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Dean Blandino makes things worse

Nov 20, 2013|

The guys opened the show discussing the explanation by NFL director of officials last night Dean Blandino. He left everyone with more questions than answers.

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It's Dennis and Callahan had no there was not pass interference. We'll interception. But in Toronto good receiver is the same is evolving and get. And so. And body Gerry Callahan and I didn't. He became a lot. And I've been through -- you could -- very good that would have been eventful. What we do just what they had their red box problem and everybody -- we've played -- break or am. On Sports Radio WB. I think all of you know that I enjoy my role. As these stations party stronger when we're on the road -- what did you hear many hands description reveal that they knew this group no doubt that gravitational. Slovakia. Like -- I predict you said about Ortiz. Everything went through deep. What one week ago tonight gravitational. Center of all you that'll play every game Monday through Friday as well as the especially so that -- Party gay rights yeah but that's going we were little planet's revolting barely around you I'd like be in that. I liked playing that role I'm good before me. But taking that from the party starter to the show starter David Dennis and Callahan Show starter every morning -- which a couple of 60339. Is a little more work is little more difficult requires a little warped plot and creativity. Extra compensation for being the guy that starts show. Well liked it more vacation for being the guy that starts the show native who like and at a boy from KG and is pork I act. For starting yet don't know what you get it. You get a Bettis a workstation over the I don't have one of those things we all papers on that that's that little than the old papers commercials. Information a lot of commercials poll got one commercial. He's got stuff over there weeks if you select the operas and feel that essence argue future being a poorly compensated to have enough vacation time. -- Asking what's in it for me for always being the guy at 603 to start the -- As a result arguably an item that's rhetorical question. But here's what's gonna happen today ahead I'm not doing. You have to hand and you Callahan are gonna start to show it finally happened. To be finally had enough I. Respond and react I would pick -- and I can't rule and sit here for like the first seventeen minutes and finally -- Yeah here's a network that has that yeah -- -- that our network for that you. Ending can talk about you know you you'll open the show today you enemy we bought like a -- surprised if you're picking today because it's a pretty easy start I think. What do you fall into the -- today for the by the way Robert Gates. Flag -- Fleet dates and to create the I don't know what is -- -- game last that he you know Austin see here's what I thought would happen by 6 am today they would be a force out there not a huge -- elected North Korean Army. But may be a small band of renegades. Who would have some ammunition they would it could probably get it from the Russians. They would have -- surface to air missiles. And they would go on the attack and say listen. It was the right calls. You people whining. Typical. You know patriot nation you know expect to get all the calls right this case. This is what happened he got it right you're just about to whiny bitches that's what I thought we would hear. From the small but it's fortified. Band of of renegades of ropes of icon -- lasts. It didn't happen. This is 01 of those rare occasions where a judgment call and in the -- is a judgment call like review he -- you know. Quantify it you'd say it is a judgment call right when judgment call was so wrong that this virtually no dissension I'm pretty disappointed to be honest I was ready for the fight in I was like in dug in those slick. You know Syrian rebels and taken on the net although there -- -- Qaeda -- -- the secret Somalian reference I -- I don't think they're really I mean -- enforced as a state would you agree would -- the 24 hours twenty hours ago were twelve hours ago said. There's going to be a point where they say listened as the the the smoke and gun is the video evidence look here's what he saw his right -- there was no way he could make that call look at this. In the in the small print to the rule book I saw Matt Chatham -- the rule book -- vests automatic Shay Matt Chatham has a little bit of an iconoclast streak in him. He likes to take -- on we're just the budget. Chattering Talking Heads and yet -- is totally pro patriots that's good point he's ever got. But that's a good -- thought to be Chatham like personnel right from -- and are certainly plenty of anti patriot types out there who could pull the rule book O'Connell like with. Jim Joyce called and we went back and forth and it was a real debate there and now we have some fun. I thought -- -- we get to that point it didn't happen I'm pretty sure. That -- Blake men and I guess Terrance miles by extension I'm pretty sure they got it wrong because if they didn't. There would be an organization -- grass roots organization dean of the Buick occupy. You know that shot they would be they would be shocked that would be loud and vociferous. And they would not allow us to all agree. That it was a bad call but where -- those people they're not out there. I think the worst the most -- Sampras and it wasn't vociferous at all yesterday it was I think one caller said. Wrong did not plant his foot in the ground and try to come back for the ball and -- it was. