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Shawn Thornton: "I am always a fourth liner"

Nov 20, 2013|

Shawn Thornton joined the show fresh off his big night at MSG and talked about his recent goal scoring prowess. Shawn said that no matter who his line mates are he is always going to be a fourth liner.

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-- map on fire he is a scoring machine he's artists piper -- shot Shawn Thornton that was a beauty. The -- the yeah our conversation was shot is brought you by the city of Boston credit union argued this morning. I'm greater hunger to get your. -- wander and could not -- if. One of the goons and -- team messes with due to someone on your team come -- and take care of that like creature Bergeron because they can't have you. You know -- now for ten minutes. But at that -- note don't -- developers informal. Of them all the little lucky it was off a couple of GA and the guys that got. He's got my real job. I'm looking at the last five games for the fourth line. IA has two goals you have two goals Campbell has three assists all three of you are plus two. A four shots reply 86 shots for Campbell nine shots for you Sean at a certain point -- fourth line plays so well that they say you know what. Give -- the third line that ever happened. Let it go back alleys. Joked was that the media that you know it doesn't matter who is not my line where the fourth -- So I don't know I've ever. A few years ago I got one Wheeler -- -- got bumped up close associate Wheeler but everyone just talked about Mueller -- get demoted the fourth line so it doesn't. It doesn't matter who it is are monitored -- or Michael. Does it Arctic while signal while open that we continue to transmit -- are -- -- well hopefully people bought. Does that does that -- off when you're when you're told gonna be healthy scratch vs Carolina what what's your immediate reaction when you hear -- here that. There I think it on the the communication I think them. Our I don't like obviously nobody likes he has the -- -- the odd man out. -- -- after a meal let -- -- time. People is that not a player but there haven't played pretty well it's just. Story is coming up on city you know ten games straight -- -- and you want to get -- Carolina without. And on an enforcer present so the department and it's the target of her game and -- already back in an exciting news raiders so. One. Oracle bout with Siemens -- -- regardless you know and at sixteen games. If he had not meeting up because injuries or whatever -- -- -- -- outlaw. I was. There's. The decision was what was special in public on. Do you ever award once the last time how old were you when you would get upset when you would complain about playing time. Complained about playing candidates except that you know week. There's some games I think that. You know maybe we can get out -- look at more in the sum game so -- We don't interpret health care you know we are very hard to figure that -- What are -- the a lot of penalties and help out with an equal to it. We're. If -- -- had a lot so we're shorthanded autism Pollyanna but wait until. We get back to the rotation. That's taken him a minute or two here I'm here at let my royalties they're ready we're here when you. All the possibilities else. They last night on shots on goal. 44 to 22. Say they were better in just about every phase of the game but you're goalie was better -- goalie. Duca was better than the the vaunted as when -- -- Hendrick Lundqvist but I think I still think -- better looking but you're goalie. -- better in net last night is not surprised -- dollars at some Morgan seat regularly now. Well. -- Every time we play against those guys he. He's unbelievable -- all the way back this first or second year if you. -- opposed to shut -- there one up whenever you want to win it and state bank may have played at the -- really enjoys the challenge of facing. -- are on course use a -- Here are a lot. You used unbelievable. -- quick shots that even. Just the breakaway chance that they -- with just slight chance that the you really heated -- -- Shot well when would you next see and hear load. Tomorrow we have it we have the scale up -- it ended the day off today so we'll see a small morning. -- structure of the video over some things. I can only imagine will be a little -- if. Yeah I think that that I asked that to ask this I'll bet there are probably a handful of times. That quote is unhappy after a win you suspect that tomorrow might be one of those times. I idle all. And he about the game he wasn't happy. I have OPEC at the well it. There's that there -- forest back to back in Pacific yeah we do their best they played. It -- their -- -- because if not a little I gave us here at. Articulate an educator they're struggling to get above 500 so. -- We found a way at all -- -- the lead back at how accurate I'll let you know we know it could be better without -- way. -- your quarter of the way through seasonal more actually in on top of the Eastern Conference I wonder though. The start training camp all the way to this point did you ever get a sense that this team had a hangover from last year was still recovering from last season meal went forever in the way that does that ever. Factors he thinks it's the beginning of the year. I don't know I mean we did have a short while he's in both. The ticket again in our sport but I think. There is a -- talked about that and there's -- there's probably been in the probably will be nice where several you know not. Just up -- And in that he's from me and play -- sick they've never taken that I can get up for the Olympic park with. -- got a lot a lot of there was a lot of talk over the last. -- -- so. Aren't you might see that as it's ever talked about we are. We're pretty -- of each other pretty harder so -- actually don't we don't competing every night so. It. Probably more people out there if it comes to -- be that way that -- is sort of not wanted to be there. John Tom Brady tells us the Bill Belichick even after -- lopsided dominant patriot win. We'll find stuff to either correct or bitch about the next day when they gather look at film and does not apply does that apply -- your your coach. -- that we there's always work gotten. I think. Depending on the game and depending on how much video we have lately. Yeah we usually we usually get a little bit but it was more. This is what we need to do longer -- these variant. It's constructive. I think it Olympics is better. I think every coach's. Well -- that section -- not what makes it got a lot to do. The teams penalty kill streak ended at 33 obviously. You got to go one on on the penalty kill what's the key to that why has it been work. So well behaved well -- -- and -- -- -- but. I I don't that are on the PK meetings -- -- I know that they're very very prepared dug it and a bridge or take a lot of pride and in that aspect of the game and I mean there's a lot more than that it looked attitude we Ochoa who knows what might happen if somebody stalls showing them something. Every particular that a lot we -- -- -- If they were -- get acquainted. Was considered -- well prepared -- the peninsula. What it'll -- you do additional looking down so that academy street but. It happened at the longest numbers and. Mature it's duke was 33 and ended up. -- Eric -- are different but a question kind of a philosophical question here at Ethan try to handle this -- What impact is greater on ice hockey teams are important the big activity of giving up shorthanded goal. The positively of scoring shorthanded goal. America -- pause as it is scored on that. -- get to go on I think what you give up short handed the in the vacuum line. Think while -- whatever group that has been an outrage at what about your mindset but. After party you know scored that goal kind of give us -- little -- of -- left of because it's pretty pumped up when you heard the grinder is you know -- -- -- -- John thanks for the time good luck pocket locked down the road. -- -- but -- and talent on the AT&T why the nation's fastest and now most liable for GL TE network or conversation Sean. Is brought to you by the city of Boston credit union.

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