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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question Jerk & Kirk 11/21/13

Nov 21, 2013|

We answer the question jerk, and so does Kirk!

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It's time for answer the question jerk -- answer the question -- Sargent Alex is the big question. So -- -- be years not answering any thing and everything I'll answer that question it's answer the question what. And we do -- Mikey but not in studio with us today -- know in beautiful. Las Vegas where its rating when it rains rating is ready and -- -- -- 62. -- cloudy rainy kind of a -- meeting Edwards announced Oregon desert stuff all your outdoor activities -- -- -- yet know it's like nobody leaves you can be which you can't see. Where where are you. When we were little beautifully treatment area here -- very active area where they've got the radio rows and a for the -- you know Rios -- -- -- embryos that paper -- on HBO. This company's Saturday night we -- -- you don't really know you're talking about. Of course I'm talking about and guess what I just suck it cart dash in the white naked on a motorcycle and right now they're dancing -- so -- -- it was guests who cut it westward of the but -- basically. There's places rocket and is -- You're right early. Iowa Mike you do -- this yes it from Vegas that is Kirk why why do we have many with a and he can use when he and yes. News that got his own -- answer that question -- it's nice that it would preempt him. You have more on the books -- always got his -- segment tomorrow not spoken around. Yet many somewhat of Kirk Reid doesn't sound angered. I don't know. Okay announcing its robotic these days you know additional equipment in the tank -- on national TV like it's because it lost points and by the fact -- Nice not to work with needles I would imagine. -- -- that's the question Roger by air as a restoration specialist tonight Michael and I are heading over. To a special local establishment along with Chris price for a night of food and drink. In football. Your facility your property manager and insurance Perot and you've never met the heiress team -- go to WB I dot com. Slash a are amateur people doing. I don't know her but I would love to predicting that tonight in Atlanta in the world's game but not. Not doing now. This camp how much you want to throw them the states where you can walk right down the sports book right here guys and how much -- what was -- -- -- given the numbers with the -- It was ten point senators so it surmised -- prettiest states away what about it what do I have to -- down when potter books I think all of that. -- -- pretty much if you've been eaten up -- the spread. But it but could handle it. -- -- well we'll talk offline with the quick. I get editors if it's not like he's about to become a -- but you're probably not only player on the radio -- getting -- Taylor -- looked awful lie Michael's Michael's Michael's gonna coach -- we take that -- -- -- made projects. That's right. Guys I got a good question question for why is A-Rod still why is he still have cameras in front doesn't it makes no sense and well he people love to see the fall of great heroes -- -- -- he scored down in the whole world watches receipt Eric in three years. Yeah I think it's more the latter I guess you're what was the ever -- now. Well you know before we -- is going to be the next being repaired faster. It was all but 89 years ago it was the pettiness I think is what people what really gets on the people -- that want anything about one clip. Of him talking about how outraged he was did you hear this one we played similar heard some of the fun stuff with for -- cents a but -- this one just kind of jumped out to me as just completely fraudulent. For -- -- baseball reaches out would you reconsider. Would you at least. Think about reconsidering the process -- -- -- it is my god I'm so heated up right now and so pissed off that I am. I can't think straight and that's why have many lawyers and going to -- Smith you know how to love. And ultimately coming to an ethnic and you think he says he's believe that at all and Mike Adams I'm so pissed. Period and that's why I have my lawyers that everybody does whenever it says so -- -- -- have as much yes. Next question 4 AM here at a red light there's nobody around would you ever run it always -- it always. He wrote we use stopped first and run it or do you just figures for the Maurice -- are accurate. About me that crap for it. I got to wait to get it right yeah one. Shoes case -- -- slippery shoes field. It depends on the tip of the awareness -- -- that mean -- -- -- -- -- conservative. The next question. This is from. Pat Eric laundered and on Twitter follow what your last name. It definitely what are what are -- -- How long he had to be dating -- to be okay for woman they take food off your plate without asking like the two weeks ago. Treasury -- a few weeks ago now it's never -- that's my food. No it is never okay that would have been enough to look you have such items such major it's amazing them I'm married