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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 11/20/13

Nov 20, 2013|

Answer we shall!

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If so can -- with -- so can Michael Rollins. Sports Radio 93 point -- Com. It's. Time or answer the question -- answer the question -- Sargent Alex is the big question. So would you be years not answering anything and everything I'll answer that question it's answer that question would. A full house here for answer the questions here today we got Mikey Adams -- mighty good morning and we at the sauce man Johnson -- good morning as well Tony tells us needs headphones and yet. Government is not what your headphones on Jacky tip on a hole over here. I had a good not well after all hell that after Iowa and now commodity and sauces and union. -- I hear that monologues -- -- in my cooler Michael -- is sliding his over -- today another one answer the question has brought you by -- -- -- now holly -- whole New Yorkers -- -- hole yeah the battle. Harder you Thursday night that when he first Michael and I along with Chris price will be hosting a special -- of food -- real at all. But it terrific bought it in areas spot if your facility or property manager insurance -- never met the heiress to come join us. Are as VP WEEI dot com slash heiress that's tomorrow it's fun yes that is arteries offering. -- now this works just answer questions pretty production it is like it was last night or while India and -- -- men agree it was a the first question if NASA wanted you to be the first man on Mars -- You only had a 5050 shot of making it back would you go. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You are going there and I -- -- all 5050 and history books are moved out and wearing appropriately Mikey -- that no way now. MySpace -- how much what does it really were thirty a lot of hairs can be awesome our ticket is also what's the upside ordinary upside to take 5050 on GAAP. It is Greenwood can sleep well in a lot of rumors have been up there for awhile -- funny anymore curiosity depends how old you're too if you like 78 that's triple AS group. 5050s pretty good if you like in nineteen I don't know -- -- -- I go to bars you have to remember him and good with my credit -- -- make 78 but it already down to talk with. -- Who has the who has the best radio voice of all time I've noticed with these thoughts. -- army who is Israel's most of all time -- Dave O'Brien he's -- Of all time all time all -- him as a -- regardless now I know it's easy it's easy. Patriots moving left or right on your dial -- until Santonio voice from god yeah that's the best of all time -- The -- for the guys did Sunday night senator arms and baseball with the Joseph Morgan -- Jon Miller I avoid Mexico when Miller ethical whenever Arnold like Jimmy Briscoe earlier been telling his prime -- -- would -- still. -- all kids. An all electric it until -- -- just sports or reject it general a great small pocket and bingo Jack but -- -- got a great voice and Schulman has agreed. You know us to -- external Waltz -- Hawkins as well. That's a hard call -- featured music into sports and Tom Brokaw. Now accepting his speech impediment right now but there's something comforting about hearing broke -- -- Nicholas from only. Mike Adams what you play the infamous name game anymore. Because no one's ever beaten me the current. As it's what it's like it's the same reason the Rocky Marciano retired finally does you know he deport known he'd beat me in the name gains -- huge dry -- So the next WE -- party -- the director of your what does that get a little more to argument wasn't. It was thieves and he's fiery Chavez and other questions -- to this one partner Kate Hudson Kate Upton he -- sale or Kate Middleton. For decades will be easy interviewer talk emeritus Kate Middleton this right does is -- -- for whatever she's just series marriage maritime border bank yeah. -- -- -- -- -- aliens down when -- what it means. Running close are you kidding me beckons back and sale and back and it's also point to the re on the -- the like. Middleton -- I think its regular freaks that she's very proper you know out in the when the cameras are out there -- -- doors -- -- -- she's wild -- that palladium the streets of free in the Bentley is if you're going to tell the guards from Buckingham classical whatever and go to Michigan take take those out what kind of put aside -- The change you know nutcracker guys at the palace in Beckham still be in the outfit she has been around the world sure to be whatever you want to that's. Like why couldn't she she's not -- Carter drove the -- -- that deep voice for radio. If not does he walk around with bowling ball flies. You know testicles. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Pluses and sizes that weighs also immensely because bar wants to meet its commitment to its. Was it looks. It's -- excuse me flow. -- -- -- doll gets more Beers available for this but what year what decade. Go back to Mike Adams generate votes might you signal. Not to games. -- And if god told you would you do that talent to be in complete professional athlete but you have to give up sex or your entire career which he that the no -- it -- -- -- you get good and I thought the ups. And change it to musicians okay Portland -- I'd like -- new world for him to -- -- -- It have a great career though and afterwards -- terrible that he didn't take care of that that's how long your career -- -- -- -- -- -- professional athlete yeah editor of the -- really don't think like John Elway has it might. John Allen walks them through the he has problems objects are over 55 and well. You think John LA camp Leo -- now really now because of the now -- a tendency to over and remember lord Harry I don't the president of the Broncos or whatever it loses that. -- great job away your wrist injury concussion to forget now generally a bit. Happily well -- think about it more what is your favorite and least favorite Thanksgiving. Stuffing. Is full and cranberry sauce you can just show of the Kramer's as far as I'm concerned -- all the respect all reference -- ocean spray and right. You know Wade Boggs everyday. All right guys let. That's slightly better than the ones out there that's slightly. -- the politically for me on it taste the Turkey. Stuffing is definitely one stuffing is what makes the meal a good stuffing his red. It was -- -- better and I you don't like stuff because it's -- -- some birds -- for putting stuff on the on the least -- yeah of this crazy and I don't think about Thanksgiving. And I don't know guess whose great great great great grandfather came over the -- mine but -- not -- and I know everything about things that maybe cable reported what no word on that -- could not know where they want it if there are ways to mess up stuff. When you yeah. We know when you put in fruits nuts and after the and Apple's current limits its -- -- stuff and brought to my house wants a few years ago that way too much -- Oracle's licenses. Yeah nearly ruined it forming the -- is naturally you can live that the guy next question. I'm 23 and thinking of taking a break with my girlfriend of six plus years do I do it now or wait until after the quality -- of -- seven with now six plus years of -- due to a right now. -- particulates. It's been so ridiculous it's wrong place but you can't do it now. Right I mean it just did -- you do right now you can't chicken Thanksgiving next week so lost. Get a man you're gonna dump your gonna don't know Crawford have six plus year. Not this is not six weeks right that's six inches six years there's history here. You guys have had a bit later -- gone and it is religious it's over they started out in Seattle January 2. That's when you wanted to do one. As you refers is new -- day -- sweeps through. January 2 do it now and let everybody have their holidays by themselves you know the fake it during the holidays I think Dario winners of the ruin everybody's and he said listen he said or he or knowing that he. Take on Oprah well I think what could have been as she -- attractive thing. Taking a break. Breaking over miserable -- -- -- means over react and. For the beginning being. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And your wife are fighting -- she hates your parents. She will not go to your Thanksgiving what -- usually. You Keller you know what honing your in laws are definitely more awesome them. You know I missed. The -- Look at our right out of there apparently Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving days isn't the Thanksgiving. We still have a week to get you know it's not a -- we apply our Thanksgiving Day we I've never utilized for and with that stopped short in the cart moved well today. Oh. To capture card so it's the -- you could. Feel. All that. For Mikey he'll be here all eyes he awful show. -- guesses -- Jim cook. The master brewer arms ambulance committed mere hours a week it's the greatest time of the year talk. And of course the rest will just blow off sounds good that's like Ethiopia next. Awesome man will. We see you again there such as media fuels Tillman threw 7 NEWS to view the three refined. Johnson off. Can't -- with the saints. Work for a return it to get your excellent right now on. The gators go few Beers. The guys will be back tomorrow to.

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