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So you're supposed to sit there's officials say I don't wanna bail anyone out here are exposed to sick is that a violation of the rules right. Mean in real time you can't say Obama reached my flag is that's an -- I learned that a -- school that is clearly an appearance but. That would bail out the knowing the patriots and that wouldn't be good. Of course it that way you make the college you see it unfold before you sure that's why don't think it's going to be a 3-D four story because there's no debate. There's no debate about that and so debate when it got it wrong right now there's no debate they got it right like you guys claim Jim Joyce. Which we revisit that you could -- -- -- you could pull that. Out with Jim Jewish Saint Louis right here it makes sense but here in the small print the rule book he impeded you gotta say was that that debate was almost 5050 -- national. Jim Joyce yet now know I was in the minority -- that yeah yeah -- an idea yeah he does in the majority I don't agree mainly criticized safe careful you know I durable correct right. That position we have put it -- case there really is no where for those guys to go and I know Chris Carter. We played -- that it -- put that gets -- just like the -- brightness they really honestly tell haren. In all of felled there's argument arguments justice -- I mean that anybody knows it don't you think you just try and hoping that there was some band there's nothing there nothing I would like to do that to I've been home. I wouldn't mind taken that side there -- today maybe it will maybe attachment to America should be more fun if you guys. You know attacked me like each other -- we -- yell at each other like that don't wanna Alamo what else to Chris Curtis says forget the log into law he did he didn't flop and awaited a flop that's right right you guys. He did did did you see that -- flop and c'mon take me on I'm ready I'm ready to. It's just there's no you're right there's no third day here except his -- there -- is NFL he's light has legs the NFL is wrong the NFL got this wrong. You know they -- got it wrong and bled Dino was like felt his heart wasn't in it when he planned and he's the vice president of officiating. Com he defended his guys as exciting. That I expected as as best he could it. It was like in -- Bill Clinton endorse in the Obama after the -- yeah. What else you do or Bill Clinton endorsing Hillary. Yeah I know he likes that guy that gets out of it's. I played in this. After the play you see the flag come out. The back judge is gonna signal to the side judge they're gonna get together and they're gonna have a discussion. What they're gonna talk about. He's wind -- the restriction occur in relation to the ball being touched because once the ball is touched you cannot have pass interference. This is a judgment call the officials don't have the use of of replay like you said. They don't have slow motion replay and ultimately they ruled that the restriction occurred. Simultaneously. With the ball being touched and when you watch it at full speed you can see why they would make that call on the field. As we sit here and watch -- yes I'm not going to give us a curse simultaneously. Absolutely 100% wrong. And I guess he has no choice -- -- -- like guys screwed up oblivious promised he would go 100% and defensive guys you can tell gave some -- it that the -- members say they were wrong all three or four occasions he used the term. Full speed right. And what he's telling you is that if you're in the moment you're standing. At the back to the side judge your -- you're watching this and it's a bang bang kind of play. You can look at this in any former fashion Wednesday. Contact occurred simultaneously. To the ball touching luster was huge -- just did not -- to show the video when he said that. I shall for the sixties. Because it's a great about it all we were verbally -- watching by coincidence video. In here in the studio while he was saying it. And it's just wrong I mean. Keep the touching. Before the ball before the ball well just listed and ice democracy at the more egregious it seems to me because. Grunt gets his head around -- knows the ball short. He's trying to cut left -- Arctic left turn correct. And the only. Recent Lester gets such a clear angle on the ball is it because he -- -- to play a ride right rock off the angle. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And this scrub safety now Lester may have got broken up. The fact he probably would it probably would have fallen incomplete but these two fought for the ball. And who knows we don't know what would happen if you removed quickly the idea that -- didn't have an angle on the ball. It's only the case because he got. In the way there is one. Word in the rule that is rule eight section five article -- all permissible acts. That absolutely. In humans the national football it is the sword. With their heart that's the defense to you know use from the an intern with the Boston market instruments and -- permissible accept. Read the rules for you and you tell it what the one. Word is that drags down anything the NFL has to say about this particular play. Rule -- section five article three permissible lacks. Permissible -- by both teams while the ball is in the air include