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ARod proves he's a liar in interview with Mike Francesa

Nov 21, 2013|

Mut and Merloni talk about the circus going on in New York between ARod and MLB. They also point out how ARod unknowingly proved he's a liar.

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And then today we hear he's not coming I know you don't like New York we got to come face me this is my whole life my legacy. Out comes a part of history so if you gonna try to destroy all of that I'm saying no you tell me why should serve one inning. Because you retiring make sure that's not fair -- That is Mike -- -- of course Alex. Barged in and -- resent that he had a plan. Interview with princess -- that he promoted as a margin. Model united alternate before WEEI yes I do. And exit plan for at least today I had this meeting on two days I will be barging out of there within twenty minutes. -- leave. The 3 o'clock window 330 window open yet. Right no question other lawyers gotta go Michael K -- the quality of their ratings like in noble goal -- I got a text from you I knew this is going to be good because you text to Jelena. Did you guys -- Iraq with friends Jessica while I I just get out of the gym and see in my I cannot wait to Goldman listeners. And when all of a listen to gonna play this out but I have to play this first. Just so there's no confusion here just why don't get bombarded -- dumb. They -- again Yankee fans today. Telling -- you believe Alex Rodriguez telling me that A-Rod -- truth teller here and the Major League Baseball is wrong -- is or whatever they get. January 29 2013. This was the week that the Miami new times. Story broke. And it linked -- to Anthony bosh in bio Genesis the first sign of this. I'm gonna read -- statement from A-Rod back from January of this year they get a place sound from yesterday and if this'll set the tone for the rest of the -- conversation. Report it's a statement from Iran. The report about the purported relationship between Alex Rodriguez and Anthony bosh are not true. Alex Rodriguez was not mr. bosh -- patient he was never treated by him and he was never advised by him. Repeat. In January of this year A-Rod says through his own camp and is -- -- Alex Rodriguez was not mr. bosh -- patient he was never treated by him and he was never advised by him. That was eleven months ago. Fast forward to yesterday -- like princess -- what they -- say Joey about his relationship with Anthony about. What was your what would you say eighty or what would you admit to what -- your -- the boss what one -- what was -- you know -- back from Miami and it was nutrition. And it was weight loss and and and bosh isn't the only guy I traveled the world to see. Doctors you know cutting -- stuff but always between the parameters of Major League Baseball. -- -- what's that Alex in January when the story broke. You have no relationship -- were advised by him but that day with Mike princess. It was legal weight loss supplements you lying. Psychopathic -- of a bitch. Alex. You your ego can't even fit it in princesses studio would you Jimenez by Coke what was -- you you know -- a guy from Miami and it was nutrition. And it was weight loss and and and Bausch and the only guy. -- -- that that's we started this A-Rod stuff flew. What was your what would you say -- or what would you admit to what was your early with us what was who what was -- the only. I can't not -- amassed along with -- -- -- I know I'm not lover myself to -- -- that wasn't edited reiterated that that was great. No that's not edited at all and all that well -- second six triple. What was your what would you say eighty or what you mean who what did you -- the boss what one who what was boss Theo you know -- An expert again I was so angry about the fact that he said he knew botched eleven months later on technology and I look at that. But that is right out of the -- question is -- What you could hear what would you say the or what would you admit to what was your relation of the boss what one who what was biased view. That's funny peculiar. That is funny but what does that mean gang -- -- It's it's -- arteries Lou I'm sorry I don't know once talking about this site you were never somebody A-Rod today and Iran went in and he called on the -- Milwaukee he talks about New York let's start right here. You fraud. Yeah big break in fraud is set in January did no one. Now relationship you said yesterday it was legal weight loss supplement and by the legal weight loss supplements. You don't like get those who don't go to CNC don't go to it any Boschee and see them. I mean mine. It's like. Bryant Bryant saying because technically -- shark help me. You know better to get advice on this that it that'd dirty slime ball -- -- -- -- -- my lawyers. And then we found out that maybe he wasn't just help in the lawyers. Terrorize people in the statement just denied that there was any relationship at all with this guy and he comes out she didn't clean stuff from him. -- ticket and he botched deals with anything clean. But -- -- anything clean you gonna go to this guy if you want dietary supplements. Always go to him old I go to for legal -- -- what if thirteen guys get