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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Rob Ford is Chris Farley

Nov 20, 2013|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today Rob Ford further addressed his insane drug addled behavior.

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Headlines brought to you as always by precision fitness equipment shop for the pros do and where Kirk -- Does precision fitness equipment -- -- gotten -- home gym on. I kept thinking about. Getting the indoor. Or treadmill for the winter for those real cold days ago. Yet and I don't want I'm a bit of state of space I'm really valuable asset. -- in this program -- station you're a real value lasts. -- -- and you can't have me out there in February slipping and breaking away capsule you have cut his off Versteeg quits in the middle America. The first which drinking. And now well the marathon and now you're avoiding out running in the winter well no I think that it is gonna be that certain. This is certain temperature where they want the kids play and Mexican in the winter go outside for instance like 68 degree yeah no it's not FT four degrees. After which goes below fifty. If it's below. Eighteen degrees shut up -- around out now. How about your lungs I think there's a basis forty was my mark this year the other day one and it 32 I fell exit -- man. Painful -- thirty twos and saints beat the 100. That's not good for the -- because ultimately it's not I wouldn't think would be the temperature. -- believe the the opportunity to have the chance that you get some might some fault -- -- like it's scary right now I'm scared you put gasoline in your face. No. Now the president anywhere yes I sure do tomorrow right up on not right now on the go over there and get one of those struggles that's gonna happen. As remembered John Burbank is -- name bring a bill -- yes sadly it does I mean what it. He cited skilled now wish as sex offenders go this -- is the worst and that's thinks it'll get worse than this guy can. -- -- and final that the the children that he didn't -- is unbelievable so now he is. Facing a sentence here if he's convicted life sentence he is willing forty export licenses forty he is offering to undergoing physical castration to reduces sex drive and return for a massive reduction in the sentence. I say. -- -- do one but not the other yeah why not lop off -- Lieberman there are right let's tellem right exactly and then lopped right off. Isn't -- them off yes you -- the boys all the package. The whole part time jobs and you put it that you are on the shelf in his cell -- you can look at it Abby normal. -- putted up to make -- this. I'll cut you have to go to find it I'm just saying it. No question shore. Of the second day in a row you've done headlines that are really sort of distasteful. Or sad or. Can we could possibly focus headlines and so it would be maybe. Using object sure is lights added this is good the guys -- took the -- -- -- this directive from this morning who. I said -- great I say it's a great question what would you do forty years in prison. Or and say -- would get a few lopped it off I'll agree give him any I know I'm a -- -- on hypothetical here you get for -- fight imprison you get a life said she never seem like today yet in a lop off and get two years in prison who what would you choose. How does it 4949. I am asking you what -- rage well. A lot but not yet know so you do the time -- about human and -- prop. I probably -- off. Yeah I'd probably -- enough we got yours ever accelerate our growth and ignited what is pleasant existence but it if you know you never getting out he's never getting out of prison never. So he's never gonna be with a baby again yeah I mean that's tied to the. Doctor Fred S Berlin psychiatrist and director of sexual behavior consultation Johns Hopkins. That castration can result in reductions is sexual motivation it's good hire somebody tell us that. It's pretty obvious to go -- right I mean he had that happens when the DB to do it. Your brain probably still does I not -- now starts from the south and moves its way up north -- back yeah from it is does. Are any of getting to more happy yet you're happy about that rapper has had a birthday party we didn't sir -- People Magazine named the sexiest man alive yesterday. You know was BC decided not they just -- -- quarter sexiest man -- you guys had to guess you. I'll just say -- Cologne I don't as a save Bradley Cooper now I think he's gotten it begins when you were before wells that day he. Ryan this was -- so gosh Gosling know human ride all I got it posted -- I Ryan Wasilla and I got it. Senator Waxman yeah yeah that's not a bad one delegates what you went two years all all right rob -- -- I went out at at -- Adam Levine. Alia the guy from the voice. Asked if I was a girl not that