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Science! Using science proves the ball most certainly was NOT uncatchable

Nov 20, 2013|

The call, day 2. It rages on, and fans still want to debate the nuances with Salk and Holley.

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All collier WEEI and on WEEI. Dot com Michael how are you today under a great are you or great. You sufficiently recovered from a full day of talking about the rep for season. One final moment of one game. No -- I'm you know I'm more. I'm I'm not recovered because. There's still some loose ends there are some -- and there are some explanations about that don't really fly I would be right. There are some flat out lies that we talked about yesterday I think that I I agree with Adam -- -- Why I stop the lies. I want the truth. I get mad at. I think the story got more interest thing yet in the 5 o'clock hour yesterday if it was all day yesterday. Like during the day it was like okay you're bitching about wraps buying them back and forth. Was that this was -- pat I don't know all the patriots fan I don't think it was I think they got robbed so for the most part I felt like that conversation back and forth. And then all of a sudden at 5 o'clock when that when the VP of officiating actually spoke. The electric completely changed everything because then. He gave a completely different explanation for why the call was made in the -- reason given after the game likely like men. -- as the -- three it tried to make the argument that the ball was accountable. Which was I think what most of us thought was the only thing they can -- -- arguments that we debated once -- -- catch -- detachable I don't know maybe maybe not place in center in a minute. That I think was fascinating great job by ESP and then it. Went when he comes on last night and says. Now we're not saying it's accountable. We're saying it was simultaneous or at least that it appeared simultaneous in fast motion. That was that's does not you have two different people giving completely different explanations. For why they made the call that they made and now at that point it sounds like BS. There is BS because you can't come out -- do its very. And he can he can say part of what he -- blending. Part of what he said is the the officials don't have the benefit of slow motion right so if you theater in real time. -- actual speed. You can see why day. Made the call that they did and it. In slow motion. It would not simultaneous and he could add that layout but -- didn't write. So packages wanna show up the guy that worked out so. I doubt it stopped who got -- about tariffs their filings try to make it right for the -- so that tells you that tells you. That they are more concerned. With how they look the given to -- We got a look worse yes that's bad -- the separate -- about I don't want to get the -- you just want to look at it. The truth would make them look better it really what do they just came out that you know what. Back all -- and -- I'm sorry. Now we got this one wrong I see why they thought that it was what it was it look better rather than perpetrating now a second. Explanation that doesn't agree with the first and makes an amazingly even less sense to have. The play you see the flag come out. The back judge is gonna signal to the side judge they're gonna get together and they're gonna have a discussion. What they're gonna talk about. He's wind of the restriction occur in relation to the ball being touched because once the ball is touched you cannot have passed an appearance. This is a judgment call the officials don't have the use of of replay like you said. They don't have slow motion replay and ultimately they ruled that the restriction occurred. Simultaneously. With the ball being touched and when you watch it at full speed you can see why they would make that call on the field. Are two problems but people -- the it doesn't it it's not really true it doesn't really look simultaneous mass motion and then number two will. Why not why can't they look at the replay I -- not allowed here right now -- your point of no they're not allowed to right now. But he should beat the latest impetus to make that change did you say varies very simply. Why not allow the officials the advantage of slow motion so they can get that call right the same as they wanna get a call right whether someone inbounds -- anonymous sideline weather is -- is down. Or whether the ball came out first why not. Give them the advantage of a slow motion replay that they would get. On 99%. Of other calls that they have to man I got to think two things number and the Bill Belichick joins. Well and in my mind number two relate to do about. Number one where's that acts that Jersey Philadelphia Indian yeah. That's going to be as it pulls Jews and all American guy Brooklyn queens New York any. Amen I guess it's either -- -- -- I think it's like south -- I advocate for laughs I recognize that accident and it's not a I don't because in the America America I can be but any Republican -- -- here's number -- A texture here in the eighteenth he -- everything possible. Says. Please come back and do not ask Bill Belichick about this call now. We will last Bill Belichick about this call we helped it come on at 230. It is likely. And talk like -- you know and it isn't likely. That he he made declined to -- that -- talk about it actually probable. That he will decline it's. About it he's dribbled the ball too hard on -- around these from built more new York and -- -- -- -- more new York and he never. Maybe on the island the went to -- all Long Island navy -- at a target -- I don't know that it's long they went to college okay. He probably he probably won't address it. I think we have to. Otherwise use of the mortars approximately you know forty miles self of the adjusted. To upload the Kelly the Walt laws -- -- acknowledge. Into the Sunrise Highway. He probably won't talk about a -- he has only you know some state walkway that you do to articulate -- you don't people trying to talk about -- do you shut -- down it did yesterday during a conference call today. During express corporate. Imagine if we don't ask -- how