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Pierre McGuire, NBC Sports: On Bruins v. Blues

Nov 21, 2013|

McGuire joins the show to talk about the Bruins game against the Blues and discusses the production of Tyler Seguin.

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We talk with our body Pierre McGuire NBC sports every single week is the Bruins get set for game that. I don't know I schedule came out in a silly circle -- -- holding Mac oblique saint Louis blues are -- good start peer model Dario. Very good -- hello -- I don't yeah. Excellent thank you sir and this is a great game getting out tonight unbelievable game. Well let's start their first second what was this supposed to be a fourteen and three start for Saint Louis -- -- or something. Or someone in amongst that group that has led them out to their best one game start in franchise history. Well I thought they'd be close to that you really did executive team. They learned a lot from their first from Los Los Angeles last year where it was just the battle of attrition there was just unbelievably savaged the entire series. And obviously Christine -- -- is off to a great start but. It's the depth of their team it's godly place a vote of former Boston Bruins to try and read. Patrick -- and I mean they've just got so much -- that -- -- they remind me so much of the Boston Bruins they really do their teens are so similar. The one that I would give possibly be. Quite frankly to correct that is better than anybody they having goal whether B Brian no later -- Iraq. I want to ask you both -- -- you know look at this ticket seventeen goals right now -- twenty games that mean. -- aides -- he's a twenty goal scorer I guess but it 29 what. What's the difference in his game. What -- about numbers with him but the one thing he always has and I go back to watching him play for full on northern Sweden and also promote -- At the world junior representing Sweden he's always been one of the more efficient players in -- peer group. And it's never really been about number -- this is one of his breakthrough years I think the biggest thing is just the confidence level he has apart right now. And surrounded by so many good players that. If you try to match up on water to you gonna leave some guy's open he's one of the guys to leave an open right now. Got a play I mean he's always been a really really good player his father. Apology to play in the league for a long time back in the eighties in the early nineties. His dad is probably one of the most under appreciated players that ever played in the NHL. Because he was always overshadowed by crept in that he would have been -- by new and they can Robert Maginnis in Calgary. He just was always overshadowed by all the great superstars are nonetheless the most visited that was terrific player do. -- -- circle backs -- league issues including surprises and they're both good and bad here through twenty games -- were for -- -- -- you mentioned Tuukka Rask and -- the other night in it to win a game like that on the road in New York people have put on the upper Echelon of goaltenders and to have a goaltender can steal a game like that on the road is that a necessity for a team to make a deep run in the Stanley Cup Playoffs these days. What a good question but I think the entry yet. And one of the reasons why -- -- -- the fatigue factor for that team having played Carolina and they before they were outshot 44 point connecting to -- was great especially early on in the game in the -- have a tough time getting their feet underneath them. The entry to Seidenberg didn't help injuries in the Quaid the night before didn't help. That you see what he was able to destabilize the team and then obviously -- -- like Campbell playing Gordon had a huge impact enacting that law. Obviously Sean what the first goal a -- with a shorthanded goal to get made a big difference but to get -- the day if you're gonna win a cup. You've got to have a gore didn't come up large Corey Crawford was that guy last year. You know and you look at the year before old Jonathan Quick was able to do it always -- school is gonna believe -- can really get to -- -- need to be. You know well bonanza and look at the standings. In the -- you know and basically pretty decent here let you know the Bruins they had our number one -- but I guess they'd -- nine in -- -- is that much better as a -- Is is that you know what I gotta tell -- -- -- that much better and I tried to privileged to travel all the little the assists in the making a privilege to deal would do that watch T. Usable piece in west side. And he's the the greatness of of players on both -- to be perfect the fatigue and are actually better they're deeper in the last. I look at -- subsided Anaheim the other night. And that you see their 124 in terms of depth in their mind you look at channel -- that you look at Los Angeles. Who won four games in a roll right now and just their overall -- It's very. And obviously everybody knows separate Chicago and and Saint Louis. -- here -- joining us we go around the NHL and they talk about this Bruins the I I suspect Brad marsh Albion their tonight PR not -- saw. The penalty took at the end of the game the other night is that frustrating run here cross checks -- carollo. -- -- numbers the entire time and a one goal game it was a bad penalty taken it and we talked about little bit yesterday and you've been on. You've been on coaching staff had to make its decision Wendy acidic guy down when is there a point of frustration where you say. I at the night level press box is a better option for you to reset yourself and going out there and play on the second line third line fourth -- demote you how do you make that decision the coaching staff. It's getting really close with him right now on by the way I really -- and a lot I really do it just caught your cup country now as a player in the -- and he's not -- himself at all I'd seen that actually happened with Brad before. What he represented Canada 2007 to pursue your Brent Sutter was the coach Milan -- was on that in his best player on the team. But -- to combat penalties in that in that that super series and Brent Sutter so I don't know. Instead -- on the series and got his attention because lately in the world junior. Later on that went there. Holdren not just during part of being in the Czech Republic he played fantastic for candidates so that that little episode got a detention I'm not saying they have to do that now because