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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: George Zimmerman in trouble again

Nov 19, 2013|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. The guys discussed the 911 call made by George Zimmerman's pregnant girlfriend.

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Based on the New England wide angst on the way the game ended last night we are going to shorten abbreviate truncate headlines and so we can talk to Charlie and -- Josh don't go away callers. Kirk will be grief we'll see you there yeah we actually get to headlines brought she was always my precision fitness equipment shop for the pros do. Precision fitness equipment couple stories and their bowl. Doctor Wednesday you know beyond the sergeant story. And -- -- Jones an anchor names -- auditors told her two kids COLT and Cameron twins. Killed the husband kills himself as well in Arlington yesterday were a couple of police calls in the summer of 2010 again chronological he got out of order and brightness and putting yourself first right. And then whatever happens after that took it to babies that we're gonna turn. One vote one week from today they would have turned one -- -- the most joyous time in your life. And so and snapped inside this guy's head and we haven't seen and yet the all right no well we pictures of mom in the two B -- front herald here none of -- Scott Jones. Awful unless kids from a previous marriage reported here who have note that. Chris and -- -- Winchester three years ago dad wiped out the entire -- killing himself as well I never it's. American people herself first people perhaps and I nuts and that's spot to view our view that whatever happens bicycle from that we don't know the weapon used either you know we know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A lot of different places there's no. Termination would use. -- -- And now. George Zimmerman great guys who is -- stable -- immigrant and Mary just. Still patrol in the neighborhood have to keep the bad guy and I think he gets it there. His girlfriend maybe 911 call yesterday as George more trouble with the sorts. Criteria. -- Yeah I am at my house is a lot. -- bet my house right into my back and beliefs. Yet according non breaking all of my cap and -- I'm doing -- broke Michael slightly by my last -- he put her back and I had and he -- it out. -- out. Now get -- -- where his. He had her down. Pregnant as well as she's pregnant girlfriends has gone in her face it charmer -- He's going to be like OJ he's going away for some up and eventually up. -- let you bring the guns thirty years house. Go anywhere without you see stories like this story doesn't change the previous story will be that you wondered what happened that night and you Seymour Bob Zimmerman. -- -- I still you know still think they had to acquit him. Getting his head on the in the paint right. Well but he might deserve it -- yes that'd truncated headlines that's 200 million calls here. Let's I wanna talk about this -- there. I have to I don't should not have come down -- that's -- -- the third one played through adoption it's it's like firemen that don't wanna go in the Auburn. Have to our job I don't wanna talk about the I'll just have to assault with a talk. It's going to burn either of those relief to get enhanced our Josh is driving around -- his -- Josh good morning. Gary -- on more and boy I'll -- -- -- 01 quick -- the Portland my point about the game shoot. An open WB yeah I detective team on the racetrack will let you know ruled that fox would -- -- there were some -- we find out who was in your room. Everybody was not overlap he said that morning your people storm yeah yeah now he doesn't remember so I don't know -- Yeah there were people yeah when you checked out I think one might have been an exotic dancer. And down and chickens tigers it was that I heard him growling from the bath yeah yeah. I -- my point about -- let -- I want switch gears a little bit about something you know pocket at all. The cut -- -- against -- what what do we tropical aren't that many into second left -- clock. If you watch video they wiring count to sixty. Where we did this four seconds went off the clock here right -- -- we saw -- we saw bar stool has its definitive this news known there's leakage. And yet figured that if you got a real or more seconds. You know -- -- -- and other out somewhere along the line to get the ball -- -- seventy yard line and certainly got a lot more irritable and you know second making. It should just know that they -- shot that's how much confidence you have in Brady want to Brady. Mean you know he's going it's the best defense the NFL has taken the ball to twenty and you said with less than a minute on the clock -- said he'll have a shot. Will be a shot and won't be hail Mary -- being shot at the end zone and it was so subtle well coached he threw Jason Garrett coached team and of one time -- left in that situation. -- did not lose faith in that last 59 seconds. It was first and ten at the twenty couldn't touch back yet Raquel Dawson right with three timeouts incomplete. Incomplete. Putt Johnson comes back in the game third and ten incomplete fourth and ten hits gronkowski for 23 -- that are so now you tell me the chance right. It's Amendola third -- -- incomplete I mean it was it was an even harder