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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question 111913

Nov 19, 2013|

You ask, we tell

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Dot com. It's time for answer the question jerk answer the question which -- -- Alex is the big question. So -- -- be years not answering -- -- and everything I'll answer that question it's answer the question what. I'm Mike Adams is back. -- I'm back I've been here were here were the camel ride and -- and Morocco. With that you had net. As its -- skirt which -- that skirt. Defensive. Extremely gains probably thinks of what it says that the proposal that was huge and I was off I was off last night -- was -- last night that was -- amused governance -- right wing values celebrating 69 kinds of Beers and the patriots win that game now by the way. Only three questions about that game with the -- and that's beer. I don't. It. Off. -- -- no one and one of these so called me tonight yeah and Angela is going to be here with -- did they say some of the game music acts him. Him actually on ice so and so. -- it's that it's the question is brought to by heiress restoration specialist and then on Thursday night when Weaver. I'm Michael you and I plus Chris price of their hosting special night. But food drink and football through the Boston area spot your facility your property manager or an insurance pro government be there -- us. Or is BP at WEEI dot com slash RS plus you accidentally annual list anyway. Actually you know be there wasn't gonna have to be in Vegas. A -- out. -- -- I'm going there there's a fight coming up -- -- here at the Venetian room going. But he'd -- at the Venetian in China it's -- you know it's -- And there are a lot they're interviewing boxers like George Foreman ends in -- -- stuff. School. George -- stoop waiting -- It's an anxious or where was your Shane Mosley didn't know why you read that it is -- if you look at your favorite publishers. Next question along with respect. -- Mac and cheese -- spaghetti what freer cater for you. -- before it got to be your little bit with him or oxygen fingers but just do assaulted and stars. The kids or adults about Christian just -- -- it's only use a doctor over spaghetti is -- areas and -- what if you have given the option -- that they like to book. Next question. How many nights this is weird how many nights do you Wear your pajamas before busting out a new pair and pajamas on capitol where. But I want some workers for jobs I -- oh I forgot to tell you guys is this child's version of this series. Every -- -- another one for my daughter earlier Jeff wears them until they're disgusting yeah there's a reason not rides that kids get sick approximately once every eight to twelve days she wears her -- -- it's -- -- -- that -- or whatever three or four days into that is constant that. And then there's the -- everywhere. My daughter just figured I had a C west. And -- -- -- -- just you know where -- -- Wet blanket -- tissue every -- so. If ever video Qaeda rank Eminem above biggie and worked a lot of -- rating yet. About the uptick in questionable or just in terms of of leaders -- a -- since the bottom when he rappers stop. Well -- -- great -- -- given him is good rapper was that he was okay about a block. Yes but -- yeah side. You know what action expert on this stuff it's just an excuse to. He's an expert you know which he has been able Mikey you'll give -- my -- my public and actually we have -- questions about the loving spoonful whatever I got one for Mike -- right here right now it had no where else Ringo -- talented drummer or president of the lucky sperm -- -- -- sperm club ever be timing. Because he's Asian adequate -- You know fine technically he's fine -- never flashy and creative and never special. In these Ringo we went all right drummer whether or is it what about him yeah that's right they don't want to he knew what -- -- -- yet as a talent that this yeah absolutely clicking offensively I think that was the damn thing about my man McCoy Tyner. Who just said John Coltrane he was -- right. Piano player and -- that's on now that the. -- combat frenetic creative. Part of argument of the next question along those same lines Led Zeppelin and appeals -- request now let that. It's it's two different is it Apple's culprit. Was right or not. Contrast that for impact on Wednesday music industry. Out of the deal as. An -- history music -- Led -- in terms of their impact on -- -- and -- that's probably number one just after The -- and what they -- for -- especially since -- industry predict the effect of being -- it is almost rooster blues artists. And by The Beatles could rock with the best when they needed to -- ever -- of Irwin. In the game what it thinks there's a birthday -- the versatility is that right and talk about being able -- at all. It would of the soft and hard rock and roll the deep deep Coca complexity whatever it may simplicity complexity whatever you want ads that is having -- drop that got a musical thing going here and public and that's quest didn't give you all -- Pick up. Straight DJ Ali top three hip hop albums of all time I'm gonna say it this way low and there have to be there. I'm flexible want to talk in the two others but I didn't know this number one hard and fast have to be -- theory and that we can -- -- -- Agree with. That that's not -- you President Bush is really it's as a -- It's tough not to him about it. Disclose that you were indeed the Ryder. Apocalypse Now. Some more respect for me than that Andy did you know me long you know be better in that number for a long time -- You once the funny it's just -- that's okay to let everybody's got a little sequence. Everybody has suffered in the past perhaps as early for -- so clearly this is the perfect question yeah. So have you ever take one for the team and take in the fat. -- that I remember. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A told the story. Number. Of such an -- was admissibility you -- it was so as 98. 1998. Tribe was going to the will turn theater in LA we would call people were five minutes from LA all the bodies to negotiate tribe counsel to. Well no urgency about it you know if it's fact now I have called -- Bermuda Obama to study her Pastor Wright have for someone I can't do that I have his work to do an -- instead of doing the war kind of looking of this match. What was it to make mine quarters plenty -- critical that the bomb but I don't four remember what -- some unpalatable GO. I -- so I didn't go much Shaq came out on stage of -- that was average missile is that you hooked up with Jack contests and I'm like you know what I might as well he -- -- -- deal couldn't actresses are Catholic answer slightly guilty after. It's X expects the drive through and ended the drive through the drive him. Next question is cliche month what's your favorite creature. That being said. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Oh yeah let's be -- Google my thunder. The -- -- multitask. That being said. How -- you allowed to put your Christmas tree not -- thanks. -- that meant the world leader earliest days I'll not so. All the other soak the -- -- -- -- soldier -- that November the China they're having -- Thanksgiving that they have via Thanksgiving is different all if you're not married would you made a move in the masseuse in -- now. She might have made the move on me -- and instead there's nothing there's nothing there. She's very up and she was not retractable she rubbed the wrong way. You hear the story you know I thought that -- -- get naked man -- She made its pockets and make you get -- is arguing that that's what I was supposed to be no means no. -- And she spelled it out. And -- and -- -- not speaking the same language I don't know maybe no works and every is is universal are registered miniature golf clubs re gripped. We're done for the day I will be back tomorrow Bill Belichick act. We'll join us at 230 tomorrow afternoon it's like you're the -- where you'll you'll show tonight. But -- first. We stuff how much please call Mike -- we can address all questions to Chris Gilani about whatever call was made. Out last night the Panthers game less until about tomorrow till then by. Revenue -- in all -- tackling. When the junior until we've on the field and again I'll know you know President Clinton today I -- -- --

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