he said. Would be insane. Do you think that would have any effect on their ability to to make plays now especially on defense. I don't think it has a impact their ability to make plays on defense. You know finishing the area -- I've never looked at it through that prism I don't know of player I figured I I more than likely disagree I think. The fact is that the -- they're still winning double digit gains every year. And they're getting into the term and you know different seasons. You know different things happen different strokes to of good fortune and the bottom line is that it is still incredibly. Competitive team in the -- and they are still among the best and what they do they still have army obviously bill and there's a couple of really good. Players -- I mean it is the -- -- I mean and then draw. In losing note -- that this huge loss but they're still remaining competitive. I I don't know quite answer the question it did you know whether or not -- got here is accurate. Our body -- -- receive breaking bad. And that's that at the transition. Four group comes just a football -- -- show that's on Sunday night's -- and make through on day in the. But -- working in television and I mean I want. Come on -- got you got to you know on DVR can see this but there's an actor named dean Norris. He's Hank from breaking bad. We have -- we have determined that he is gonna play you in the movie yes -- war room comes out that's going to be your guy. -- who ultimately. Dean. Now not like what would you wanna be don't want you. Chuck horses aren't leaving. That -- he grew a great person to play you know chuck Norse. And as has Scott got the only obstruct shoppers Norris stamps in the can do it all that's about that makes -- great -- Scott we certainly appreciate this thanks for -- novelists and hopefully we can do this again. -- thank you look -- to speed up their New England this weekend in and seeing a great game really looking forward to look forward it. Again I haven't been back to Gillette I want him back once since and the 2008 seasons on import it back up there. I hope at the better game and that game one. -- it away a much better thanks caliper -- it got. Are there you -- Scott Pioli joining us via the AT&T hotline. And uninteresting that his conversation there about how to slowdown Peyton Manning and how it's changed over the years as the rules of the game has changed and has patent scheme has changed. No longer a dome team obviously not an Indianapolis anymore and yet. You watch them play and they look so similar to the colts I -- -- different group I know they play outdoors. Doesn't matter offense looks so similar to the colts because he's essentially your offensive coordinator. He's dictating everything it's the same things that the line of scrimmage and histrionics and directing traffic and faking this and doing that -- this got to do that look at me and all the rest the Peyton Manning -- -- line of scrimmage so it's. He's right. Of course it's a completely different team and -- don't you kind of look at from the same way I didn't really you don't look at this Denver teams and -- -- -- at least the offense as you look at Indy. Well. At -- of -- Deborah is Indy as opposed to -- if I was thinking of Denver when you major statement earlier that you -- Denver is in the image up don't you just see it -- like they've just changed uniforms and Aggie baseball radical and our offense I don't look at them it's the same either OK maybe it's the same offense I don't think that this offense. This offense has more ways of this -- has more ways of beating. Although the individual weapons in Indianapolis were more dynamic remain. Dallas Clark again Marvin Harrison in India had Reggie Wayne and whoever you're running back and Adrian James -- It I look at in Chatham your -- -- and earlier. You looking for you I think he was actually. Played out that he's talk he's got me straight out of you so much Eric Decker Eric Decker. Is. Is not leading that team was not way -- top 34 guys in touchdowns but he's leading that team in receptions -- in yards. And he's not necessarily. A number one or number two and number three option you look at it they are they are incredibly skilled. And they got even more to running back position I don't Marino has taken over. But they got a lot of guys who can enable more than one major James is in his prime yes but I think gee I disagree at all and edges in his prime. They were really -- we have not seen Ed is good. And I think what what I'm saying is they had more individually if you look at these guys like Reggie Wayne's numbers are -- to -- yeah. I just think everywhere you go there's not really a drop off there was a drop off when -- and James left the game. For the colts whether it was. Dominic Rhodes or anybody else. Much of a drop -- Moreno leads to gain. -- -- whether it's ball whether it's Hilliard a minute they're gonna get a bunch of guys but I don't think any of them are as good usage Regina and -- -- I think they have they have. They have depth yet have probably more depth in Denver and they didn't have -- I would say that's the deepest offense in the league right now -- you I mean he's as good as New Orleans is I would say that Denver team has the most depth on offense question is can he takes an advantage of that defense or they significantly better than Indianapolis was in those days six or 777979837. It costs are just sex alcoholic W media.

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