he's obviously a lot older. That being said he racetrack pretty fat in terms of his decision making. You know it is funny as we -- here and we -- and we talked brick yesterday. We say that at the standings and Bruins know the best you make the argue that best team in Easton and meanwhile we look at this team I'm waiting for or someone to get going in all offensively really lines -- for two or three weeks that mean Bush's. Leads the team -- point -- sixtieth in the NHL in points and are you it's a huge are still waiting for these lights kind of collect is a suck and you expect in time. I do think that this is how the team is going to be -- in -- committee they're gonna -- offense together they place such a robust brand of hockey they're so physical point of -- they're so good when it comes to shot blocking penalty killing him. And protect in the prime of their own goal allowed to have a great goal that -- -- -- an identity in the field advantage can it be one that's going to be very tough to play against. I don't think they're gonna really blow teams out -- the ministry -- scored 67 -- tonight. But I do think community and get the four of five of the comparable engaged as -- gonna dominate teams -- and because they have a four line attack the more than anything else. They're gonna stay healthy they've got so much internal bat then they're gonna -- teamed up what you get -- being forty you're gonna see those scores spectacle up. But I I totally blew the Bruins are positioned very and I really do I just won't believe you -- -- -- playing fantastic hockey -- can start to get more comfortable. You know the biggest thing was -- -- -- that is your hand. A player that I might even sure the -- and how good he was going to be I really you know you hear the coach. Julian talked about and you know again before I got -- and I got on the panel on the lose them. So did that I think the -- pretty good spot to be confident. I'm glad you brought him up because that trade that acquire Riley Smith sent Tyler Sagan the Dallas stars and through twenty games power Sagan has 23 points he has a almost 22%. Shooting percentage and I'm curious. What are people around the league saying about his start because as much as people thought I thought he'd be freer Texas I never would have imagined appear. 23 points in his first twenty games there with Dallas. Well one of the things is going to play he's really moving well he's playing hard harder than maybe -- did Marines embarked upon a physical hardness. And the other thing playing with -- that James that is. An amazingly gifted player and he's got -- probably will make and apparently she's in the discussion right now I wouldn't even invited to camp this summer. In Calgary but he's a tremendous talent he put the two of them together that both as beatable and to -- a great fit and able to treat the puck. It's kind of American and haven't -- work it work for them and I give power a lot of credit make a putt you guys about the last time I was. Something that shouldn't be treated to get scared straight so that the appreciative appreciate being in the lead. And I think with Tyler Moore and anything what you got traded away from the team that drafted -- in a lot of them. You realize you don't want a better wake up and I think a lot of the same stuff going out so castle you wanna know the truth and trauma. Sometimes that's got to be treated want it to get scared straight. So -- with that said is this something that. You know maybe wouldn't have happened here and regardless of how great -- Aegon does in Dallas then you know it may be didn't work -- for both of people want to six point reports we can use that right now here may be wouldn't work here. You know what I I agree with that blue violet what you're saying I have to tell you guys this when this deal went down. I thought it was a good trade ball change. A good hockey trade for both teams. Because -- probably not a slouch either but I knew Riley that people watching them play at Miami of Ohio. I knew -- Mitt from watching and playing dollar a I thought he'd be a really good. Complementary player Boston but I you know I think everybody that. Didn't know who we are starting to find out -- -- a good player to just he's overcome some injury situation but I think we're going to be a major player for the brute force or. Such a good capable -- Are you told us last week that the way the Olympic process works that you can players -- may be on and off the roster that how you play. Can still affect rosters for team USA going to be out January 1 part of the on the NHL's outdoor game. What kind of chance 0100%. Europe which in the spot. That Tim Thomas has worked his way back into the conversation with a 276 goals against their Florida. Fourteen USA. He's definitely worked his way back into the discussion I can say that right now around some of the decision makers yesterday in Washington. Straight back in the discussion that the community can make the team. One of the reasons why it back into the discussion injuries Jonathan Quick who won't be back until December babies and not until the middle of December. That's a proper team USA and the other thing is Craig Anderson. And Jimmy Howard have both been lukewarm to have been great so. And Cory Schneider sitting on the bench in New Jersey right now behind Margaret Berger who's been actually unbelievable to 41 year old. So he's played his way back into the discussion and they also remember that it is a good guy to have around. Make plays in Vancouver 2010. Major -- tonight and it really Western Conference team comes without -- -- blues and Bruins appreciate your insight as always and we'll talk you next week. I wish I was doing this day. -- committed -- are the only guys this is one of those that I can't wait to watch it's going to be a fantastic fantastic game that you guys just mental -- I never get for watching games like that to have fun and -- great visit with the guys. We will watch it tonight talk about it with -- next week he's the Arab wire NBC sports should be on a lot of fun at the -- we get a break we'll come back. Alex Rodriguez but a lot of sound earlier we play it was. He -- avenue infatuation with the Red Sox and David Ortiz -- still much with princess at Indy we know Iraq loves New York he's about a thousand times. Hear what she brought the Red Sox and David Ortiz during his conversation with -- sassy yesterday or play that's out for the next.

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