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Fielder dealt to Texas

Nov 21, 2013|

The guys opened the show by discussing the blockbuster trade sending Prince Fielder to the Rangers and Kinsler to Detroit. They agreed that the obvious winner was the Tigers.

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It's Dennis and Callahan to do league anybody's name this as luck we'll absolutely not that's discussed TV's face that you didn't mountains of PD did you do any known. -- -- -- Tamper with any -- there was no obstruction -- was no intimidating there was none of that none of this none of them so -- -- -- there's not one thing you did. -- What would you think in general about -- they'll be able to review everything. Always. I think it's -- -- always -- Connecticut I cannot stand them I was born and raised in Connecticut where were you born. For etiquette or your records -- that -- I don't have to battle California. On Sports Radio WEI. Hey Magic Johnson. You are both visually off the Texas gentleman manager -- Jon Daniels now holds the trophy the loving cup. For the most misguided idiotic doomed to fail rate in Major League Baseball and at least magic can claim. The doctors make the post season before they got blow out but we have a -- out. Man oh man Dave Dombrowski as has stops. Document it is mystical enjoying himself and -- after hours. After this thing went down last night around 8 o'clock give me BB WA card I'm revoking your PB WA. You do not treat a general managers like that they are all wonderful -- This is -- benefit both sides yes feel a little little blip in you know is a career in the postseason but other -- that. Big back. Miguel Cabrera go to Donald latter if it's feel the Wharton hitting behind every inning before. I ever ever. I mean you got to have protection behind you look at the those were the only. It is I'm telling -- I love this trade for one reason it made me laugh. I mean -- electorates that make -- Alaska met any like. Like like my friend. The government says. He can't dislikes some laughs and jokes that could be triple murder -- Atlanta Georgia. Johnny Carson -- kept at matter -- -- your point yeah right right I mean who you know -- joke itself is cells yet privately it was a terrible ethnic and apps you think it's like. Robin with Howard. Absolutely eagle and he's like it's. This -- that time -- think it's like the old big show and he had guys there in the only asked them back again if they laughed at the one of the uber liberal media yeah I think so he had laughed -- pastor graphics. -- and I'd read this trade and laughed a lot of that somebody it's like the line from the godfather. History's taught -- that anyone can be kills or. Histories -- that anyone can be traded I mean I never thought you could ever trade Carl Crawford right right. Just we assume that we all presume that we just said. He can't betrayed we should look at the day -- Concord -- QB here until 2000 and whatever is 9030 you'd think yeah. And just so we have Carl Crawford to kick around for six more years by more you -- -- was this seemed we laughed at this contract. Every day during the Yale -- we looked at this point four million every year of 2020. When I think. -- Prince -- won't get really good shape I'm pretty sure -- -- Ia 68 million it's gonna get a personal trainer Dino he's gonna changes become a real real real real budgetary is gonna start running in the -- treadmill. From position fitness and should men and a great job in good shape. Actress looked at that same contract that we looked at every day and said. Let's get a ticket do we have to get on. Now to be about the recent marked BB WA has hurt by including Brad Hughes who was -- best friend forever. Who -- easily player in this about a football team perhaps. This is the worst trade it's I can't say ever as the Magic Johnson traders were elected by the play offs like about it that probably tell it like -- like Gonzales you know for the value and while that's true but -- -- playoffs next year yes yes. Yeah I mean Texas -- the duke is the team to meet -- lousy and -- Texas still. There was campus. Mean probably make the play -- fat load like in the hundred degree daytime heat nighttime heat in Texas for 81 games always been durable give that's the one -- it's -- somehow for fielder he plays a 162 games every how his last three years is -- has gone down. It's like percentage -- gone out and he's not that called mr. October and not really exactly numbers ever pulls a muscle. Never -- now so let's go to that point. Now what we sit around which shall we sit around we say never think of him ever getting traded. He gets traded. There's always somebody don't always says that PT Barnum come to me there's a sucker born every minute I heard Jayson -- -- -- the bowl team got us. Brad -- home delete player Jeff -- Mocked anybody who thought the Rangers will be at least here because. He says Jeff -- baseball writer for Yahoo! insisted that. If he were freeagent field would be the second most desirable free agent market like you know one year deal. And would get this kind of money this to them. When he million extra -- -- -- -- -- -- -- those commercials for the erection pill would you believe the tennis skirt yet there Ellis or whatever might hold -- which now. My duty and league's leading by the war critic is is -- -- -- yes he does and -- now he has probably had dispersed you know one in thirty years do you. Think and and by all accounts sub accounts it happened very quickly it happened yesterday. You know maybe used to some remarks while ago. Just. The ground running yesterday you think -- felt compelled to call it at a time and say is that okay if I do this or did he think. Don't let this idiot Daniels tying up the ball let's make it could he might have needed permission because you know village made his money. On -- -- -- locomotives you lose that I price I think and it's about the mean you -- that guy from the pizza market via integrated into it yet. Take that include believe. What