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Rob Ninkovich on the non-call: You want to hear an explanation

Nov 19, 2013|

Patriots’ defensive end, Rob Ninkovich, calls in to Mut and Merloni after a loss that was tough to stomach. He explains what it felt like to be on the sidelines when the game ended with controversy. Rob also looks at the difficulties the team had containing Cam Newton.

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Patriots back called a place Sunday night it's a patriots money attitudes that means Rob Ninkovich joins the conversation rob. Is brought to you by our friends they -- arrest restoration specialist and a by Toshiba business solutions and by Boston laser rob joins us here with -- it's Mike in Lewinsky today Dario. The guys from. What -- are definitely. And so. -- -- late night. Appreciate taken a quick nap and get not to talk with -- us. Logan Mankins said after the game this was one that he felt like your team. Should of won that the talk of the aftermath locker room was we let one get away rob did you feel like that do you feel like that this morning. Note of -- this frustrated because no comfort through my self. You know -- -- I've called myself to a higher standard in. The ones scrabble player on certain. Something that we should not let that happen. -- -- -- -- You know their running game was -- it -- -- emphasis. It would shut down the running game except at -- so. You know that that's just frustrating for. It again. I think that if you look at the three games that we lost. See we lost them because. We just didn't play. The way that we should have played it's just it's a feeling. You know you know -- -- -- you -- lately you wanna play because for a -- Hopefully better off. You know given. You got to give credit to those guys. Credit to their level of petered out of the personally. It'll odalis targetable but also it is possible. You know you see them is that this. Is crazy -- Religion -- the defensive player thankfully. That car that's solid defense got to get off principle we have long drive and have. Both scrambling quarterback. The third set and importing -- They -- just. It's hard to sleep at night we have game like that. You know look what happens there -- -- we're talking about that with Cam -- say is it. Is it discipline is that one -- the highlight -- play you know that was seem like it was more open field where you just know he's a great athlete. And it is difficult but there were Brothers was it the way you look at and they probably look at the film down next couple days was was a discipline as far as keeping him contained. There's always you know -- over the past -- because mentally you're trying. The beat the guy overview of doing so the quarterback but you have to do it very controlled manner. Which is hard to beat somebody in a controlled. You know their football but not but it there's no control of football we -- from the Russian guy. And beat him but yet they are recorder back are you so. You've mentally you have to just changer. You know. Your mental processes. Brooks was absurd. Comments that are played. I mean I've I've been ignored. Or I watched the play and I would wonder -- -- felt that I -- -- You know try to -- -- he felt too. So much he got tangled up and I'm trying to grab it legs. Over Lego race backward. And you know just. Athletic play there where. -- towels common. Stop goes back you know and by the arm can't forget they're there to -- -- one another -- -- out those. For those of flavor. And actually made a poet so here. I did great. There's no root -- we have picnic you can make an excuse for. -- the suspect that they -- good football player municipal. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And if so what do you what did you think of -- play. You know. We stipulate that you. You know on the previous drive what. And or -- or in the air in the I didn't fully developed it -- Nicole all of you for holding. As frustrating as they -- like in the game they go okay. You know the book that the -- while solve all paid there's going to be. All arms are wrapped around receiver. As with all year. Well well. No matter what it is all that are eligible. Over editor you know whose land on the five yard line here you know so that the ball -- old. Obviously not very close OK I understand not a fiscal all the all the you know anything within three feet of rock is acceptable you know. So. It's just. -- Review review. So you initially it before it ended up make his case we'll see you thought we all thought the flag goes down it it's pretty evident pass interference I guess my questions a player. Route when they pick it up when they pick up the flag and the explanation is there is no flag and they sprint off the field. What is that feeling like as a player watching the flag get picked up and watching officials just -- a jog off like OK game's over we didn't call penalty -- -- bad. If that's the -- import. You're wanting to hear explanations for why the flag was picked up. -- -- -- fires to justify the reasoning behind a home you know the guy that threw the flag was the one I was sitting right. I'm all right here. In the side. The -- and over civil war to get school green they would notice here you know. When you are the way for most of action. It you know -- might have looked not sensible but when your right there. You look at the replay. The ref that was right behind -- -- so. Is it a little this is. It's a tough way to lose a game purses where there. Offense so. -- so well it down to that point. You know it's an obvious follow others should have been at least. You know -- means -- test servers and he has always so. I guess some orderly it Elvis and emotion aside maybe you still not. That'll remain used to question put. You're in that locker room is it a quick visit addresses a team like other other opportunities that we missed -- -- as well or does that happen -- he just. Sort of individually deal with the. That voters. There are places that we could've done better. Could've played better. Knows there's always a handful of plays. It changed the game I mean. The fact is that history for plays myself. You instantly. Know our record -- better. Well at the quarterback you know step up in the pocket is known. It's just you're there or they get about a certain -- -- certain players so. It was never perfect game was this one -- -- -- -- -- -- feel good about what is -- you know it is -- That is normal range missile it. Capitalize. On -- opportunities. Better. So as one of the team leaders how -- you guys put this behind them clustered on -- -- big game this week to. Dare we ask you because you know. Or play the big game. You just gotta earn you know from the paid them less injured -- -- goes there he hit it into law. Think about it during the week of preparation. For for Denver so. -- order removal from Clinton. Trying to work for the mistakes that we made it. You know -- on these and -- lot of games to play. Most of it your position is so it is a few. You know continue to. The press on it and you know who's been. Keep her organs. Well I guess you won't know until Sunday night when you take the field but last one for me play with them. For a lot of years you saw -- a lot for your offense you think it'll be weird if Wes Welker is out there where the Broncos uniform and you get locked up in coverage with them on the other side after playing with him for so long route. You know it that's for certain -- but -- -- always you know playing against somebody that used to play with -- -- -- -- Alliger. You know -- the -- so worked so. Now that Adobe. Any different numbers there probably are. Well you know we got to put her well for last in the -- -- real of that so well you know again. Well they're wrong. Please please dispute is there any other game or certain most of and and it worked Saturday with receivers you know the obviously today. Excitement for the game. Sunday night it's. Is an early arrival for you this morning 5 AM rob appreciate getting up and talking with us and we'll talk you next week. Are accurate picture Rob Ninkovich joining us here patriots Monday on a Tuesday or to be with rob. Is brought to you by Verizon stake connected to your patriots at home and on the go with files want to Internet an NFL -- from Verizon. That's powerful continue with your phone calls -- that call Jim the op bliss was official for eleven years illegal join us fifteen minutes from now. We'll talk about the play we'll talk about how we sought to -- agree on the field. He'll join us fifteen minutes well 15937. WEE.

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