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Bill Belichick with Salk and Holley

Nov 20, 2013|

Brevity is the word of the day as Bill Belichick is only interested in looking forward to the Broncos, not back to the controversial call in Carolina.

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This is a judgment call the officials don't have the use of of replay like you said. They don't have slow motion replay and ultimately they ruled that the restriction occurred simultaneously. With the ball being touched. And when you watch it at full speed you can see why they would make that call on the field. Two thirds of a second that's a different Bill Belichick the -- coming up in a few minutes two thirds of a second according to sports science. Simultaneous. To think about what two thirds of the second means in sports terms this sounds quick credits less than a second. But in sports terms think about what the differences two thirds -- the second this point six. 67 seconds right point six repeating is is is two thirds of the second weren't what -- -- I went in America if I happen. About the difference between somebody who runs a forty in the fourth threes. And somebody runs a 45. Is working in America. Give it up with a very special to go with I don't wanna tell you it's a special tutors opened me that's that they were sort of 43340. And a five -- for. What a difference. That's like Tom Brady vs your best quarterback right. Or vs the white great wide receiver -- -- and tutoring your editor and it -- my tutor now while. He thinks it the other way around but no he is one of my many I'm improving by the -- coaches our brought to buy a Mercedes-Benz. And by Drake cakes to bring Bill Belichick in the joins us right now via the eighteenth to outline my coach -- We're going not going well so you you play Carolina -- -- Cam Newton on Monday night for the first time. Forty what do you take away from him in and from what they were able to duty -- impressed. And they they did a good jump and there's some things we need that. We're more focused on -- you need to do better. But -- better you better. -- this is third down there that we have improvement. Is. You know bill and -- game the the end of the game is still drawing a lot of conversation here on the radio and across the country guys when asked you this do you accept. The explanation from the league that was assigned to that interception simultaneous with the pass -- affairs that occurred. And -- on from the old McCain situation. This -- focus on them burn it and it's not about again. Let me ask you this then. For that game or any other game what's the best way in your opinion to discuss these things. Well also informing coaches what's happening in the officials discussed things among themselves and then if they had games over see you later ran off the field. Well how do you think the the best way to go about that is. Not because something that really leave it Republicans do and -- along -- a lot of factors a world. A part of process so. Certainly an area and a. You know one of the things we've discusses -- and they mentioned in the explanation. And -- -- -- explanation is that in fast motion looks like one thing vs slow motion. It may look different. What would you think in general about the NFL or or being able to review everything including judgment calls like pass an affair. I'll always era. Cool well so source -- working with the talk about it quite a bit some that I think would that would help a lot of that you now get ready for Denver team. Led by Peyton Manning you've gotten a play against him or coach against him. For much of his career how does he changed from being young quarterback to who is now. Well -- pretty accomplished. He you know he's a great career. In -- but it very high level along -- -- -- Judgment. And a management the team all the relations. Between east and all Roland -- serve extremely. Well accuracy. And very good and it is that. A fellow all. Probably -- years years. Should. -- nature. Changes. You know that is overall body of a -- on the play here there. Very consistent. Until when asked about the situation is going on in Denver with Jack Del Rio and John fox and we know -- coach is a huge part of what a team does and his style of play you watched ever on film and most of those games. -- John Fox has been head coach all but two. Is is the change in leadership even if it's temporary change in leadership significant enough to expect. A noticeable switch and how the Broncos are gonna playing -- you guys on Sunday night. -- epic is they have started -- exactly what's going on -- appearance in decisions -- made there. You know who who put together what the game plan. With different in both our. How much they are. Having knowledge of to say Washington. As the -- game they're they're a pretty much a game plan anyway. They do things in specific to who their opponent. He goes well -- let it. Sure. I think we're courtesy. A specific but. -- -- -- similar to a bill that was just. What. -- -- Steven Ridley another fumble on Monday night's. What do you think where where's that stem from his fumbling issues is the style issue is it concentration mental is it technique issue where do you think it comes. -- knows there's an awful lot of play is. And -- game. Each one unique and different so I don't think. You know when you look at any player's performance that. All currency. The same thing play after play after lift him and they're just to go to the -- See different things. There I think they've picked correctly in the justice. Occasionally there's a section of personally different sort. Unit the same play them the same road same which. Because. In general. And we all have to. To just do -- better job or some little things and get our -- fusion better. It team -- and there's an. -- -- Our -- -- now for the coach's question of the week is brought to you by your local Mercedes-Benz dealers the all new Mercedes-Benz CLA. Has arrived see them on the rabbit in the USA dot com's action and over he wants to know. Are you when Tom Brady are the longest tenured coach quarterback combination in history. When you get a chance to think about that and we need to think about it what do you think. What Beckham I'm very fortunate that performance. -- -- -- Our coach we have we appreciate it we will talk to you on Monday after guys play Sunday night. I respect our ex coach appreciate it there's Bill Belichick and -- conversation with the coach brought -- -- always. By as -- do Tedy Bruschi didn't get the affordable dependable like insurance from SB allied. The company that's protected over one million family since 1907. And as -- dot com and today. -- While in man. Well what that not. That are OK that I didn't. That we are open for its. I don't know that sometimes you talked on the phone and it's it's OK and then some days since this. Which one was today. Today in the former category or in the latter category. -- -- Wow we're gonna -- group -- tablets -- almost together rotary group. In all the phases of our own personal game although I don't here to get back to the phones -- -- you guys here's 617779. 7937. -- so wanna throw something else parent her Brady talking about it twice today once this morning on Dennis and Callahan. And then once later today in his in his regular press conference. And he says something that wall it sounds like it makes perfect sense in the new world of the NFL. Makes absolutely no sense whatsoever play for your next talking now WE yeah.

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