I do wanna ask him about the idea of allowing officials to review everything because I think it just makes too much since -- -- -- needs to do anyways YE -- micro focus -- -- -- regret that this is not a question about what happened yesterday is about the future the NFL Michael -- -- -- -- office. -- -- -- I'm gonna do the best I -- don't make me do it now to twenty minutes. I need to start suffering twenty minutes before actually happens though you know John bring guesses right he's the sports science guy on ESPN as a -- stuff -- just how well. Sports actually works what's possible what's not what's how hard to people that all these things that he decided it this morning on sports editor to take on. On catch ability and not just catch ability but also the simultaneous. Aspect of the call from yesterday this was that this is what he found scientific. After the final play of Monday night's game still rough describe Brady's pass is untouchable. It on Tuesday to lead off decided that the contact between ground completely occurred just as the interception was made Mickey is not a penalty. Let's break it down. Running at sixteen miles per hour into the end zone. Rob Gronkowski begins to decelerate. Nearly a full second before the ball arrives. And we keep clean makes contact has grown up a third of a second later. That means they're contacting dispute happened two thirds of the second before the ball was intercepted. Because momentum is a product of. Velocity. He weighs 235. Pound Derrick. Essentially doubles the amount of force necessary for -- to change direction. Our analysis is shown that ground untouched. Can decelerate from sixteen to about zero miles per hour work week. The second. How he at least -- momentum ground would've been able to stop when the ball was more than six yards away from a this would've left with enough time to stretches he could really reach and make a play on the ball. Since she's still would have had to contend with Robert -- it seems that would've been highly improbable -- ground to make -- -- certain. Possible. So no matter how you look at it calling the -- taxable or questioning that timing of the restriction. The numbers suggest that Tom Brady was correct police so eloquently described the rolling. -- -- Got to see his face do when he does it's obvious you don't have come I -- -- a national -- my guess is so good like a twelve year old who you've allowed to say something they're not supposed to say -- -- at this look at this -- -- yeah. Boo. Anyway. That research you by the person aside -- sixty miles an hour -- -- treadmill once a sixteen team and just see how fast you -- Ron you are cruising. The use these trade however when you where you run on treadmills -- -- miles -- -- I don't I don't run on a trip by the -- of 160 OK now progressed well go -- about ten or twelve and a I was a troubled that they don't six. -- -- Sixty miles an hours really fast -- -- for -- Rob Gronkowski size anyway. The idea and you got to see the video of it too because he shows the ground could conceivably stop turn around and at least be in the in the realm of making a catch I still don't know how we deals with the second defendant can actually -- the ball off and I don't think there's. I'm very realistic chance the ground can catch the ball is bigger write what each is bigger and stronger really behind him I mean he just doesn't have position and -- -- desperately reaching out. Or it would be a great it would have been a great catch but at the very least okay whether he gets the ball or not whether it's a circus -- -- not -- it has passive. It's fast and yet and and scientifically they they broke it down what -- they must be in the pocket of the patriots. All this guy did he draw opened and I didn't grow up and share an email I don't know on the stump and I'm being sarcastic about it in -- guys from he's from Boston or shut up. IP. Although I'm looking appear healthy community -- -- play with her college years about that boarded raised. The visitors still. Go down to Bristol I don't know I don't know obvious to me give me a couple minutes we may find that information what may be more interesting note in the idea that Robert massacre caught the ball is the fact it was two thirds of a second. It's simultaneous OK fine you would say it's close to being simultaneous. Two thirds of a second a pretty long time in terms of how long -- take your eyes to go from one place to another -- -- you're just talking about moving your eyes. -- -- Six feet 7 PM -- don't take long to look back and forth from your rise it's a convenient description you imagine two thirds of a second for like a first base umpire. If he blew a call where somebody was out by two thirds of his or say by two thirds of the second that would be insane. I mean that there be the worst baseball hall of all time to be done to -- it I mean it would be -- that's what happened. Even like that isn't a full two thirds of a second the interest and I'm -- would it is that it's -- -- -- may be. Third -- stacked the deck injured. Yeah to a third of a second is an eternity. That is nowhere close to being simultaneous contact that is a preposterous argument I called a blueberry yesterday and I think it's even worse than that. In Spain. -- didn't know how do you justify two thirds of a second. OK can the the second I'll buy it takes awhile attempt the second that's within the within would look human -- is capable what are you heard that a second. What do you think this does I know Bill Belichick won't answer this I notice. So we gotta talk about. What do you think this does to the -- I know what they're all saying they're all saying what they've been told -- -- -- we're moving on we're prepared for the Denver Broncos. Tom Brady said this morning you know get a lot of time to grieve in the NFL. But. When they are sitting there. Maine their card games Domino's gains. Just chatting and in the in the cafeteria. What do you think they think. Of the of this non call is it something their dwelling on orders and make him a little harder is that something that does it -- cut. Give them an even bigger chip to deal with it. Oh well something venom against