much. Lot of tattoos it's the beaches and he needs to do you put into being sexy he's got a whole thing however he's doing. Ads for acne medication I don't see us yet she was a team after a guy who had a as -- Phillies beat the sexiest man on during those -- he wanted that -- obviously. I won that. Just have backing out of the guys -- know -- that was like -- you know perfect and if it. Adam Levine is not from the voice from Maroon 5 yeah probably think that he's also from these things from the voice right yeah that's -- -- -- -- drama off. Yeah least sexy men alive. And little -- there please Ford board. -- Jerry sandusky. For. -- good I would say send a skis up there who's -- that's a good Waxman's ago yet Waxman skip you know the nose thing knows that you're gonna taxicabs in the summit particularly if not. Of people find that sex has gotten some really predict the woman tomorrow is like on the pick awards one day in the attic yet I don't want you know one last year. Just date and weather help either you're -- the banker Gwyneth Paltrow yeah that's -- -- -- does -- sell well this despite. What better looking women in this building right now -- about 43. Now there's one girl works downstairs at that. -- rip lowest it's a physical therapy -- ordinance is easy no hot -- hot she's enemy. We we -- that she's -- blind a threat like -- -- you she said melody you it's a real unspoken sexual potential if he's guilty yes I was like why we like it doesn't exist closely -- ride it's there it's their recorded to a more rob for his rough Fortis started. Kind of lose he's got that -- point now. Panel of losing touch with I don't know haven't reached relevance. Saturation point with rob we can't forget his nickname by the -- -- look like rob -- 4040. -- Fatty forty means going to be some than the kids called him his whole life. Will Google cooler that was ups on Google. And as we had a sound writes that yesterday there was is is this reality shows -- nation -- which started that -- you -- when -- one and done. And Ford sort of gives explanations of what's going on in his life. I'm not stepping down. I'm not an alcoholic I'm on a drug addict I. Haven't had to drop the ball on three weeks I haven't had sex with a woman not drop a drop. A drop of that your industry now and there's alcohol -- None zero billiards history and Palestine news for drugs long time and talking -- loses but -- want to with -- -- -- you know if I haven't had to drop well on dealing with the team of professionals. I'm getting help -- sometimes might sometimes they. My excessive drinking more than I get all excited I'm like Jo-Jo do you start exploit by guys I think this is getting blown out of proportion of drink too much. Yes I have I admit that. We you know what I'm getting into a non alcoholic but there's professionals that are guiding me and them trying to. And helping -- you know and that. I work at every day now with. -- -- How -- we that. A professional trainer with me. And that we're having a lot of fun. We're gonna do stand up -- got. -- I'll play. I'm working with a team of professionals. Talk. Oh and -- -- working out every day I'm going to be working out if I'm not down. At 3040 pounds in the next six months then I can eat my words give me some time and if you don't see a difference and let's save for five months upon not down a few pounds and you know -- you will see a difference and that's all I can -- talks -- Actions or -- there is talk is cheap actions beside the words I'm gonna go a lot. And want to. She speaks the words again and in a repeat hello when I said actions speaks on the words Joseph. That's coordination one is one here's Chris Farley. Yes he is and I think he's probably gonna. Come to the same. And as Chris -- yes and I -- -- -- well it's not gonna end well Chris is ended on 8 Tuesday morning I believe in a hotel room or apartment department. Would they stripper slash hooker via a public Coke bottle of vodka. -- just go vomit he passed out had a heart attack and died she stole the watch office wrist and left the apartment well. That's what happens what about -- Wally individual that's about -- ignominious -- yet as it can end yet socket it's I think he was naked he's 44 rub for Charlie's dad he's Chris Farley is dead and rob Ford is still. Believe in reincarnation to light a soft forward. You back or is back this is your retirement is gonna lose weight and right as -- out there more than enough. That hasn't touched a drop of alcohol for 300 Americans you can remember. They -- that's headlines the real happier to mark what are -- -- -- -- Happier headlines -- happier now start posting -- 617 sevenths but I 7937. Sean or Boston Bruins. Goal last line should be the third line -- -- -- the 9 o'clock hour. Nick and John and -- your next with the NC.

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