when they got the ball the twenties and I'll take -- finally after all those -- mental -- yeah. -- your sense -- -- timeouts this you are free throw. The ball right 33 timeouts less than a minute ago. He -- Brady will have a shot in might not be good one but they'll have a shot at the end zone. Against the best defense in the NFL and indeed they did that show up from the eighteen. And should as a ninth place 149911. -- of their -- last and. Amherst your next. I can't permit -- it wanted to state that. At the end of the game when the ref Rees failed to make a formal statement is they were convinced that there quality accurate. They wouldn't run off the field in the cowardly manner in my opinion. And made just under no call without further explanation I just feel it was enacted -- -- Not worthy of the international. Where he. Well let's let's say this -- I have not seen a call in the middle the game on a simple holding where there was less of an explanation right then that laws. Oh I was surprised too that Belichick and Brady both said no explanations given no I mean there in the tunnel do you think. That they would take a minute just say to Belichick it wasn't catch a ball off I'll -- to the -- to even in that situation throughout the flags are picked up the game is over a ball was not -- -- not accountable -- -- eagle signal for that significant if you pay money actually -- explanation I think. It's gotten that a man a white hat for the call virtually neck and underneath the goal posts where she pleaded. What was actually done while he's anything so. And it really should employers. I don't know whether it's your call back -- it's -- and it chances are making excuses. Who -- a better job tonight when you play good teams are already up again for sixty minutes since we didn't you know it. It okay. To ourselves and for too many times so just going to lose but it. I've got a got a big ones come obviously. With all due respect to Tom. He did say something he said the he gave me no explanation there was conversation. Got -- something that probably is a while Tom was yelling yelling angry frightened -- guys are open you know you mother would say I'm gonna talk UT come down so. So how do you think the conversation -- the lecture in the locker -- went as soon as they got in their and the doors for -- say we check sneaking. Out to be a good team on the road you need to play sixty minutes just -- -- because that's what they told them right and they were told don't tell -- -- haven't seen the replay haven't seen the play -- -- again it would you know -- to a lot of extinction -- and why is the way to go. I guess you don't wanna get distracted or focused on the formulas are making excuses right. I don't wanna get the media anything this could screw those she tackles now. -- -- -- But it Brady's again find anyway what are going after officials swear. I caught my eye pleasing to find. Fine -- -- saying now that Obama -- -- -- that they will -- -- you don't -- because they don't -- they know that screwed -- -- get a little slack regular become to some slack when the refs are clearly wrong there won't be any kind of adjudication -- felt about this will there now that I can say you know -- -- screwed up it should have been known now another won't mean to you from Terrance miles wouldn't you. Mean you won't have -- -- judge -- miles made the right call up did his job. And this other guy cleat comes over and says let's get out of here originally we don't wanna drag this out to. It's not to like this into -- overtime as one more play exactly it troop. I Don Lindsay -- Monte -- eyes you know. I'm not the point now where tickets can watch football anymore -- It's got to be the only export that you could actually throw like and then say oh I'm not the -- and forget about it. And and that's that in clearly was and I'm here with the volatile -- Lol he -- he didn't have the opportunity to call the local opportunities rightward correct spot. Opportunity right so you know -- in Europe on -- you're watching listing it comes out that they -- flag. And you know -- only sport that they get away with doing. Now it is they they they've had a huddles up in baseball with a change the called CNET in the playoffs. Yup but that but that's legit OK if they're gonna have a -- and the gonna have a replay oh what about the all right. Well that that's the point it was a really huddle cleat went over and just said not comfortable let's get out of here with a with a guy who over rules the guy who had the best view. It was 25 yards away. That's cult in the -- what would we be saying today right now if they were called holding and they got to the thirteen. One more play and they failed -- be saying nothing. We'd be saying it should about a guy I thought when they huddled. Gonna get a hold compromising all the thirteen is still very. I'm likely gonna score. Against that defense in those circumstances. Patriots lose but on the get that call. It wasn't holding it was in appearance the ball was in the air he -- we read the definition it is the dictionary definition of pass interference. I mean in my knotted the score from the one that defense is tough -- And but but I would have liked to have an opportunity I've -- Marcel -- Joseph you're next with the NC it was patriot Monday on a Tuesday.

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