the NFL to go with the -- I think that's exactly what's happened at -- -- talking about it and I think most guys are over most guys angry about it. In -- got to use it to their. -- gonna need it again need everything at their advantage this week to try to take on Denver 6177797937. Try to grab a couple of your calls reaction what you hear there the sports science. And dean blamed -- as well before Bill Belichick about their fifteen minutes -- Do you Alex on Cape Cod style. They had -- -- at the call Alex that. You know did driving all right now on I'm you know I saw that are not on sports so senate this morning. And -- to this and it really true I think a lot of people expected to be true it would be frustrating. And you know they -- acting at the first thing that happened that he's in the second game that has been tempted by the referees. For the teacher. And. You know it it's so frustrating to watch these directories to curtail the circle and tried their. Find an explanation for why what they that is right when we all know it's wrong. It happened on the I think with the Fox Broadcast. Media sort of -- at that -- on the line there immediately chimed in. The painful scene just you know with the guy and the guy underneath a pick so it definitively accountable. Yeah I mean I thought the same thing at first to be honestly. -- the -- was definitive but I did think it was on taxable I think the sport science does a great job of proving. Howell was at least. In the realm of possibility. It was just almost untouchable but at least in the realm of possibility that he could've done that prosper whether or not -- people circle the wagons I understand that tunnel goes. The the the difference is when baseball did it. After the obstruction call. They they did very effectively ever went on the same page they pointed to specific spots in the rule book they broke it down very cleanly they made all the refereed or Nike's umpires available. To comment. They are they get a great job I thought of explaining how what the rule was and what people thought the rule was and what the difference was they did a great job. After the obstruction -- the NFL. Just sort -- like. They make their people available one at a time they contradict what people said earlier they don't really give the whole story I think they've done a terrible job. Your question and it worse don't US being questioned before. The game on Monday. To 2 o'clock to beat before 2 o'clock yes we -- the office you know the patriots. You know what their identity is. -- of starting to find out that's the one thing. That's the one thing that that comes out of out of this game at a few of the games have few games the patriots have played on the road. Now you go back to 2000 I want my least favorite patriots teams in dominant put words -- you guys is now. I'm gonna speak for you guys -- -- it was probably her least favorite teams to 2009 patriots that was -- first year Tom Brady came back from his injury. That was a team that could not win on the road they won a game in London against Tampa I believe. They wanna game in orchard park New York other than that zip. On the road they were terrible they were weak minded -- elected aplenty in the had a party lawyers play up the whole thing. So they they've found a way to lose on the road but they have other issues and they were exposed in the playoffs against Baltimore. This team has is undefeated at home this patriots team they've lost three tough games on the road but they're not like 2000. They've got a resiliency to on the got a toughness to Rome they've overcome some injuries and even though they haven't pulled out these three. Tough road games that were very winnable. Panthers game was winnable the jets game very winnable. And the Bengals game even though it was it felt like they lost by thirty and we lost by a touchdown. This team it this team. This team is proving to mean. They're able to overcome. Some pretty devastating injuries. MB a lot more competitive. That folks expect -- to being what we wanna see a problem though is picket the take that extra step. They have the ability to play top everybody says -- man Ron Borges wrote yesterday while they lost another street right. OK so people don't wanna be industry like me look at our if I just got to quit the -- parts are loose. But the patriots they're losing street -- but they have the ability to win. As -- as they did they don't wanna engage yes but they can do it I'm telling your learning more about this and who with his team. It's a tough football team grab up here in New Hampshire hi Peter. I played you know and -- like it's they're like -- lobby guys -- bank. I -- I think debt after all by Tom Brady was way under all yup that got a template did apology template. -- in the Elkhart can't keep critical propagate to -- toll greet everybody. Yep I think that's what the referee saw. I think Peter we agree on not the problem is and and then legal listen that that sports sciences that. It was -- accountable at least according to to sports science and I would have been difficult for -- Peter but it Peter let's put this around a little bit. Maybe if the ball is higher. That you don't get a call at all because. They are trained not to you in most cases it to hail Mary. And they allow a little more contact any obvious. Hail Mary Pat Hill -- from the I don't know how -- -- -- -- -- and throws it -- throws it up for grabs. He has less likely -- football league get a call on a ball thrown up for grabs right as opposed to legitimate player which I want yeah I just I think he could still just thrown -- -- I mean it still would have been legitimate play he rushed the role. And because he was under pressure and -- -- throughout this back foot that's like China comes wobbling in there instead of being thrown as hard as it could be a look a better pass what helped. A better protection would have helped he better pass all of those things are reasons why the patriots didn't deserve to win the game but it is interesting that the NFL is now continuing to fumble their way through any kind of an explanation we will ask Bill Belichick about it more importantly for me anyway. About the