suspended. Went to a law obviously that we don't want you know those guys right Iraq was -- -- at all. Because they knew they were guilty. You remember those guys right I do. Jim the guys sit at home says ten guys didn't fight it they took their medicine how can they run the same guys same system same witness same everything would be guilty -- How how can you be not guilty well how can he beat Palestinian not a QB not guilty when ten guys didn't even now one guy took the fight it. Not one of them fought fifty that's right now one of them -- fifty games I don't know what their reasons for. I'm sure they'll have their own reasons. They had their agents they had their lawyers then they'll spoke about it. And it -- and I'm not disputing. I'm not I'm not here to argue that time bosh. Didn't is cell PDs I did that that he didn't GOP these people Tony -- as I understand it had. Hundreds of weight loss nutritional clients I'm not here to argue they didn't dating Selby -- to somebody. Just not your guy -- no other guys he sold out why you brought me to Washington Danny. Talk about -- lockers and sleep patterns. I can't speak I don't know why. Did you order the code red. It's not okay we'll move on and let me just -- -- one ads on Yahoo!'s what did you -- anybody's name because that's laughable absolutely not that's disgusting moment to. TDs they said he didn't mountains of PD's did you do any now did you obstruct a witness. I was aiming to get. I do do did you -- what they accused of Pacific -- obstruction that was one of them right did you -- tamper with any -- there was no obstruction there was no intimidating there was none of that. None of -- is none of them so they don't and there's not one thing you did now. It's so good idea how I -- -- have followed that today. One interview. What an interview that I had three -- and sports talk crap what you dream about having the best in -- they've had. On WFAN. This is what it off its its street out of Clements and book. Right I'm gonna get aggressive. I am going to force this issue. An -- at the evidence won't hold up. The whole thing here now is what does MLB have. And when do they want to be when do they wanna show. Right a ride. And she's going on with princess up. I'm sure is is is lawyers like let's -- he can't go to jail the purge yourself here -- sports talk radio. Thank the lord don't on here right now is let's just get a delusional state. And let's just deny deny deny -- -- we possibly can because we can not tell -- yourself on radio. Pain I've heard a couple times say it so I'll ask you the question were you guilty of any of these charges now and actually you do anything wrong now did you do any TDs no. Did you have struck just anybody any witnesses did you do anything that they accuse you know nothing. Nothing. And now nobody is regarded rebate check now. Yeah. And now now oh now. How can you. Believe a hero. At all because there isn't that in abuse on an awful an awful lot like one the -- -- thousands -- -- -- -- for the record have you ever used steroids. Human growth hormone or any other. Performance enhancing substance you know. Have you ever been tempted. To use any of those things. -- you never felt like this -- still NN maybe I should look into this -- he's getting better numbers playing better ball. I've never felt overmatched on the baseball field I've always been a very strong dominant position. Now the problem that he is they're clueless that brought them. Illusion about a year and a half later. We sat down and in February 2009. With Peter Gammons yep. In exit -- drinking clean. Cool I like like weaker while I was in between myself -- the beach with the speaker. It's how can you -- it I mean how how can you ask us that now believe view Iraq. When we've seen this so many times. Before. You know I mean Roger's Roger got off you can't the answer is you can I guess legally can't believe them Rafael Palmeiro. I mean it's it's everybody in New York it's it's. What is it at Mike in the Matt fraud or test Atlantic daily news awesome and great headlines but every but it's -- this guy says the same thing. Because I know Iran it would staged. OK it was staged. The new Selig wasn't gonna be did -- they ago word that he was going to be their. We'll -- and we get out of this where screwed. Would get a storm -- go right to Francis is not a lawyer was on without Michael OK and yes whatever it was just fifteen minutes earlier and it timed out perfectly to learn English stage had to -- a whatever they go and have -- -- one point five bucks I mean a hundred signs here about the signs randomly in the crowd edited out of my office they had -- right -- yesterday for Iran waited for the FAA and it's all staged. Waiting for him he's a joke. So oh I I said it what are your from you go to school Yankee fans and I'd give you want to defend A-Rod publisher I look -- -- the defense today. After work your guy did 617779. 79378. TT -- line at 3793. Symbol get right to your phone calls was there and game here like you say. He's delusional we agree. So why go about it that way yesterday what are they trying to get in the nearby camp we'll talk about that with your -- --

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