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Tom Curran, CSNNE: Previews Broncos Patriots

Nov 20, 2013|

Curran joins Mut and Lou to discuss all things Patriots including the non-call on Monday night, the injury to Dennard, and the upcoming game against the Broncos.

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Joining us on the -- hotline is our buddy Tommy current Thomas brought to -- by his own -- doctor doctor Robert -- call 100 -- -- 11800. Get here. Just a week from. Now it's on me I thought we can -- now it's done me today he's down there at Gillette wasn't gonna hear this today I thought. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- Brandon and figure -- -- the busy website and Obama. All ever treated for example of that order not -- I can make your receipt if you -- -- -- I don't know officials going to be but also. Are concerned we'll do it but that's -- -- that Tom ridge's book apparently is month thanks to follow those felt the. Our -- -- lucked -- I think I agree with Galen. Do you agree. Has elected tremendously at breaking down the officiating parlor game and it was exactly correct that. All kidding aside -- -- -- they can myself if you guys agree or disagree. I've been at the owners' meetings and disgust. Me to -- in the competition committee. The importance of keeping human element. In the game and I think we're appoint technologically -- Six or seven at least informed people. In the entire. Country -- the man who are adjudicated and it. Because. We have the ability to look at report. -- the ability to -- the experience. And you have set and then six Merrill feel -- that whenever I can remember all. Promote direct number officials are there they don't have in the UP. Information at their local public correct call that everybody else in the competency. So I think it is it's really. Sure it's for our. The patriots -- you know sell. So looking forward to to somehow implementing greater technology especially. In the arena of -- and it hurts in the end zone and pass interference in over a fifteen -- Was it -- later technology to our greater technology to you wouldn't. You would agree with me that our pass interference in your same fifteen yards or more I was saying two minutes ago and a half in the game. I'll review pass interference and make it review mobile play you do the same. Absolutely. Absolutely and -- you thought -- bought some side pocket these owners meetings to. The members of the competition committee you know I call it the Rex Grossman social efforts we will leave your guys when your -- feel the receiver actually. Understanding how to create -- contact our spot and we saw that 2006 member of the bears' offense was mostly based on -- So do you. You know that there has to be some way to -- the devastating. Called that is really a judgment call which can be really -- -- period. And make it more fair because you know as we saw on Monday night. The officials. Made a call. And then they turn the call around based on what they thought they saw at full speed the ability to change it now we've spent two days. But having people affiliated with the -- Tell -- what we're watching on television. Didn't really happen. The end if it's bizarre it's bizarre little football and our planet where well. I was gonna get to that sense of it's huge you know maybe. I'm out of art. -- -- -- -- -- It worked the ball at triple was that player able to make clear about -- but for a contact Erik think it's very easy to get the ball. Yeah I think we all the did the issued -- recall and it is that it takes away from what was a great game. I mean. Big Greek -- to walk and and I actually left decades thinking better ball both teams are aware you are that. Yeah it was very fascinating. Kind of broke back and see so many popular -- and this year. Probably the patriots were involved and we actually game in which there are only seven possessions from both sides you know. Is that. There's efficient signal. And you can almost see the way it was unfolding with little patriots colts started it right there might be similar to what we see this weekend. With the patriots and Broncos. Because. The patriots have made that step that we talked about the making. Kind of predicted that making. We're excited to get their people back concern over whether or not -- over the hill watched up. Done on the back nine and will they draft -- quarterback in April. Kinda moot now that he has well Rob Gronkowski and yet a third down back and he does. Oats and receivers who have started to develop. We could see that coming I think. If you if you didn't go report in particular this week it is going to be fascinating. To see if they -- this quickly go to speak to keep up Broncos. We're talking at Tommy courtesy of -- Andy dot com I. I've taken aback last week Tom when you said to us he thought the return of Shane Vereen would be. Not as important if not -- or as a -- as the Robert -- returner so why can't reach her win. Per game wasn't up Farina was awesome out of the backfield again I forgot even -- ten weeks he was gone. That explosive a catch in the football when I tie and how good he was and released third fumble lost this year. Final six games the year in the playoffs who plays big bigger percentages snaps at running back Shane -- or