future but he's easily the NFL could fix this stuff going forward and talked about Denver coming -- talk Ali stick -- WB. You know one of the things we've discusses -- in the mentioned in the explanation. Medina's explanation is that in fast motion looks like one thing vs slow motion. It may look different. What would you think in general about the NFL or being able to review everything including judgment calls like pass an affair. Always been there than. Once you know Andy I just interview Pete Carroll every week it was easy it was great. We take a half hour. Trying to get it even longer in that maybe 3540 minutes if we cut it or we better start you did -- long -- we cook Pete Carroll used golf that was what the top rated segment all of Seattle radio every week 9:30 Monday morning it's critical. Like that all time I got into one little tiff with Pete that was that the rest of it is cake was goal is easy. This -- about their he'd tell you the truth nobody believed them he would tell you exactly what he was going to do whatever -- -- -- -- -- And then what are your god is like the match when things like you know my -- -- -- like now c'mon we know he has stopped one. So they just assume that he was and then turned out he wasn't starting court and it was great. He was so he's eating your view for a single week out was that was not that was the that was harder that was. That was less on the votes it's the -- -- -- -- -- I said I've always said over the years now. Six popped her. I don't have best who's the best in the business right now the content costs and write it up there in the sports business and -- call him Bob Costas interviewed Jerry sandusky -- -- it was brilliant. Yeah so let's say of Bob -- leak. Well as -- -- hash tag a holy spirit can look you might it dropped one of the posts it could be Bob -- hash tag able -- it could be the late great. David Halberstam has hit interview. It is up to bill -- tell the people this this is not about the it didn't matter who would. If he wants to play. We'll play. You don't wanna do it. You can bring back Walter Cronkite. It's -- talking about himself. I'd be Roland torpedoes. Get blunted with rosters just for a hefty fee on your racquet. Like Bob Costello says you can go about -- anybody if you don't wanna play. And it instituted get the most important that they reviewed you wanna play -- and wanna play don't think so and I tell you watchers. In my opinion. It's the call he's still he's just his pitch it's the call because. I it's gonna take -- step for -- -- and do this. What he thinks what does he think that the league -- full. -- -- not definitely favor as the link is followed it in they've been full of it on a number of things I've total. I've said a few before an upset -- the beat that other people for old Bill Belichick -- coach in knowing. So. A 61 right now. -- go to -- seventy badly coached until the 78. And I've always thought that you know right around the time he turns 6869. You know -- -- seventy. That's where he stops -- it's been my stock answer I'm gonna change. I think it maybe. Seventy. That gets him out of the league or this commission. Is that just the way the project is going wheel drives and so crazy it'll be gusted disgusted. With. How they do -- sort of there's like what I'm saying they've enabled Jon Gruden as the gruden would never return to coaching but then. I saw that interchange with Chris Berman and I wondered if maybe Berman and at a conversation might be enough to just drive them out like this is not as good as I thought it would be I can't handle these conversations I have to go back to coaching you think the opposite might be true -- -- And the way the league is is trained the way the league is going to. Possible present -- struck out and we all know and Brad you know to. That the commissioner of the league is not a fan of bills and advocates think their feeling is mutual. Brad it's up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The year comment sparked. In typical bill you know we turn it over comment on -- that back I'll pop up and trying to like Don Shula what. When I get back in a beer or perhaps. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- o'clock AM RL yeah yeah I know they're not. To -- -- Brad yeah exactly and Don Shula still applicable to the point and shoot at the that you bring that up. If I can feel -- wanted to go back he wants those clips you've gotta I gotta hit me -- -- edit. It. It really is also didn't get what you can't do that I don't I -- what to do. Should be able to do that if this guy at the polls is happening to me and -- -- that is good. Is federal Belichick quite feels like that but I guess I understand the -- the the comparisons clearly he's still upset about it and I guess for good reason. I'd like to think that he's hoping hopefully moving on I mean it I like to think that he actually is inheriting much time are thinking about it and is actually planning for Denver and let us Yahoo!'s. Discuss it for -- and hours on end and play the sports science and go over what the league is saying I really hope. Deals not spending a lot of time on -- my guess is even if he's still upset about it not thinking about it that much go to Brian. That would perfect way to the web site at night when it comes to work at it why can't we. You've got to -- how it and we took shelter they don't need people like yeah. I'd play and -- -- worked great when let's move on game. Because that happens when we get rid of -- replay read the sports side and just let it again and. Only to get rid of these are well -- you wanna get rid of instant reply right I think governor Thomas W your premise semi discourage your premise. That they've moved on they have moved on that I think that's very naive they'll talk about it that they haven't moved on it clearly. At an end to. You would. -- use -- they've done it. In just say they have they have but let's say they have moved Oprah cannot go -- -- fantasyland pretend they've moved on from this thing and why can't we because they play for the patriots and we don't. They they they. Are they are. -- they are paid. To think about the next game we are not. Where we're fans