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Matt Slater after losing in Carolina: Time to move on

Nov 19, 2013|

With a Sunday night match-up against Denver on the horizon, Slater knows how important it is for the Patriots to turn the page.

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Well we're gonna pick this -- a couple minutes with your phone calls joining us here on the eighteenth the -- patriots Monday night Tuesday. Is Matt Slater of the patriots joining us came out it's like Lou and Steve DeOssie -- you. That's -- and I think you know any of them. -- or would you all go appreciate taken a few minutes we talked to Rob Ninkovich it was a late night last night got -- -- 5 o'clock and you get up. -- talk with us about well what -- it sounds like from from here -- Logan after the game and and -- comments I game that. You guys might not still be over and that even this morning a game that feel like got away should have a wanna Carolina. We don't targeted. Disappointing. In the women's game doesn't work out in your favor especially you know -- like he played. As well as you could have. You know it's it is rooted -- they need more plays than we did and even today. And they won the game but we've got -- turn the page and move on -- group because get short week and. Met dig through that that the final play you sit there on the sidelines so the the emotion of -- to see the flag go down and and see them pick up and that's it he's walk off the field in the game's all. You know -- it's obviously accepted. In the game that way. Still not really sure what happened. With the explanation follows behind picking up with -- plan going. Like that it it is what it is. And I was in that game doesn't come down to that final play it -- -- played of course these -- Include executing better on. And would look ourselves in that position so. No no. No football game comes down to one play vicious unfortunately at the game ended in that manner but is it loses. Sold what do you guys take from that game. Both positively and negatively or how do you use it took to get better. Or think. The others things that we would get news you know obviously and start to gamers as -- come out like will want to -- -- -- ourselves back. In the game. And it shows tremendous. Mental toughness. Venus that that environment was was electric last night in. I was someplace to place that obviously. We do see a lot of areas that we can improve on I'm sure what chance would take little. Didn't want to Denver. We understand it down the stretch. And had to put a lot better. Going and he's these opponents we have come out. You played paid player of big role the special teams for this team that I I understand that you also spent time at the wide receiver positions you've. You -- interfered with and I heard to say it didn't cause you the game and I held a bill said that. After the game last night but just you personally you play the position. Was that pass interference in the end zone last night in and -- came. Well we obviously it wasn't because that in college career I'll. They call it. -- tactic and that they did out oh well we -- they did all right they call a flat a culture that things. I think it was going to be pass interference. And they pull the flag up I guess a re a reduce the question when he threw the flag did you assume before they picked it up. That was going to be pass interference against the linebacker and Rob Gronkowski and that your offense now the ball the one yard line. They are I think rather than infraction. Lately is that it does matter it really does. A ticket that at not to make a call and that is ordered. It's elect an atmosphere I mean you know unfortunately it was it was a great football game and obviously some things that maybe each ourselves in the foot as the team but. You know we're -- -- all this time talking about this call which takes away from the game universe that involve the -- that seven drives for both teams and and that was it. There would -- there was definitely a different Edwards flown back seamless. And denied that a long time. To -- and we're being involved in the game like -- oh. You know every possession -- was precious -- beat him. Get going and we knew that was weird decent -- They control the clock. It's been dominant. -- but you know put it it was on played. -- -- of course basically. Put ourselves in position to be compared to that and in just two more deaths in. He's Matthew Slater of the patriots -- of the get up after a long night and talked go -- -- -- money it Tuesday Matthew appreciate the time good luck against Denver. All of our great friend Matthew Slater joining us and they attended last night -- it easier for the special -- -- the Internet holiday. With the Denver Broncos.

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