but are not limited to. Contact that would normally be considered pass interference. But the pass is clearly and catch a bull by the involved players. It's obvious word is clearly right on catch double. Clearly if you -- with anything clear about where that ball was going to fall. Mel now not so the work clearly is what just stabs the national football league's argument right -- And I heard a lot of people kind of run with -- take on this yesterday which is. Happens every -- about it. Have you heard anybody anybody remember recall. An instance where in -- catch a ball was low. Was lowered to the side note it is always high always says the sections that always goes in the stands that's why the signal for it -- this year. And right now if you watching at home I'm. You rubbing his -- your bald -- collector who and what that Jonny Gomes -- a reach an arrow appear more over the head yes that's generally what. They mean when they say untouchable. I've never ever -- a watch a lot of football and I have watched a lot of football coach what color what you've watched a lot of movies -- settled out of books and lasts. I've never seen a ball declared deemed untouchable that was. I wish we could have played over again with a equally I'd love to know what's gonna happen but we don't we what would happen we don't know and neither does. It -- Terrance miles that's why he threw the flag right I mean he was a little gutless when he looking for help he should've stuck to his guns and publish things in appearance we don't have an off the patriots score is -- possible open why is it possible that they tried to go by the letter of the law and use the term. Mechanics. Mechanics of the BB officials being in the right spot that they somehow set aside. And have the eyeball test and what is common sense superseded by eight you know words that are Ian. Article three section eight you know rule number four -- of the case may be. Aren't certain time three look at something and say this is what artist. And I write you know I I'm pretty sure that the -- man and and all these guys bought salute to the football right don't you have to at some point. Allow yourself to look at a play and say. This is what it is sure this is what it -- -- -- he was not given the opportunity. Right to fight for the it is human error and I can almost live that -- of a public. We better get out of the week I don't know about that -- you know giving you this wishy washy crap right after just say listen. The human beings they're right 99% of the time. -- -- -- wrong you know those you know would not have been a big deal if he never threw the flag it would have been clearly interference but we would all said they never call -- pass play jump ball but let the players decide the slick on the on -- hail marys -- at the end of games if he never threw the flag the whole. Like attention. Is the two of the flag and picked up when his pals Raymond said let's get out here right let's just yet this is called accountable. Can you do about untouchable they -- if they pick up the flag it would have been like it was four seconds yesterday a guy called we got a caller -- -- something between that some picture that would and I don't mr. bad. Would just love to see them line up and run that play from the one. Or even the play from the thirteen of the cup that. Called the hold that. What that whole thing did it. Was did not just from watching the most entertaining game university capsule it was in the conversation I'd say top ten top top five most entertaining games. I don't care whether they would have scored or not but to allow that game one more play and if you would Brady would come up -- He would typically the panthers' defense would come up with would have been. Fascinating would have been high theater would have been. Edge of your seat stuff and -- and completely stuffed -- at the line score would have the case may be that would put a cherry on top of a very entertaining football game. At the national the normally item wasn't what. Let's say it's brought about pro V news the but he just did that and he failed with Dobson would dobbs ends on third one and obviously -- It kicked around for that and they should bring them but the Brady was on a roll. In this -- ski patrol right. And it didn't work out is an easy second guess you guys think he throws the actual run I think it would be used for read some of the -- -- probably for -- for. At this and not run careened into it he'll direct snap -- the only. That that's true that I that was my choice that that was so fun when there were Kevin -- it seemed always were yeah. I'm not sure of the -- were ready for -- I'm much -- can tell Alaska what they would have done they love those hypothetical questions you know what else is lost in this it's Wednesday right now right yeah exactly in my town. Yeah it's usually. It is -- -- -- yeah well I think it was Tuesday that's when you take note note that -- that's weird that is that is when the strangest things -- -- actually -- estimate eaten cereal with a exodus from the strangest things about the screen and it's actually not true and I. Both -- -- -- if you go to work at nine -- doing in the morning that you go to work fool I got to take it up to the back forty I just have to take it like from my garage ten feet. You never forget -- by the oh no doubt over the mobile remote correct and you never forget. Well that's surprising and -- really -- -- start pulling out the -- never gotten a surprise