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Matt Chatham believes penalty should have been called

Nov 21, 2013|

Chatham joins Mut and Merloni to talk about last Monday night's Patriots game and begins to preview this Sunday's game against the Broncos.

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The way I see it -- Mike the pass interference starts four yards deep in the end zone. And that's where the ball ends up being thrown. Prefer the life of me I will never understand this call I think it should be a penalty act equally. Jon Gruden part of Monday night -- All -- -- and Maloney 93 point seven WEEI Matt Chatham played for the patriots now is like. He's called midafternoon shows he's on -- and for a five times a week some like all the media orbit he joins us here in studio our our our heads up guys are -- And at that you could benefit that you. You saw that play and at. And I've not heard your take on a -- it's a mess and but I heard your response to what happened Monday night the final play. The flag thrown the flag picked up the reasoning by. The on field official. By the pool report afterwards without official from dean -- Dino the next day. How did you view that entire play on the field the process afterwards by the national football. Well you know. I think we've won we've been sent -- two hours winter hours and -- against in his media cycle. And were. It feels to me you expand it feels like you know that you know I did not have sex with a woman that's like -- were talking about technicalities like. You know you and a -- been toting around the senate followed the rule book for the week the current fourteen pages of to me to sort of work on legalese and Arab and dad are it's just it's this sort of circular logic thing where you can never really be wrong you know it's like. There's always some sort of language in there that'll save the other and come back to a civil technically and in this the languages the accountable language which is. Yeah he's been all these pages of text and texts like work tournament -- documentation release or something like that. And then there's one little word America. That is you know subjective finished just subjective -- -- the concerning the deal all the of attacks in which the -- mark in this case. It's catch ability but there's also not a prisoner six clearly untouchable at the door clearly is really important. But against the big take away from me is. The league is not best serve when we're spending. Three and four days clever rhetorically CSI with the Russell global to try to figure out. You know how many feet from here to there and reviews -- businesses -- -- and sports science is exactly it's a common sense game it's that it's played by common sense people. If it doesn't pass the smell test is not right I mean that that that was. A foul is as much as the thought of possibly yeah I agree edition made the call as we've seen. Balls more untouchable whatever you wanna call. And plays call you know personally -- discussion today I don't think -- Gus he's gonna catch it. Was that a 100% clearly was gonna catch a committee of thirtieth. A close up they hit the guy were tips up in some weird happened follow whatever it is. The play should have been called my -- it did should have been called and they should have been one more plated decide that game I was more upset. With the fact that. There's -- penalty game over. You don't there's no discussion -- a game ends like that the should be. Even if he just said it was the it was untouchable. We thought was untouchable and move on but then go to the head coach who just lost the game on -- final play but at least talk to him. You know would at least give him the explanation -- degrees that are not just run off the field. We don't tell last year in the the Baltimore game with a you know the game when he field goal and go through that whole thing patriots Baltimore whether sprint off field you'll get an explanation. You know bill -- one of -- a couple of marsh was also last year -- target on. So much are -- likely chase somebody down yeah yeah I mean but I again how they haven't sort of changed our protocol delight in others the 7000 people here millions of people home watching. Viewership how quickly get in and out of the -- certainly the most important thing right now. I think that's on the middle obviously have to be addressed why we we offseason to get out now the fans are owed an explanation the players in the field that are out there -- why -- -- -- an explanation. It's not aide says and I'm paid 78 article 500. Oh it's so true but the everything subjective. -- it said he's watching in you know whether it's the penalty or not. Attic. Quarterback -- goes the ball away. Well he's a yard outside the puck was it thrown away or not you -- to -- like -- so they protected so many some subjective rules. You can tell when a quarterback -- pockets that rolled a ball wake of these driver's life whether it's right it's not not a penalty. To -- the standard I would always applied to a it is is just basically. If we have been playing this in the park. The want to dudes. To kolbe. -- attract good with my talent out of the quarterback apple don't get I would have wanted to pass interference called the point is it just doesn't pass common -- to give a rat's -- and so on page 49 in the boat you know on the bottom of the text in -- to stop and think it's a further -- should that play be revealed on that because to me I've come to a point ally and first they said. There's too much review anyway these gains -- drag -- we a couple of almost four hour games last couple weekends these games no longer a three hour window. -- yard work until one a football till four yard work afterward that doesn't exist anymore right. So