Steven Ridley. I think it's it's different -- -- click on -- at a lot try to be a big lot not to get huge saints when you talk about. Wes Welker as a receiver. And Randy -- receiver he still play the same position when you really shivering and running backs they don't receive position to a compound in between. Related blog and I think the patriots are probably just gonna have to swallow hard. And cross your fingers and it will be on the field to -- concern today you know that it was reluctant but he's the camera. There has to come in at different points. The problem like he was written years she can -- our. Because he -- so hard for inconsequential yards -- -- and outside get the extra. But the spending that he goes. In traffic when there's probably not a lot more to be made and the lack of ability to -- accept -- handle the football. Or lack of urgency to put effected in the football beat him in the fight the extra yard. He and start bubbling -- feel. I didn't appear to be able to get through that cement aired at least compared to do. Explicitly that after the year he got. He Utica but fighting with one hand on the ball. We're gonna keep on. Data that's the problem that I would have is that apparently he's not getting it yet because you hope he was benched earlier that he's given a free pass. Last time last week two weeks go we're gonna call it in this week. Again you know he fumbles again and you'd have to Wear -- this -- not understand the urgency. In holding on the football and but are they forced the -- set they just grin and bear because he's just that much more talented and -- that he's the guy. Here's the catch 22. Into that aspect and because of the style that he uses. But the style that he uses reached more fumbles. So. At that that's the essence of the -- restarting of fighting. In traffic and sometimes squaring up the other side it will help them. To be it electric packet is. But it hit traffic when they're multiple people around him and somebody -- on that right -- usually right -- -- on the ball. You know -- that hectic and left -- covering it that's when the ball comes out. An -- comes just a minute second floor in the goes. So. To me is not making up what progress for the ball comes out. Where is the next orbit it. The next couple they stubble is Broncos game and a team averaged just under forty points a game Tom and you reported. About the three guys who were there at practice today in and -- heard. But to leave and Gregory it's an all hands on deck has major -- there against his passing offense. Do you read anything into this early in the week those three guys being a practicing too early to determine. Too early into kept to -- whether or not they are going to be able to could make progress throughout the week at Wednesday's debate that starts -- -- -- not Gregory. And I can move I'm Bob. And and actually he'll hold onto the ball and and could be apparently were with an -- Bob -- and same thing. Scattered debris was most surprising in that view of what we have an appeal in the -- which. Operation. Procedure done last week and he without -- and watching him take -- -- 40% 50% drop during drills were swept in and shell on you look okay Mary Ellis and they go oh crap they're really forced to. So I think between those two. Aqib -- but fortunately I think it's. He's going to have this persist. For a long time now because those courses on. They get tightness. Vehicle into the game. Expecting. To have a lot of success against the Broncos without them and can't really count on having success defensively with them because they're so personal. -- up there with Alphonso debtor. There's. Any practice I thought maybe earlier in the week at the hole by awaken the next thing you know he's he's an active and hear reports that maybe even so this week to. Who would you hearing from him when this happened. During practice. During practice the -- situation apparently that it occurred. Last week and missed Friday's practice that in the democratic practice. You know sometimes Lewis is probably. Integrity and -- -- -- -- -- yes minister Tony -- would you pastor ability -- and a whole lot worse in the but it equipment at its. He tried to go. With I don't electrical -- our equipment. But I think he tried to go at them and if it's for a couple of days are accurate you know like it duplicate -- -- clean and reattached and and put out there I think that's Whitaker. Leading anybody apart during part. But somehow injured during practice. He's funny and earlier TARP story Sunday morning with the boys think as we get the -- stories when it comes all of us. Up that top. Get back to work Tommy -- was on what -- what tomorrow a quick slant. We're still working hard -- golf club ball -- -- late in the -- like. Well it -- week I think you'll understand correctly. We'll be watching you anyway I thought thank you very much markets have. Give back to work Tommy current joining some Gillette when he joins us he brought you up by his own -- doctor doctor Robert letter or call 1800 get hair. 1800 -- here appear Red Sox for -- anyone's sick around with -- Red Sox fan. Really wants stick around we come back in addition -- what's on tap I got a very cool. Red Sox -- just for you won 93 point seven WEEI.

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