today the so yeah forget the you know. That people well yeah but she never forget the recyclables are pretend it is a slap at us -- at -- I was I think. It's Wednesday. And you know what's kind of get lost in all -- you know. In four days they have a game that is much much bigger. -- the one they just put a Monday night point by -- it is the game of the year with a knowing overpaid to yes. And the Denver Broncos for that matter I mean when you look at the standings. And the schedules. It's hard to overstate. How much this game means. Did it feels like they just play the game of the century it's that it's that gift -- keeps on giving from the NFL it feels like we just saw. The game of the century and you're right it was one of the great game -- agreed Monday night games it was very entertaining. Could've gone either way we feel deprived -- -- -- went either way it anyway Judy we feel deprived of that 123. Place yes 122 plays we should -- a 123. And yet in four days is a game in Foxboro it's even bigger. And I will save this. Denver the division leaders Denver nine and one in -- seven entry Cincinnati seven and four and the patriots evident three. If they happen to lose to Denver they are tied. We have Cincinnati at 74. Wild -- At nine and one right now and the New York Jets at five in five. Six other teams at forests and executives and I as critical to be behind Cincinnati tech and yes exactly had a lot to write you could kiss. The Denver at New England playoff game good about it the you do not you will mean the beat. Five to play. -- 74. -- ten and one yeah. Five to play and had a loss every game Leighton had had. The chance of playing a playoff game against the best team in FC here in Denver Broncos. Here it is -- it's out and that means. Most likely if you get on a roll and you win the first. Of game or even the second you going to Denver and I know you can win there and no Baltimore won their last year. But it's pretty hard when I am -- winning Kansas City stuff winning in Denver with that compliment that -- yes just the crowd noise right that team at that altitude. Is really really hard jets and Kansas City has doubts about itself I don't think Denver Dallas and perhaps the best quarterback right now the best offense. It's simple hard place to place to see you in order and if you lose Sunday. Get to the Super Bowl you gotta go get a reality if you're playing if you lose kissing the once he goodbye in your playing for the to see if you win your real fighting chance to wind up as the ones as the -- you do that in city chiefs of paper. You knock the Broncos didn't have a wildcard team which means the Broncos have to go on the road in game can you study and we next week there. On the of one home game that's it and make a -- three playoff games you make the road for Peyton Manning much much stuff arts and that's how Jerry starts which. Do you start. -- -- I've read and listen to what he blamed for fifteen. To reorganize -- and day three I was gonna ice said there was indeed that was my parents said no that was might go back and play it as it is no -- three in this story you said. To tell them that I economic weaknesses -- anxious to listen. This Tuesday too much disagreement had wanted the reason -- -- in and stole his thunder as he wanted to break on the third down efficient at this ball well they lack now that lacking and third down efficiency to talk about. The reason -- lost the game. I'll talk about fumbled out of opportunities -- taking them on third out politics more calls a -- -- last week proposed the Celtics teams pesky. It all out pesky yet -- the Red Sox there's magic I want to I wanna come out favour of relief fumbling because I think it's a good thing fumbles. A lot of people railing against this fumbling nuts and bolts there I think it's more important not to convert third. I think that's a good out lulls them and what -- -- security to run on third down a big play. Here's how I might have started the game. If -- discussing the strong video of the game to flag this this game does this end game well the show. Off like Gator the Gator whenever again. Like better. Parker Randall weakens or Smart positional what should your on the clock to rearrange Reagan for Wiggins is back on track -- -- a big way and then. I loved that too I love you guys do what I did it once the Bruins were the first period. Looked over -- 4389. And I just laughed you laughed -- saying good job yeah humans way to go guys it'll send out I thought was even Rondo would help this. True it's good point -- -- -- -- Rondo at the right. Rockets are good evening goes San Antonio and tonight it's going to be hard that long haul. You know I gave up -- it is just like last night was the first five games five cities seven nights and I'm pretty sure after this road trip -- of the road trips this is the last one the little home after this is -- -- -- the -- -- That -- 61777. -- 7937. -- speaking at a Bruins. Will join us in the 9 o'clock hour. What the big one last night and Andre what at at what point does the fourth line have to be so good and so productive as its fourth line has been. The last five games -- to report and say you know what. The third yeah third -- and if we're. Morton gets the new off court gets in election script -- cents a mile of the attack like like I -- Bronson virtual -- -- the pretty -- there as -- you -- to the sharp -- at 9 o'clock Tom Brady. Quarterback next.

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