I've been Barry hasn't say this -- here but because it's such a big play. I want those reviewed especially the last two minutes of game pass an appearance I think. She be review apply here's a problem that they did review it won't take up their story straight I'm pretty sure they probably came to the same conclusion which is the wrong conclusion but I think if it'll look again. It probably ended up in the same spot I overtime figured out a third just rationalize it for you know what that went down and trying to not make you be a mistake because -- the technicality here in the book says it's okay. Or if because the rule was so war came -- sort of circular of the epic Korda still come to that conclusion. The idea is just. You know you should be able right pass interference in the that's the biggest issues -- an -- I mean like I do -- you are right for a -- there's no way this this garbage document would passing yet and first test mean there's just too much here. It's a -- -- game that happens it's such high speed you can't have to have attorneys you don't need to be able to read these things it's it's silly I think obviously the guys in the field it was apparently. -- and and again you know it. I had maybe you can look at as the guys are -- don't know their craft enough to meet his BS but I think by and large most people don't know -- these little things. In -- do have a memorize the application is is that much more outside the box while it's just I agree we are sports league. And I thought the explanation by -- -- left a lot to be design it was so ambiguous and it was so wishy washy that as a fan Mikey is sort ago. You really feel that way just trying to make a public political statement -- and bearish -- officials -- -- -- -- -- disagree with me and said my guys get it right. -- about parents that defend your guys or say they got it wrong don't play this middle ground of why wouldn't say they're wrong and it's good. It's what you -- -- happened so fast. Judgment they met yet in three seconds it's legal and it's the -- And I ability -- it's like you know you know what you're saying you know was not true but I have this piece of paper here in the some language in there that discernible he might back me up. It's kind of like -- it's what frustrates for -- so much with the of the concussion settlement. They now have that -- the we'd do anything and everyone knows that's not true I saw the report we saw I mean there's there's mounds of information something went down. So same things mountains of information on the field of that is not right. But technically. It says in late night. And immediately ridiculous some guy tweets and says another bad rules that talk rule. Yet at the top role is very compare bull Robert lack is on Twitter. To pass interference called it wasn't called it's it's very similar -- those are apples and apples. -- apples and hand grenades and a -- you saw the talk was called correctly can play in the rule all you want. Pass interference in my my wasn't call correctly the other with a do think the -- early in a year -- so you want. But it by the rules penalty. You know he could be upset that they haven't called yet we have said the fact you don't call in that situation. Up by a role and we said this the next day. What exactly one I was that we are whining about that call gets the jets 'cause you're sitting all people that. I had a tough time whining about it because about the tuck rule was a core it was a rule and it was called correctly. Up to people knew what existed but it was there same thing -- the dating game against the jets it was a rule -- there was call correctly -- ago. This was passed an -- this was. You don't win every new welcoming the key clear when the flag was down she is reaction it is arms -- what you gotta be kidding me just called that now practicing nearly man -- the guy bear hug them. I I can't compare the two because the difference between the jets polygamy is. Yes it's on the book again it's probably and you know it's on page 59 section what several lover -- It's discretionary call in and the reason this particular discretionary call to pass -- France needs to be called on was called correctly images taken away. It's just egregious and I think it's the egregious assortment it's the the Buddha in all of the obvious -- of what makes it now. In the event that that same obviously is going to happen in the jets of course if -- been like a super portion of the record blown on his back and blocked the field goal and actually fundamentally affect the plate and you half. After sharp throwing technicalities Andy -- right now ever did this were doing jets' week to Damon -- guy right guard. By technically in the book is is got his arms around the rushers had which Libya. You'll hole as well -- If you apply technicalities everything you know just because -- 104 page document would be all the freedom and our patriots got a hold in the same -- million people sense that picture so about that -- -- series about her argument but. Again it's at least in that situation you could argue that fundamentally affect the outcome of the. As we always do when -- here we take your phone call 6177797937. Texas AT&T -- like. At 37937. The next step of this is that it was a bad call. It was a play that should have been have one more play like loose and -- him a shot from the one yard line to win. It did not technically cost them the game mean they had many chances they were to a five and Lorenzo include -- -- play. -- early fumble the football for the third time this year Matt and we allow these questions last couple of days is. The coaching staff -- trust is Steven Ridley how do you handle guys now turned the ball over three times by himself this year five times the last two years. And