their players so that's but I managed. Ended -- -- that I guess you got some good shot throughout new accurate inaccurate and you've got that in the past. I've got shirts and more raids Duke Energy on the issue but -- know I'll give you that is just that. Do we can a little bit and that. Well course for about INS I also understand your general point which is that it sounds white. I think it's -- to continue to bitch and moan about referees when there's plenty of things that team can do to avoid allowing the referees screwed out of a game at the end so I don't like the whining this element of an odd because I'm generally kind of whiny person -- -- blacks are -- people would describe me as -- whining and stamp out. This this version of whining for whatever reason just doesn't work for me but I I also understand that. It is it's a fascinating thing it people on either side at any time things don't things go -- -- were were fascinated by how that happened. And how to fix it right in the more information that comes in and the more the NF in this -- -- -- in the NFL trying to dig themselves out of it and ending up digging that hole deeper and deeper that's that. Up to me is the best part of the story. Is Roger Goodell embarrassing himself bill should be up today. I know he's pissed you should be happy today is he Roger Goodell really don't like each other as much as you say he should be walking on air is Roger Dell looks -- -- The heat looks ridiculous. He's got his is referee saying something that isn't true. And then he's being contradicted. By something it also isn't there a -- by his editor or -- -- can't get in the same art but. It is the is the hatred. For the patriots so pronouncements or real by whom by people outside of New England -- is the hatred for the patriots. So. So heavy that. People around the country are not necessarily look at that Roger -- and looking and looking -- I don't know and I would -- and they say only if anybody -- patriots so -- that -- for -- bottle that's sports -- -- -- seem that way right and and I did look it up John -- is is not from Boston he is from Virginia anything he -- beat Carolina Panthers fans met almost Carolina -- country. Just bright reds after -- the way. He's a patriot and events or not from here. Well I think it would any time in the league -- you're right. People hate Boston but the Eagles in the country comes sports they just despise this city so there are some people that is true with the winning. The winning the attitude bandwagon fans outside of Boston jumped on Boston teams nationally rents -- happens everybody. Soccer -- you know boss. Cowboys have affairs and and for violent people hate them and that it's an all you said it's like your view if you did the 49ers. Steelers took me all those people. I -- all those teams like Dick York yankees fans from Montana and their noxious like it was not -- Oh anyway I do think it -- gallons of looking foolish I think that he's gonna continue to look foolish to. I'll when a -- it is -- -- appeared just the minute radio Welker I don't think it makes any sense that next rockaholic WB. No chemicals among those penalty kick out. Thanks Tom -- awkward lurking presence behind me turn around. There's -- awesome man -- And -- data are grow the key word there but mostly he beats Roger. There's an up beats by -- the white headphones that look like beets but you're a few -- I would have beats by Dre working a radio these -- -- stolen so quick. When you're out when I was in Morocco and -- Cash in the big cities have tackled -- these crazy in markets and stuff they sell and crap and -- -- iced up and it is. Trinkets just stepped on its you know him well it's one of the things that there -- a lot like beats by Dre headphones but they're selling for like three dollars wells was beat by a vote that. Those those stolen -- are they. Are. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What exactly is that. There's very there's describe -- with -- -- Produces -- -- golf club guys guys nice beats by Dre headphones -- I got it right there like Louis Vuitton bags and and a -- -- -- Actually -- these are actually in the box that was the only if they weren't I would say -- -- box box box for it does make off. The 3-D printers are indeed yet. Needs special it puts it -- get the -- with a -- up there five like -- that they -- selling your -- -- on the Arctic -- and a half hour we were looking for the only person with more energy Bill Belichick -- Jack -- and that's the -- hockey -- it just gave the Bruins last night. They were terrible took it was amazing conversation Jack them up at 330. To complete these sound from race -- Welker Wes Welker it's caution on Sunday right leaves leaves the game is now he comes back in for play. And then exits do the concussion which already is all suspicions -- supposed to go that way according to the the NFL policy and protocol on concussions. -- it wasn't diagnosed and immediately cut which again seems like a problem from from Denver standpoint from a league standpoint given all the tension. On concussions and and there are impact on the future anyway. So now the question is is revealed play in his return to new England and Brady in check things so -- asked about of course this morning. And says that. Yes I -- They're trying to -- enough to know you know what he's all about the you must play a full flawed as a chance for good play especially coming back here you've definitely got to be out there. You did did he text you did because until you you'll see is Sunday night. No you didn't do that and you hear kick out block -- domestic game. -- -- take an awful lot for him to miss this game. Not to put that one aside okay and then -- replay of the second one this is Brady later today in his press conference with the media again asked. What it was why he believes so strongly that Welker was going to be able to play on Sunday. But he's a tough track so he's you know he's played through everything in. It was a big game for both teams so. You've got to expect their best players and you know I'm sure those guys we really -- He can play through anything and he's a tough guy. Isn't this exactly. What they're