I. Napoli was allegedly on the rangers' radar yet its Texas did that Jon Daniels say. Napoli for four years at most sixty I mean it's 5060. Or. It's field for a 10668. He's got to make more than a hundred million more than apple gonna have to pay him. Why did they not kick the tires longer. -- then they did on Napoli. The better player. And I'll buy chew on this he's a better -- idol -- better player Jerry and -- but it's pretty close it's -- better deal that event is that audio that's better value you -- that Saudi -- and going -- you know I look at -- as a base he's not in home runs anymore. -- 25 and not more. He's getting on base and clog things memories and ultimate based blogger and -- Mike Napoli Vince Coleman. But I'm just saying him. Napoli four for Napoli four for -- is a better at that will be absurd that's a better deal and prince and Napoli while -- ducks -- kind of mean we saw some of the shirt. He's not in the greatest shape ever better shape just like any good Kinsler you get mentally -- can -- -- wanna keep -- not -- here here's the thing from Detroit's perspective they just traded. Prince Fielder green -- there and Ian Kinsler and matures yeah -- it had to be able recently as. There is -- -- -- they were in what could they have no limits it makes it easy. I'm ecstatic telling a -- guys -- think they have any kind of seller kept regular man without a ghost at somebody else they detained activists. And he was not only based -- he was a position -- augur well space. Is where you get your power right not -- first third left right. The generally speaking. Today at this guy at first until 2020. What I don't know is did the Yankees called Texas perceive that on -- celebrate -- -- now and -- available these. On opening -- and on -- you know what -- prince fielder's declining baseball numbers aside prince fielder's ascending. Weights aside. And what would have really sickened me and -- sicken me in the postseason was is gonna steal hockey term here. His compete level there has hit the building to actually try his ability to actually. Attempt to catch a ball was in the dirt attempt to catch -- ball was on. Are on the brink of the warning track in the stands his attempt to to to run to first base when he grounded out. Thirteen times and wrote to second base that more as much as the numbers is eight is an eyeball test that says this -- trying in the postseason. When does it really try when he rarely. Put some effort editors Basra only last night on Twitter some folks in Detroit organization are said to be very down at Prince Fielder followed his postseason performance and comments. And the -- down on this guy yeah. They're probably thinking what the Red Sox for thinking last August were stuck with this guy Friday that holding a phone rings and the light changes the rangers' front office must have been watching football I guess I'll -- October now must have not been to Indian exec at the Google less desirable player. And you can refer to those numbers but -- those numbers going to be here in 20171819. We say this all the time and it's a fact there are no eight year deals that turnout correct it's never starts deals it doesn't happen. They just got to Prince Fielder or 7260. Million. And he's thirty in -- he's thirty -- a really really -- -- the ghosts and winning nineteen old thirty and they have them until he's 37. -- just what about a 155 games a year -- -- last five years 162161. And 160 to reach -- last three years are excellent at what this is 24 of the last five -- play every game wouldn't be -- average over the final seven years of this contract. I'm forty. 135 to of one year -- hurt his play so it will be a drag it down -- I'll be surprised of the audio -- -- -- blow out an Achilles track could happen don't yet simply is no games but DH a lot -- that's the other thing he's going to be DH for a while like millions and there's no way he gets better. If this past days I mean when he was 23 and fifty home runs. In -- notes of different ballpark but what we say about guys with fifty. They probably -- little old enhanced he drove in a 141. Runs. In when he was 25 years old postings are gone mean you can look at that says look -- player he has me it's like look at -- era numbers insane. He can do that again he can't anyone many stats. Wrong Kirk but I have him in 20112012. And 2013. Play in 162162. Once he touches each of last 30 we don't like you look at the numbers you gave -- -- were before that. Just look at those last three years old -- a note to Neanderthal number. 3830. When he five pretty sure that's of the climb. Out what money RBIs 10 wait 106. -- BP for fifteen -- 12362. -- 566528. 457. And open yes 981940. And 819 is it pretty clear which way this guy's career. It was in the walks one -- 114 times in 2010. And one of 785. Says that if that's -- up strikeouts. 842 years ago on seventeen last year -- -- -- in 190 PS is average that also talk about your exhibit you know there will be no good seven and eight year contracts. But every time we have a -- she everytime we have via Ken Rosenthal and we ask the same question. When the general manager's going to Smart and up and realized that pool holes to share certainly fielder but these are stupid deals for their teams. And the answer always seems to be the I mean ultimately. Health care they have money they have money to -- we look at the money in -- -- 24 million -- Doesn't -- Texas has -- big. Cable deal they they have a lot plenty of revenue they look at him. As it's. Decent player they did is he 24 million dollar a year now but that'll look at that they say. And he can drive and 2.5 -- -- -- hundred that's what we expect Mike Napoli to go look at the numbers from last year. Very similar happen Napoli and fielder obviously it from different sides of the -- in different parks. But their numbers are similar Napoli is a better defensive player outlook ignore that. And sick this year -- and he's in better shape he's older beacon picture him doing what we pay -- therefore he did 