after his coach gave -- The group called yesterday get -- a fumble free card that that Troy Polamalu play and then he comes back and fumbles again. This week how does coaching staff handle -- -- how do you can use them as much as you used to use him basin of three fumbles. Well I think your best syndication is the fact that he came out free team plays export -- academic trusses him the most important part of the game that's the most. That's the biggest piece of -- need I think is basically irrelevant but. I think this is one of those. Perception reality situations -- to push away from the table. Up three fumbles you know it but we'll try to put him in this category of people fumbling problems with FL history he's nowhere near you were talking Tiki Barber had years of eight. ER eight in three ninths I mean through sixteen games. If you look at where where a Steven Ridley is -- right now relative all the is that the by actually gaseous three fumbles but so -- -- lot of guys. And the list of people that he would also have three is sort of -- who's who backs and you know -- Spiller Mendenhall. -- lynch Peterson. Bush Jackson Charles all these guys I mean this is it's not some egregious number now relative to Kerry's people bring not only on an up visit is -- but he goes on a per carry be surprised. Peter Peterson one point 5% of the skiers of fumbles won't put four on lynch one point one on gore -- at one point five -- at 2.4 his induction little higher but the point is. Relatively speaking were -- -- neighbor now for talking about -- at at six -- at seven -- -- -- -- conversation at this three think to me -- more vote it it's been it's been. A pretty good break he's put on the ground -- who wants every third game which in NFL speak forgot. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- One of the better rocks it's out there I don't think he's -- -- -- haven't prominent public another great example if it destroy the most important piece of information Antowain Smith. Or fumbles -- -- forum. -- don't five I'm sorry it was Smith general and oral wanna around have four fumbles from a year or -- at five in general for. Amended it if it was not ahead of that pace so I think we week. Were sort of oversaw in this -- also understand we're a different world now where you have other back options and in those days it was. In the -- event wants rescued Kevin who was grip back but definitely a third down guy and Patrick Pass who was special teams only guy who would come and put Bakken an emergency. Now back filter built where you have a second legitimate god damn -- actually been a thousand or Russia itself. So it's not benching him and it's not it's the sort of high school football term for but big you rotational stuff anyways you have the luxury governor the governor we use them. Lesson learned in the American was a thing is that lesson learned -- you know the the Pittsburgh won't build gave them a pass and I get that one but I appalling anyone and it's gonna blame for that when he blacked out knocked out did you drop football. That one I think. On Monday night was. I needed that to me that one can't happening NFL rhyming just rent the line and what's he gets the line he sets that they're here and bodies are field bodies around you. Gonna protect Lebanon he went back in as -- is NFL the -- one last night you know it in the show coming back in and and I kind of felt that while the game was going on so more in that game. Maybe the first carry. He protected a little bit but after the first run with a couple -- the Tuscaloosa again whether you lose it again. There's a time you have to put them away and that's definitely in the box tight but again to to go back to a fumble play in this is important I -- made a matter do you. But. Would certainly matters of the team -- -- -- on context and that's why they have the feeling that's only became audible Polamalu thing because it was -- turn didn't really have much opportunity to put it away and he wanted to. In the situation yes she's his ball protection was not good enough. But the thing that'll degraded the thing that matters most in that meeting room is egregious errors are producers -- a matter who does them. They were double teaming up the right guard spot between -- -- -- -- senator Garber double bogey double team into one side of the ball. Regarding right tackle would I want to the other side of the gotta mix that hit on river in the backfield is starlet to your guy was being -- The guy they have systematically taken away with two people. It's the back in the backfield -- my point is you know -- Steven hang out the ball but were also unexpectedly in the back -- before had an opportunity to put away so just just put -- sort of that meeting -- whether the team. They have every bit as much a problem with a blown double team McGovern systematically taken two people way that's gonna knock at our back in the backfield. So they want both problems fixed they wouldn't put one above the other. 61777979837. The phone a beacon Texas AT&T text line. At 379 B 37 we see your phone calls we'll get to talk about the Panthers game also get into. On the Peyton Manning Tom Brady fourteen it's not Pampers and -- Broncos patriots. I don't know this is a this is Manning Brady fourteen Hampshire Matt loves the idea. The quarterbacks are now headlining this thing and the other 52 guys in the roster don't exist. Courted NBC sports -- -- -- the cycle look people on countries who was -- extrasolar it would just yet he's got his head down guy you have to kind of -- -- -- like this evil personality. Doesn't that's not only him but. A -- -- get Chatham going on now quarterbacks and I love that conversation and -- lawyer calls you better.

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