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Tom Brady: "I expect Wes Welker to play"

Nov 20, 2013|

Tom Brady joined the show for his weekly interview and discussed the controversial final play call Monday night in Charlotte. He also said that he fully expects Wes Welker to play Sunday night.

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As our number two Dennis and Callahan a conversation with Tom Brady is brought -- you by northeast select. Electrical distributors the cancer center at Beth Israel deaconess and crescent credit unions and as always on joins us on the AT&T on good morning Tom. -- There are probably about a thousand ways that you are a better man that I -- help make it 101000 ways you're better -- and but most about it. But most recently and most obvious it would be this. Your post game columnists and deport meant in front of the microphones and the cameras I could not stand up there. And not rant and rave and scream and yell. About a flag was picked up the denied me an opportunity to try to win that football game how do you do that -- that discipline but crater itself. Well I think in -- luckily. We have the biggest influence on the game and and -- 81 become doctors decision that's out of your hands and it it was really want to play in the game that we shouldn't ever leave a bit in that situation so. It's frustrating part is that. The most frustrating part is just there. You know we had plenty of opportunity the -- didn't take it Erica so. We hate dramatic game in place -- Under your control whether you agree it's older daughter career hitter you know I'm sure Warner has their own feelings on that side. You know my own personal feelings yeah those frustrate frustrate now certainly frustrated at the moment. But he also born in the locker room and understand that we really. Blew the chances that we have. Now that more overriding factor for me. I'm not sure you're going to let us have a little peek behind the curtain but if you might. How was it conveyed to the team. Before the locker room doors open that we are not going to bitch and whine and moan about this we're going to say what it is huge asset that conveyed to the team. -- it just understood. Now it says he -- say that it's -- look. You know we played hard in order and I got a -- to go ahead of us. You know that's not make any excuses to move on. And have you ever. -- in -- and your many years of play and watch a football have you ever seen a past declared and catch a bull that was low that was not. Hi sports. Air -- into the stands. No I didn't know I yeah I haven't and I'm sure -- the first start for everything and you know we we get our -- -- that we don't you know so. It's you know referees never wanna be an opposition leader where they have to make. A judgment call like that. It was sure it properly -- out of that either I'm sure they don't wanna play an incredible game that they did you know that in that situation. You know they've made a call and then. You know they overturned the call so. That was just part of you know I I guess you could have felt so far that bit and you seek out every statement. It's -- out there and you know we're adaptable while -- -- -- week. You're blonde agreed and had a salary between bureaucrats insert. The flight -- and then you'd start a value -- what we need to do better and and certain around the Denver this. -- know before we get to Denver promised I would Estes and notes that hypothetical. And we don't know what would happen but if you got the -- at 11 play to win the game. Lol what would what would you run what would you go would you spread it out past would you run blow up the middle what would have happened if you had gotten that one more play and. A I thought about. I thought about in I know our coaches. Oh that's so we talked about governor ordered -- -- center operations and what effect comes -- actually. We -- rewritten for the old direct snap pieces to -- at the clock thing when you face the -- -- And maybe goes to -- They -- place of great benefit in the alphabet and the suggestion box and maybe look over an -- If that happened the -- With the quarterback sneak on a quick -- have been in the conversation of the discussion. I'm sure that's an option always older older. You know we hear a yard away got a lot of options so that's what makes it hard to stop. Well it would it would have been a it's -- -- it -- it's a great situation that talk about but I. You know we didn't really not coming out so. You have been a shotgun though when -- minutes shotgun. I don't think -- -- -- short enough so he couldn't and the direction that the -- it's true. Making the plays called fourth quarter third one the incompletion to Dobson. If you have any second thoughts about that and and and the second part of the question is you had to that point Tom. Completed thirteen consecutive passes you were on a role did that sort of thirteen consecutive passes field good feeling. Prompt either Josh or bill or you just say yeah let's throw -- to Dobson on third one. Well we had -- play and you know they were pretty aggressive defense that is that are not quite aggressive about at that particular point -- We thought they were really gonna bite out on the play action and then. Regarding their car occurred James -- you know Oprah and -- a walk -- touchdown and they played the situation pretty soft so. Well guess. It's one of those things but how does have a big pointer -- them you know they eat sensibly they could play and he. I'm certainly if we had to do it over again. You know because it didn't work your your -- vessels -- -- -- like I like what we're trying to do we talked about it for two days that -- like doing that situation so. I'm just didn't work elsewhere since that time. You know at the Pittsburgh game and then the other night I guess having three back to you just -- more comfortable the last eight quarters I mean is that is that fair to say right now you're the most comfortable you bend with a -- so far this season. You know -- excuse -- better so hard they were. Were kind of do one more thing that we're capable of doing at this point total. You are always feel comfortable out there and let our quiche meant that the and that way. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know it's just leave it up the mountain -- -- inconsistent. The thing that I looked that is. Everything that's -- the past generally not a pattern at this point so are all feel good that it works and what we view these next six week. I -- determine what happened. Going forward so. We got -- future as we get nobody to blame but ourselves our losses. How -- they look -- never say that we played. Out by. We could have -- good we have to guard excuse at our level. And if we do that -- going to be just -- so. I'd rather be in our hands and everybody else and you know it certainly have our -- where we got this big game that we only. All figured this weekend and so. Britain everything we can endure it and it's going to be a great team and arm in a lot to carpet so we brought their player asking him. It's not given who you are giving your accomplishments in this league given your entire life there's probably not a lot of people that you're jealous or envious -- That said. When you look at Cam Newton on third and six -- to an easy first down. Or allude Ninkovich twice in Chandler Jones and show that kind of outlook sales and puts beat you're shake yourself I wish I could do that. I expect. There. A bit but what can. Yeah you see that in yet another sports site. You know LeBron James -- physically yeah that's just. Says what he wants to do -- and it's pretty. That's why guys are number 16 overall look and they can make those type of place so. Yeah I've learned I doubt in my -- I'll play which is definitely not we'll just do -- -- -- the other night. About. Also -- got a throughout the way to go figure a way to get it done then he gets it done it differently than I do. You know he was successful at the other night. Not at my there sure as well so. I'm -- -- might there are no wherever credit at this point let. It was still early well played game and the other night. Imagine that a defense can't play man to man against you Tom how nice with a big. I've seen it. You know defensive game plan and Federer not one player typically mean that you've got to stop the number of state. Not play games were also recovered -- I can't work on the uncovered in its its. So it may be out there with me a lot of perhaps you guys around -- as a particular player like. Yeah under the mobile quarterback you have yet -- accountable for Iran because he's that type the dynamic player. So you can got together and I did great things aren't you know our defense you know they played it but thought he had been. It overcame a look at short side. You know hopefully -- that situation again -- strictly a little bit better because. We certainly can't better their I definitely know that he had play out during certain and certainly in the first global point three a lot of self let -- down. You know missteps are -- and let you know also score points and then the second half -- little bit better but I. We could -- group could well -- that we play. And we had many more scoring opportunities that we can say yes a significant. It's sort of what were certificate and it -- in our guys can stay healthy and gain a little sense of you know doing the right thing on a weekly basis with the guys we have playing their Waterbury. You know. It you know you said -- you moving on to Denver and it's hard to believe but you move and on to a game -- much much bigger than the one you just played we feel like. You know the Panthers came in the Monday Night Football game and and all and entail is like the game of the year. That's not even the game all week for you guys because you -- at this conference opponent the best team. In the AFC at a home Sunday night is that the kind of team when you look around look. Locker room is at the kind of team that can turn the page and not get caught up in the game you just play it. Absolutely and I'll bet that's that Libya style and I have we been through a lot of art and you have tough losses or look at we want to give I still. Just the biggest game does this week so. I guess that -- separately. -- a decent position. None of that matters you know great what matters it is what we do going forward you know everything that at all. It's you that we are going to be determined. -- what we do or forward so. That's that's the good part we learned a lot of things we got a lot of guys coming out of the lineup was in and you are on offense or a little bit -- right now which is good. Com we'll see if we can put together our best performance as we can on the other so we have. You know we -- we should expect a lot simpler for our best economic -- Have you ever seen a quarterback playing as well as Manning is right now. I mean playing great is it -- -- so great statistics they. You got it has great command in. You know I played against them a lot IPO -- -- had great. You know statistics in. -- and then you know he's he's a great player that's why one of the best players ever play the game so our defense of its work cut out brought a lot of good. Got a lot of good players those -- -- let you know -- always had a great ability. Check the right play and if he's doing the right thing so. As we look forward to you play the best one Q -- you -- just blew out lecture this weekend. But you -- them you'll admit that right you own them to play thirteen times you won nine. Well we currently are we we we got our fair share where if you can't -- it pretty good -- himself you know you know if you championship. You know what field plays out this time it's it's a different team that you are that you know they -- a different -- this year. -- we've we've got to look different -- this year so it's a good matchup I mean hopefully we come before I -- we've got. So we got our guys that are. And especially off a courtside for the -- it's really haven't Robin. -- adding machine out there all for the first time which you have an air and say he always was active. We're -- you know we had a offense out there and it was it was pretty good you know up until. So it's pretty good all night for the most part of course unfortunately wanna -- like we could pretty much corn every drop itself. I think we got a pretty good offense -- older. We're gonna feel matchup against Denver defense in the like -- -- -- what -- -- -- and -- -- -- -- until -- -- Talk we've talked you'll long enough to know that you don't care about individual stats you don't care about personal milestones and messed up the questions about. It's about whether you are aware of you approaching a milestone as an example. -- in the first quarter in the Carolina game you got to 4000 completions which makes you the sixth guy in the National Football League. Come up with 4000 completions were you aware that you were approaching that mark to Stacey James -- to -- at some point during the week by the way seven more work you're 4000 were you aware of it. It couldn't and you know what that I didn't know I wasn't and that's been pleasantly. Well actually they told -- appreciate that production being around that might -- -- game with the ESPN crew. And delay completion and then you get support there are excellent. As a lot of great. And they said. Except hopefully I can and hopefully I can get there tomorrow night here are some might so hopefully by the end of that -- in the first quarter regarding construction so. I knew I was gonna Wear red and or certain ones that you -- aware by you know not one I really wasn't. Now Jon Gruden said during the broadcast after grunt successfully -- cute are they -- a block. Bruton said hey he told us in the production meeting talking about dropped. I got a whale block in the arsenal on Monday night don't miss it now will be pissed about that he told he told a group that is a whale blocked coming at some point. I don't know probably not. Probably I mean like they got to defend a lot of things aren't sure there'll -- united -- -- where blocking and market configure such a -- so. Are there any defense that coordinator there there are -- -- on every single play in the game by our favorite -- thinks for a -- You know that's spring. And that's where that's what team player you look at what he's excited about blocked in that -- you know programs. He's a team player you gonna do whatever we ask you because. You know that -- and that's what you need to be dealt the other teammate. We had a pretty successful road -- if I don't remember. Do you expect to see your old pal west's on the field in uniform Sunday night. Yes I do I've been around him long enough to know. You know what he's all about the you lowest player so flawed as a chance for play and especially coming back here. You've definitely got to be out there at the. You did did he text you did because until you you'll see is Sunday night. No he didn't -- And you your take -- blocked our domestic. You know UN -- -- are like you know bird magic who became friends later in life and it commercials together and made appearances. Do you consider Manning a friend and do you think you'll probably have that kind of relationship -- your old and Greg. Yeah yeah I mean you're not you know certainly a close friend -- not like a lot of guys you know my guys that. You know I'd been around summer you know a lot of years you know that let you know as. As a professional relationship he's probably one of my. Better friend in the NFL because. It would then they created same air we. -- a lot of situations where we spent time with one another so. Yeah I mean I do I -- a lot of common we talk. -- ball pretty much nonstop or the other night. If he lets play a football player so all we have soccer football so there's a lot about watched. From -- years and really learn from but he has a you know he's got. Got a great skills they've got a great mind. And then when you combine those two you put together an offense that you know they have -- under -- you know they have. Usually productive years and so we know we're at the score a lot of points offensively and you know what we're capable of that speech so. This article and do it. Finally won that with this quarterback question of the week it brought you by crescent credit union online crescent credit dot org in this sort of extension of what Jerry was asking about. -- the pregame meet and greet whether it's with Welker or whether it's with Manning. Those things in -- is anything significant ever said or done when you meet guys that either used to play with or you have a great deal respect you played against a lot what what is said in those meetings from. Personally I'm not really into that so I don't say much. You know maybe -- You know. I don't know I I hardly ever do so will be our -- about Wisconsin's two. -- are you guys that I. I try to stay away from the pregame stuff so I don't go on the field before the unions that feel like you know it could get distracting him. You know I really don't want to get their personal conversations with guys. You know our our -- support on the field so. So there's -- there's a John -- element to you and people famously told me back in the day on game day when he would -- locker room the guys to -- to the left into -- to the right would take all their stuff and get the hell out just get away from John -- Yeah we got a few guys like that you're gonna put Logan in that category. He hasn't BS it's anybody's guess he wants to come to work in what -- six are so -- That's the good thing to be able to deal -- when your character guys that it would be that. You know than the other director remind so our guys have been great right frame -- mind this week and we got a lot displaced or I won't. Notice that very important game for us and that in the scope or seat in the you know we had a thought airplane like here if we -- where we're capable that you know we also have a lot of confidence when you go out when the game. Look forward to a talk good luck we'll talk to you next week. Great great guys are ready but Dennis and Callahan brought you by northeast electrical distributors cancer center at Beth Israel deaconess and crescent credit union. And as always he joins us on the AT&T. He's much better -- so they -- with Phil Simms and and that Jim -- -- to thank you think so yes.

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