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The Non-Call Media Montage

Nov 19, 2013|

For the most part, the local and national media agree the Patriots got robbed on Monday Night in Carolina.

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Yeah. Okay. Yeah. I see it built like the pass interference starts at four yards deep in the end zone and that's where the ball ends up in Rome. For the life of me I will never understand this at all I think it should be a penalty attacking the problem I have is I don't know how you can look yourself in your. And save Apple's look at. I've seen -- -- -- mobile they're going on the end zone they're on the sidelines they're grown over the heads of receiver. David. The ball as we watched it was untouchable. Why was it untouchable but it was untouchable. Because he could be. Danced gronkowski. -- his arms around him like they were making love. Out of the end zone and away from the ball in my opinion that was the wrong call that flag shouldn't she made. I I I'm amazed how they'd charge that pass was untouchable. Wind basically Rob Gronkowski had no chance to try and go back. -- ball I don't understand. How that call was it made the -- Leo we ran off the field they -- -- -- doing things. And and then there actually. Outwardly through Cleveland -- took this game's oldest gave the patriots I don't care if you wanna you know Sam homer from the perspective. I don't really see another angle to this flag goes down. What goes down because I can't compete for the ball. -- -- complete the off court considers efficacy could get to a certain degree what you do with the correct call. We absolutely -- -- tough for people to swallow me. The comes dances with business. The New England Patriots got robbed. Half the night. Okay. Back OMR. Paul.

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