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Mark from Connecticut hates the Patriots

Nov 20, 2013|

Mark from Connecticut called into the show and expressed his anger at what he deemed whiny Patriot fans. He also reminded us that he was born and raised in Connecticut about 30 times.

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Mark. It on that. Now. Benoit went into it about how the patriots in our Austin. But every game you watched them play. You appreciated it and -- holding -- receive it on the other half -- an -- Monday night mark patriot law what's happened on Monday night I. I can't wait on -- when they played Denver and do it again. That way again about the patriots stand on and don't require LA what are baby -- Got the Internet stuff I was born and raised in Connecticut. -- Etiquette is very grateful to. They're good people. I think the patriots. -- and raised in Connecticut and I cannot. Stand on. Organ accordion on that I don't know that I only -- -- -- don't want -- -- court reporting on the game marked team. And sent out. I'll use that as a reborn -- Connecticut already raised an -- we could be moved to Massachusetts one. Why do you hate the patriots mark. And she did. She time you didn't think that the anger and don't receive written on the thirteenth. At illegal. She. I can't do you know about -- And I want you to read all of that showed. That of a student didn't have that everybody quiet about it how the patriots lost. And -- in your mind. Quickness on the right and do you think it was good but do you think it was and why I don't think it was a good call mark. The white and it was a good IRL does your nephews and I'm not totally. And -- -- -- that -- -- blind now cutesy she's dead white lies ahead on all. And yes well I play the second quarter. I -- -- the whole game I -- collapse in the complex that patriots can't let -- stand it at the united name and I can get. Rude remark which makes me -- on the store arena and it destroyed reporting on it. Ball with a forty scores are not try to try to focus here mark try to focus. Do you think it was a good -- bad call at the end. I think it was a good car and I don't think Brady had any right to run up to the special -- mild to warm -- needing a aren't. Check -- aren't Belichick grabbed the grabbed official mark.

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