trying to change about the way we look at concussions. But it's not how. How has nothing to do -- how tough you are but has nothing to do with your desire to play or your ability to plea through injury or to play through pain it's not a Boston armory say hey it's gonna hurt like hell but you can go out there and play to relate. It ticking caution you camps through sheer power of will or toughness or pain ignorance. Go out there and be okay when you have a concussion. I think what he's saying is that may be Wes Welker has and he's done in the past he's played with -- Wes Welker he's both guys have said how how close they are. You know off the field their their families vacationed together. And what that tells me is that Wes Welker. Several times in New England probably can't play -- concussions. But the new NFL particles not supposed to allow you to do you have right now there are bigger balls and everything apparently right I mean that they have they have protocol and you have a baseline test. I went to the NFL site today was reading through their protocols on. On concussions -- -- -- it dates -- watched our protocol starts long before anybody gets a concussion you take a baseline test. In the pre season and throughout the year as you've got to know what somebody is normally like just when he has a concussion and then there's a particle on the day of the game when that actually occurs and then there's a third protocol that actually happens. During that the weeks and after that the concussion but. Just enough if he's -- -- We had this conversation before about concussions in who will get to the point where players won't want to. Play professional football the fear of it the the rewards. Won't really match up with the rest. Involved with the sport and I think Wes Welker is one of those guys. And is that they only got like this. But undrafted. Undersized player. Feels like. Failed one play away from being out of the league in that one play is not. What that -- gonna happen when I'm on the field it's gonna in my career it I'm gonna miss a game but I missed a practice anonymous replace somebody else gonna step up and take my job. And I'm not gonna let that happen he's he's one of those guys who who is always aware of the -- -- -- -- Completely -- so so yeah you know it's great that's -- the matter it it but the idea in the NFL it and I are taking this out of the hands of and I say this and it nicely psychopaths like Wes Welker who got to ignore it. The whole idea is to take it out of their hands I'm sorry I know you want to play. I know you feel like you can but it's too dangerous for you this is supposed to be what they've agreed to with the new concussion protocol. I'm just surprised to hear it described that way is a matter of toughness when everything and everything the NFL's trying to say is exactly the opposite. Six -- 777979837. Go to -- in New Hampshire right. -- -- -- I just want to say I don't know how you guys can think Bill Belichick you're gonna give you any other kind of -- I mean yeah I was go to stock. Answered climbed right up again immediately launched -- going to be on the train not true that's not your sometimes talent. Well -- you good. Normally especially the had a bad game that he's gonna is gonna come on the air. And then you just gonna you gonna stone life at all time the united the team we -- -- get better the coaches insistence that and meaning. But I think Jake what what Michael said after is that he -- them from that he learned by the way Bill Belichick reacted to a that he is still pest. Well look I understand yours and I know you're right bill the bill is who we is and Michael your right to your network and change him he he is going to dictate what the interview was going to be like. But that doesn't mean you still can't take something from a I think you're absolutely get. Yeah I think I think your Brothers and I think it really bothers and he's trying to keep himself from being fine. And from sending the message to the players that. He is in that he is not gonna be prepared for this game against them but the thing that stands out to him is. The league. And how Powell. How screwed up the league is when it comes to these thing you think he's more upset about what's happened since the game the what actually happened at the end I think both. I think -- both of being their equal. And -- there was no that was the explanation. Explanation. That you heard on TV was an explanation that. Ron Rivera got that the Rivera was like predicting warned that I can't overdo it we went right and as they want -- Bill Belichick out. And it's not like they went into the locker room after the games that I coach it's well it's you know this is how it happened so because upset that just so abrupt end at the conference lasted about twenty seconds we figured out yesterday. And then they hear the BS from the league office yeah Friday and today I just makes it worse. I do like it and Natalia. Idea covered Jim Mora. Junior he's not actually but the younger Kim are the younger for year. And I've never. I've never conceived of the one year coach. When it comes to to penalties every single in his team's terrible -- eleven there were awful they were dreadful football team to watch and he was such a joke of a coach but. Every week well you know -- a balk calls in to the ref to it to the league on off five or six different plays in the game I'd like an explanation for this is what really. The fact you can Sox Jim it has nothing to do what the referee's call. That's the way it anyway that's the way most most coaches handle it that way because they they think especially especially bill Meehan bill -- think about. Look at what's gonna give it more life but I think anything. If I say. I disagree with it then that is a talking point today I don't know I'm not gonna say any thing. But you'd be crazy. -- -- that it is is just forgotten. That he's moved on. I mean he wouldn't be the coach that he is the operated like that. Oh what's on the docket -- -- that's one of the reasons that he's a better coach than Jim Mora junior on the agenda what happened on Monday night in Carolina. It will come up another time and