to my wife we -- on our web thank you we were on our maybe. It's -- or so we've not been going up about long doesn't you don't really know you're talking that's true and now we went to that went to the movies to right. And for whatever reason it was -- that was going to be my dinner that night I decided popcorn it's going to be that. My dinner that night and yeah I mean I ordered -- whatever size popcorn and that she's a -- -- I'm. I don't know what what came over me when I like I got really it's that was like hey if you want your popcorn I'm happy to -- Euro like I like the flat out that are. It was like all of that because -- was this is my dinner. -- -- -- -- It is at least a chance that they'll parties in Mary's I'd now. Like erected got a hold of my neck that's exactly it. -- but it is wrong with it. Earlier Vegas with the -- Everett has just horrified he's pissed -- percent -- would you give up sex for ten years or cheese for the rest of your life. Huge east wants to books expert and cheese why don't you think through. Richard Gere and mechanic he'll -- I didn't think of that I think my wife would rather give up sex for ten years. You might do that any way that have nothing to do with -- -- -- him and have a pizza party. Next question who would you rather have a comeback Michael Bolton MC hammer corporate allies. I was already has. I guess what Michael Bolton to Honda commercial it has to -- -- -- as it is -- -- in the music contractor. Yet. Rehab houses. It's still those personal appearances from. It's actually pretty funny in them movie that's bullet. Instantly hit them. Pretty good on the house reacting to and yeah I mean. Not that it watch it but it's pretty. It's just said. Yes. Next question that what -- does masturbation become in April 204. -- a moment of when but -- an appropriate. Is -- timing your life we get -- theories. What -- wanted to do when I do that morning show thing you want me to do -- when I go in with those guys all ask them. They will have a much better sense as to what what age it's -- it's an answer obvious are in your senator for him. -- just have one of those friends call him mr. Need to I don't have a you government to do we have been -- -- friends. -- -- mr. but it always wanted to be moved yet. Now it's not quite. We do. Former employees. Would. Said that combine that guy yeah Peewee Herman. Hard question I don't -- you're -- is going to be the answer to this and if you could have any three characters portrayed by one actor all to have your back in jail. What actor and what characters would be dispersants as Harrison Ford. With Richard -- Indiana Jones console has -- one guy one guy but tell -- the characters he's played. Basically won three characters all portrayed by the same person would you want that -- And tko rocky cobra and how did that do against the guy for him back from commando. The terminator. And really anybody -- -- -- you can't use siren organisms all right fine until I thought. That one out final act like your immediate character in the running man give these character in commando. And give me Conan the barbarian. About totally coincides. With the district which you know. You can at least at least to got Michael Corleone you'll have to worry about a lot of things after that right you know you're talking with three Eddie Murphy character's name one. -- full name one. That. -- an -- shut up name one is -- says Samuel Jackson. Three Samuel Jackson I don't know yet -- jewels. You gave me is when you and who so ridiculous with the what was your snakes or play. And -- Have a core businesses at Oakland -- text here Clint Eastwood at dirty Harry yet he got pretty good the bad the ugly in -- -- but -- -- was the man known name in the right. Audio equipment -- -- -- which character of Clinton might be the best though is. Is high plains -- the racist old men movies for -- -- to -- -- -- to Reno and well you can really needed to do. Next question they say this is for me but the south -- for young men scared that we covered. Our favorite Pearl Jam song last week that's exactly. Is there are programs -- programs -- you cannot stand. Can't stand anymore east -- to -- way over Estes. Then cover -- there about -- embassy elderly woman behind me I don't know a little account even flow to the most overplayed song called not compared to Japanese. Oh really I feel pressure even flow constantly Germany's so please go get into my car right now is decent chance even -- -- -- -- alive. But I Michael -- -- -- I was Europe middle are residents are. It was when -- team now knows that commercial hit and it's just that. Are we gotta get out of here Mikey enjoy Vegas. But. Everybody scared -- currently there are joined wrote it -- not -- regardless retirements after the question -- tomorrow. -- Q yes sometime. Sometime between six and Kenyans have to stay tuned for the entire four hours yet here answer the question -- with them -- -- tomorrow morning or off or air resident will be back tomorrow at 2 o'clock gentleman's. -- says all time and leave the room every time.

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