2000. -- in Milwaukee right in the sense makes no sense it doesn't but if you Detroit you're duke you're duty in PD. It just gives you so much more flexibility -- -- beat Texas. You show your fans when he did Milwaukee and he is kind of a charismatic look -- guys and maybe generate some excitement and you say. Hope prevails in these situations say you know he'll go back to the those those numbers he put up Milwaukee you'll -- struggle. Try our leader. Known them all up no no -- oath that he Arlington in August are. Because dial up there. But he could die out there. -- -- mr. what they talk to Brady he survive right yeah and it dies so yeah. Hopefully not but the sunshine on on -- I do want to like you said your wonder if there's just so much money that that we're just under we're underrated factor texas' yes so what we're getting a hundred million our own cable -- we're in the 2530 million. We have a number of the that wanna spend whether it's one what was certain payroll last one -- What forty was up thirty units of the putts -- can -- right and they in the -- 1617180. And the revenue we don't know probably be you know 30400 minute they don't. Air either as it may do the Red Sox not prove it at least for one year that it is far wiser to take another 142 million dollars. And spread out among three or four guys that fit the mold that I do what you want them to do. -- obviously that insures you against you know one big contract for one big guy going down and have it mean -- nothing. Vs somebody take a 168 million dollars and say let's give it to this fat load. Absolutely this -- team that wash watched Josh Hamilton. Leave and and go to Anaheim and just fall on -- yes yeah object lessons and I know it is a good question. I guess if you were the likes of Tripoli again with -- with them in the system minor leaguers. That you don't. You know run at the box office. Leading up to Christine gives -- at this is a sexy acquisition but I think it is in a way -- -- turn it's a sexy kind of acquisitions he's interesting and built right. Notable he sent -- and you know what you do when your fans. Just pictured breaking right forties in this guy's gonna be comfortable here at the better part for him. A's got -- you know obviously he had a good line opened the prognosis and facts gets to face the Astros pitching. You know nineteen times and -- reading all over the place they treated kids there because they think they're gonna make a real run -- -- -- -- -- -- 200 million dollars basically they got -- Kinsler so that you're bringing can know and taken field. 150 million dollar off seized upon profile yeah the pro forma second. Temperatures are payable to read their love -- and Keith law wrote that. Read the scene as people laugh thanks it was a good deal of trouble opens yet everything is a good deal for -- just instantly that. The -- you know you baseball guy -- baseball guys don't get emotional like we do Wednesday that -- you know in the fall spaces. The live to regret -- that said let's look at the who Prius plus. Over the last three years on and his. -- numbers in that park in them and they talked themselves into it. Just like baseball executives baseball writers -- and I've done that before -- -- on that. The ball on that we say many people wouldn't be so bad if this happens and then -- -- Matt young and in any dial or maybe it'll work pretty star command high human cases and feel pretty stark. Mr. stark though dogs and deal and it Bolter team. Ball baseball writers are above. The visceral reaction that you get from fans and talk show host there above that they'd like to analyze it level with a level head well if that's the case. Which are in their being analytical with the with the metrics here as we just went amuck and do it again until later in the show the last three years this guy is in. Only decline but he fairly dramatic decline. Within the analysis of the numbers raise a red flag for anybody that. It would for me. I guess but what are the alternatives. You know and numbers -- similar nepalese I think you could have signed Napoli but I guess that's six. It's like I'm sure they -- Napoli there in Texas I would guess when he's out. Just most are for the Red Sox obviously yes because -- -- going to leverage it happily out of the -- take the Rangers right bidding for Napoli -- big. -- Boston I am wanting the nepalese likely to get done I mean Brad vote talked to likely to get down like any minute now. Probably yeah there's a lot of not a Boris guy though now. -- -- -- -- -- A lot of options and then it will be in Boston signed the deal and to celebrate over the holidays. And it probably not sure what Austin street last night was again I think you want to call -- -- pressure -- we did you did a shirt and pants. Some ways to. 36. Players in 2013. Posted a higher -- -- the Prince Fielder. 36. He's making what do you think their -- and thirty right Detroit by -- thirty. Thirty total thirty total so I guess -- begin to map and trust them honest he said essentially. Texas is on the hook for twenty million a year before. Actually a steal. All want -- to -- -- millions fielder Tony they'll be in the hunt if A-Rod -- suspended they would -- back in Texas. That's where it's at -- his best days that's true views on the juice in Texas and even he admits it but. Which will take us to our next segment as wells -- open Poland to talk with you 6177797937. The question I wanted to -- was if we're going to do what we've done this before the mount Rushmore of sports. If we were going to do the mount Rushmore of sports do should bags. At the four BE. And I'm only going to put one rule in place here and that is. People who kill other people are exempt from being up there -- obviously it'll break through with Aaron Hernandez OJ Simpson those guys would be there. We're not talking about murdering Scott. We're just talking about sports. -- expects. I think one pretty much cement that his face in the granite yesterday we --

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