it will come up an appropriate way I can guarantee you that Matt is in Maine I'm. I was just -- listening guys -- a look at a Wes Welker in the whole concussion protocol. I sorely nobody. I coached high school board -- -- in it and the big thing is nowadays is a concussion protocol. In the bottom line in the big kid at least a high school of an actual blockers. Precocious and what they wanna play. It and it. You take any type of injury like an ankle injury. And what -- the walk on Atlantic market sprained ankle they kind of Russian I understand that concussions a little bit different. The way I don't look at the same in professional sports but in high school -- you're named. There's like five step protocol. In their the first. The first day -- that there are cleared from her doctor. Is -- is. They're not shown any signs to be any kind of headache or anything like. And like the first day of practice all the can pretty much do -- just -- work. Obama you know look there at the NFL has their own -- -- a little different from what it is in high school week ago to reading all of -- -- they talk about. The initial treatment being rest and then they'd let them watch film to symptoms return when they watch practice or watch film is there return of symptoms with physical activity may be Welker. Does have the ability to take some of that -- knows how to do that not known and -- -- an NFL locker room that's I don't know that they all. Passed around -- secrets on how to beat the test when it comes to when it comes to concussions but. I understand don't want him what Brady saying that Welker will do anything to be out there and I think that's what you -- about. But the upside is it's not supposed to be about -- this when you come when he talked about plenty of other -- -- yet I have got it tough guys can be contrasts. Tough guys can be out of practice and -- game -- -- most popular Chicago office was tough. They don't know nobody were questioned deep -- we're since toughness. But unfortunately played the concussion after concussion doctors say on obviously it's -- -- intimate question his toughness -- anybody question Tony Dorsett toughness. Mean these are not people who who ever had their toughness question. And it would not be any -- of lack of toughness if Welker was unable to play in this game because he has a concussion. Your brain being bruised is not an anyway he related to your -- You know but it's just the sport to I don't there's a concussion in. Anybody ever say of of of Marc Savard working to come back. Award at at him here I don't XOK I think people question marks of -- office before the ultrasound say but I don't think anybody really hard to -- better example of Patrice Bergeron right. Who has dealt with concussion who's a bass Rogers a career. It in as a young career he's not been around for awhile but he still running thirty years old yet when he seven I think and and no one says ice should be up there in baseball this year in the Red Sox David -- Missed a great deal of time because of concussions but nobody said hey David -- catcher you're not tough. Because you're not out -- playing with concussion I think it's a football thing. It is and that's the sport where you're not expected. That's that's not supposed to be something I don't think you've got to from the fans think it's an internal thing -- sure it is and I noticed that maybe if the coaches are maybe to play better combination and I understand everything you said about why Welker would would. Would how about type a personality how we needed it in -- get to where he is and how will be even more sort of go play against Brady and Belichick and the patriots in New England come ashore. But it shouldn't be about toughness gives New Hampshire -- Jim Jim. -- I don't know it was a -- him I didn't Albania. -- narrowed it apparently it debuted at compare on the pole. I'm scheduled at that -- What okay and it has been remarkable and -- -- untouchable is it jointly operated nor understand incorporate little pocket. -- launch it -- whale got it at that thing. Oprah Google -- -- I don't know they now look at look at -- I -- not. Georgia but it probably the green I don't know the definition is having never wrote -- look like idiots it would caught. -- -- Ball up like rock. But they're not they're not concerned with whether or not detachable buying other players their only concern now I can't melodic and also -- nothing dropped another added another wrinkle here -- that -- saying that you have right now other -- the wrinkle of the restriction as they put it. The restriction happen at the same time with simultaneous. With the interceptions over when restriction and interception. What and when they coincide. And it's a perfect storm. Then there is no pass an affair now that on that sounds great. Only problem that is if that actually would happen and that's that we saw is very insulting -- you take the patriots out of it. The factory in new England and and most people listening to us what the patriots to it. If you are 88 fan -- in Chicago where war. Is this in New York tournament in Chicago or LA or Miami in your watching the game. You watch Monday Night Football you know that didn't happen it's insulting. That did not happen. It's -- it eat you you saw it live. You saw the replays that night. Almost every website in the country. Has that -- -- -- -- yesterday and the big lead I think the final tally was but 225 times we saw. And it was not simultaneous didn't happen at the same. Sports science and two thirds of -- two thirds of a second to. Third to insert a second. It's amazing -- I have a trying to find somebody who ran a forty. About about two thirds of -- second slower to Brady. And I have to wait your -- at least at five flat right to wait was as a -- -- but it's really well. I want to eight syndicate run of five to forty. What about a lot of professional happily it -- like it's it's all relative actually -- I did when I was a kid I think I was able to run something -- five. Now I'm right around when I was in high school maybe but I'm I'm not anymore -- The -- on the treadmill today I was -- I got a one of those stair master thinks those things are hard as hell they're awful. They're their miserable I was right you don't pick and I don't call and announced that they -- that they ten pounds. He went something out -- my self respect that's not -- so ornaments oh you are. I know that you did you lose a pound and while so here's the thing is stomach stapled. I'm not doing Matt had a horrible -- your stomach stapled it cheating up what -- -- what some people have that plus a really. Enemy and plus you're you're not really. You're not a candidate. I'm not fat -- added the only going to be like going to be a lot fat guy. You know B Rex Ryan back to do something it looked pretty good -- a lot of that Charlie Weis to right -- get a bit and he doesn't it didn't work right through into that. No I don't have a bigger now than it was before -- the candidate that but so here's what -- told you waited -- -- dislike decided to. To jump on mobile by years of the last couple days and the consuming like thousand calories tomorrow maybe 12100 calories a day running. So the the scale the next day that 195. The possible but I lost five pounds in the -- gossip that and I looked at it again today so it is a third day and it still said 195. It was stupid -- -- -- so I know that I have a bad scale the question is was -- bad when it's at 200 and -- -- -- -- It's targeted you go -- -- over -- former colony over go to fill in New Hampshire I've felt really thrilled. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah yeah I Ali you know let's. -- got all put a halt -- when he said that I would never expect and get them. -- U -- aspect aspect it yet. Actually the guys like. I'd seen him all that -- all want with O o'clock -- a lot open it Edgar and bring it now that he couldn't. That would be a Clean. Air Act. Penalty -- it. I don't think it had anything to do with him trying to put the ball where he was I think he was under pressure I had is about to get hit he was off his back foot he knew we couldn't take this act. And so that's what he did it delivered when he could. And -- what is this still was clean cut clear pass interference even without that. Absent from it would have it it would have been more obvious and you would have had less in the case. If you were the league if it had it did the ball in our current partner and introduces connect. As I was studying the -- when he Tuesday. On this game. -- people through a love this looks like I'll let you know people want to let you -- get the -- when he all of these policies -- yet. To how. They -- they're for sale really does is like it's just happened in the last a couple here and you know. Absolutely I've never ever -- feel like you can check him out because if you look at the -- -- -- -- maybe you ask the question. What ever and all Paula it was Danny Amendola was he available -- they open it wasn't. Briefly did you see it in the -- when he called to tell you only ultimately to those are just -- -- but I'll. You know it that -- there's no mystery to all strategic and haven't had a -- have not let them this week. But just looking at that place it's a total 225 times a -- on on replay to 21 to 22. As happened in notice Danny Amendola. And I'm not are not surprised that everybody it's hard to say because you're not looking at the entire field so you're looking at -- -- he's not really sure is on film with the ultimately to view. When that pass was thrown in when he flashed open but it appears that he was opened briefly would have taken a hell of a row and get a break any payment could be the unseen enemy not -- thing -- that he was he was under pressure which was a problem on that drive. It not been a major problem for the -- the entire game. Analysts on the final drive of the game when you know everything is on the line in the Brady was constantly under pressure was we hear about happen. Six or 777979837. Term -- Take it happening guys on the concussion issues you mentioned David -- -- -- -- minute or -- -- pretty integrated. You think -- football players and different contracts where. They can't guarantee a contract stated that they're old and yeah it's way. Yes mark yes perhaps -- its grip on your part. And you can talk all you want about protocol and it's okay and changing the culture but the biggest part of that culture. As you as you brought up is that the contract mean if you are if you get paid year to year there's no security is no guarantee. You might be willing to push the envelope a little bit because you're not sure how long does it go I always say hey -- -- we can find some guys it is not a title you guys are reliable get -- -- -- right. I get reporter mark mark. And yet that is still the thing that sets the NFL -- from all the other sports is one of the things we like most about the NFL's at those contracts are guaranteed. So this is more the rare example where works. Against them is supposed do for them think I -- in general level we like about the -- will it work against. -- reports -- gas -- it works if the future of the player it works as a player it with the with. Lack of security countered there's nothing good for player there's all the team in advance. Currently got a bad team. For example patriots patriots and Belichick took over five and eleven next year. The -- 28 new players. Yeah you match. -- cautioned that Pete Carroll went to like 75. Transactions its first six months in Seattle I mean it was just constant. At the bottom of the roster even some of the properties get rid of the dead weight practice was and it when Parcells first got here -- one of the first things he did was cut and some brown about. Vincent brown the undertaker muscles in his face they were thought it was the only good player in the whole team like the first thing Parcells there's like this guy he can play. You see it quicker he's gone. Wright is like imagine doing that another sport you just can't can't do it. -- Jack Edwards as we said the only person in town -- more energy than Bill Belichick will join us in a moment get his take. A what was a bizarre Bruins -- last night they played like crap to -- was so good it didn't matter how good is Tuukka. Boston -- -- WE.

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